Bedford Performers

Music & Dance Around The World

November 2016

Bedford Performers 2016
Bedford Performers 2016
Bedford Performers 2016
Bedford Performers 2016
Bedford Performers 2016
Bedford Performers 2016
Bedford Performers 2016
Bedford Performers 2016

Global talent on Nailsea stage

With what has become a calendar highlight for every adult and child member of the Bedford Performers, this year’s full company production kicked off with a flourish on Thursday evening.

The theme this year was music and dance from Around the World, and from the off it was very clear that those of us in the audience were in for a treat.

The show kicked off with a superb scenic delight, as a cruise ship adorned the stage and we were welcomed on board the trip by our captain.

Up first was a technically brilliant performance from the adult tap dancers, who whet our appetite for what was to come with their fantastic routine to Anything Goes.

The first half was a myriad of musical delights, with a combination of Carol Bedford’s piano performers and Michelle Bedford’s dancers of all ages.

We were taken from Ireland to the US, China to Norway, finishing up the first half with an incredible performance, and a thoroughly modern take on the Lion King’s Circle of Life with the Hz Houghton remix.

Attention to detail was evident throughout, and as the interval began we had another 'in flight announcement' advising us we could take a short break to refuel.

Nothing had been left to chance, and costumes and scenery were all coordinated to perfection.

The second half proved as much of a delight as the first, with the added dimension of two vocal pieces, It’s A Small World, and a very moving performance of Any Dream Will Do- with accompaniment from the children and the solo performed by another very talented member of the Bedford family, Michelle’s son Ben Macgillivray.

All too quickly the time had come for the finale, and we stuck with Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat as we watched the cast take a bow to Benjamin Calypso, finishing up with Song Of The King.

What was evident to all who watched the show, whether or not they are familiar with Bedford Performers, is the family atmosphere that enhances the enjoyment for everyone involved. Jazz on Tap, the dance arm of the company, pride themselves on providing opportunities for all, something that isn’t always considered synonymous with dance teachers.

No performer was hidden, each given their opportunity to shine and enjoy their moment on the stage.

They also take every opportunity to raise money for charity, and have raised thousands over the years with their productions, this year choosing to support Penny Brohn Cancer Care.

The smiling faces on all the performers say more than my words ever could about the joy they feel to be a part of it.

The whole show was a delight from start to finish.

A huge congratulations to all involved on a true triumph.

Sarah Davies

NB: The super truopers at Scotch Horn leisure centre suffered two false fire alarms set off by the smoke machine on Thursday and again on Friday afternoon. The chilly dancers had to assemble in the car park in bare feet and no top coats - it was reminiscent of a similar malfunction another dance troupe during a Nailsea School performance when the brigade turned out!