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Review: Gilly's on the Hill wine tasting

Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016
Wine tasting Sept 2016

Good company mixed with good wine

The walk home was a bit of a meander after more than eight glasses of wine but the evening at Gilly’s on the Hill was such a merry event.

Wednesday night was the first of hopefully many wine tastings with Russ Prior, of Amathus Drinks, at the Kingshill bistro.

Russ who has 26 years experience in the specialist trade told his captivated audience how to smell, taste and describe the ‘style’ of the bottles on offer.

He said his first restaurant job boasted a wine list of 80 different Champagnes. 

It took the 20-odd guests which included many familiar and friendly faces more than two hours to sample four whites and four reds and with the exception of a South African Chenin Blanc all were fermented from European grapes.

No-one was compelled to swallow as a glass spittoon for slops was provided!

While Russ wasn’t a fan of the fruity descriptions given by media wine critics like Jilly Goolden after a few glasses even he succumbed to the expressive language favoured by some connoisseurs and we had lemon, lime and loganberry comparisons of the 1,000 plus grapes used in wine making.

However, Russ stopped short of comparing an aroma to ‘tennis shoes’ an expression used by the aforementioned wine buff in one of her more animated moments.

Helped by Gilly Chu it was front-of-house host Cloe Hynam, aged 19, who masterminded the wine tasting as part of her NVQ Level 3 diploma in hospitality supervision and leadership.

It was Cloe’s job during the evening to seat guests, serve nibbles and ensure everything went smoothly.

Earlier this month Cloe had helped organise the Jeans For Genes coffee morning when everyone wore denim and ate blue cupcakes while the chef suffered a sponsored leg wax for the charity - see charity peep page by clicking HERE.

The results of the tastings were very varied with people voting for different favourites from the dry white French Muscadet we began with to the rich Portuguese Tinta Amarela sampled at the end and with descriptions of ‘red velvet’ to ‘heavy and heady’ being banded about there were hoots of laughter and some sllight disagreements.

At a recent Weston College awards evening Gilly won the small business employer of the year and Cloe took the title of hospitality and catering apprentice of the year.

Gilly said afterwards: “It was the first of our wine tastings and from the feedback from our customers I can’t wait for the next one.

“Russ really enjoyed the evening as well and we are just tying up dates to do another in November.

“I am told our wine tasting was the topic of conversation in the nail bar this morning with everyone being really complimentary.

“It was down to Cloe organise the event and liaise with the kitchen and myself so she did extremely well.”

Gilly’s on the Hill customers can sample the October evening menu on Thursday, October 6.

This includes cassava chips with homemade ketchup, lime and chilli chicken samosa and brie with focaccia, a flat oven-baked Italian bread to start, slow cooked venison, Moroccan lamb and Gilly's dolma a middle east stuffed vegetable dish among the mains and some fine International sweets such as Kulfi, Albanian Three Milk Pudding and Gula Melaka.

Gilly is ably assisted in the kitchen by chefs Prayag Rajpura with Charlie Jay Chu.

To book a table or read all the online menus click HERE, email or call 01275 859408.

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