Footlights Performance Academy

One Vision and Billy No Buzz

- November 2014



Footlights Performance Academy put on a splendid show on Sunday at Nailsea School.

The small children performed Billy No Buzz a delightful tale of being kind to everyone even if they are different.

A much nicer take on Billy no-mates this is a favourite performance for the Footlight infants.

Even when things go ever so slightly wrong the endearing faces of the angelic little children are a delight to behold.

Its stars, Matthew as Billy Bee and Amelie as Queen Bee, were wonderfully word perfect.

The yellow and black bee costumes were topped with wiggly antennae which came in lots of shapes and sizes - just like the children.

Everyone loved the butterfly trio who flitted on stage dressed in sapphire blue leotards with floating chiffon wings.

The story send out a lovely message of tolerance and acceptance of others who may be different in song and dance and it was beautifully performed.

The older actors, singers and dancers put on One Vision an original musical written by Emma Mason featuring Queen’s greatest hits.

Full marks go to the cast and backing glee choir for a lovely performance.

This is a story of good versus bad told by two tribes with different philosophies on life and survival.

The principal characters played by Annabelle Hanley as Leader and Chloe Trickey as Watcher were supported by a talented group of young singers and dancers.

The air-guitar playing was so funny and the huge hairstyles really futuristic but it was the voices of the soloists which were truly out-of-this-world.

A big well done to all the front-of-house and backstage crew, it was just a shame there were a few empty £8 adult seats at the evening performance.

Footlights Performance Academy is a professional performing arts group for young people.

Classes and rehearsals for Nailsea are at the Tithe Barn.

The academy started out as Tingill Musical Youth Productions and was founded by Tina Kelly with fellow teacher Gill Atkinson in March 2003.

It is now headed by Tina assisted by Ed Bickerstaffe, Lisa Gater and Rob Kelly.

More restructuring is planned for 2015 within the theatre age groups and the introduction of themed workshops - the next is the Frozen fancy dress Christmas event with songs, dances, games and the making festive inspired crafts. See poster above.

On Sunday, February 22, also at Nailsea School the much travelled Euphoria Show Choir formed by singer and vocal teacher Rachel Walker and dancers Emma Mason and Tina Kelly perform their Hollywood Set Preview at Nailsea School.

For more information about Footlights Performance Academy with links to the Euphoria Show Choir click HERE.