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Nailsea unlocked - oh happy day

Monday, April 12, 2021

Many of Nailsea's favourite pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants have opened for outdoor wining and dining - details of opening house can be found on our What's On page HERE.

Top are the beers on offer week one at Nailsea MicroPub which has extended opening hours on market day.

Two popular North Somerset restaurants have enjoyed successful re-openings following the easing of the current lockdown.

The Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill and Bardolino Pizzeria, which are both located at Cadbury House in Congresbury, opened their doors to customers for al fresco dining on Monday, April 12, having been closed for over three months.

Restrictions have changed since December, when pubs were last open. People don't need to order a substantial meal with alcoholic drinks - and there is no 10pm curfew.

But there are still Covid measures in place at both pubs and restaurants:

  • Customers must order, eat and drink while seated at a table

  • You must follow either the rule of six, or be in a a group of any size with no more than two households present

  • Every customer aged 16 and over will have to check in to NHS test and trace, or give contact details to staff

  • When not seated - for example being shown to a table, or going to the toilet - customers should wear face masks (unless exempt) and observe social distancing

Some are waiting for 

In England, it is hoped the next set of restrictions can be lifted in mid-May - if coronavirus goals are being met.

  • Monday, May 17: Customers can eat and drink indoors, in groups of up to six people, or two households of any size. Groups seated outside must be smaller than 30 people

  • Monday, June 21: All restrictions could be lifted, with nightclubs allowed to reopen

Swanning about at Backwell Lake

slideshow by Clare Garland
April 2021

Love the place you're in

April 2021

I LOVE NAILSEA - SO DO WE: For April we announced the theme of our latest slideshow on Nailsea People Gallery 2021 would be I Love Nailsea. The month is named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. When this poster/street art/banner appeared opposite the village green this week we thought it was publicising our pictures? A more likely explanation is its Nailsea Community Group saying thank you to all who worked so tirelessly for others during the Covid-19 crisis and, especially in our town, there were so many. However, the mystery deepened when Nailsea Community Group spokesman Shelley Forbes said: “The community group didn’t put the banner up.” Shelley wondered if town centre shopping centre management company Praxis were responsible? David Benson said: "I saw the man putting it to admire the skill...wish my wallpapering was half as good."

March market in Nailsea

March 2021

Back after a two-month break on Saturday, March 20, from 9am-1pm Nailsea farmers’ market returned  to the High Street with new stalls selling goat's meat, venison, bread, beers, cheese made from buffalo milk and fresh eggs. 
Nailsea Town Council chairman Jan Barber said: "Market was great. 
"Looked beautiful. 
"Masses of people even at just after 9am. 
"So well organised and lots of people I talked to very positive. 
"Organisers really pleased. I bet Jo and James’s surgery went well. 
"Veg stall moved to by Nailsea Micropub so much prefer that position as he can get his van very close.
"Good social distancing."
And customer Lynda Dicks who took some of the photos agreed.
She said: "Market  was  great. 
"Saw lots of  people for the first time for months."
Home Additions boss Alan Goddard said: "Great market lovely meat fish bread and so much more"
More information is on the Marketplace page HERE.

The next market is on Saturday, April 17.

At the same time as the market Nailsea town councillors held a surgery at 65 High Street to answer residents queries.

Lighting the way

March 2021

IN MEMORIAM: Time to remember and light a candle. Read Nailsea People March 2021 front page for full story HERE as we remember our first Covid-19 related death in Nailsea. North Somerset has lost 334 people to the virus. Here is the response to calls to light a candle at 7pm on Sunday, March 14, and share a photo on social media...

Life on Mars (or Nailsea)

March 2021

HERE COME THE SUN: Final photos for February after the men and the moon come from Eloise Massett (daffs), Rachel Price (puddles) and Phil Williams (pylons) - love them

The men and the moon

February 2021

Bristol marketing man Sam Binding took this much-admired photo of the moon above the suspension bridge.

He loves being up at the crack of dawn to play with his young child and walk the dog in a nearly deserted city but equally loves sunrise too.

More here

Sam’s photographer is praised by keen amateur and local GP Jon Rees with both winning plaudits for their images.

Sam said: “The moon on Friday morning – what a giant cheese ball it was.

 “I’d say 25 per cent Edam, 25 per cent Cheddar and 50 per cent Babybel.”

Nearer to home Grahame Stennett captured the moon hovering over Golden Valley playing fields while walking his dog before work.

While Phil Willliams took this image of the sky at teatime saying as ‘the dark shadows grow the moon’s brilliance takes over’ with a hashtag of #2021yearofhope.

Nicknames for the various phases of the moon are said to come from native Americans.

February’s typically cold, snowy weather in North America earned its full moon the name ‘snow moon’. Storm moon and hunger moon are other common names.

This is the second full moon of 2021.

The moon reached its peak at 8.17am GMT on Saturday, February 27, but will appear full in the sky on both Friday and Saturday night so maybe the opportunity for more photos?

 Thank you gentlemen for sharing.

What's new on Nailsea street

February 2021

Nailsea has a new photographer and amateur filmmaker. Dean Schofield who grew up in South Devon has shared these street scenes with us which we have also featured on the Nailsea People FaceBook page. To see more of Dean’s work online which is copyright and for sale go to He also has a FaceBook page

First hopeful signs of spring

February 2021

Backwell lake grounds

January 2021