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September 2021

Nailsea International Bike Show

11th annual weekend at Ring O'Bells public house
Saturday and Sunday, September 11-12, 2021
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BIKE RIDERS: Two days of bliss with the 11th Nailsea International Bike Show, back with a bang - well a few noisy exhausts anyway. It was a weekend of bikers, beer, bands, burgers and more at the marvellous Ring O'Bells. The show missed a year due to coronovirus restrictions but for 2021 everyone had a fantastic weekend with some wonderfully friendly bike fans. Supported by local businesses who donated prizes a successful charity raffle and auction was held on both days. Big round of applause to all especially Clevedon Salerooms auctioneer Toby Pinn, raffle organisers Sam Mildon assisted by Sharon Colley plus all the 'team['. Thousands of enthusiasts came from all over the country and many said this was the best ever show. Nailsea Bikers hope to have raised a record amount for Children's Hospice South West. More details at and a big thanks go also to the musicians, backstage crew and the CHSW volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout. Thanks also go to the Ring O Bells as host venue and Grove Sports Centre and Social Club for the use of its car park. Additional photos Mike West, of Backwell Camera Club, including top image who was on a local community photoshoot. Photo captions to be finished...

Nailsea and nearby from the sky

Summer 2021

UP AND AWAY: Mike Petteford took these photos from up high on balloon which took him from Backwell lake, hovered over Nailsea and then to nearly farms and fields. Thank you for sharing. The shots from the ground were taken by Steve Tilley, Jane Brake and Phil Williams and Sarah Jenkins, thank you too 

It's a bugs life in Nailsea gardens

Summer 2021

LOVE BUGS: There are more than a million known species of insects worldwide which represent roughly two-thirds of the described biodiversity on earth. But they have a big PR problem – many think of insects as little more than crop-eating, disease-carrying jumper-munchers. Insects are critical to the existence of the world as we know it, whether through pollinating plants, controlling populations of agricultural pests, or helping with the decomposition of animal waste. But not everyone loves bugs. And for those with a fear of spides (Arachnophobia) here is another new word for you - Entomophobia is an extreme and persistent fear of insects. Not so for these brilliant Nailsea photographers who captured the small creatures living in their gardens, thank you so much

Nailsea summer streetlife

Summer 2021