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Halloween 2020

Halloween and half term ideas

If you want a reminder of how wonderful Nailsea people and its nearby neighbours are read this page which

we will leave up for a little while. To see the photos from the pumpkin trail click HERE to go to the Gallery 2020


Scary in black and white

These mean and moody black and white Halloween inspired photos from Tracey Thomas were taken early on Saturday, October 31, at Tyntesfield and posted by Nailsea People on its Facebook page.

More photos from Tracey can be viewed on our Gallery 2020 page.

There are some of the comments from readers:

Jim Clark said: "I have walked past both of these very late at night, always an owl hooting by chaplins lodge, I was born on the estate 1943, and have roamed most of it day and night and can honestly say it is not a scary place, it's all in the mind. Night is the same as day only you can't see so well. why would ghosts only appear at night."

Deborah Gough said: "Used to live on the Tyntesfield Estate when Lord Wraxall was alive. I was a teenager at the time, when my parents went out, I used to sit in the garden because the house was so haunted. Stuff was thrown in the kitchen and you could always smell smoke on the staircase. You would also sit in the living room and have the feeling that someone was watching you. That was Victoria Cottage. I drove past the house tonight and wondered if they get any paranormal activity. Chaplin's Lodge was also known for being haunted and I know that the butler also resides in the Big House. Glad I live in a 1970s house now where there is no such goings on! Happy Halloween!"

Jaye Simmons said: "...I don’t believe in ghosts but have been to Tyntesfield twice and on both occasions wanted to get out of the house, it felt as if it was a very unhappy house & very threatening."

Deborah Gough added: "Oh the big house is alright. Maybe too many National Trust volunteers could be the problem (joke)......has nothing on the atmosphere at Victoria Cottage. My parents never admitted it was haunted until we moved out. But would always sit and watch telly in the living room with their coat hoods up so they wouldn't see stuff moving out of the corner of their eyes. Have lived in a couple of haunted houses. 'Not Haunted' was a criteria when I bought a house in Nailsea."

Bardolino Bristol.jpg

Free u12s food treat

Parents looking for ideas to keep the children busy during the half term holidays can head to two Marco Pierre White restaurants at Cadbury House where they can feed the kids for free.

Available at the Steakhouse Bar & Grill and Bardolino Pizzeria throughout half term, anyone who fancies tucking into a meal that’s been devised by arguably the country’s greatest ever chef, will be able to do so without worrying about the cost of their child’s meal.

General manager Mehmet Kandemir said: “We all need a little escapism, especially at the moment, and the opportunity to pop out for a meal with your family is a great way to do just that.

"For mums and dads, the chance to let someone else do the cooking as well as the clearing and washing up will be quite appealing while kids just love being taken out for a ‘grown up’ meal.

“And constantly finding things to do and entertain the kids throughout the half term holidays can be quite an expensive exercise which is why we’ve put this offer in place.

"Of course, the health and safety of both our guests and staff is the number one priority and is why we have in place measures which goes above and beyond Government guidelines such as using menus that are single use so none are used twice.

"There are numerous hand sanitiser stations throughout the restaurant and the team is well briefed on the new operational procedures.

“We’re operating table service only, and because we are able to space the tables out, means social distancing measures are strictly adhered to.“Marco’s philosophy on eating out is about simple, authentic food, served in a great environment with a relaxed atmosphere.

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Gril
MPW restaurant.JPEG

"We serve classic, recognisable dishes that sit perfectly with his ethos of casual, authentic and affordable dining.

“The menus are also perfect for kids, so parents won’t have to worry about there not being anything that they like.

"Whether it’s pasta, fish and chips and steaks we’re expecting to see a lot of happy faces during the holidays.”

The offer applies to under 12s and includes either a starter and main or main and dessert with every paying adult main off the à la carte menu.

For more information, to book or to view the menus visit HERE.

Free packed lunches

It was footballer Marcus Rashford who kicked into play the campaign to extend free school meals which was rejected by politicians.

MPs voted on Wednesday, October 21, against extending the scheme in England throughout the holidays until Easter 2021.

Afterwards, Rashford posted on social media saying: "A significant number of children are going to bed tonight not only hungry but feeling like they do not matter because of the comments made today."

In Nailsea the batten has been picked up by Becky Williams at the Ring O'Bells pub. 

She said: "Having two children myself and alongside many other people I am devastated to hear that children will not be provided with free school meals. 

"We will be putting together some packed lunches to help take the stress away from struggling families.

"If you need a packed lunch or know someone who might benefit from one please give us a call the night before it’s required on 01275 790009.

"These will be free of charge we just want to help out the best we can."

The packed lunches will be available Monday-Friday during the half term to be picked up between 11.30am-noon.

Becky added: "Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help, we have all had hard times in our lives."

Prompted by Nailsea's caring community Becky has set up a Go Fund Me page to support the initiative and any excess monies will go to the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

To contribute click HERE.



The Moorend Spout at the bottom of Union Street, Nailsea, is also offering FREE pack lunches to any school aged child Monday to Friday, October 26-30 (half-term).

Lunches will include:

  • Ham or cheese sandwich (your choice)

  • Carrot sticks

  • Piece of fruit

  • Packet of crisps

  • Drink carton

Please let others know and share with anyone you feel might benefit.

Pre booking is required and can be done on 01275 855336.

If you would like to support a local food bank please follow this link http://www.southfieldchurch.org/foodbank_bs.php

Lunch Bags
Coates House.PNG

Coates House posted on Instagram: "We were disheartened by the news that our MPs voted against free school meals during the half term, potentially leaving many families in Nailsea struggling during these tough times. Inspired by the work of footballer Marcus Rashford we are going to do our best to help out. We will be offering a free packed lunch to anybody who needs one between Monday and Friday this week.  Simply email us at info@coateshouse.co.uk how many lunches you require and we will have them ready for you in discreet takeaway bags for around 11am. The meals will include a sandwich, snack, piece of fruit and a drink. Please don’t be scared to get in touch, we are all in this together, no child should go hungry. Please share with anybody you feel may benefit."

Customers offered to pay a surcharge on their bills to contribute to the cost of funding this initiative which Coates House said they may look into if they get overhelmed with requests

The Old Farmhouse, Nailsea

Team Farmhouse said: "It's been amazing to see how so many local communities have stepped up to help Marcus Rashford's campaign to feed all children over the past 24 hours.

"We have seen so many lovely local businesses in Nailsea also offer their support to give free packed lunches throughout half term and so have been trying to think how we can help in any other way to fill the gaps.

"We have two small children ourselves and we would love to support this so we would like to offer a cooked teatime meal which can be selected from our childrens menu Monday to Friday, October 26-30.

"Please just contact us if you would like to order.

"We have loved being a part of our community this year and we are always looking for ways to pay back a little of the support you have all shown to us please let us know if you have any other suggestions going forward we would love to help where we can.

"Well done to all our other amazing local small businesses that have offered their services at a tough time." 

To book call 01275 851889 or email farmhousenailsea@yahoo.co.uk


Simply Green said it doesn't believe any child should go hungry and asjed those in need of a food parcel during the school holidays to pop in to its Nailsea High Street sho or all 01275 219574 to arrange a shopping bag full of essential items to keep people going through this tough time. It said no questions asked, no one needs to know and we can deliver if you can't get to us.

Simply Green.PNG
Simply Green 2.PNG
cover your face.png

MASK PEOPLE: Spooky fun will be coming to North Somerset as children enjoy their first holiday of the new school year. Halloween might have a different feel this year but there are still lots of ideas to celebrate while staying safe at home. Every area in England now falls into one of three categories depending on the local rate of coronavirus infection North Somerset is currently in Tier 1 and, despite this being the lowest level, it still means there is a medium risk. Case rates are rising locally so it’s up to all of us to continue to help reduce the spread and protect our loved ones this winter


TRAIL BLAZERS: Anyone wanting to fill some time with some outdoor adventure, clue chasing, letter gathering and exploring the local area...just pop into Taylor's News, Backwell or the PO in Long Ashton to pickup your Halloween/Pumpkin Trail map for a minimum £1 donation. It's running all half term thanks to the Flax Bourton PTA and lots of parent helpers!

Halloween Cake Pops

STRAWBERRY LINE: We’re all ready for the start of our Halloween treasure trail  Pop in for a work sheet, pre order lunch if you wish and head on down the Strawberry Line to work out the hidden word. Free cupcake for every child upon return. Bike hire is also available at Strawberry Line Cycle Project. This is operating with the support and permission of Yatton Parish Council and North Somerset Council

Infant gorilla with keeper at Bristol Zo
An infant western lowland gorilla is bei

Vote for new name for bottlefed baby gorilla

An infant western lowland gorilla at Bristol Zoo Gardens is being given round-the-clock care by keepers.

The baby, which keepers now know is male, is two months old and was delivered naturally but has not been feeding well and his mother, Kala, has been finding looking after him challenging. He was not getting enough milk from Kala to survive so a small team of experienced keepers is now caring for him and bottle feeding him day and night. 

This will continue for the next four months after which it is hoped he will be ready to return to the rest of the group. 

During the day, the baby gorilla is being looked after in the Gorilla House to allow plenty of opportunities for Kala and the other gorillas to see him, smell him and be near him, and ensure that he continues to be accepted as a familiar member of the gorilla family. At night the infant is being cared for by keepers in Zoo-owned accommodation onsite. 

Now the youngster needs a name and the Zoo is inviting members of the public to help choose. Keepers have drawn up a shortlist of names and the Zoo is running a naming poll on its Facebook page.

The names to vote on are:

  • Motuku - means ‘Chief of the Village’ in Bubi (local language in Equatorial Guinea)

  • Hasani – means ‘Handsome’ in Swahili

  • Luango – town/city on the coast of Equatorial Guinea

  • Kidosi - popular African name, particularly in Central Africa

To vote for your favourite name, visit:  facebook.com/BristolZooGardens/.

Bristol Zoo Gardens mammals curator Lynsey Bugg said: “Hand-rearing any animal is not a decision we take lightly as our preference is always for an animal to be reared naturally by its own mother.

“Sadly this doesn’t always happen and in this instance we decided that it was in the baby gorilla’s best interests for us to hand rear him to ensure he had the best chance of survival.”

While the gorilla house is open as normal, the baby gorilla is not able to be seen by the public at this stage. 

Bristol Zoo has been caring for gorillas since 1930. 


SCARY NIGHT: The Curzon cinema at Clevedon is showing two children's films at half term but the  Alfred Hitchcock Psycho is not among them! This halloween horror thriller is being shown on its 60th anniversary after its release, the film, now often dubbed as Hitchcock's best and scariest. It is being shown on Saturday, October 31 at 7.30pm. To book click HERE. The story stars Janet Leigh as Marion Crane who unhappy in her job at a Phoenix, Arizona real estate office and is frustrated in her romance with hardware store manager Sam Loomis (John Gavin). One afternoon, Marion is given $40,000 in cash to be deposited in the bank. Minutes later, impulse has taken over and Marion takes off with the cash, 36 hours later, paranoia and exhaustion have started to set in, and Marion decides to stop for the night at the Bates Motel where she meets nervous but personable innkeeper Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) who regales her with curious stories about his mother…to see what else is on offer go to the What's On page

Secret Garden copy.jpg
Psycho AlfredPsycho 60th AnniversaryThis
pumpkin trail.png

PUMPKIN TRAIL: Here is the Pumpkin Trail map - you may download a copy HERE or go to the Nailsea Community Group Facebook page which has additional information organised by Helen Knight Morgan for half term

Pumpkin People.PNG

PUMPKIN PEOPLE:Nailsea Active is inviting everyone to join them for a Nailsea Pumpkin Trail during October half term. This is from Saturday to Saturday, October 24-31. The theme for the Nailsea pumpkins will be the movies and people can win prizes for the best decorated winter squash. Decorate your window with pumpkin decorations or carve your vegetable - the choice is yours. Organiser Helen Morgan said: "We can't wait to see them." There will be a vote for the favourites and everyone can try to guess all the movies.Trail maps will go live on Facebook in time for the launch on Saturday, October 24. All entries must be submitted electronically by Friday, October 16. Votes for your favourite pumpkin to be submitted to the Nailsea Community Group by Monday, November 2. For an entry form click HERE. Inspiration and stencils can be found online for those back at work/school and with less time. Helen is hoping this will be as successful as the summer scarecrow trail so be a fairygodmother and help her.


PET PEEPS: Lovely Halloween shop window at Aaron Pets in Station Road, Nailsea, featuring 101 Dalmatians and lots of pumpkins. Despite reports to the contrary dogs can eat pumpkin, both the pulp and the seeds. The pulp is low in calories, and its blend of soluble and insoluble fibre makes it an effective remedy for diarrhoea and constipation alike. Can you spot (ha ha) Pongo the laid-back but protective father of the 101 Dalmatians and his wife Perdita in the photo? One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a 1961 American animated comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions and based on the 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith

Nailsea MicroPub.PNG

SPOOKY BEER: All aboard for the Ghost Train at Nailsea MicroPub this week - you have an invitation to come andtry this scarily tasty ale...see below for full beers on tap for Halloween, read more on its Facebook page

Halloween 2.PNG
Halloween 1.PNG

PUMPED UP 1: Nailsea supermarkets have lots of lovely pumpkins for sale and Triggol Farm at Tickenham specialises in growing pumpkins for October and selling locally grown Christmas trees (more nearer the time) in December. The farm at 181 Clevedon Road is better known for its vintage wedding cars is committed to caring for our environment and reducing the carbon foootprint of products to a minimum. Watch the video to see a fun pumpkin picking outing for the children or pop up to Brockley Stores on the A370 which has a great stock of yellow and orange squashes


PUMPED UP 2: Ian and Stuart Paton beat the UK record of 2,433lb and missed out on the world record by 31lb trying to gown the world's largest pumpkin. Photo Roger Arbon/Solent News

Brazilian pumpkin with prawns

This is a very traditional Brazilian recipe made in many different ways. This recipe is from the BBC Goodfood website.


Preparation and cooking time

1 hr and 30 mins


1 medium size pumpkin

1 vegetable tablet stock

1 large onion chopped

2 garlic cloves, crushed

4 plum tomatoes peeled and deseed

500 gr medium size peeled prawns

6-7 large prawns to decorate

400 ml coconut milk

25 g margarine

olive oil

1 tsp paprika


salt and fresh grounded black pepper

fresh red pepper chopped (optional)



Heat the oven gas 5/180C.



With a sharp knife cut the top of it, like a Halloween pumpkin. Remove the seeds. Wrap in an aluminium paper and bake upside down in the oven for about 40-45 minutes or until tender. Do not let burn.



When is cooked, remove from the oven, let it cool down and with a tablespoon carefully take some of the pulp from the pumpkin and reserve.



Heat the margarine in a frying pan and cook the onions for 5 minutes, until transparent, add the garlic and cook for more 2 minutes. Add the tomatoes and cook for further 3 minutes. Add the medium prawns and cook until they have a light pink colour, add the coconut milk, vegetable stock, mix well, add the paprika, fresh chilli, salt and pepper and coriander stirring gently for 5 minutes and pour the sauce into the pumpkin, brush it with olive oil.



Return to oven and cook for 15 minutes.



Meanwhile, clean the large prawns, remove the legs of the prawns and break off the shell by bending both sides backwards. Cut down the back of the prawn, cutting deep enough just to expose the intestinal vein which should then be removed.



Heat a little bit of olive oil in a frying pan and fry the prawns until the colour is lightly pink, seasoning with salt and pepper and reserve.



Decorate the pumpkin with the large prawns and serve with boiled rice.

Elephants enjoy pumpkin smashing


With Pumpkin Fest on the horizon, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm welcomed back Taunton farmer Luke Downs and his giant pumpkins.

After giving Shaka, the African Elephant, a 14 stone pumpkin in 2019, Luke made the decision to grow three pumpkins for each of the elephants at Noah’s Ark in 2020.

He said, ‘I start by preparing the ground in April and then plant the seeds in May in the greenhouse and when the pumpkins are a decent size, I put them into the ground to continue growing.”

After the three, 14 stone pumpkins were put in the enclosure, the elephants were let in. Shaka, the oldest bull sauntered over slowly, assessing the situation.

The two smaller and younger elephants, M’Changa and Janu, ran over as soon as they realised there was something new and interesting.

M’Changa stamped on the first pumpkin with a loud crack, whilst Janu went on to the second. After a satisfying crunch from Janu’s pumpkin, which was one meter in diameter, Shaka came over to investigate, prompting Janu to back away. Janu went back to help M’Changa finish off his pumpkin.

Alpha bulls will usually be the first to eat and as Shaka is the dominant of this bachelor group, he decides what he wants, and the others follow suit.

Zoo head elephant keeper Sandra De Rek said: “Shaka is the dominant bull and therefore in the bull group, what he says, goes. If he’d have got to all of them first, he would have eaten them all.

"Luckily for M’Changa and Janu, he walked the long way around the enclosure and so the young ones got to enjoy a pumpkin together before he got there.”

Elephants usually eat 150kg of food a day, starting with carrots in their enclosure, so pumpkins was a nice change to the day. It also provides enrichment for the mammals, getting them to use their trunks, tusks and feet to break up the giant squashes to make them bitesize.

After eating 270kg worth of pumpkin, the elephants turned their attention back to their normal sized carrots.

It was a ‘smashing’ day for the elephants!

Pumpkin Fest will run from Saturday to Sunday, October 24-November 1, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.

Join them for a mystery pumpkin trial, a social media pumpkin carving competition and yummy pumpkin treats.

Pumpkins are available for sale at the new Noah’s Ark Farm Shop.