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Nailsea District Leg Club December news

At Christmas we tend to overindulge, so are you keeping up the exercise despite these short days?

Here’s an interesting fact for you, Nobel Prize recipient Dr Roger Sperry said the spine is the motor that drives the brain.

According to his research ’90 per cent of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine’.

Only 10 per cent of our brain's energy goes into thinking, metabolism, immunity, and healing. 

It is vital therefore that we keep active not just to keep our legs healthy, but to keep our brain healthy and active – prevention is better than cure. 

The more sedentary we are the less active our brain becomes and the more lethargic we become, not just mentally but physically too.

This can lead to other more serious problems, possibly even the onset of dementia, not just unhealthy legs.

Please keep up the exercise - if you want energy, vigour and better brain processing then keep moving, who knows what you might achieve!

Leg Club will be back as soon as it is safe to re-open, and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming our members and volunteers again.

We’ll be very pleased to welcome new volunteers too, either to help at the drop-in clinic at the Tithe Barn or drivers to assist members to attend.

Whether you have a connection to the Leg Club or not, we wish everyone a healthy, peaceful and happy Christmas.


Nailsea District Leg Club November news

Despite the fact we’re not able to hold our Wednesday morning drop-in clinics, those members who need treatment are seeing nurses at the various surgeries on a regular basis. Should you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact your surgery for advice or treatment, prevention is better than cure.

The committee still continue to meet via Zoom and some of our committee members contact members and volunteers to keep in touch and re-assure them, we’re really looking forward to seeing them all again when we can re-open safely.

Nailsea & Backwell Rotary Club walk took place recently on a beautiful autumn day, when more thanr £600 was raised, and a sincere thanks to those who walked and to those who donated.

We will start up again when we can comfortably do so.

In the meantime – as ever, keep up the exercise.


Time for a cuppa?

Your Cancer Cafe is oprn on Thursday, October  15, 2-4pm at 65, High Street, Nailsea.

Social distancing, hand sanitiser and the wearing of face masks will all be in place.

Tea, coffee and cake will be on offer as well as good company and someone to talk to or ready to listen.

The is a supporting cafe community for all people affected by cancer, their families and friends.

Go to its Facebook page, call 0789 480 7268 or email or more information.


Nailsea District Leg Club October news

Starting where we left off last month – please keep up the walking, exercise and good diet are important at any time, but even more so in the current situation.

Despite the fact we’re into autumn there are ways to maintain exercise, not only by getting out to enjoy the beautiful colours that this season brings.

If getting outside isn’t possible, make sure that life is not spent in that armchair – walking up and down stairs, or around the house, at least once an hour.

Even making the bed, house work and mowing the lawn are good exercises to undertake.

If you are sitting for long periods of time, then try to keep legs elevated and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and maintain a healthy diet.

Keep up the intake of fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, fish and lean meat – keep the hands off the biscuits and chocolate!

In the meantime should you have any concerns then the great team of nurses at Tyntesfield Medical Group continue to provide outstanding care and are only a phone call away.

We hope to raise £500 for our funds on the Nailsea & Backwell Rotary Club walk.

Carole Brooke said: "Amy Duckworth, our clinical nurse lead and part of the team working at Tyntesfield Medical Group, plans to run the 20K in fancy dress.

"We’ll let you know what she’ll be dressed up as nearer the time!"

If you would like to donate the easiest way is via the following link here

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Just what the doctor ordered

Nailsea Active.jpg
Nailsea Active 2.png

North Somerset doctors are helping to the keep the community fit and healthy by funding the development of a new initiative called Nailsea Active.

Coming under the umbrella of Nailsea Community Group a support grant has been awarded by Tyntesfield Medical Group which has surgeries in Nailsea, Backwell and Long Ashton.

The undisclosed amount it to fund Nailsea Active from September 2020 to February 2021 to develop its reach.

Nailsea Active was created by resident and Covid-19 volunteer Glen Schmidt during lockdown to provide a range of free activity content via the Nailsea Community Group Facebook page.

Online activities have ranged from live yoga, quizzes and fitness classes all aimed at keeping residents physically and mentally active.</