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Nailsea District Leg Club January news

Most importantly a very happy New Year to everyone, we’re all hoping that 2021 will bring the vaccine results and normality that is craved, though we are very aware that patience and care must continue.

With days showing signs of lengthening and excesses of Christmas behind us, now is the time to start thinking about more exercise again. It’s been said so many times that moving is vitally important to keep healthy both mentally and physically. The weather might be on the cool side, but sunlight and fresh air, even if only for a short time, are so very beneficial,  don’t let cabin fever and lethargy set in. There are lots of online exercise classes or local walks to follow, of which there are abundance in this area.

Sadly two of our wonderful volunteer drivers Keith and Diane Stevens, who recently moved. But thanks to a successful garage sale of household items they no longer required and the generous donations from volunteers and supporters who found some great bargains, our funds have benefitted to the tune of £375. We thank them for such a generous and inventive idea. We wish them many happy years in their new home. This does mean we will be looking for more volunteer drivers as and when we re-open, but news of the drop-in clinic re-opening will be publicised as soon as it is safe to do so, rest assured we will definitely be back!

Judith Brown


Nailsea District Leg Club December news

At Christmas we tend to overindulge, so are you keeping up the exercise despite these short days?

Here’s an interesting fact for you, Nobel Prize recipient Dr Roger Sperry said the spine is the motor that drives the brain.

According to his research ’90 per cent of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine’.

Only 10 per cent of our brain's energy goes into thinking, metabolism, immunity, and healing. 

It is vital therefore that we keep active not just to keep our legs healthy, but to keep our brain healthy and active – prevention is better than cure. 

The more sedentary we are the less active our brain becomes and the more lethargic we become, not just mentally but physically too.

This can lead to other more serious problems, possibly even the onset of dementia, not just unhealthy legs.

Please keep up the exercise - if you want energy, vigour and better brain processing then keep moving, who knows what you might achieve!

Leg Club will be back as soon as it is safe to re-open, and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming our members and volunteers again.

We’ll be very pleased to welcome new volunteers too, either to help at the drop-in clinic at the Tithe Barn or drivers to assist members to attend.

Whether you have a connection to the Leg Club or not, we wish everyone a healthy, peaceful and happy Christmas.


Nailsea District Leg Club November news

Despite the fact we’re not able to hold our Wednesday morning drop-in clinics, those members who need treatment are seeing nurses at the various surgeries on a regular basis. Should you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact your surgery for advice or treatment, prevention is better than cure.

The committee still continue to meet via Zoom and some of our committee members contact members and volunteers to keep in touch and re-assure them, we’re really looking forward to seeing them all again when we can re-open safely.

Nailsea & Backwell Rotary Club walk took place recently on a beautiful autumn day, when more thanr £600 was raised, and a sincere thanks to those who walked and to those who donated.

We will start up again when we can comfortably do so.

In the meantime – as ever, keep up the exercise.

Time for a cuppa?

Your Cancer Cafe is oprn on Thursday, October  15, 2-4pm at 65, High Street, Nailsea.

Social distancing, hand sanitiser and the wearing of face masks will all be in place.

Tea, coffee and cake will be on offer as well as good company and someone to talk to or ready to listen.

The is a supporting cafe community for all people affected by cancer, their families and friends.

Go to its Facebook page, call 0789 480 7268 or email or more information.

Nailsea District Leg Club October news

Starting where we left off last month – please keep up the walking, exercise and good diet are important at any time, but even more so in the current situation.

Despite the fact we’re into autumn there are ways to maintain exercise, not only by getting out to enjoy the beautiful colours that this season brings.

If getting outside isn’t possible, make sure that life is not spent in that armchair – walking up and down stairs, or around the house, at least once an hour.

Even making the bed, house work and mowing the lawn are good exercises to undertake.

If you are sitting for long periods of time, then try to keep legs elevated and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and maintain a healthy diet.

Keep up the intake of fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, fish and lean meat – keep the hands off the biscuits and chocolate!

In the meantime should you have any concerns then the great team of nurses at Tyntesfield Medical Group continue to provide outstanding care and are only a phone call away.

We hope to raise £500 for our funds on the Nailsea & Backwell Rotary Club walk.

Carole Brooke said: "Amy Duckworth, our clinical nurse lead and part of the team working at Tyntesfield Medical Group, plans to run the 20K in fancy dress.

"We’ll let you know what she’ll be dressed up as nearer the time!"

If you would like to donate the easiest way is via the following link here

DRAFT FP AD October 2020 beauty.png

Just what the doctor ordered

North Somerset doctors are helping to the keep the community fit and healthy by funding the development of a new initiative called Nailsea Active.

Coming under the umbrella of Nailsea Community Group a support grant has been awarded by Tyntesfield Medical Group which has surgeries in Nailsea, Backwell and Long Ashton.

The undisclosed amount it to fund Nailsea Active from September 2020 to February 2021 to develop its reach.

Nailsea Active was created by resident and Covid-19 volunteer Glen Schmidt during lockdown to provide a range of free activity content via the Nailsea Community Group Facebook page.

Online activities have ranged from live yoga, quizzes and fitness classes all aimed at keeping residents physically and mentally active.

Nailsea Active has then started producing podcasts by interviewing organisers of clubs and activity groups giving them the opportunity to introduce residents to what they do, how to get involved and also what to expect when attending joining for the first time.

These podcasts were a huge success with more than 1,700 downloads and the Facebook page 800 plus followers.

The FB group is now sharing local walking, running and cycling routes, shared announcements by clubs for open days and events.

The grant from Tyntesfield Medical Group is to allow Glen to dedicate his time to developing Nailsea Active during a six month period and to covers the activity groups and clubs operating across Nailsea, Backwell, Long Ashton and the parishes in between.  

Tyntesfield Medical Group executive manager Lawie Lewis said: “Individuals improving and maintaining good physical and mental health is one of the most important things they can do to prevent the onset and worsening of so many chronic and debilitating health conditions.

“The work of volunteers in the community to support others during lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has been amazing and we really want to be part of a positive legacy that will remain for the benefit of the communities health long after Covid-19 has been eradicated.

“Failure to support this initiative would have been a lost opportunity for us to inspire everyone to improve their health, both mental and physical.”  

“The main focus will be on growing the interaction on the Nailsea Active Facebook group as well as developing a dedicated website.

“Together we hope they will make it easy for residents to find and then access the amazing activity trails, groups and club's in line with their interests.”

Glen said: “We are extremely grateful for all of the support from the Tyntesfield Medical Group throughout the COVID crisis and even more so for the grant they have now provided.

“The funding will allow us to develop Nailsea Active in the hope that we can help inspire as many residents as possible across Nailsea, Backwell and Long Ashton to find something that helps them stay both mentally and physically active.”

To join the Facebook page click HERE.



PHOTO: From left is Tyntesfield Medical Group social prescriber Helen Todd and

executive manager Lawrie Lewis with Nailsea Active lead Glen Schmidt

Nailsea District Leg Club

In early July the writer was visiting friends for the first time since February, and was asked ‘What did you do in June’? It didn’t take long to answer ‘not much, except for walking.’

It has been a pleasure to enjoy the benefit of all the wonderful countryside we’re blessed with and be able to take both country and seaside walks.

Walking is such a vital part of good physical and mental health, and judging from the many other people of all ages also out walking, it’s been enjoyed by them too. Hopefully this will be a benefit of the current crisis that will continue to be enjoyed for a long time to come.

Taking regular exercise is a helpful preventative for many medical conditions. Ellie Lindsay OBE, founder of the Leg Club organisation has given much practical advice on the importance of staying active – ‘strong leg muscles protect against osteoarthritis, adding some lean muscle on the legs aids the body metabolism helping to burn fat off the entire body.

Regular exercise improves circulation in legs as it activates calf muscles, which helps to push to push the blood back towards the heart.’  

There is a wealth of information on the following web site regarding the prevention of leg ulcers and associated issues

The Nailsea District Leg Club committee continue to meet via Zoom and although no date is in view for re-opening, as and when they feel it is right to do so, will ensure that the word gets out.

In the meantime the nurses continue to do a great job seeing patients safely at the surgery or at home as necessary.

Keep up the walking!

Knitting together memories

Nailsea Memory Café, is a support group for people living with dementia and their carers, which hasn’t meet at The Tithe Barn since March due to the coronavirus crisis but has endeavoured to stay connected throughout the pandemic.

Ruth Budworth, of the carer support group, suggested the idea of a Together Apart knitting project, to create a blanket of individual squares.

After a request via the Nailsea Community Group Facebook page, the generous residents of Nailsea and Age UK donated balls of wool.

Members, carers and volunteers have all contributed to the project by knitting in an array of colours, patterns and textures.

And talented volunteer, Sally Beese, kindly collated the squares, personalising it with lettering and rainbows.

Karen Smith, the café co-ordinator reflected on the finished article.

She said: “It’s is a beautiful reminder of how our wonderful Memory Café group has stayed connected, it includes the rainbows symbolising hope for our health and happiness and future return.

“It will also always be a memory of those members who we have sadly lost during 2020.

 “We are currently preparing to return to The Tithe Barn as soon as we can safely do so.

“In the meantime, we continue to undertake our regular telephone support calls along with our weekly café via Zoom and smaller face to face sessions outside, weather permitting.”

For more information on the Memories At The Barn dementia projects call Karen Smith on 0779 034 4559, email or go online at

Have fun, enjoy a walk – or run – in the North Somerset countryside with friends, family or on your own –  and raise money for your favoured cause at the same time!

Nailsea Charity Walks run by Nailsea & Backwell Rotary Club is happening on Sunday morning, October 11.

This 'virtual' event is a firm favourite with hundreds of people and is established as an important part of the Nailsea calendar.

It’s also a way for charities, schools, sports clubs and the like to raise money with sponsoreship.

By virtual Rotary mean that all registrations, directions, paperwork will be done online. Participants are still expected to walk or run the actual 5, 10 or 20 K routes!

On or around 9th October everyone that has registered and has provided an email address will receive a map and a specific route guidance commentary – stage by stage instructions – to enable participants to navigate the course. A brief safety guidance note will also be included.

For those walking or running on 11th October Rotary expect to provide signage around the routes but it will not be possible to leave it in place beyond October 12.

On October 11 people will still be able to park in the Scotch Horn Centre car park, where we expect there to be stewards from Rotary Nailsea & Backwell to greet them and see them on their way.

In due course we will tell participants how and when to let us know that they are starting and that they have returned safely.

We hope people enjoy the day and help to raise a lot of money for local charities. Please do contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Ring Graham on 0797 077 1845

Staying healthy

Ellie Lindsay OBE, founder of the Leg Club Foundation, sent the attached document to Nailsea District Leg Club to share.

It gives some very useful advice on the benefits of taking exercise and keeping fit, not only for legs but in respect of other issues too including diet.

To read all four pages download the document HERE.

Health Walks return

Volunteers have been working hard behind the scenes to support the return of health walks across North Somerset.

With restrictions in place to ensure the safety of all who wish to attend walkers will need to book if they wish to attend any of the walks listed below.

Social distancing will be in place throughout the walks and walkers will be managed in bubbles of five alongside a walk leader.


CLEVEDON group will be leading a walk every Tuesday at 10.30am as from Tuesday, July 28. Call Lynne Purcell on 01275 852663 to book a place.

HEALTHY LIVING CENTRE group will be leading walks on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, August 11, 12 and 14. Call Mike Jones on 0747 508 6635 to book a place. 

PORTISHEAD group will be leading walks on Mondays at 10.30am starting on Auguest 3.  Call Mike/Chris on 01275 845736/01275 848281 to book a place.                                                                 

WESTON group will be leading a walk on the Mondays, August 10 and 24 at 2pm. Call John Western on 01934 511808 to book a place.   

WORLE group will be leading walks every Thursday at 2pm from July 23. Call John Rudall on 0794 424 5131 to book a place.


NAILSEA & YATTON groups will not be re-starting untill the government allows larger groups to meet.


LONG ASHTON & WINSCOMBE more information to follow.

For general enquiries call the Active Lifestyles Team at the council on 01934 627014 or go to

Leg club news

Some good news for Nailsea District Leg Club as it has been selected as one of the Love Local causes between July- September by Tout’s Budgens, Nailsea.

The Pink Tokens are out of action for now so the supermarket at Wraxall garage will ask its Signature club members to vote for the charity via a poll sent out in the monthly e-newsletter.

At the end of September, £150 will be split between two charities depending on the amount of votes received in the online poll.

So please vote!

And if you’re not already a Signature member, sign up online – it’s free and you get lots of good offers by clicking HERE.

On Wednesday, July 1, Nailsea District Leg Club had planned to hold a party for members and volunteers to celebrate five year since the first clinic was opened. It was to be a special occasion and although not now taking place on this date, it is hoped that it will be re-scheduled for a time when we are open again.

Volunteers should have received a newsletter which has been painstakingly compiled by Sandy Riley, quite an undertaking and they make interesting reading.

We’re very keen to keep in touch with our volunteers as they are such an important and integral part of Leg Club.  Without them our members, who are equally as important, would not be able to attend.

When the times comes for Leg Club to re-commence (and at the time of writing there is no indication as to when), we will all be so pleased to get together again and get that happy convivial atmosphere revived on Wednesday mornings at Nailsea Tithe Barn.

In the meantime, if you have any concerns about your legs, it is important to contact your GP surgery without delay, who will be able to advise you and prevent any further exacerbation. Don’t forget to keep up the exercise in whatever form you’re able to take and keep those legs and body healthy.

Nailsea Support Group with online directory

Nailsea Support Group is a new website where people can find help.

It can be accessed at

The Nailsea Support Group is a collaboration between:

  •  the newly renamed Nailsea Community Group (formerly Nailsea Covid-19 Help Group);

  • Tyntesfield Medical Group;

  • Nailsea Town Council; and

  • Its community hub at 65 High Street (temporarily closed for refurbishment).

This new website is a one stop support platform for residents to find any type of help that they need.

New Nailsea walking book

Nailsea and District Footpath Group has produced a revised edition of its walking book Nailsea Round.

The Round is a nine-mile walk in the beautiful countryside around Nailsea, with a slightly shorter option.

The book also contains six shorter walks from three to six miles.

All the walks except one follow distinctive waymarks.

Each walk is described in detail with notes on points of interest.

One of the shorter walks is a history walk around Nailsea.

The Round starts at Backwell Lake and goes to Wraxall, Tower House Woods and West End, then back to the lake via Morgan’s Hill. You can however start at any point on the walk.

There is a special lockdown price of £4 plus 70p postage although it can be collects. The normal price will be £4.95.

For details on how to order email

Latest coronavirus figures

As the lockdown restrictions ease the message still is proceed with caution.

At the end of June the latest North Somerset coronavirus case and death figures showed there have been more new cases this month than anywhere else in the West of England region.

The current total number of people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in North Somerset stands at 491 - that's an increase of two since Friday, June 26, and four in the past seven days.

Even with the outbreak at Weston General Hospital, which took hold in May and saw the closure of the hospital to new admissions, in the 28 days of June so far, there have been 41 new cases in North Somerset.

Two more deaths of patients in hospitals who tested positive for coronavirus have been added to the records kept by the University Hospitals Bristol & Weston NHS Trust.

That hospital runs both the BRI, the children's hospital, the maternity hospital and Weston General, and the total number of people who have died with coronavirus in those settings now stands at 150 - including three that were recorded at Weston General in the early days of the pandemic, before the two trusts merged.

The Department of Health said another 35 people's deaths with coronavirus have been recorded in the 24 hours to 4pm on Sunday afternoon.

The numbers of deaths and new cases is always relatively low on a Sunday and Monday because of a drop off in reporting.

There were still another 901 confirmed positive Covid tests recorded in the past 24 hours - just a slight drop on the 1,000 of previous days - which means that around 7,000 people a week are contracting coronavirus in Britain.

The total number of people who have died from coronavirus in Britain since the start of the pandemic now stands at 43,550 - although the number of 'excess deaths' - that is the number of people who have died this year above the annual average for the first six months of the year stands at more than 63,000.

MARCH MOMENTS: The next Your Cancer Cafe is on Thursday, March 19, from 2pm at 65 High Street, Nailsea, will go ahead unless there is a further Government guidance saying that it should not. Organiser Jo Hopskinson put out an urgent request for extra hand gel for people entering and leaving the building to use. She asked if you are feeling unwell and exhibiting flu-like symptoms please do not attend. On offer will be reflexology and Indian head massage. Arts and crafts may be a mindfullness colouring table or beaded hearts?  

More info from 0789 480 7268. Photos from the February cafe is event HERE.

MEDICS MOVE: Nailsea People may have jumped the Nhs queue to tell you Brockway Medical Centre intend to sell its property and moved to the old Weston College building at the edge of Crown Glass Shopping Centre but one month after we broke the news it has been confirmed that Tyntesfield Medical Group will merge as one with Tower House Medical Centre on an enlarged site. Patients are being invited to an open meeting on Tuesday, March 10, at 7pm to discuss the plans - see notice.. A letter explaining the situation has been shared by Brockway and you can read it HERE.

News from Nailsea District Leg Club

QUIZ NIGHT: Spring into action not just with your legs, it’s never too early to start planning so get your thinking caps on and brains in gear, as Nailsea District Leg Club fundraising quiz night is on Saturday, May 2, at 7pm in Backwell WI Hall. Nailsea & Backwell Rotary Club is helping with the organising so teams of up to eight people are needed. Don't worry if you only have two as they will sort you out into a team!  For tickets £8 to include simple supper, with a cash bar (wine and soft drinks). call 0795 430 2498 or email


HEALING HELP: The leg club is open to anyone registered with the Tyntesfield Medical Group and enables them to access community-based treatment - leg ulcers and associated problems - and prevent isolation in patients who are often housebound, and to meet people suffering from similar conditions. Evidence has shown better healing rates at leg clubs compared to treatment in GP surgeries and patients’ homes.

WEDNESDAY MORNINGS: There are now almost 440 members registered with Nailsea District Leg Club, held every Wednesday, 9-11.30am at Nailsea Tithe Barn. Not only are the clinicians on hand, but also volunteers to chat, make coffee and tea.

Remembering and making new memories

Nailsea Indoor Bowling Club entertained people from the Memory Café to another fabulous afternoon at Mizzymead Recreation Centre.

Here they were coached and enoyed playing some fun games designed to perfect their bowling skills.

The Memory Café, is a community group for people living with dementia and their carers.  

It is one of a number of 'Memories at The Barn' projects supported by Nailsea Tithe Barn Trust.

Café co-ordinator Karen Smith, said: "It is so important to ensure that people living with dementia do not feel isolated after their diagnosis and have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, to support their physical and mental well-being.

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Nailsea Indoor Bowling Club volunteers who ensured our members had a very enjoyable afternoon.”

Nailsea Memory Cafe meets at the Tithe Barn on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 2.15pm onwards.

There are activities for people with dementia and a carers discussion and support group.

It is free of charge.

Silver Screen Memories, is another free event which runs on the second Wednesday of each month from 2pm, showing film stars of the silver screen. 

For further information call Karen 0779 034 4559 or email

The Indoor Bowling Club can be contacted by calling Mizzymead Recreation Centre on 01275 854181 or emailing

Wednesday morning Tithe Barn Leg Club

What is Nailsea District Leg Club – it’s a community initiative supporting anyone registered with Tyntesfield Medical Group.

It is for those who have concerns or problems with their lower legs; leg ulcers in particular but also addresses conditions such as varicose veins, leg pain, skin problems and rashes.  

A team of volunteers provides refreshments, social interaction and befriending to those who may be isolated at home due to their leg problems.

NHS nurses are employed either by Tyntesfield Medical Group or the Community Partnership and the NHS provides any dressings used.

Rent has to be paid for the use of the Tithe Barn, all the equipment used and other incidentals such as refreshments, driver reimbursement and stationery. 

The service relies on fundraising across the year, donations and grants.

No appointment is required – anyone can call in any Wednesday morning between 9-11.30am. Pop in, see how it works, have a cup of tea and then decide if they can help.

People can be encouraged to attend by their GP, practice or district nurse or may have already heard of Nailsea District Leg Club.

All are welcome, including carers and family members. Anyone with difficulty getting to the Leg Club their is a volunteer transport scheme.

Email for more information.

HALF TERM: The next Your Cancer Cafe is on Thursday, February 20, from 2pm at 65 High Street, Nailsea. As it is the school half term they will be encouraging children to come along and have some fun with rock painting and children's tombola. It is hoped to have cupcakes and biscuits to decorate with icing sugar and sprinkles to take home (or eat there for those who can't wait!). More info from 0789 480 7268. Photos from this event HERE.

STAY STEADY: And s-t-r-e-t-ch, why we exercise throughout our lives to maintain our health. Ageing Well aims to add extra years with a programme of exercise and activity sessions tailormade for older people. These sessions are good for improving flexibility and co-ordination. Listed in its latest booklet and the North Somerset sessions including Nailsea. For further information contact North Somerset Ageing Well co-ordinator Nikki Smith by email or call 0753 077 7895. To download the latest booklet click HERE

WORKING WONDERS; The Memory Café at Nailsea has received a lovely late Christmas present from The Works shop. The pop up café opens twice monthly on the first and third Wednesday afternoon at the Tithe Barn for those living with dementia and their carers. The Colliers Walk store collected donations from its customers 

To: Nailsea Memory Café

From: The Works customers with love

and was able to present the support group with a generous selection of craft items for their use. Spokesman Karen Smith said: "We continue to be amazed by the generosity of the local community and would like to give everyone heartfelt thanks." For more information on the projects and events run at the barn contact Karen on 0779 034 4559

Happy 1st birthday

Your Cancer Café is celebrating its first birthday on Thursday afternoon, January 16.

The Nailsea group was set up by retired deputy headteacher Joanne Hopkinson in January 2019 and meets at 65 High Street.

Jo has been battling breast cancer since February 2018 and set up a café to provide support to people going through the same treatment.

She said: "2019 was a great year for Your Cancer Café.

"We welcomed more than 70 people through the door, gave over 30 sessions of complimentary therapies, made hundreds of arty and crafty things, welcomed Macmillan, ate hundreds of cakes and received hundreds of pounds in donations.

Macmillan is one of the largest British charities and provides specialist health care, information and financial support to people affected by cancer.

It also looks at the social, emotional and practical impact cancer can have, and campaigns for better cancer care something Jo is trying to emulate locally with the drop-in cafe.

Jo added: “We couldn't do it without all our wonderful volunteers.

“2020 is already looking good for the cancer cafe, with a couple of new therapists offering one or two sessions during the year, some offers of more donations and a trip out somewhere nice for all of us.

“Our cartoonist will be here to kick off 2020 on January 16 as we celebrate our first birthday.

“We are looking forward welcoming old and new people to the group.”

Despite her diagnosis apart from running the café Jo is an active governor at Nailsea School and Nailsea town councilllor.

The birthday cancer café will be from 2-5pm and there will be refreshments and cakes.

The café runs every third Thursday of the month and it is open to anyone affected by cancer.

For more details, follow the group on Facebook at Your Cancer Café or call 0789 480 7268.

Nailsea District Leg Club

Legs – how healthy are yours? Do you suffer any of the following:

  • itchy skin;

  • varicose veins; 

  • poor circulation;

  • leg ulcers; or any

  • lower leg problems?

Nailsea District Leg Club provides not just treatment but also advice on prevention or care of these and related issues, at the drop-in clinic every Wednesday morning 9-11.30am, at the Tithe Barn.

The clinic is open to anyone registered with Tyntesfield Medical Group and no appointment or referral is necessary.

Along with the outstanding advice, care and treatment you’ll receive from the award-winning team of NHS registered nurses, there are refreshments and chat on offer, plus an abundance of understanding of what these problems can lead to.

If you have difficulties getting to and from your home to the Tithe Barn, it has a dedicated team of volunteer drivers who may be able to provide transport, for which donations are welcome.

One of the services we provided in the past and would like to again, are manicures; we have the means but sadly no-one who can do this now.

Could you do this maybe once a month?

Our members do love this little bit of pampering while they enjoy refreshments and wait to see the nurses.

If this is you please call 01275 792558 for more information.

Happy and healthy new year to everyone.

FOR YOU; A four week yoga course for complete beginners starts on Wednesday, January 15, at Golden Valley Primary School. Instructor Heidi said: "Join me in a friendly, calm, supportive environment where you can learn the basics of yoga. This course is perfect if you've never done yoga before, or have tried it but think it's not for you. By the end of the course, I hope you'll have learned that yoga really is for everybody." Cost is £30 for four one-hour weekly sessions, £25 if you book by twelfth night Monday, January 6. More details HERE.

Community sing-songs

Liz and Andrew Lawrence run a community wellbeing choir in Nailsea and are looking forward to new singers for the start of their new term on Thursday, January 9.

Singwell Choir run weekly 1-2.30pm at the beautiful Tithe Barn, Church Lane.

 As a well-being choir there will be a focus on health and wholeness.

The songs are learned by repetition, so no music reading is required and there are auditions.

It is a completely accessible choir - amateurs welcome! Refreshments  provided.

For more information go to its Facebook page or click HERE.

Singing teacher

And in another request ‎Damian Naylor said: "Does anyone know someone who has a couple of free hours on a Tuesday to help out with a music/singing group in the Nailsea area.

"We are a charity who work with people with various degrees of learning disabilities and run a music session every Tuesday.

"Would suit a retired music teacher or musician or someone studying music therapy.

"Please message me on Facebook with any details.

"Would be very much appreciated. — looking for recommendations."


CHRISTMAS PARTY TIME: At the next cancer cafe on Thursday, December 19, it will be very 'Christmassy' with mince pies, Christmas cake, mulled wine, festive crafts and Christmas carol singing. And their will also be presents from Santa for those attending at 65 High Street, Nailsea, from 2-5pm. More details by email from organiser Jo Hopkinson at or the cafe Facebook page HERE. At the Salvation Army carol service with a ho ho ho Father Christmas and sweets for the children the collection raised £757 for Your Cancer Cafe

No Christmas Day knees-up for Nailsea District Leg Club

Nailsea District Leg Club will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day as both dates fall on a Wednesday, its usual opening the Tithe Barn.

A spokesman said: "This is advanced warning to all members and volunteers, Leg Club won’t be open on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, as both the Wednesdays are bank holidays. 

"This occurred last December and members made appointments at their local GP surgeries and we urge members do the same this year in good time."

In other news it was fantastic weather and a record number of people at Nailsea International Bike Show in September.

The Leg Club manned a stall, talking to people and giving out informative leaflets.

These containing helpful advice on the potential problems bikers might experience with their legs and tips on what to look out for.

The spokesman added: "The biking community were friendly and many were astounded to learn of the effect that riding a motorbike might have on their lower limbs.

"Hopefully our presence helped to raise the profile of the Leg Club Foundation, its resourceful website and the Leg Club model. 

"Several local bikers said they may attend the Leg Club in the future for advice and reassurance which can also be found online HERE."

Leg Club Christmas greetings

T’was Christmas Eve at the Leg Club

The nurses were working like mad

Suddenly Santa appeared

Oh dear, was he looking sad


“You don’t look very happy

For someone supposed to be cheery”

“It’s this blooming leg of mine

That’s making me feel so dreary”


“Take a seat over there

Someone will see to you soon

Would you like tea, coffee and cake?

You could be here until noon”


“But I’m running to schedule

And time is racing past”

“Now look here, Santa – sit down, shut up

Or I’ll make sure you go last”


Suddenly a nurse appeared

And pointed to a chair

“Sit down Santa while we wash your leg

And we’ll take it on from there”


With a comforting voice and tender care

The dressings were applied

“That’s blooming wonderful”, said Santa

And disappeared outside


No-one ever spoke of the little man

Who came to the club that day

But one thing is for certain

It was the Leg Club who saved the day.



John Whiting

Top award for Nailsea nurses

Congratulations to the fantastic nursing team at Nailsea District Leg Club who won the 'outstanding contribution to health & social care' category in the Care & Support West awards ceremony.

The team received the award at a gala dinner at Ashton Gate.

Spokesman Judith Brown said: "It’s well deserved and a reflection of the care they give collectively to all our members.

"Those who did the Rotary Club walk also deserve congratulations, as the final sum raised by their combined efforts was in excess of £1,700.

"Please remember because of two bank holidays falling on Wednesdays during the Christmas/New Year period, there is no Leg Club on Wednesdays December 25 and January 1.

"It is important to make an alternative appointment as soon as possible at your surgery and this can be done up to six weeks in advance."

Surgery phone numbers:

Backwell:   01275 465100

Brockway:  01275 850600

Long Ashton:  01275 392134

Tower House:  01275 866700

Judith added: "If you have a concern then please talk to one of the nurses at Leg Club beforehand."

The Leg Club will be open again as normal 9-11.30am on Wednesday, January 8.

BOWLED OVER: Nailsea Tithe Barn Memory Café - a community group for people living with dementia and their carers - had an amazing bowls social event at Nailsea Indoor Bowling Centre. Everyone left with a smile, after an afternoon of instruction, practice and games. A huge thank you must go to Mizzymead Recreation Centre and Social Club chairman Ian Harvey, Brian Powell and all the volunteers who kindly gave up their time. For more information call Karen on 0779 034 4559 or email

Register for afternoon outdoor college course

Woodland Wellbeing Introduction Course at the Outdoor College invite you to join them on this short introduction course and experience the many proven health and wellbeing benefits of woodland environments.

This is run at Brown Rock Farm, Tickenham.

The course runs for a few hours every Wednesday 1.30-3pm in November.

Topics covered include:

  • -Intro to self care

  • Stress reduction

  • Wellbeing restoration

  • Physical Activity

  • Learning new skills

  • Social connections and inclusion

Email if you are interested in coming along.

STAYING STEADY: To download (or read) directory of classes in North Somerset including Nailsea for health and well-being click HERE. The booklet is put together by Age UK Somerset an independent local charity that has been working in the community to help older people for 70 years. We have the equivalent of 24 dedicated staff and more than 350 volunteers helping us to deliver services and activities for older people in Somerset and North Somerset.

CAFE SOCIETY:The next Your Cancer Cafe is on Thursday, November 21, at 65 High Street, Nailsea 2-5pm. A welcoming place to meet others in a similar situation and to chat and support each other over tea, coffee and cake. They also offer a sample of alternative therapies and art and craft activities. In October the cafe welcomed visitors from 

Macmillan Cancer Support who are keen to find out more about the way we are organised with a view to emulating the cafe around the country. Only two more sessions to put a bid in for some luxury prizes in the silent auction. Photos from the September Your Cancer Café are in the Gallery 2019. More details on its Facebook page

Arts & Crafts Nailsea

Arts and craft class at 65 High Street includes fused glass workshops on Saturday, November 23.

Information and booking details can be found on the Contemporary Craft Collective Facebook page by clicking on the events section or emailing

Contemporary Craft Collective is made up of three local women who used to run workshops in The Blue Room in Nailsea before the shop closed.

Workshops are good value, informal and suitable for beginners.

New Nailsea classes

A new Shibashi class is begiinning at the Scotch Horn Leisure Centre, Nailsea, on Friday afternoons.

The first date is Friday, November 1, at 2pm.

It costs £3 per session and is run by Somerset Age UK
The class will last approximately an hour and participants will learn the 18 movements of Shibashi, an everyday type of Tai Chi.

Shibashi means '18 moves' in Chinese.

It is easy to learn and its amazingly effective, helping to reduce blood pressure and improve balance, co-ordination and strength.

The improvement in physical ability and correlating increase in self-confidence, can significantly reduce the risk of a having a fall.

To book call Nikki Smith on 0753 077 7895 or email

Nearly 50 people enjoyed a stretch in the park for Nailsea's first mass Tai Chi session at Millennium Park - photos in the Gallery 2019.

Now instructor Tom Sapsed has put together a new Friday afternoon class for people who would like to get active.

North Somerset Council physical activity development officer Catherine Devonshire said: "Following the Tai Chi event in the park, Tom has planned a new day time Tai Chi class, starting on Friday, November 8, from 2-3pm."

For more details call Tom on 0746 081 0478.

We are undefeatable

Sport England has launched a new campaign, called We Are Undefeatable, which aims to encourage individuals who have long term health conditions, to get more active.

Nailsea kicked off its initiative with a massive Tai Chi session at Millennium Park - see Gallery 2019 for photos - and the Outdoor College came along to advertise its activities in the woods near Tickenham.

 The UK’s leading health and social care charities and Sport England, supported by Public Health England, have developed the campaign, We Are Undefeatable, to inspire and support people with health conditions to get active.

The campaign shares the lived experiences of people who navigate the ups and downs of their conditions alongside being active.

Being physically active can help people manage long term conditions such as:

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Cognitive functioning impairment in dementia and Alzheimer

  • Multiple sclerosis and other mobility-limiting conditions

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)

  • Heart disease, stroke and other heart conditions

  • Breast, lung, prostate or bowel cancer

  • Arthritis and back pain

  • Types 1 and 2 diabetes

  • Asthma

Physical activity helps people reduce anxiety and fatigue; improve self-confidence, self-esteem and general mood; and prevent additional conditions developing.
UK Coaching have developed a coaching guide to support the We Are Undefeatable campaign.

North Somerset Council physical activity development officer Catherine Devonshire said: "There is an Active Directory online and Age Uk Somerset also organises activities."

For the Active Directory click HERE.

For Age Uk Somerset activities click HERE.

And for the Outdoor College Brown Rock Farm go HERE.

Skin care evening

The Beauty Loft at 80A High Street , Nailsea, is hosting a Skin Care Evening on Tuesday, October 29, 6.30-9.30pm. The Beauty Loft is a friendly, relaxed and professional salon offering all types of beauty treatments.

The 'Little' Beauty Loft was started by make-up artist Vicki Waghorn in 2012, and has since grown in size, with additional therapists joining the team.

They aim to provide the very best service and treatments to our clients.

Call  01275 218864 for more details.

CAFE SOCIETY:The next Your Cancer Cafe is on Thursday, October 17, at 65 High Street, Nailsea 2-5pm. As well as tea, coffee, nibbles, chat and good company some people will be learning how to knit! Bring your own along and you can knit with us or learn a new skill. Organiser Jo Hopkinson said: "I've never been able to do it so fingers crossed - just not while knitting!" Photos from the September Your Cancer Café are in the Gallery 2019. More details on its Facebook page

Community choir

Every Thursday afternoon a group of people come together at Nailsea Tithe Barn to sing.

Come and discover all the health benefits of singing.

At the Singwell Choir they learn songs together with a particular focus on health and wholeness.

Songs will be learned by repetition - no music reading necessary.

Singwell is a completely inclusive choir - amateurs welcome.
The term will last 14 weeks and began in September.

You can pay £4 a session or £45 for the term which includes tea and coffee.
Register your interest with Andrew Lawrence by emailing or just pop in from 1pm.

Nailsea Leg Club

The jelly bean socks were to get your attention - now another plea for help pretty please – Nailsea Leg Club needs more volunteer drivers, as the number of its members who depend on this service provided ‘in-house’ has increased.

Assisting on one or two Wednesdays per month would make a great difference to the team.

Members live anywhere within the Tyntesfield Medical Group area so they  try to match drivers to members.

All DBS, plus insurance queries and needs will be undertaken on your behalf.
Please help them help their members, contact 01275 853547 for more information or come to our drop-in clinic at Nailsea Tithe Barn any Wednesday 9-11.30am.
During an emergency debate in the House of Commons the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation was acknowledged for its work in community-based leg ulcer care.

Minister for Care, Caroline Dineage MP praised the work of the LLCF, commenting on the work that Leg Clubs provide to sufferers who can become isolated, lonely and afraid.
The psychosocial Leg Club model for lower limb care is an innovative model that has been shown to improve the health and wellbeing of people with chronic lower limb conditions.

By healing wounds and keeping them healed, Leg Clubs have the potential to save commissioners up to 80 per cent of their wound care budget in comparison with conventional treatment.

Sorry but the socks pictured don't appear to be on sale in the UK.

Mothers knows best

Café Mama, a breastfeeding support group for mums and mums-to-be, is hosting a meeting at Coates House, Nailsea, on Tuesday morning, October 1, the group also hold regular sessions at Backwel.


Café Mamma (Mother’s Advocating Mother’s Milk Association) is a breastfeeding support group open to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding (either exclusively or combined feeding, directly or via expressing). It is run by volunteer breastfeeding peer supporters who provide a welcoming, comfortable, informal and friendly environment. It is held in conjunction with the local children centres. Its volunteers are fully trained and have varied experiences with breastfeeding, which they are happy to share. 


Its aim is to empower and support mothers to breastfeed/provide breast milk for their baby for as long as they choose. They do this by listening and offering non-judgmental practical and emotional support and information. The aim is to help mothers feel confident about responding to their baby's needs for food; to their and their baby's needs for comfort and closeness; and to have a positive parenting experience. They also hold a monthly 'Bumps’ session for expectant parents which are scheduled to follow on from the local NHS antenatal classes.


There is a drop-in session every Friday, 10-11.30am, at Backwell Methodist church. Here they provide tea and biscuits in exchange for a small donation. Partners, family members and supporters are welcome. Older children are welcome too, we have a selection of toys to keep them entertained.

Café Mamma has a Facebook page (security check required) where you can find details of our website, contact details and closed Facebook groups where you can seek support or advice and share your experiences.

To download an information sheet click HERE.

YOGA CLASSES: Yoga with Heidi returns in September with a range of classes for beginners and improvers in Nailsea and Backwell. If you'd like to learn/practise yoga in a friendly, calm and supportive environment, get in touch to book your place. For more details click HERE.

Nailsea District Leg Club

Help please – we’d love some additional nurse support volunteers for our team.

If you are a retired or ex-registered nurse or health care assistant, you may be interested in continuing to utilise your skills to assist our great team of registered practice and district nurses who provide expert assessment, advice and wound care.

Full training and supervision is provided but this role enables the nursing team to see more patients.

Many congratulations go this fantastic nursing team who were nominated for  2019 Care & Support West Awards and have reached the final.

They will find out if they have been successful at a gala dinner on Saturday, October 12, at Ashton Gate Football Stadium.

The Leg Club is so proud of them and our members know what wonderful care they give collectively – including the Nurse Support Volunteers.

Please think about joining us - The Leg Club is an inspiring place!

Come and see what it is all about, without obligation, at Nailsea Tithe Barn any Wednesday morning 9-11.30am and ask for a guided tour!

AN INVITATION: Tyntesfield Medical Group invites Nailsea people to 'mingle' at an informal gathering of the good and great on Tuesday, September 17, 4.30-6pm at 65 High Street. Email if you would like to go along

Rural health seminar

According to a Local Government Association document nearly 10 million of our fellow citizens live in areas of England defined as rural.

This number is increasing and the population is growing older.

Their health is as important to us as the health of the 45 million who live in our cities and large conurbations.

We don’t know enough about the health of people living in remote farming areas, in the small market towns and in the coastal villages that make up much of what we think of as ‘the countryside’.

These are very diverse environments which cannot all be lumped together for analysis or understood together as a whole.

Although many rural areas are, in general, affluent, even wealthy in some cases, this is not true of all rural areas (the ‘north/ south divide’ can be seen in the countryside as well as in cities).

And within even the most affluent areas, there can be real hardship, deprivation, ill health and inequalities.

For this purpose a free regional seminar has been organised at 65 High Street , Nailsea which is open to all on Tuesday, September 24.

See agenda and email or call 0793 429 1670 if your would like to attend.

Meditation moments

How does meditation help?

Sue Dawson sets out her advice here:

'Breath and meditation is imperative to well being on physiological, mental and physical aspects physical. Meditation will help you to relax, reenergise, release stagnant energy, let go of toxifying negative thoughts, traumas, stresses and patterns. It also helps you switch off from daily pulls and have you time. Helping you to find peace, have clarity of thought, and sleep better, feel lighter. Taking time away from electronic devices.' 

In a session/course Sue will be holding the space for you to go through five stages of meditation 

  • Cleansing with sound /use of mantras

  • Some mindful movement to release the body and open up channels/nadis/meridians 

  • Breath work/awareness work with different styles of mediation and mudras (over time)

  • Experience some sound work (there will also be extra going bath meditationat the end of each course). ​If you are dropping in only, this is slightly dearer at £15 but an amazing experience)

  • Shivasna, (relaxation pose)

There will be the option to 'journal' your experience privately.

We ask all to be mindful and respectful during the entire session of others in practice.

Leaving bags, expectations of self and others, chatter and everything that has gone on before, leave them all at the door.

Let this space be your sanctuary 

For your comfort please bring:

  • blankets

  • eye masks

  • mats and pillows

Sue does have several meditation cushions for use. 
Drop £10, course of six weeks £55.
Starts on Wednesday, September 4, at 10:30am at Backwell WI hall and 8.15pm at Backwell Parish Hall.

To contact Sue online click HERE.

Your Cancer Cafe next meeting is on Thursday afternoon, September 19, from 2-5pm at 65 High Street.

The cafe society received a very generous donation of £574.02 from 1st Nailsea Scouts who made it their charity for the 2019 carnival bucket collection.

Your Cancer Cafe is a welcoming place to meet others in a similar situation and to chat and support each other over tea, coffee and cake.

They also offering a sample of alternative therapies and art and craft activities.

The idea for the first autumn session is  'paint pouring' - more details later.

Already lined up is a cartoonist coming to show us how to draw cartoons and an ice cream van from 4 till 4.30pm with a percentage of sale profits being donated to the group.

A few more raffle prizes will be gratefully received and in the run up to Christmas they will be starting a secret auction.

And we are told one auction item is a taster helicopter ride plus

£300 car maintenance voucher and another voucher for a visit to the hairdresser.

Organiser and the brains behind the cafe initiative Jo Hopkinson said: "It is all looking fabulous for September."

National blue badge scheme extended

Nailsea residents are reminded changes to the national blue badge scheme come into effect this month.

From Friday, August 30, the Department for Transport is extending the blue badge scheme include people with ‘hidden disabilities’.

This means people with conditions such as autism, dementia, anxiety disorders and mental health conditions which impact on their mobility will also now be able to apply for a blue badge.

The blue badge scheme allows people to park closer to their destination by using disabled bays and areas where parking restrictions may be in place. A blue badge can be used in vehicles when the badge holder is the driver or the passenger.

In North Somerset, there is expected to be an increase in the number of applications for a blue badge.

Currently approximately 12,000 North Somerset residents use blue badges, with an extra 1,285 badges now expected to be issued each year.

Cllr Mike Bell, deputy leader of North Somerset Council and executive member with responsibility for adult social care and health, said: “These changes will make a huge difference to people – providing better access to work and other local facilities, as well as helping people stay connected to family, friends and their communities.

“We’re expecting to have an increase in applications and also more appeals and assessment clinics, together with a need for specialist advice on autism and mental health issues.

“With an increase in the number of people eligible for a blue badge there is a risk that more people might try to use blue badges fraudulently, and we take this very seriously.

"But let’s be clear – most people need their blue badge and use it appropriately.

“For those North Somerset residents living with conditions that might not be obvious but which affect their everyday life, this change offers a real lifeline – helping them be able to do the types of things that many of us simply take for granted.”

To find out more about who is eligible for a blue badge and how to apply click HERE.

‎FEET FIRST: Louise Stephen is an award-winning Nailsea foot health practitioner available for general nail cutting, callus reduction, corns, verrucas, and various other foot conditions. Lou has been working in North Somerset for the past four year. Call or email if you would like to book a treatment.

CHAT AND CAKE: Your Cancer Cafe is going potty for August with Elaine Bruce who has offered to do some pottery with us, including on a wheel. Think Patrick Swayze and share a Ghost moment. Men, you are welcome too and there will be children's activities too as it is the school holiday. Doors open 2-5pm at 65 High Street on Thursday, August 15.

Come and discover all the health benefits of singing together!

Join our well-being choir in Nailsea.

We'll learn songs together with a focus on health and wholeness.

Songs will be learned by repetition - no music reading necessary.

Singwell is a completely inclusive choir - amateurs welcome.

Term will last 14 weeks from Thursday, September 5

Costs are:

  • Pay as you go - £4

  • Pay for the term - £45

Fees includes tea and coffee.

Register your interest with Andrew by emailing

Come and discover all the health benefits of singing together!

Manage thoughts and feelings

Perfect for when the summer is over, time to get back to yourself with a journey into Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is not based on fluffy nonsense or a passing fad.

Yet it does take effort and work to develop…more mindfulness skills.

Learn how on this certified course, complete with accompanying materials with Suzanne Houghton - Wellness Coach (Master NLP, Dip Mindfulness, Life Coaching, BA Hons, PGCE, Management Coach).

Email or call on 0779 541 5913

CRAFT AT CAFE: On Thursday, July 18, Your Cancer Cafe has the Children's Scrapstore Bristol will be working with the group to create art from useful scrap. Organiser and retired deputy head teacher and craft guru Jo Hopkinson said: "This is being provided at no charge as our audience in term time tends to be the over 50s and therefore we are eligible for this free workshop. Let's have a lot of people come along to make it worth their while. Look forward to seeing you there."

Patients love Tyntesfield Medical Group.

The GP practice for Nailsea, Backwell and Long Ashton was formed just three years ago.

And in a 2019 patient survey it has exceeded local and national averages in every area.

The GP Patient Survey is an independent survey run by Ipsos MORI on behalf of NHS England.

The survey is sent out to more than two million people across the UK to ask how people feel about their GP practice.

The survey enables patients to have a chance to share their experience of their GP practice and gives GP practices the opportunity to improve the patient experience.

Areas in which patients are asked to rate their experiences are: GP services, making an appointment, their last appointment, their health and overall experience.

Tyntesfield Medical Group which is made up of Tower House Medical Centre, Brockway Medical Centre, Backwell Medical Centre and Long Ashton Surgery excelled in every area with no areas in which to improve.

Tyntesfield Medical Group general manager Gemma Harding said: “We are absolutely delighted to have achieved such wonderful patient feedback and would like to thank our patients for this.

“We strive hard to meet our patient needs so to see we are achieving this is very rewarding.

“While the survey suggests there are no areas in which we need to improve we are always trying to better our services and we will continue to do so.

“We would like to thank all our staff who work tirelessly to ensure our patients have the best service possible.”

Currently the North Somerset surgeries have 32,500 patients looked after by 14 GP partners and 17 salaried GPs.

Doctor Jon Rees, GP partner at Tyntesfield Medical Group, said: “I am delighted to see such great results for Tyntesfield Medical Group in the 2019 GP Patient Survey.

“The staff in our four surgeries in Backwell, Long Ashton and Nailsea are working so hard to try to provide a high quality service, and I am so grateful to our patients for providing such positive feedback - it is a real morale boost in challenging times.”

Check it out in more detail at

98 per cent patient approval for GPs

Craft classes

The West of England Centre for Inclusive Living (WECIL) supports more than 4,000 disabled people each year by bringing people together.

WECIL’s peer support community has set up a seated yoga group at Backwell and a craft club in Nailsea for people to meet others in a similar situation.

WECIL spokesman Emma Gwynne said: “The (peer support) community aims to tackle isolation by bringing people together – to try something new and get to know each other while you do.

“Accessibility is the main focus, the groups are much the same as any other but with a slight difference.

“They are inclusive groups that allow you to enjoy yourself, take your time and feel comfortable – there are no expectations on you.

“If for any reason you don’t enjoy attending mainstream activities – you may experience difficulties in getting there, accessing the venue, not feeling like you fit in, needing a bit of support or a bit more consideration within the group – going along to one of WECIL’s groups can give you the confidence to give things a try.”

Seated yoga caters for people who find it difficult to get down on the floor for conventional yoga and exercises are adapted to suit individual’s needs.

The craft club, which is held at Number 65, in High Street, enables people of all abilities to explore their creativity.

WECIL’s Peer Support Community has been running since 2011, thanks to funding from the Big Lottery.

The inclusive groups are open to anyone over the age of 18 and people are welcome to take along a family member, friend or carer.

Emma added: “The peer support community is very informal – the group hopes to appeal to what you want to do and can encourage you to go along because it’s fun, relaxing and most of all friendly.”

Seated yoga meets at Backwell Parish Hall, in Station Road, on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 11am-12.30pm.

The craft club in Nailsea meets on the first and third Thursday of the month from 10.30am-12.30pm.

For more information email or call 0117 947 9942.

Nailsea arts and crafts

The Contemporary Craft Collective in Nailsea is hosting a workshop on Saturday, July 6, which includes fused glass panels, sewing, weaving and fused glass jewellery making at 65 High Street.

The Contemporary Craft Collective (CCC) has been formed to offer a selection of arts and craft workshops and also has workshops available in Bedminster on Wednesday, June 19 at 7pm and Weston Museum on Saturday, July 13, daytime.

Further information and booking can be found on its Facebook page or by emailing

Four years of leg club

Nailsea District Leg Club sends congratulations to everyone who took part in the Rotary Club walk, funds raised are much appreciated.

Leg Club relies greatly on these funds to maintain its presence in Nailsea; our members are not charged in any way for the drop-in clinic that is provided, though we do welcome small donations towards refreshments and transport, if they avail themselves of these.

For the past four years our excellent team of volunteer drivers has been organised by Victor Rawlings; he has now stood down and we are grateful for his work over the years.

Many thanks and best wishes to him.

This month sees the fourth anniversary of our first clinic, since that time we have been open every Wednesday, equating to 208 sessions. Our hardworking NHS nurses treat on average 20 members, equating to 4160 appointments. 

Which means our invaluable volunteers have provided at least double if not three times that number of cups of tea/coffee; could be in the region of 15,000 as nurses, volunteers and visitors all need refreshment too!

The maths and statistics are endless.

What is important is that the Leg Club is open to anyone with lower leg problems, who is registered with Tyntesfield Medical Group. The club is every Wednesday at Nailsea Tithe Barn, 9-11.30am.

For photographs from the June walk in the Gallery 2019.

YIN YOGA: In recognition of International Yoga Day Lisa is offering a FREE YIN YOGA class to anyone new to YIN. YIN is a deep restorative practice aimed at helping increase flexibility and reduce stress. A perfect practice for anyone living a busy life, training to a high sporting level or just in need of some moving relaxation! BOOKING ESSENTIAL please email

To celebrate International Yoga Day
For new students, any two classes half price during July - valid from Tuesday, July 2.
Classes are:
  • Tuesday evening Backwell;
  • Thursday morning Sandford;
  • Friday morning Nailsea; and
  • Monday morning Nailsea.
Nailsea classes are at the Tithe Barn
Message Jane Sabherwal via Facebook page @yourbreathingspace or email if you or
anyone you know is interested!

IT AND TEA: Healthwatch North Somerset, based in Nailsea, is launching I-Tea sessions in Nailsea, where people who maybe struggle with technology, can learn more about digital health services and have a cuppa and a chat. Our team will be on hand to explain more about how to book GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions using the Patient Access system as well as the Choose And Book e-Referral system. Tell us your digital dilemmas over a cuppa on Tuesdays, June 18 and 25, 9.30am-noon at Nailsea Town Council's digital hub at 65 High Street. If you can get your log in details from your GP receptionist before coming along, that would help.

Free training for Shibashi teachers

Learn the 18 movements of Shibashi, which is everyday Tai Chi and teach others...

Age UK Somerset has won a National Lottery Award as part of its Falls Prevention Programme.

It now needs volunteers to take part in a free training programme to enable them to lead a Shibashi Tai Chi Qi Gong class in Nailsea.

This specialised Shibashi form means '18 moves' in Chinese.

It is easy to learn and its amazingly effective, helping to reduce blood pressure and improve balance, co-ordination and strength.

The improvement in physical ability and correlating increase in self-confidence, can significantly reduce the risk of a having a fall.

Successful candidates will be fully trained and then supported to run a local class on behalf of the charity.

As the training is quite expensive volunteers should undertake to teach a class for at least a year which can be shared if a weekly commitment it too great.

No previous experience is required but it would ideally suit someone with experience of Tai Chi or someone who has led another type of exercise class.

Being a volunteer with Age UK Somerset is rewarding, the classes are very sociable and there is a real sense of appreciation from those taking part.

Of interest to anyone here?

Call Linda Swain or Julie Bolton, on 01823 345626.

MEMORY LANE: The Memory Cafe based at Nailsea Tithe Barn went on an outing to Oakham Treasures which is a homespun museum of retail and farming history, with vintage tractor, sweet shop and grocery displays.on the road to Portbury. Here they saw many collections of memorabilia which sparked the reminiscing conversations. Nailsea Memory Cafe meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month 2.15pm onwards. All welcome, call Karen on 0779 034 4559 for more information.

BE KIND TO KIDNEYS:The Renal Patient Support Group (RPSG) first Let’sTalk About Kidney Disease at 65 High Street Nailsea was such a success and another is planned for Tuesday, June 25. The aim is to highlight the importance of understanding chronic kidney disease in primary health care. The RPSG invited presentations from both healthcare professionals and patients including Dr Malcolm Rigler who highlighted todays challenges for GPs. Malcolm also highlighted the importance 65 High street as being an exemplary ‘space’ where everyone could come together and discuss pertinent wider topics. University of West of England (UWE) specialist biomedical scientist and chartered scientist Shahid Muhammad talked about the current NHS laboratory investigations. The June date in support of Biomedical Science Day will be another opportunity to learn about what scientists do for NHS patient care ‘behind the scenes’ with presentations from both professionals and patients with interactive activities. To read the 'draft' agenda click HERE and to book your free place click HERE.

TEA TIME: Free cream tea as part of National Carers Week has been arranged by Nailsea and Backwell Support Group for Carers and is on Wednesday, June 12, from 2pm at Backwell WI Hall. All welcome. Cakes and plants also available to buy. No need to book.

Step out with Leg Club

June already –  the month of the Rotary Club Charity Walk on Sunday, June 9, we’re really hoping for a dry day for those walking on our behalf to enjoy the day, rather than it be an endurance test! UPDATE: See photos from walk at Gallery 2019 by clicking HERE.

You may have sponsored someone you know, but if you haven’t and would like to support us this can be done so easily online by clicking HERE

Any amount however small, makes such a difference to Leg Club and is very much appreciated.

Leg Club is a happy and social place to be on a Wednesday morning and we enjoy any excuse to make it special.

In early May one of our volunteers who has been with us from the start almost four years ago, celebrated a particularly significant birthday.

This provided a good reason to have a wonderful cake in her honour, which was enjoyed by everyone – she has a twinkle in her eye, has a positive attitude and it is a joy to include her amongst our numbers.

As ever Leg Club is every Wednesday morning at Nailsea Tithe Barn from 9-11.30am.

UPDATE: Development manager and former town clerk Ian Morrell sends his thanks to everyone who supported this award vote. He said: "We did not quite make it to the winners rostrum, being beaten to the top accolade by Leeds City Council. However, I can confirm that we came second in the public vote, which given the David vs Goliath nature of the contest was a great result."

FINAL THREE: Nailsea Town Council is a finalist in the Digital Leaders awards for its IT savvy inclusion project run from 65 High Street. Development manager and former town clerk Ian Morrell who has spearheaded the initiative. He said: "A massive thank you to everyone who voted for No 65 in this award. The original list of 10 councils has been whittled down following the public vote, and we are in the top three." In this David and Goliath battle Nailsea is up against Newcastle City Council and Leeds City Council. Ian added: "I am going to London next week to try and persuade the judges that we should be the outright winner, which will be announced on Thursday, June 20. Click HERE to read more about the finalists.

but didn't we do well

HELPING ONE ANOTHER: Patients, doctors and support group people will be at this event at 65 High Street, Nailsea. They will be looking at the challenges surrounding health literacy in the Digital Age, kidney diseases in primary care, being positive through chronic illness. Also under discussion is the work of the Renal Patient Support Group (RPSG) and Kidney Disease and Renal Support (KDAR) for young people.To view the full agenda click HERE. To book your free tickets for this event click HERE.

Nailsea library drop-in dementia help and scam awareness event

North Somerset libraries are celebrating Local History month with a variety of displays during May.

Nailsea Library has Nailsea’s Nuggets - a selection of interesting items from their collection.

As part of Dementia Action Week there will be a drop-in at Nailsea Library on Tuesday, May 21, 10am-noon.

It will be an opportunity to pick up information and chat to Alzheimer’s Society befriending support officer Trudi Bates.
.On the same day from 9.30–11am Age UK will be holding a Scam Awareness event.  

This is an opportunity to find out about the different types of scams – postal, phone, doorstep and investment, how to protect yourself and how to get support.

For more information visit,

Leg club sponsors

Those legs are made for walking...healthy legs need to be kept moving, whether that’s walking, running or simply doing some light exercises while sitting in the armchair.

And the Leg Club, at Nailsea Tithe Barn every Wednesday morning, needs funds to keep it going.

Its main source of fund-raising is the annual Rotary Charity Walk this year on Sunday, June 9.

People an support the leg club either by joining its team of walkers or by sponsoring the group.

Some of the walkers will do the 5K walk which is on the flat and suitable for all or the 10K walk which is great fun if a little more challenging.

If you would like to join them contact Carole on 0795 430 2498 and if sponsorship is more your thing click HERE.

A new video talking about the work of the leg club has been added to this page for you to watch about their work.

All donations are most gratefully received.

Nailsea Charity Walks & Runs 2018 set two records.

  • Firstly, more than £26,000 was raised for local charities and youth organisations; and

  • Secondly, a record number of more than 300 people registered.

Residents in North Somerset are being encouraged to walk a little more by going along to one of the many health walks that take place in the area.

Health walks happen weekly across North Somerset helping you to get out in the fresh air and get your body moving, to get to know the area around you more and to meet new people.

The walks are free and run by trained volunteers who are there to provide support and encouragement.

You may have walked in the past and got out of the habit or are no longer able to walk as far as you once did.

Walking for Health supports anybody who would like to become more active and welcomes more than 300 regular walkers a week in and around Clevedon, Long Ashton, Nailsea, Portishead, Weston-super-Mare, Winscombe, Worle and Yatton.

You can find out more about the health walk groups in North Somerset and view the new spring/summer health walks programme on the Walking for Health website by clicking HERE.

Alternatively call the North Somerset Council sport and active lifestyles team on 01934 427222 or email

Fancy going for a walk?

DL100 Voting thunderclap.png

Vote, vote, vote for Nailsea

The seventh Digital Leaders 100 list was announced on Thursday night, April 11, and Nailsea Town Council is one of the finalists.

It has been shortlisted from more than 600 entries down to an amazing final 100, reflecting the fantastic digital transformation work taking place across the UK.

Technophobics in Nailsea have been getting help with their computers, mobile phones and iPads at 65 High Street and among those providing the expertise have been Nailsea School students.

And it is estimated that the UK will have 800,000 unfilled digital vacancies by 2020.

So, for now forget BREXIT and the local government elections in May and use your vote wisely to vote for an award for Nailsea Town Council.

Since it bought and began transforming 65 High Street under the guidance of development manager Ian Morrell, the former butcher’s shop has been become an open house for promoting good health and well-being.

Ian talks about the achievements at 65 in this video..

He said: “The DL 100 Award recognises organisations which are making a contribution to the digital economy.

"The service at No 65 in helping people use their digital technology is provided by volunteers on Monday to Friday mornings and is one of the many activities that take place here, all of which are supporting the local community.

"We are pleased to be on the shortlist, especially as we are the only town or parish council competing against much larger authorities.

"Having got to this stage, it would be great to go one step further by getting enough votes to get into the final three and I would be very grateful for any support we can get.”

The video highlights not only the digital help given but the support for Your Cancer Café, the after-school Youth Club, counselling sessions and Citizens Advice at 65 with the Memory Café for dementia sufferers and the Leg Club at the Tithe Barn.

There are two individual categories in the DL100 awards with 20 names from five UK regions including Scotland and Northern Ireland.

To read more about the DL100 finalists and vote for Nailsea click HERE.
Voting closes on Friday, May 10 at noon, so now is your time to vote!

The remaining 80 places in the list are taken up by organisations and Nailsea is one of those in a list of councils from Worthing to Newcastle – see below who we are up against:



  • Adur and Worthing Councils

  • Ashford Borough Council

  • Aylesbury Vale District Council

  • Cambridgeshire County Council

  • Carmarthenshire County Council

  • LB Hackney

  • Leeds City Council

  • London Borough of Harrow

  • Nailsea Town Council

  • Newcastle City Council

Matinée at Memory Café

There was lots of chatting during the 'getting to know you' reminiscing session at the Memory Café at the Tithe Barn, Nailsea.

The topic Our Hobbies was fun too with lots of arts and craft activities on show..

On Wednesday, April 10, at 2.15pm it is Silver Screen Memories with a showing of Easter Parade billed as 'the happiest musical ever made'.

The 1948 American film starred Judy Garland, Fred Astaire and Peter Lawford, featuring music by Irving Berlin, including some of Astaire and Garland's best-known songs, such as Easter Parade, Steppin' Out With My Baby and We're a Couple of Swells.

It was the most financially successful picture for both Garland and Astaire as well as the highest-grossing musical of the year.

It is all about a nightclub performer who hires a naive chorus girl to become his new dance partner to make his former partner jealous and to prove he can make any partner a star.

For more information call Karen Smith on 0779 034 4559 or email

CAFE SOCIETY: Your Cancer Café at 65 High Street, Nailsea, welcomed people to their third get together in March with a lovely range of activities, including flower posy making with Tanya Alsop, of Barley Wood Floristry, and pottery painting with Elaine Bruce, of Fire To Create. Visitors also took part in an Easter egg tombola, were able to try out reflexology, massage and reiki and enjoyed tea, coffee and cake in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Musicians Norma and Ian Parfitt played beautiful music while visitors and volunteers chatted and enjoyed the afternoon. Next month Your Cancer Café is on Thursday, April 18, 2-5pm and will again have music, refreshments and cake as well as alternative therapies and craft activities. Anyone affected by cancer either going through treatment or having had treatment in the past, their family and friends are welcome to come along and enjoy some time relaxing and enjoying the activities or talking to others in similar situations should they wish to. The café runs every third Thursday of the month and welcomes visitors, volunteers, therapists and anyone who might be interested in running an activity. If you would like more information Your Cancer Café can be contacted by email at, its Facebook page at or Twitter @CafeCancer. Visitors do not have to live in Nailsea and are welcome from anywhere as long as they can get to Nailsea.  If transport is difficult, contact Your Cancer Café who may be able to help.

TEA TIME: Retired deputy head teacher, Jo Hopkinson, who set up Your Cancer Café at 65 High Street, Nailsea, said: "The next Your Cancer Café is coming together nicely. We have flower posie making, pottery painting, reflexology, reiki and massage. This is as well as our usual Treat Yourself tombola with a fabulous prize of a spa treatment. We also have tea, coffee and cake on offer and some lovely live music." And for the chocoholics there will be a fun Easter egg event on offer with lots of Easter eggs, thank you everyone who donated. The next date is Thursday afternoon, March 21, 2-5pm.

HAPPY FEET: Cost is £22 per session for home visits. Fully insured. For a professional, local, reliable, friendly and affordable service call number of advertisement..

Thanks for the memory jig

The most amazing St Patrick's Night fundraiser was hosted at Nailsea Tithe Barn in aid of the Memory Café.

A big BIG thank you goes to David Francis, all the incredibly talented musicians, Mclennan School of Irish Dancing and all those who came along to support the evening.

For more information about the Memory Café contact Karen by calling 0779 034 4559 or emailing

To see more photographs go to the Gallery 2019 page.

Nailsea Indoor Bowls Club is hosting a charity cup on Sunday, April 7, 9am-4pm.

This is an opportunity to see a bowls tournament and raise money for the Memory Café at the Tithe Barn.

Mizzymead Recreation Centre bowler Brian Powell is organising the Pring &Co Charity Cup.

For more details go to the Sports Peeps page by clicking HERE.

All monies raised are going to help dementia sufferers in the community.

The coordinators and fully trained volunteers offer free support, advice and activities for dementia sufferers and their carers that include, meeting in a safe social space to talk and have fun with opportunities in music, games, choir, old films via the silver screen to mention but a few.

Dementia is a very cruel progressive disease, the journey is frightening, stressful and socially isolating.

They need all your help and support!

You can donate on the day or by clicking HERE.

Nailsea & District Footpath Group

Spring programme

to Friday, May 31
To download click HERE

Nailsea District Leg Club

During the past three years since NDLC started there have been changes and alterations as to how things are done, at both the clinical and social ends of the Tithe Barn, and we hope that everyone sees these positive changes.

However whatever your involvement is, if you feel further improvements could be made, then we would welcome suggestions. Give it some thought and let us know.

Our volunteers are such an important part of the Leg Club and we have seen some come and go for a variety of reasons. It would be great to increase the number of our nurse supporters, this role may suit a retired nurse or HCA wanting to keep up these skills. New drivers too are always welcome.

In the past members have benefited from manicures and hand massages that volunteers have undertaken, and if anyone is willing we’d love to be able to offer this again.  

Being able to attend twice a month is ideal, but we’d be pleased for anyone to come and see for themselves what goes on during these convivial and buzzing mornings.

As ever NDLC all comers every Wednesday morning between 9-11.30am at Nailsea Tithe Barn or contact Carole Brooke on 0795 430 2498.

An NHS Macmillan community service has expanded from covering Bristol to include North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

The team is made up of three occupational therapists, three cancer support workers and seven volunteer staff - some pictured.

They started covering North Somerset at the beginning of March and offer home visits to discuss issues that are important to people living with or after cancer and offer support to manage emotional changes, finances, mobility and activities around the home. 

The team work with other health and social care services to address other needs.

Group courses to manage some of the issues that cancer can raise are starting with courses at Nailsea Methodist church and community centre, Silver Street soon.

Courses currently on offer are:

  • Two separate six week free courses called HOPE (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively) – which address anxiety, body changes, exercise, diet, relaxation and is great for peer support on Tuesdays 10am-12.30pm. The dates are from March 12-April 16; and again from April 30-May 7, May 21-28, and June 4-11.

  • A three hour Take Control course – a condensed version of the above course for busy people is being held on a variety of Tuesdays 1.30-4.30pm from March 12-April 16.

  • Fatigue Management – a two and a half hour course to look at managing tiredness and improve energy.

  • Getting Active – a two hour course on how to get active and feel better after cancer treatment

  • Eating well – a two hour course on understanding and improving your diet to help energy and healing.

  • Work Support – a one and a half hour course focussing on work issues and the rights and support people with cancer have.

To book or for further information call 0792 083 3641,

email or visit

A Contemporary Craft Collective is launching in Nailsea.
With the closure of The Blue Room in December, Nailsea lost a popular venue for arts and craft

The former owner Sharon Brown and some of its workshop teachers recognised how valued some of its activities were to the community and have been discussing various possibilities.

Weekly drop-in craft groups are already continuing at 65 High Street (see below) and now they are delighted to announce a Contemporary Craft Collective (CCC) has been formed to offer a series of arts and craft workshops.

The current CCC members have all been offering workshops through TBR for several years and they’re excited to be bringing this new opportunity to Nailsea.
A full day of workshops is already scheduled for Saturday, April 6, including fused glass, jewellery making and weaving all at 65 High Street.
Further information go to the CCC Facebook page or email

SEWING CIRCLE: Big Sky Textiles hosts a very friendly and welcoming weekly drop-in for people who like to craft and chat. 

You are invited to bring whatever craft project you are working on and enjoy a relaxing couple of hours with like-minded people.

Share ideas and inspirations, news abut other art and craft events, get help with craft problems and generally set the world to rights.

It costs £3.50 per session which includes a lovely cup of Fairtrade tea or coffee and biscuits.

Crafternoon are at 65 High Street, Nailsea, 1.30p-3.30pm every Wednesdays.

And s-t-r-e-t-c-h

This new six week course class starts on Friday morning, February 22, at the Mizzymead Centre, Nailsea..

The classes are for 30 minutes and involve standing then kneeling and lying on your stomach for a few minutes each then stretches in lying or sitting. 

For pilate people who cannot get on and off the floor they can do exercises sitting on a gym ball instead.

Alternatively there is an offer of a 1:1 session before joining the class to teach the key elements of pilates, assess for relevant aches and pains.

The cost of the 1:1 before the class is £30.

The cost of a six week course is £45 (or £37.50 if there is a date you are unable to attend).

Nailsea District Leg Club February 2019 news

Several people pop into Nailsea District Leg Club on a Wednesday morning just for a cup of tea as thanks to the TLC they received they no longer need treatment.

Members who attended Leg Club prior to Christmas were given a beautiful gift bag of various ‘goodies’ including chocolate, cheese and biscuits, put together by Sue Kerr and Gill McConachie, who recently joined our committee and have already proved what an asset they will be.

A Christmas tombola raised a significant amount, many of the prizes were donated by Jack Bailey of CURO, who often visits Leg Club to see what is happening.

Mixed Company came to sing carols accompanied by Chris Coppin, and everyone present enjoyed singing along.

As ever we’re very grateful to the many volunteers who assist, without whom it would be impossible to run Leg Club (and the nurses too of course), so Carole Brooke, on behalf of the committee, was able to give them a small token of our thanks.

It is four years since the first meeting was held to discuss how to proceed with NDLC.

Now so successful we can proudly say that several members have no need to come for treatment any more, but still join us for refreshments and chat.

New friendships have been formed and old friends discovered.

Open to everyone covered by the Tyntesfield Medical Group, we intend to continue this success story and can be found every Wednesday at Nailsea Tithe Barn 9-11.30am.

Japanese acupressure

Discover a way to support your own wellbeing and that of your friends and family and begin your day doing something simple and fulfilling: an eight week introduction to shiatsu (Japanese-style acupressure).


For times, locations, and prices go to:

Areas of learning: 

  • Practice moving from hara (your centre) & using body weight effectively

  • Learn key acupressure points & be introduced to the classical Chinese/Japanese meridian system

  • Explore different qualities of touch & shiatsu technique 

  • Learn new ways to maintain your own wellbeing through stretching routines & chi gong exercises

Teacher Ross said: "Email or message with '8 week course, more info' for a full course programme.
"I look forward to practising shiatsu with you."

Here is the love in Nailsea

There was reflexology, bread making, tombola, book swap, tea, coffee and cake on offer at the cancer café at 65 High Street which opened this week.

And they have plans for Reiki, flower arranging, dance, singing, yoga and massage in the weeks to come.

With board games and a photography exhibition included on Thursday, January 17, the room was full of smiles and happy chatting.

Jo Hopkinson who had the original idea was supported by an army of volunteers.

Jo said: "Really excited and hugely honoured to have the support of so many people."

A committee and rota for helping has been set up.

Retired deputy head teacher Jo's cancer story has been followed by Nailsea People during the past 12 months with hope.

But while Jo has had an uphill journey she hasn't forgotten others who have either travelled this route or still have some way to go.

Your Cancer Café is part of the well-being centre pioneered by Nailsea Town Council.

The next dates are Thursdays, February 21 and March 21, 2-5pm.

Jo can be contacted via her Facebook page or by emailing

The photo right is the original story and to see the full slideshow go to the Gallery 2019 by clicking HERE

65 High St

It is a strange concept for a town council to open a shop on the High Street but this is just what has happened in Nailsea.

The former butcher's shop is now a health and well-being centre with rooms of its own at 65 High Street.

Former town clerk Ian Morrell is its development manager.
Ian retired from active full-time duty at the Tithe Barn offices to take up the new part-time position working Tuesdays, Wednesdays and mornings on Thursday and Friday.

To let people know what to find both at 65 and the Tithe Barn he commission a video from The Sound Agents and several print and online articles.

The Sound Agents is a community arts, cultural and heritage organisation which its website says 'designs and delivers innovative projects using audio/visual methods including oral history and film to document a sense of time and place adding to the field of international research'.

Although a little 'jargon' heavy there are some beautiful images of the Nailsea District Leg Club, the Memory Cafe and  interviews spelling out the aspirations of councillors and ordinary people behind the work at 65 and the Tithe Barn.

The article by Revive & Thrive a national network connecting people, places and businesses is also republished here which sets out the future hopes of the town council to provide community support in a town with an ageing population.

In North Somerset one in five people are aged over 65 compared to 18 per cent in England.

For more information you can contact Ian by email or pop along to 65 and if he's busy make an appointment.

Singing at Tithe Barn

Come and discover all the health benefits of singing together!
Join our well-being choir in Nailsea. 
We'll learn songs together with a particular focus on health and wholeness. 
Songs will be learned by repetition - no music reading necessary. 
Singwell is a completely inclusive choir - amateurs welcome.
Term will last 10 weeks from Thursday, January 10 to Thursday, March 14 at the Tithe Barn.
Pay as you go is £5 or £4 concession or for the term £40, £30 concession and includes tea and coffee. 
Register your interest with Andrew by email at

ARTS AND CRAFTS: Crafternoons are every Wednesday, 1.30-3.30pm at 65 High Street. Organised by Big Sky Textiles is costs £3.50 a sessions which includes a Fair Trade cup of loveliness

New year honour for treasured treasurer 

Many congratulations go to Nailsea District Leg Club treasurer Val Smith who although not in the official new year honours list - yet - received a ‘highly commended volunteer’ award from the Ellie Lindsay Foundation.

Spokesman Judith Brown said: "We’re very proud of her, and the work she does for NDLC is greatly appreciated."

Since Ellie Lindsay OBE started the first Leg Club in 2004, there are now 35 clubs nationwide plus others around the world.

The holistic approach to members who have leg problems is paramount and very much part of the ethos of Leg Clubs.

However this is even more important where diabetes is involved – an illness, which in its various forms and related issues including leg ulcers, is predicted to become an increasing expenditure for the NHS relating to future care and treatments.  

Imagine the savings that could be made if the number of cases of diabetes, including leg problems, could be cut. 

 For anyone wanting  treatment or advice on concerns about lower leg issues, NDLC is a drop-in clinic at Nailsea Tithe Barn every Wednesday  9-11.30am.

There’s always a welcome, refreshments and a chat, the only criteria is you should be registered with Tyntesfield Medical Group.

Health walks for Nailsea people 

At this time of year many of us are thinking about improving our lifestyle and health walks in North Somerset provide the ideal opportunity to do just that.

More than 6,000 people have enjoyed North Somerset Council’s health walks programme since it was launched more than 10 years ago.

Health walks happen weekly across North Somerset helping you to get out in the fresh air and get your body moving, get to know the area around you more and meet new people.

You may have walked in the past and got out of the habit or are no longer able to walk as far as you once did. Walking for Health supports anybody who would like to become more active.

You can find out more about the health walk groups in North Somerset and view the full health walks programme from January to March on the council’s website by  clicking HERE.

The scheme relies heavily on volunteers to lead the walks and more are needed.

You do not need to have an extensive knowledge of your local area or have an extreme level of fitness, but if you enjoy the outdoors, like helping others and want to be more active in your spare time, then becoming a health walk leader might be just the thing for you.

The next free training day is due to take place in Clevedon on Friday, January 25.

For more details call North Somerset Council sport and active lifestyles team on 01275 882731 or email

Together we stand

Retired deputy head teacher Joanna Hopkinson's cancer story has been followed by Nailsea People during the past 12 months with hope.

But while Jo has had an uphill journey she hasn't forgotten others who have either travelled this route or still have some way to go.

Between hospital appointments (and this week it was her first hairdressers visit for 12 months since chemo began) she launched a successful official petition for more privacy during weigh-ins which before her intervention were carried out in a corridor or public place at medical centres.

Her experience has spurred her on to launch Nailsea Cancer Cafe on Thursday, January 17, at  65 High Street, Nailsea - the well-being centre pioneered by Nailsea Town Counci.

Jo said: "I want the cafe to be a welcoming place to meet others in a similar situation and to chat and support each other over tea, coffee and cake with alternative therapies and art/craft activities on offer."

Jo put out an appeal for a committee and volunteers to lead crafts sessions, pour the tea and provide cakes.

She also wants offers from alternative therapists, in fact helping hands of all descriptions are welcome.

Jo can be contacted via her Facebook page or by emailing

Leg club gets festive

Nailsea District Leg Club spokesman Judith Brown said: "We are anticipating having Christmas related things happening this month – a tombola, Christmas music and carol singing.

"And a reminder that as Boxing Day on December 26 falls on a Wednesday this year, the Leg Club is closed.

"It opens again the following week as normal, on Wednesday, January 2.

"Alternative arrangements for those members needing care will be made as necessary in the preceding week."

Nailsea District Leg Club is a ‘drop in’ clinic for anyone with leg ulcers or related issues.

It usually is open every Wednesday 9am -noon at the Tithe Barn, Church Lane, Nailsea, BS48 4NG.

There is further details about Nailsea District Leg Club on the noticeboards at local GP surgeries or click HERE to read information on the Tower House Medical Group Practice website.

Judith added: "Finally we wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and a happy and peaceful New Year."

Happy memories

with music and laughter at cafe

The Memory Cafe at Nailsea Tithe Barn received an amazing sum of £560 from local mum Ella Jarrett who was sponsored to run the Bristol Half Marathon.

This is just one of many dementia projects supported by Nailsea Tithe Barn Trust.

Ella’s grandmother  Joy pictured smiling regularly attends the cafe.

The Memory Cafe is on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 2.15-4.15pm.

There are activities for people with dementia and a carers discussion and support group.

So much happening...table football, golf, skittles, craft, reminiscing and of course singing.

Thanks also go to the wonderfully talented Livvy for playing for us and choosing a great selection of songs we could all join in with.

Next gathering is on Wednesday, November 21.
For further information call Karen Smoth on 0779 034 4559 or email

NDLC news

Nailsea District Leg Club chairman Carole Brooke has become a trustee with the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation.

Carole took up the directorship role in September.

The retired GP practice manager at Tower House Medical Centre she has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

NDLC spokesman Judith Brown said: ”She will undoubtedly be of great value in this role and we are very proud of her, thankfully we won’t be losing her though she’ll be even busier.”

The Foundation was established in December 2004 with the objective of establishing a network of clubs nationwide and was awarded charitable status nine months later.

On Saturday, November 17, the NDLC will have an information stand at the farmers’ market at Crown Glass Shopping Centre.

Anyone who would like further information about how to take advantage of treatment or to join as a volunteer is invited to come along.

Two Memory Café helpers joined the regular volunteers light lunch which included a talk by Ken Rock on health and safety aspects of the role.

Ken talks about giving the correct assistance to those who are

frail, particularly when using a wheel chair or helping members in and out of cars.

The NDLC had a stand at Nailsea International Bike Show in September to make bikers aware of potential leg problems that can arise from biking. 

Next year foundation founder Ellie Lindsay is hoping to attend and give advice.

Nailsea District Leg Club

Help please…….are you a retired former Registered Nurse  or Health Care Assistant who would like to continue using your experience by volunteering at the Nailsea District Leg Club? 

A great team of registered practice and district nurses provide expert assessment, advice and wound care every Wednesday morning in a social setting with a cuppa and chat.

Additionally there is a small team of caring nurse support workers who have undertaken training with our RNs and while supervised can help with removing bandages and prepare members’ legs ready for treatment .

Their  assistance is an invaluable support for the nursing team, and enables more patients to be seen. 

If  you would like to come along and see what it is all about, without obligation, please call in to the Nailsea Tithe Barn, Church Lane, Nailsea, BS48 4NG any Wednesday morning between 9-11.30am and ask reception for a guided tour!

We are busy so if you would like to call Sandy 01275 853547 and arrange a time that will be fine.

The founder of the Leg Club organisation, Ellie Lindsay OBE, made a return visit to Tithe Barn along with Lynne Bullock her PA.

Judith Brown said: "It’s always nice to welcome them and they spent most of the morning observing what goes on and engaging in conversation with members present that day.

"It was particularly busy and those members who met them, gave very positive feedback as to what is
carried out by NDLC.

"St Andrews Art Group staged its annual exhibition in late July and kindly nominated NDLC as one of
their chosen charities this year, for which we are extremely grateful.
"Wednesday mornings at the Tithe Barn are busy and very sociable, new members are always welcome.

"There is an opportunity to enjoy refreshments, entertainment and chat with volunteers and other members who naturally understand and empathise with the problems of leg ulcers and related issues.

"Because a ‘no appointment’ system is operated there is inevitably a wait to see the dedicated nurses, however our small team of nurse support volunteers help to cut down on waiting time – we all do our best to see everyone who comes as quickly as possible."

Optical illusion: How many legs does this elephant have?

Sing Well Choir is a well-being community choir on Thursdayt afternoons at the Tithe Barn.

The first session is on October 11.

太极拳 Nailsea

Chen Style Tai Chi is a simple and beneficial fitness regime has been practised for hundreds of years. 

It is a familiar sight in the parks across China as people practise this ancient art early in the morning.

 The most famous part of Tai Chi are the moving exercises, known as the Laojia, which is a series of slow, continuous and flowing movements with unhurried breathing.

All done with calm concentration, which is why it is often called meditation in motion.  

Practicing the exercises can improve mental and physical balance as well as reduce stress. 

It can also increase spatial awareness, coordination, energy levels and health. 

When done correctly, the practitioner's body can develop as a whole without any parts being ignored or exhausted.

 Tai Chi follows the principles of traditional Chinese medicine that has been practised for thousands of years to help restore the body's natural balance and harmony. 

We are proud to be working with Dr Beijing in Nailsea High Street. 

Dr LiLu, BSc MD, is fully qualified in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. 

She has an abundance of experience in treating varied and chronic illness and offers free consultants.

Dr LiLu can be contacted on tel no 01275 856366.

 A new beginners class is starting in September on Thursday evenings from 7-8 pm at Nailsea School, Mizzymead Road. 

£7 pay as you go or £25 monthly.

To find out more please contact the instructor Tom on 0746 081 0478. 

Tom has been practising Tai Chi for more than 20 years and regularly visits China to meet his teachers there. 

He is a member both the Chinese Internal Arts Association in UK and the Beijing Chen Zhaokui Taichi Association in China.   

Any 'diabetes' questions?

A consultant physician and endocrinologist who is also an honorary senior lecturer in medicine at the University of Bristol, Dr Vernon Parfitt, will head the 'any questions' panel at Nailsea Methodist church on Wednesday evening, September 19.

The evening has been organised by the local Diabetes Support Group and starts at 7pm.

Joining Dr Parfitt on the expert panel will be a Nailsea GP and other clinicians all prepared to answer questions on any aspect of diabetes including best practise for managing the condition, understanding medication and what's new.

Anyone with an interest in diabetes is welcome.

  • If you have diabetes and just want a bit of a chat to people in the same boat, or want to share an issue, there is a peer support session the first Tuesday of every month, from 10am-noon at 65 High Street, Nailsea. Anyone welcome and this operates on a drop-in basis. The next date is Tuesday, September 4.

For further information about Nailsea Diabetes Support Group email Barbara Harris at or call 0793 116 7710.​


Patient privacy petition plea

Retired Nailsea deputy head teacher Joanna Hopkinson has put out a plea for people to sign this privacy petition for NHS patients.

She said: "As a Type 1 diabetic and currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, I have to be weighed regularly.

"This, so far, has always been either in the public waiting room or in a corridor that is in constant use, which gives no privacy or dignity to patients who are often feeling very vulnerable.

"This is a step backwards.

"Please sign and share this petition to end this humiliating practice.

"Thank you."

Jo, who worked at Golden Valley Primary School,  shared this on her social media page and asked Nailsea People to share it also which we are happy to do.

Click on the image and it will take you to the petition site.


Nailsea makes memories

This is The Memory Cafe at the Tithe Barn, Nailsea where Peter and Alison, of Christ Church, entertained this summer.

There was lots of fun, laughter, dancing and singing.

The dementia projects and cafe are supported by The Quartet Community Foundation, The Grateful Society, Nailsea Town Council, Nailsea Folk Club and public donations.

From September Nailsea Memory Cafe will be opening its doors twice a month.

It meets at the Tithe Barn on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 2.15-4.15pm.

There are activities for people with dementia and a carers discussion and support group.

It is free of charge.

The next cafe is on Wednesday, September 5.

For more details contact coordinator Karen Smith on 0779 034 4559 or email

Music And Memories was started by Nailsea Folk Club in 2006 with the simple aim of sharing music and songs with people with dementia and their carers.  

It is now also run by Nailsea Tithe Barn Trust.

It is once a month on a Sunday afternoon between 2-4.30pm.

Contact David on 01275 540231 or email as above.

Putting best foot forward


The annual Rotary Club walk took place on a very hot Sunday in June and several people undertook the walk on behalf of Nailsea District Leg Club.

It’s not an easy task asking family and friends for sponsorship money, but clearly they have been generous and raised in excess of an astounding £935.

A very grateful thanks to everyone for the part they played, as this is one of our major fundraising events of the year.

Although our NHS nurses are funded by either Tyntesfield Medical Practice or North Somerset Community Partnership, we have to cover other costs, the main expenditure being rent for the Tithe Barn, plus provision of equipment and refreshments.

And it’s not too late to donate! 


However we’re at Nailsea Tithe Barn every Wednesday morning 9am-noon, where the nurses provide excellent care for leg ulcers and indeed any concern about lower leg problems.  

Our volunteers offer tea/coffee and cake, and if you enjoy a game of cards, dominoes or draughts, then we have those and other games too - we’re so pleased when they’re put to use, and of course there’s always plenty of chat!

To see more walk photos go to Gallery 2018 by clicking HERE.

Nailsea District Leg Club

NDLC managed to select a warm sunny day to have a stand at the Nailsea Farmers Market in April, having deferred twice due to bad weather earlier in the year.

It was a successful morning promoting all aspects of the LC to both members (patients) and volunteers.

It was good to chat to people interested in coming as general volunteers, nursing support volunteers and drivers (who are especially needed at present).
New members can drop in any Wednesday 9am-noon, at Nailsea Tithe Barn.

Leg problems/ulcers can occur as we get older, especially if other medical conditions are present.

Good circulation and healthy skin is important so do take care and if you have any concerns our NHS nurses are there to advise and treat your condition or prevent problems developing.
And there’s tea/coffee and cake available too!
For more information about LC either as a volunteer or member (patient), contact Carole Brooke 0795 430 2498, Sandy Riley 01275 853547 or Judith Brown 01275 792558.

All together now

Making music at the Tithe Barn accompanied by Bon Accord. Nailsea Memory Cafe meets at the Tithe Barn on the first Wednesday of each month from 2pm onwards. There are activities for people with dementia and a carers discussion and support group. It is free of charge. For further information email Karen Smith on

Nailsea District Leg Club


The Leg Club, which is a drop-in service and no referral needed, provides NHS nursing care for any one with ‘leg problems’ who is registered with the Tyntesfield Medical Group. 

The difference is Leg Club is set in a social environment in the delightful Tithe Barn with refreshments and friendly chat on offer.

Regular visitors to the Leg Club include professionals involved in a variety of NHS care.

Medical representatives bring the latest wound care products to help nurses, their knowledge and expertise has proved invaluable and members will be familiar with them.

Local representatives from Health Watch and CURO come to provide support to patients (members) and assist with checking and training of volunteers.  

Another regular is Chris Coppin, an accomplished pianist, who plays a vast range of music from jazz to contemporary.

Volunteers provide manicures, pampering not only for ladies, but gentlemen too!

There are occasional visits from Ellie Lindsay and Lynn Bullock, plus the care auditor, from our ‘head office’ of the Ellie Lindsay Foundation.

Nailsea Leg Club has developed quite a reputation after opening three years ago and other care teams come, often from a distance, to learn how to set up and run a Leg Club.

Remember the Leg Club is at the Tithe Barn every Wednesday 9am-noon, just drop-in, and if necessary transport can be arranged at a small cost, if you have difficulty getting there.