Bristol Hippodrome

Oh, What A World tour

October 2018


Rhinestone cowgirls

I love performance art, musicals and black comedy movies but concerts have never been my ‘thing’.

My musically is lost somewhere between my tone-deaf middle ear and an inability to process pitch so I rarely go to music gigs.

Basically, my ding-a-ling is missing.

Yet my brother Eric Wall has seen them all, Mick Jagger delivering an eulogy for Brian Jones at Hyde Park, Isle of White festival with Joni Mitchell and Jimi Hendrix, Glastonbury from the beginning as well as sharing a loved-up hug on stage with Marc Bolan captured infamously on a YouTube video.

When he said he was travelling from Buckinghamshire to hear Soccer Mommy aka Nashville singer songwriter Sophie Allison and her band perform at the Bristol Hippodrome by default I became the plus one.

Soccer Mommy is the support act for Kacey Musgraves an American country music singer and songwriter of princess pop status whose Oh, What A World tour is a sell-out in many venues including Bristol.

To be fair most of the packed audience had come to see Kacey as the headline act.

Eric ‘discovered’ Sophie on the online music streaming Spotify.

He has a panache for ‘strong women indie singers’ and his eclectic ‘favourites’ list includes US Lucy Dacus who is now part of the ‘supergroup’ Boygenius and Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit.

The New York Post describes Sophie as ‘young, buzzy, up-and-coming indie musician’ who ‘performs under a decidedly unhip name Soccer Mommy’.

It adds in its April 2018 interview: ‘The 20-year-old isn’t actually a mom, but as a kid growing up in Nashville, the honey-voiced singer was sporty, hitting the basketball court as well as the baseball and soccer fields'.

As for whether her moniker is a nod to her own mother, she tells The Post, ‘I have more of a soccer dad. He was always the one taking us to sports practice.’

And my brother and I thought it was a reference to would-be US vice-president Sarah Palin who described herself as a ‘hockey mom’!

Both Kacey and Sophie are competent and accomplished performers but while Kacey is more country with a wift of Taylor Swift, Soccer Mommy is more rock ‘n’ roll despite penning her first song aged five called What The Heck Is A Cowgirl.

Soccer Mommy had been to a church organ recital in Bristol earlier in the day and stood on stage wearing an oversized T-shirt and hair hippy-style.

She looked young and vulnerable yet as Eric said ‘she commanded the stage and her band without being bossy’.

The highlight of Sophie’s Tuesday night set was a haunting cover of Bruce Springsteen's I’m on Fire.

And the ‘girl did good’ ending her solo slot with a victory arm gesture.

Kacey appeared as be a beautiful blend of Joan Baez and Cher wearing a Ziggy Stardust jumpsuit from his album Man From Mars.

Her performance gave us a taste of what is must feel like to be at the Grand Ole Opry and you expected the lyrics of Rhinestone Cowboy to come over the mic at any minute.

Although the ticket said the show started at 7pm it didn’t start until 8pm and went on until past 10.30pm.

During the performance although the very polite audience clapped and whistled loudly at the end of each song there was no movement – feet-tapping, head-nodding or body-swaying in the stalls.

This prompted Kacey to say she was ‘having trouble knowing it yous all enjoying u-selves’.

Redemption came after the final number when her fans rose ‘en masse’ and rocked the theatre with raucous cheering.

Eric concluded: “It was a fantastic show, really good.”

Me, I like my music louder and with a more bit grit…but bravo Hippodrome which is putting on more of these one night concerts and attracting some big names.

Carol Deacon


Girls talk song

PREVIEW: Kacey Musgraves is headlining a world tour this autumn with a one night stop at Bristol Hippodrome on the calendar.

The Oh, What A World: Tour visits countries across Europe including The Netherlands, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland, with Kacey playing the Bristol Hippodrome on Tuesday, October 23.

Kacey will be showcasing her highly-acclaimed fourth studio album Golden Hour which includes highly acclaimed singles Butterflies and Space Cowboy.

  • 'she’s relaxed into the sound she'd already designed, going deeper beneath its sparkly, vintage-tinted surface and further cultivating her innate commitment to clarity and craft', said US media company NPR; and

  •  'it's clear that the Texan is still the most talented songwriter in mainstream pop-country,' said video-driven global music site Noisey.

Space Cowboy was highlighted on Spotify’s New Music Friday and was hailed as one of the best 2018 songs so far by online music commentators Stereogum.

Kacey is supported on the Bristol stage by Soccer Mommy.

This is the project of 20-year-old Sophie Allison, a Nashville native.

She cut her teeth in her local DIY scene, going to shows and hanging out with other musicians, though she kept her own songwriting secret.

She said: “I’ve played music since I was six and I always wrote songs just for myself.

"I did it for fun, posting songs on Tumblr, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. I didn’t think anyone would notice.”

Soccer Mommy played a sell-out gig at The Thekla in September.

Tickets £31.65 -£43.65 plus £3.65 transaction fee by clicking HERE.