Bristol Hippodrome

Lord of the Dance January 2012

From the country that brought you Guinness comes another pure genius experience – The Lord of the Dance.

But 'oh bejesus' what would the Catholic nuns say with all those good Irish girls jigging around on stage in their skimy underwear?

The music and dance extravaganza opening at the Bristol Hippodrome on Monday, January 23, and runs until Saturday, January 28.

Creator and director of this award-winning Michael Flatley bought to town a show which has broken box offices all over the world.Its first night in Bristol had them on their feet with a standing ovation and dancing in the aisles.

The show is magical adventure of sight and sound that transports its audience to a mythical time and place, lifting the spirits and capturing the hearts of all who experience it.

From the moment the lights go down to the last encore, audiences are spellbound by a masterfully orchestrated combination of precision dancing, state of the art lighting and pyrotechnics.

Admittedly I did a quick check for the nearest emergency exit when the

fireworks went off but it was difficult to sit back and relax with such energy emitting from the stage.

Foot-tapping, clapping and gasping were the order of the night.

The musical score leaves no soul untouched and the two violinists who danced and played were magic.

Based on Irish folklore this is classic tale of Good vs Evil expressed through the universal language of dance and has thrilled audiences worldwide and catapulted Irish dance to a new dimension and unprecedented worldwide acclaim.

Personally I loved the ballerinas who sound like tap-dancers wearing steel-studded bovver boots but looked like beautiful Barbie dolls and so did the men in the audience.Without trying to stereotype preferences the leather-clad beef-cake baddies with rippling muscles and majestic stage movements did it for me.

This timeless production has barely been out of the best sellers list, and for the past 11 years has continually established itself as the number one dance spectacular – you would be silly to miss it while it is on your doorstep.


Carol Deacon