Bristol Hippodrome


Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games

- May 2015


Macho ‘men in black’ menacingly strutting their stuff and flibbertigibbets in frilly tutus prancing around in their underwear this isn’t traditional Irish dance as we know it – this is entertainment.

A welcome swap of the star-spangled singers for Robbie Williams bursting into song with That’s Entertainment would have completed the picture!

But that man can’t dance and this was a tour de force toe-tapping sensation.

At first I didn’t really get the good versus evil storyline but then that’s me because the show got a Las Vegas reception at the Bristol Hippodrome with the audience on its feet and whooping and clapping for all their might.

The new show Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games kicked off at the Brighton Centre at the beginning of April and plays Bristol until Saturday, May 16.

The UK tour ends with a one-off performance at the Wembley Arena on Saturday, July 4.

There is no doubting Michael Flatley is a genius and his showmanship knows no bounds.

But goodness knows what the Catholic nuns would make a talented troupe of half naked dancers cavorting around a stage to the tune of a Shaker hymn with words by English songwriter Sydney Carter added in the 1960s.

Although a fun-loving Sister Dolores used to do an Irish jig at St Francis RC School summer fete at Nailsea so she may have approved.

The Lord of the Dance music is the beat of the show whether it is the fiddlers, orchestra or pan pipes played by the spritely Little Spirit – Jess Judge.

Unfortunately I hadn't read the programme and thought because of the scaly costume she was a lizard!

But Dangerous Games even though it hasn't got the pyrotechnic of the previous show is exciting and according to blurb uses 'ground-breaking new technology including holographs, dancing robots, world champion acrobats' and this no-one will argue with 'the greatest team of Irish dancers in the world'. 

When the curtain goes up the complete backdrop is a huge timepiece which changes from big white clouds to the coastline of the Emerald Isle.

Then it is a colourful fantasy world of unicorns and wild horses before the hellfire cave with its crimson red embers and molten lava.

Huge transformers provided the backdrop when a jackbooted army dance their socks off and a masterly duel between the bare-chested adversities became THE red hot rumble.

I loved the ménage à trios dancing with between the stars when the good and bad girls – the seductress Morrighan and true love Saoirse – compete for attention from their Lord.

Dance fan Jerry Lander loved the dynamics of the male versus female dancers.

He said: “I thought the show was spectacular.

“The male versus female dimension made it a much more balanced show than three years ago and there was a certain amount of underlying tension plus humour like the copycat skirt rip which was reminiscent of the Bucks Fizz performance at Eurovision 1981.”

The show has a new score by Gerard Fahy, new costumes and special effects lighting adding to the original 'masterpiece' and it now on a 200-plus date tour across 15 countries during the next 18 months. 

On the UK tour, Morgan Comer stars as the Lord of the Dance with Tom Cunningham playing the Dark Lord.

Morgan who has world and national championship titles under his belt has been with Lord of the Dance since 2012 and last year starred in Dangerous Games at the London Palladium alongside Michael Flatley.

Likewise Tom Cunningham has been with Lord of the Dance since 1997 is also a champion dancer.

Both Morgan and Tom are superb.

For further details on the UK tour click HERE.

Carol Deacon