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Wonderful Wiz

As the lights went down, the orchestra struck up and a tornado began whipping up a storm we knew we were in for an exciting evening.

The classic story of The Wizard of Oz began to unfold with toe-tapping contemporary music and Munchkin Land appeared to us with a stage full of colourful costumes and balloons.

The children within the youth membership entertained us with high energy dancing and singing and led on us on our journey down the yellow brick road.

Dorothy, dressed in classic blue check and sparkly shoes, found the scarecrow, tinman and lion, all played confidently and with mesmerising talent, as they embarked on their quest to find the almighty Wizard.

Scary Kalidahs, sleepy poppy fields and flying monkeys did not deter them from their goal and even the most wicked of all the witches didn’t stand in their way. 

The wizard, true to his word, ensured the wishes of the friends was granted and delivered a performance of both comic timing and vocal ability.

Eventually a calming and beautiful Glinda arrived in a stunning backdrop of a magical bubble to save the day and help Dorothy find her way home by believing in herself.

With astonishing technical backdrops, sensational costumes, make up, rousing band, pit singers and a cast bursting with talent and enthusiasm this was an unequivocal creative success.

As theatre goers left the auditorium with wide grins and tears in their eyes, brought on by the simply stunning ballad delivered by Dorothy on her way home, it was clear that there really is no place like home.

Backwell School Year 8 friends plays to much aplomb the principal characters - Dorothy, Amelia Shields; Scarecrow, Lacey Sell; Tinman, Nathan Rhodes and Lion, Matthew Sugar.


Nailsea Musicals is an amateur musical comedy club which rehearses at Mizzymead Recreation Centre on Wednesday evenings.

​The group which has been going since the 1970s and strives to produce the best quality entertainment while having a great time doing it.

They perform a range of musicals, pantomimes and review shows throughout the year and make sure there is something for everyone with a careful balance of newer shows and more traditional ones. 
If you are interested in joining either its adult or junior sections, or have any questions, click HERE or email