We Will Rock You

Nailsea School production

Nailsea School rocking review

The start of term is always incredibly busy so I cannot begin to imagine how Ms Hitchings, Mrs Perkins, Mrs Hughes and the cast and crew of We Will Rock You have found the last few weeks in preparation for the school production.

Their efforts and determination were clearly worth it as something pretty spectacular happened on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.

WWRY starred an incredible array of talented people from every part of the school, some who had never taken leading roles before, but all gave killer performances that had the audience clapping, carried by the amazing band.

The future world the story is set in is a bleak one, controlled by the evil Globalsoft corporation who are determined to wipe out the spirit of rock and roll – destroying ‘real music’ forever. The Bohemians – a group of rebels – are determined to break free from this control and the oppression of the Killer Queen. 

The script has characters’ dialogue peppered with song lyrics with classics such as ‘I’ll tell you what I want…what I really…really want’ and ‘Help! I need somebody.’

Ace Chandler provided further comic relief as the hippy bartender Pop.

His reference to the favourite relic from the past – the video tape (pronounced vid-ay0 tappy) had me in fits of laughter.

There were plenty of laughs but the show also touched real sadness, especially in the ‘No-one but you’ scene beautifully sung by Emily Williams.

Abby Capern’s comic timing and delivery shone through as Scaramouche whilst Joe Liminton proved a reliable scene stealer as Britney Spears. Izzy Haines’ attitude and amazing costume as the Killer Queen was the perfect foil for her evil sidekick Scott Weavers as Khashoggi who must have taken inspiration from the Terminator.

The production was held together by Stan Richardson who, as Galileo, was in most of the scenes.

Above all this was a massive team effort and the Teen Queens and the Bohemians all gave superb characterisation for their roles.

There was also a tremendous backstage group, lighting and sound and the amazingly professional band who all worked together with endless passion and enthusiasm.

Thank you and congratulations to all involved in such a wonderful show. I enjoyed it immensely and could see how much work had gone into the production. Given the title of the show – you certainly delivered.  

It was clear how much the cast were all enjoying themselves and I have been singing Queen songs all weekend at home.

You all rock!

Dee Elliott

head teacher

Proud parents, staff and audience members tweeted their appreciation of the shows. Here is a selection of the fanfare and below is the preview with scene from rehearsal:

Mum Joanna Richardson tweeted: “So proud of Jake and Stan Richardson in WWRY @nailseaschool. What a fabulous show! Well done to all involved!”

Dee Elliot tweeted: “Amazing effort by the band - so many pieces to learn. So much talent. The favourite bit may have been your 'Flash' vocal though...!”


And another: “Thank you to the amazing band @nailseaschool WWRY this evening. Fab dedication and talent.”


Audience member Sarah Standen ‏said: “Wow! What a performance of #wewillrockyou @nailseaschool tonight. Such a talented bunch and great fun. Well done all.”


And Georgina Williams: “@nailseaschool We Will Rock You band appreciation tweet and some amazing singers in the show too!”


Helen James said: “OMG! How amazing was WWRY tonight @nailseaschool. Great cast. So proud of u @AbbyCapern & @loafcapern. Abs even without a mic...Wow! Go see!”


Mick Capern said: “What a great show, well done to everyone. Really proud of Abby and Sophie C. Keep rockin!”


And Becky ‏Driscoll added: “Congratulations to all the students and staff for a great production of We Will Rock You. @nailseaschool definitely rocked tonight.”