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...or cycle/train tracks, this page is all about travel from Nailsea but no planes (see Bristol Airport which has its own page) or boats but taxis, private car hire, cycling, coach and holiday companies as well as local petrol stations and places to get your two and four wheel vehicle repaired, fitted with new tyres and/or resprayed


Book new Driving Miss Daisy chauffeur/companion service

Driving Miss Daisy is a new fully vetted business offering a personal chauffeur/companion service for people living in North Somerset.

Former Debenham store manager Clare Filer has swapped serving retail customers for one dedicated to helping those in the community who made need an extra  bit of support.

Clare grew up in Backwell but has lived in Clevedon for many years is determined to turn her redundancy into an opportunity.

She said: “I am thrilled to be able to offer a new service to local residents living in Nailsea, Backwell and Clevedon.

“Following redundancy in May, I decided I wanted to work within my community, supporting others to get out and about, so I purchased a franchise from Driving Miss Daisy UK. 

“I have been inspired to do this after recently caring for my mum, a Backwell resident, for the last years of her life.

“She was a fiercely proud and independent lady who wouldn’t let both cancer and kidney failure stop her from living independently.

”I have also been very involved in the care of my mother-in-law who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia at just 68 years old, a very sociable and fun lady who we have been determined to help continue live the best life possible. 

“I would describe the service as a combination of a personal chauffeur and personal assistant, with my aim to make life easier for those requiring support either with transport, at home or to get out and enjoy life!”

The variety of services including:

  • Transport to visit family and friends; 

  • Transport and companionship for attending social events / clubs; 

  • Day trips and tours, for example trips to the seaside, visiting a garden centre or shopping trips;

  • Accompaniment to, from and during GP and hospital appointments (we can accompany clients into appointments to take notes if required);

  • Help to book and get to everyday appointments (hairdressers, banks, dentist, pets to vets); and 

  • Home to holiday destinations, airport, seaport or train station drop-off and collection. 

Clare added: “Every service booked is bespoke to the individual, some clients just require transportation, some require assistance pre and post

film still.jpg

DRIVE TIME: The name Driving Miss Daisy comes from a 1989 American comedy-drama film directed by Bruce Beresford and written by Alfred Uhry, based on Uhry's 1987 play of the same name. The orginal film stars Jessica Tandy, Morgan Freeman, and Dan Aykroyd. Freeman reprised his role from the original Off-Broadway production. The story defines Daisy and her point of view through a network of relationships and emotions by focusing on her home life, synagogue, friends, family, fears, and concerns over a twenty-five-year period. Driving Miss Daisy was a critical and commercial success upon its release and at the 62nd Academy Awards received nine nominations, and won four: Best Picture, Best Actress (for Tandy), Best Makeup, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

journey, we can wait at a destination to provide a return journey, or provide companionship at home or on a trip out, so I find out exactly what will be needed prior to the booking and send a quote for each individual service requested.

“Quotes are competitive and all inclusive, so there are no hidden costs.

“Anyone interested in finding out more about the services I offer can visit my Facebook page @drivingmissdaisyclevedon, or website www.drivingmissdaisy.co.uk or give me a call for an informal chat on 0758 712 1661.”


Biking to LA shop

Nailsea cyclists are already finding their way over to nearby Long Ashton to visit a new bike shop.

If you’ve not heard yet, a bike shop called Bristol Bikesmiths opened earlier this year.
Situated on Lovelinch Gardens just off the main road, the bike shop is sandwiched perfectly between The Old Library restaurant and Parson’s Bakery and specialises in servicing and repair, though they also sell parts, tools, cycling goodies, bikes, scooters and more.
If you visit the shop you will usually find Timo and Matt twirling the spanners and Dan juggling the many duties of an owner.

 In the image Matt is on the left, Dan in the middle and Timo on the right.
Bristol Bikesmiths established itself in Bedminister approximately four years ago but recently opened the second shop in Long Ashton where both Timo and Dan live.

Timo is the roadie while Matt, who lives in Nailsea, is the mountain biker, but they both love servicing whatever bikes come their way.
Bristol Bikesmiths prides itself on clear communication, servicing excellence and a 24-hour turnaround time. You normally don’t have to wait that long for an appointment either.
Shop manager Timo said “It's been great to see so many regular faces, plus many new faces from the village and further afield.

“We thank everyone for their support so far and hope to see many more faces in the coming months.

“We've seen quite a few people from Nailsea already.”
If you have any questions you can contact them via their website www.bristolbikesmiths.com, via email at thebikesmiths@bristolbikesmiths.com or by calling them on 01275 219464.


Can you fill your car with E10? 

Nailsea Auto Electrical is getting a lot of calls regarding the new petrol and if it is safe to use.

E10 (the new standard petrol) is up to 10 per cent ethanol as opposed to five per cent in E5 - the old standard petrol.

It is available at UK fuel stations now as part of the bid to cut CO2 emissions.

It's safe to use in most petrol cars made after 2011 according to government advice.

Diesel and electric vehicles cannot use E10 petrol.

Click on the link below to check your car on the government's website:


To find out how Nailsea Auto Electrical can help you get in touch on 01275 261 005 or send them a message through Facebook or Instagram.

first bus.jpg

On the Nailsea buses

Details of bus service changes from Sunday, August 29, 2021 can be found on the links below:

New First Bus timetable for X8 and X9 still has no buses to Backwell on Sundays and bank holidays. To download timetable click HERE.

Help getting on trains

South Western Railway (SWR) has launched Assisted Boarding Points as major stations but Nailsea & Backwell is not on its network as it terminates at Bristol Temple Meads.

Customers at a host of SWR stations will now see dedicated Assisted Boarding Points on station platforms, where they can WhatsApp or call a dedicated customer service team, who will contact the guard on the next available service and ensure assistance is provided when the train arrives.

And the service requires customers to give just 10 minutes notice prior to travelling.

Nailsea Access For All campaigner Alison Morgan said: “This sounds great.

“It will be so good not to have to book assisted travel days in advance.

“Of course, it would be even better if we could access our station in the first place so we could use a service such as this!” 

The boarding points will ensure both customers and guards know exactly where to meet – helping to improve the overall travel experience.

There will be clear signage with a QR code for customers to scan and instantly message the dedicated team with details of their journey via WhatsApp, and also a direct telephone number.

Customers will need to provide details of their departure station, destination station and the type of assistance they require such as a wheelchair ramp, support getting onto the train due to a visual impairment, reduced mobility or an injury, and the guard onboard will be ready to help upon arrival. 

Alison added: “The recent Williams-Shapps Plan for rail, published back in May this year, has many encouraging elements.

“There is the usual 'commitment' to making the whole network fully accessible.

“Our MP Liam Fox contacted Grant Shapps on my behalf to ask if the years of campaigning and money already spent on finding a way to make our station accessible could be taken into account and some sort of priority given to this project when future funding is allocated.

“The reply was not encouraging, just told me what I already knew about the problems at Nailsea and Backwell and how the original 2011 funding had been spent making three other stations accessible.

“The goal posts have been moved again and we will no doubt be way down in the queue for any future funding.”

The assisted service currently being rolled out does include a number of SWR stations in Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and Devon, but it will eventually cover the whole network – in total, to 189 stations and 417 platforms.

First MTR South Western Trains Limited, trading as South Western Railway, is a British train operating company owned by FirstGroup and MTR Corporation that operates the South Western franchise.

It operates commuter services from its Central London terminus at London Waterloo to South West London.

South Western Railway deputy customer experience director Christian Neil said: “We know that not every journey is planned in advance, and indeed they shouldn’t have to be.

ABPs 2.jpg

“We’re proud to be launching this industry first service, which will make it

markedly easier for our customers who require assistance to travel with minimum fuss or difficulty.

“This is just one way in which we’re boosting the accessibility of our network and helping all of our customers to travel with confidence”.  

Transport For All chair Alan Benson said: “Getting help on and off the train is vital for disabled people travelling, and this is the most common source of problems.

“Anything that makes this easier has to be welcomed.

“This initiative by SWR puts disabled travellers in control of their own journeys and will give them the confidence that is too often missing.”

Transport Focus chief executive Anthony Smith said: “We know from our research that elderly and disabled passengers don’t always receive the help they need when travelling by rail. 

“This new boarding service will enable people to request assistance more easily, without the need to pre-book.”

Customers can find out more information about the new assisted boarding points, where they have been rolled out and how to use the service HERE

North Somerset road news


The A370 was closed for several hours on Friday afternoon, July 23, after a head-on road crash.

Two cars were involved and two people had already been rescued by the time the fire service arrived.

Nailsea firefighters joined Weston and Temple crews at the scene.

Another woman was trapped and it needed hydraulic cutting equipment to free her.

She was taken to hospital by land ambulance although the air ambulance and other emergency vehicles were in attendance.

Ian Thompson lives nearby and he said the road was closed for a long time.

He said at the time: “There is an accident investigation on site.”

“The accident was blocking drives including the one to Bridget and Chris White’s farm - they run the pork stall at Nailsea farmers market.

“I don't suppose residents can get out.

“This was the second accident in two weeks, the other was a vehicle fire at the other end of Cleeve which took out power and fibre cables foe several hours.

“The verge and hedge plus a National Grid pole took the brunt of it and still visible.”

Neighbour Amanda Ward said: “It did make eating at al fresco in Cleeve very quiet on Friday night.”

  • And in another road incident nearby on Sunday morning cyclist Angela Daynes alerted Nailsea People to a fallen tree on Brockley Lane, Chelvey. She said: “Not sure how to report it as I'm out on a cycle but was worried about leaving it unreported until I get back home!” Amanda took the photo, thanks.

  • Tickenham Parish Council is conducting a questionnaire on traffic its village. Parish councillors want to assess the views of residents a survey which will form the basis for discussion at an open meeting later in the year. The survey which needs to be completed by the end of August is on the parish council website here: https://tickenham-pc.org.uk/traffic-survey/.

A maintenance scheme to improve the A370 Long Ashton Bypass starts on Monday, August 2.

The scheme will see a full programme of maintenance works carried out overnight between 8pm and 6am for five nights.

The road will be closed between the junctions with the A4174 Colliters Way and B3130 Clevedon Road so crews can work safely.

Works taking place will include gully emptying, grass cutting, tree clearance, lining and signage replacement.

A diversion route will be in place as there will be no access to Bristol via the A370 while these night-time works are carried out.

North Somerset Council executive member for neighbourhoods and community services Mike Solomon is the Independent ward councillors for Hutton and Locking.

He said: “This is a busy route in and out of North Somerset and closing it overnight will allow us to carry out important works to improve the route.

“We’ll be using the closure to carry out various essential maintenance works at the same time, therefore making the most effective use of the road closure."

“We appreciate that a night closure on a busy route will cause some inconvenience, but we carry out works overnight when traffic volumes are lower, to minimise disruption and avoid peak travel times.”

The cost of the works is £56,000.


PARKING PRANK: Nailsea MicroPub boss Mark Ashman said: "There is some prankster going around Nailsea thinking they are funny by sticking these on car windscreens. If you see one of these just ignore it and check your number plates and tyres for any damage." Fake parking tickets can be bought from many online joke shops and are usually placed on vehicles illegally left in public places. Pranksters have targeted drivers up and down the country but this one is a first for Nailsea. The ticket says it is issued by Bourgh Council and asking for a fee of £90 with a 50 per cent discount if paid within 30 days. The actual website does not exist. Nailsea People has its own 'bad parking' page HERE featuring those who use the pavement to leave their cars

Motor car is not God, say council

The general message in a 90-page document issued by North Somerset Council the week is 'get on yer bike'.

And although Nailsea doesn't actually get too much of a mention the council statement 'we are determined to debunk the common misconception that the higher the access for motor vehicles and parking outside local shops, the increased economic vitality' makes you think closing the High Street to through traffic is probably the direction it is all heading.

It continues 'the evidence on the increased footfall, income, vitality and general attractiveness of local shopping streets and areas that have strong pedestrian, cycle and public realm is staggering. We should not make the false assumption that prioritising access by cars will deliver economic success, where more often than not, this is just not the case'.

While agreement on a weight limit is fairly universal some traders will still have to be persuaded if measures are taken further.

There are proposals for a cycle route from the town centre to Nailsea & Backwell railway station to provide 'a direct high-quality route, segregated where possible' and another from Engine Lane to Nailsea town centre with a segregated path along the north side of Queens Road and transition points to continue route along Mizzymead to town centre are included.

One of its stated aims is 'we will design and build infrastructure to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists over vehicular traffic and segregate paths away from traffic wherever possible. This will transform our transport network from spaces where people are ‘able’ to walk and cycle to environments in which they are ‘invited’ to walk and cycle...we will, as part of our Active Travel Neighbourhood programme, use a package of measures to prioritise walking and cycling, reduce vehicle dominance and improve public open space in town and village centres'.

And this will bit will please the Trendlewood people 'we will work with the police to identify the most appropriate tool to encourage drivers to slow down. These include Community Speedwatch, vehicle activated signs, mobile safety camera enforcement and static safety camera installation'.

And it concludes that the council is committing to its vision statement of ‘making walking and cycling the natural choice for a cleaner, healthier and more active North Somerset.’

The photos of the juggernaut in High Street taken this by Nailsea MicroPub


boss Mark Ashman which we are told is a daily occurrence with even acement mixer trundling along was spotted this week.

To achieve the council aim it would need to implement:
• at least one Active Travel Neighbourhood pilot schemes per year (with a detailed review and prioritisation of each enabling the most successful to become permanent the following year)
• at least two 20mph zones per year
• at least one High Street or district centre active travel improvement scheme per year.

Nailsea Youngwood Lane 450-home development has a cycle/walking link to the railway station included in its planning permission.

The study concludes with listing 10 additional background papers/studies!
To read the North Somerset Active Stategy by downloading HERE.

Council leader supports walking and cycling

Ambitious plans to make it easier for residents to choose active travel options locally have been given the green light.

North Somerset councillors adopted the Active Travel Strategy at a full council meeting on Monday, July 19.

The strategy sets out plans to develop more opportunities during the next 10 years to ‘make walking and cycling the natural choice for a cleaner, healthier and more active North Somerset’.

The strategy aims to achieve a number of benefits locally including safe and frequent active travel to improve public health, a positive impact on carbon emissions, support for the local economy and development of active travel neighbourhoods.

North Somerset Council leader Don Davies is the Independent ward councillor for Pill.

He said: "If we're to be successful in encouraging more people to leave the car behind and travel more frequently using active travel modes, we have to make them an attractive choice.

"We have already made great progress in North Somerset with a significant increase in walking and cycling journeys in the three years before the pandemic, with a sustained increase in people opting to get out in the saddle or on foot over the past year.

"We have set an ambitious target of increasing walking and cycling trips by at least 300 per cent by 2030.

"This ambition will focus us on ensuring that the North Somerset transport network and its users are contributing to carbon neutrality as much and as soon as possible."

By delivering the strategy, North Somerset Council will help to create and reshape environments that provide equal access for everyone and not just those with access to a car.

"There will be less dominance by the motor car to create greener, safer and more active environments for local people, businesses and visitors.

"The benefits of increased active travel to both physical and mental health

bicycle in the countryside.jpg

are clear, but the strategy also hopes to boost the local economy by encouraging shorter journeys and increased trade with local businesses.

A public consultation on the strategy was conducted between November and January 2020 -21.

91 per cent of respondents agreed that an increase in active travel is needed to help North Somerset reduce its carbon emissions from transport. 77 per cent of respondents agreed that more should be done to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists over private motor vehicles wherever possible.

The strategy is available on the council's website.


First Bus issued this advice:

Wearing masks

We are following government guidance and recommend all customers wear a face mask whilst on board. Please remember that this is a personal choice and not everyone may wish to wear a mask.

Ventilation & Cleaning

We will continue to ensure that all windows are left open for additional ventilation in addition to our enhanced cleaning regime which will remain in place to keep you and others around you safe.

Social distancing

All seats will be in use from Monday, July 19, and our buses will return to full capacity making sure we can take you to where you need to go.

Paying for your journey

Where possible avoid the use of cash and continue to use contactless on board or buy in advance using our mobile app.

For more information please visit our website here https://www.firstbus.co.uk/help-and-support/coronavirus-information.

Nailsea Auto Electrial mock ad.png

Let us transport you...

summer day[s out.png

A Nailsea coach company which moved to Felton during the pandemic has lots of summer trips on offer.
The business which was began in 1947 by funeral director Arthur Davey, and named after his wife Iris and her favourite flower, has moved seven miles up the road from its former base at Clevedon Road.
Its core business includes transport for schools, community groups and companies with holidays and day trips also on its timetable with large, medium and mini coaches available.
Blue Iris Coaches which employs between 10-12 employees and runs 12 vehicles is open for business but sadly not in Nailsea its ancestral home.
The slogan says: 'Let us transport you...' to book call 01275 851121, email enquiry@blueiris.co.uk or go online at https://blueiris.co.uk/.
Summer trips link is https://blueiris.co.uk/day-trips-summer-2021/.
Its full address is now Unit 2, Park Farm West Lane, Winford, Felton, North Somerset, BS40 9UD.

Captain Tom pulls in at Nailsea & Backwell rail station

Pictured is Captain Tom 100 pulling into Nailsea and Backwell railway station this week.

The Great Western Railway train was named the Captain Tom Centennial after the NHS fundraiser and is an Intercity Express Train 800025.

Beginning in Apri 2019 Captain Tom set out round his garden to thank the nation’s NHS heroes and a hundred laps later, he’d raised £38.9 million for the NHS Covid-19 appeal.

Captain Tom died in February 2021.

Dave Frost took the photo and gave travellers the heads up to those journeying beyond Bristol Temple Meads in July 2021 that various track closures will be in place.

The major one this weekend - Saturday and Sunday, Jly 10-11 is there will be no direct trains to Cardiff.

This means customers travelling to the rugby international will need to change at Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway - with changes and wait times this could mean a journey time of more than two hours, said Dave.

Check at National Rail Enquiries or the GWR website/Bristol.

Also he warned: "I’ve noticed several ticketed cars this week in the station car park meaning the council enforcers are checking again - two machines aren’t working -the other two are cash only.

"I assume the idea is to encourage use of the MiPermit  electronic payment App - this car park is North Somerset Council owned if you need to appeal."

Train 2.jpg

Random sample for Mori road survey

Now here is an opportunity as 3,300 random North Somerset residents are being asked their views on the council's highways and transport services – from the condition of roads and footpaths to the quality of cycling routes and facilities.

The survey is being run by The National Highways and Transport (NHT) Network a collaboration between local authorities across England and parts of Scotland with a common agenda – service improvement.

The answers will then be compared with the views of others from across England and Scotland in this year’s National Highways and Transport Public Satisfaction survey.

North Somerset Council is one of 111 local authorities to sign up to the standardised survey that will ask participants up and down the country exactly the same questions, whether they live in Southampton, South Tyneside or North Somerset.

The survey, which is being run for the 14th year, is the largest collaboration between local authorities offering the opportunity to compare results, share in best practice and identify further opportunities to work together in the future.

The questionnaire will be sent by Ipsos Mori to a minimum random sample with local and national results to be published in late October. As the survey is based on a sample, residents who receive a copy are urged to take part to ensure the findings are representative of the full range of local views.  

Residents who receive the questionnaire can complete the survey online using a short URL link printed on the front of the questionnaire, where they will be required to enter a unique code before completing the survey.

North Somerset Council executive member for neighbourhoods and community services Mike Solomon is the Independent ward councillor for Hutton and Locking.

He said: “Our roads perform well on the annual highways and transport survey and we have made real progress providing an efficient network in recent years. 

“We want to keep improving so that our network caters to all needs, offering everyone the chance to share our roads however they choose to travel - whether by car, or increasingly on foot, by bike or using public transport. 

“The environment is also vital to us and we’ve set an ambitious aim of making North Somerset carbon neutral by 2030.

"Transport accounts for a significant percentage of local carbon impact, so it’s crucial our roads, footways and cycleways are the best they can be so residents have the option to safely switch to more sustainable modes of travel. 

“Findings from the survey are vital in helping us to understand how our transport network performs in a national context, so we can identify what we’re doing well and where we can improve, working toward another year of high network performance.”

The network provides an environment in which members can measure their own performance, compare with their peers and identify areas for improvement.

Tom Goodwin (2).PNG
Tom Goodwin.PNG

WHISTLE-STOP: Here's locomotive 46100 Royal Scot passing through Nailsea and Backwell railway station on Sunday morning, June 6. It made its return journey at 8.25pm. Thanks go to Lance Matyjasik and Tom Goodwin, top, for sharing their steam train photos. And special thanks to Andy Small for fabulous video. There's another - the 'Devonian Express - on Wednesday, June 9, leaving Bristol Temple Meads at 10.21am and passing through Nailsea and Backwell some 10 minutes later. Find out more HERE. The railway station is on the Bristol to Exeter Line. The station, opened in 1841 by the Bristol and Exeter Railway, has two platforms but little in the way of facilities. It is managed by Great Western Railway, the seventh company to be responsible for the station, and the third franchise since privatisation in 1997. Despite an active campaign it still have no disabled access despite promises.

Railworks on track for June

Essential maintenance work is being carried out at Nailsea & Backwell railway station with a coat of paint being applied to the steps.

Don't forget that the road is being closed overnight on Saturday and Sunday, June 5-6 for the purpose of removing the excess foliage on the bridge and maybe reveal the 'gnomes' who live on the brickwork ledges?

Sadly, there is no news on the long-running saga to install disabled access to the platforms on the Bristol to Exeter line although we did ask Network Rail.

And a steam train is timetabled to pass through the station on Sunday morning at approximately 9.10am.

Leaving Temple Meads at 9.05am the fully booked Saphos Trains tour is heading for Dartmouth.

The train is steam hauled throughout by one of its restored pool of engines including:

No.46100 Royal Scot – West Country Class;

No. 34046 Braunton – Britannia Pacific Class;

No 70000 Britannia – LNER A4 Pacific; or

No 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley.

Please note the railway in and around Bristol is being transformed during the next few years to pave the way for more rail services so we can move more people, more reliably.
Improvements to the tracks and signalling in the area will ease congestion and enable us to run more trains in the future.

N&B station tidying up.jpg

WET PAINT; Mind the step © Liz Tilley

This summer Network Rail is replacing a major junction to improve the track layout on the approach to Bristol Temple Meads.

This will mean changes to some train services from Saturday to Friday, July 10-September 3.

Some trains won’t call at Bristol Temple Meads, journeys may take longer and replacement buses will be running.
During this period you can also use your train ticket on local bus services.

Read more here https://www.gwr.com/travel-information/travel-updates/planned-engineering/bristol

Days out with Dave

Nailsea's favourite bus driver is back in business running community coach trips to places people want to go, from shopping malls to the seaside, from stately homes to areas of outstanding natural beauty.

David Fricker said bookings are open for his first few trips of the season and asks would-be passengers to telephone or text 0797 180 0201 or email northsomersetcoaches@hotmail.co.uk to book.

David said: "COVID restrictions will apply for now, full details when you book, but we'll make it as smooth and easy as we can and hope you'll enjoy getting back out to enjoy our wonderful countryside and seaside soon!"

North Somerset Coaches which is based in Southfield Road was set up by David in 2007, and was runner-up at the UK bus awards in 2011, but hit a few bumps along the way with council red tape.

After a spell concentrating on his collection of vintage vehicles, David is back doing what he loves most, with a small-scale programme taking people on day trips and more.

Dave added: " Looking forward to welcoming back old faces and making new friends as we explore the countryside this summer."

You can also view trip details on North Somerset Coaches Facebook page.


Latest Nailsea bus timetables


First Bus says passenger safety and comfort on board is priority.

During lockdfown local authorities relaxed time restrictions on concessionary passes so pass holders can travel at any time of the day.

This was primarily aimed to assist travel to and from the vaccination centres like Ashton Gate.

If you hold a North Somerset Council concessionary pass the restrictions will be relaxed until Friday, June 18.

As government restrictions ease more people will be travelling.

This means you may have to sit next to a fellow passenger.

From Sunday, May 16, there may be changes to some services but as far as we can see it is Bristol and Weston-super-Mare buses.

On this page are all the current timetables for buses to and from Nailsea.

Passengers are encouraged to use the First Bus App which can track your bus live on a map and down capacity.

Top travel tips:

  • Face coverings: Always wear your face covering on board our services unless you are exempt according to government guidelines.

  • Getting on and off the bus: Please be patient while getting on and off and do not queue in the aisle or next to the driver. If you are able, please sit upstairs when possible leaving lower deck seats for those less mobile.

  • Paying for your journey: We request where possible that customers pay by contactless or buy in advance on our mobile app which also helps keep our buses running on time.

  • Ventilation: Please leave windows open for additional ventilation.

To download a timetable which is current until further notice click on bus numbers on this page.​

X6-X7 Mon-Fri
not public holidays
X6-X7 Saturdays except public holidays
X6-X7 Sundays and public holidays
X8-X9 Mon-Fri
not public holidays
X6-X7 Mon-Fri
not public holidays
X8-X9 Saturdays not public holidays

Bike buddies get onboard

A way for seniors and people with limited mobility to feel the wind in their sails is by being a passenger on an electric powered trishaw.

A trishaw a bit like a rickshaw a small, light vehicle with three wheels for carrying people or goods, and pedalled by the operator.

Someone in Nailsea came up with the brilliant idea being pioneered by Tyntesfield Medical Group of putting together a group of 'bike buddies' to take people on rides around the town.

It is fast becoming a global phenomenon and a way of those with good fitness levels to interact with people not so spritely..

Have a look at this website HERE to learn more and if aged 18+ email helen.todd@nhs.uk for more details about volunteering.

Festival Way cycle route.png

Festival Way crossing improvement




Festival Way cycle route runs from Nailsea to Bristol and is used by commuters to the city and those who like to enjoy the North Somerset countryside on two wheels or two legs.

And now to make the route safer a crossing for people both walking and cycling has been installed on the popular Festival Way by the B3128 at Ashton Court Estate.

The project has been delivered by North Somerset Council, working with the walking and cycling charity Sustrans.

Sustrans identified the crossing near Ashton Court Estate as a priority for improvements after a nationwide audit of the National Cycle Network.

The charity subsequently allocated £140,000 of Department for Transport funding to North Somerset Council to deliver the safety improvements.

The new signal-controlled Toucan crossing creates a suitable place for all path users - including those with adapted cycles, tandems and cycle trailers - to safely cross the high volumes of traffic on the B3128. 

The improvements will connect the Festival Way to Bristol, and to the recently built traffic-free route through Ashton Court.

North Somerset Council executive member for neighbourhoods and community services Mike Solomon is the Independent councillor for Hutton and Locking ward.He said: “The Festival Way is a popular, key route. It brings North Somerset residents to Ashton Court and on into Bristol and allows Bristol residents to access the North Somerset countryside and towns on foot or by bike.

“We are very pleased to have collaborated with Sustrans on this project, which will improve the safety at an important and well-used point on our walking and cycling network.

"Giving more people the infrastructure and opportunity to lead healthy and active lifestyles will help us meet our goal of becoming a carbon neutral district by 2030.”

Sustrans head of partnerships Jon Usher said: “We’re really happy to see this scheme completed.

"As one of our Paths for Everyone projects, the work aimed to make this traffic-free route more accessible, safer, and more enjoyable for all.

“Enabling more people to walk, scoot, wheel or cycle for their everyday journeys is essential to tackling the climate emergency across the West of England.

“By providing this improved crossing, North Somerset Council is taking an important step towards making active travel an attractive and real alternative to jumping in the car.”

As well as the new crossing, visibility has been increased on this stretch of road by removing low-level vegetation and raising the crown of some sycamore trees.

This is to help people using the crossing, and those driving on the road, to see one another.

Additional funding from the Joint Local Transport Plan met the total cost of the scheme.

Free cycling lessons

Life Cycle UK offers free adult cycle skill sessions for anyone living in North Somerset aged 18+.

Each lesson is tailored to the rider and moves at their pace.

Whether it’s help finding the safest route to work, tips for tackling tricky junctions, or general road skills, the sessions can help adults onto two wheels.

Anyone interested in these three-hour training sessions can find out more at www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/cycle-training

Life Cycle UK is a registered charity that was founded in 1999 and now works with 9,000+ people a year.

It believes that cycling has a central role to play in improving individual lives, local communities and the environment. 

Its mission statement says: 'The bicycle doesn’t contribute to congestion, pollution or the general degradation to our urban environments.  It allows people to travel easily, conveniently and cheaply to access jobs, education, services - and to visit friends, engage in community life and feel connected to their surroundings.  It is an affordable from of independent travel accessible to most able bodied people, and some disabled people; it offers a non-weight bearing form of exercise, allowing people of all ages to keep physically active; and it helps people maintain good mental health." 

Increasing levels of cycling has a key part to play in tackling the Climate Emergency, Air Pollution Crisis and Obesity Epidemic.

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Patent Pending

Catalytic converter. Exhaust system of a

A Nailsea car mechanic has invented a security device to stop thieves stealing catalytic converters.

And Nailsea Auto Electrical boss Rick Hand has applied for a UK patent for his AntiCat System.

Rick said: “Our AntiCat System attaches to the catalytic converter and to an audible alarm to deter the thief from stealing the part of a vehicle’s exhaust which contains precious metals.

“Damage caused by thieves trying to strip a catalytic converter can caused insurance claims of between £2-3,000 according to the AA and in the worst-case scenarios have seen motors written off entirely.

“With so many North Somerset victims we have taken it upon ourselves to come up with a solution.”

A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device that reduces toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine into less-toxic pollutants by catalyzing a redox reaction.

The brazen thieves appear to target cars parked on driveways and favour Honda, Toyota and Lexus models.

There have been reports of thefts of this type in Ashton Vale, Backwell, Long Ashton, Nailsea, Yatton, Weston-super-Mare and beyond.

Rick added: “For £169 we can fit our anti-theft device.”

But it isn't all dash cams and batteries for this motor business which offers a  door-to-door service.

With the best in diagnostics, knowledge and lots of patience there isn't much mechanical they can't tackle.

Nailsea Auto Electrical can be contacted by phone on 01275 261005 or via by Facebook messenger.

For current timetables for X8 and X9 from Nailsea via Wraxall or Backwell to Bristol and back click HERE

RESTORATION ROADSHOW: A classic car fan in Valley Gardens, Nailsea, has parked his C-reg Ford Capri in the road minus its wheels but plus road tax and insurance. From a distance it looks as if it is on skis but once fully restored the vehicle could be worth thousands of pounds. The 1980s vehicle is fastback coupe built by the Ford Motor Company between 1968-1986, designed by American Philip T. Clark, who was also involved in the design of the Ford Mustang. It used the mechanical components from the Mk2 Ford Cortina and was intended as the European equivalent of the Ford Mustang. The Capri went on to be a phenomenally successful car for Ford, selling nearly 1.9 million units in its lifetime. A wide variety of engines was used in the Capri throughout its production lifespan, which included the Essex and Cologne V6 at the top of the range, while the Kent straight four and Taunus V4 engines were used in lower specification models. Although the Capri was not officially replaced, the second-generation Probe was effectively its replacement after the later car's introduction to the European market in 1994. While Ford marketed the car as ‘Ford Capri – The Car You Always Promised Yourself’, the English magazine Car described the Capri as a ‘Cortina in drag’. An iconic 1980s Ford Capri made famous in The Professionals and Minder was reputed to have sold for £45,000 by The Sun newspaper in 2018. We can't wait to see what the fully restored Nailsea car looks like...STOP PRESS: We are told the road tax has run out and they are coming to take it away...need a tow truck as it is can't be driven! STOP PRESS 2: It has been removed by tow truck

Firefighters driving ambulances ends

SWASFT 3 - Ross Morgan and Chris Attree.

Avon Fire and Rescue Service (AF&RS) concluded its additional support to South Western Ambulance Service (SWASFT) with the final wave finishing at weekend.

During the 18 weeks of support, staff from AF&RS provided 238 shifts driving ambulances and responded to 787 incidents – including more than 80 category one incidents. 

Throughout the course of the support, 32 staff from wholetime, day crewing, on-call and corporate staff drove two additional ambulances based at Nailsea fire station and co-located at SWASFT’s Bristol Ambulance Station.

Those involved were added to a weekly shift rota and the support was spread out across the organisation to ensure AF&RS maintained operational availability.

The move followed an agreement between the National Employers, National Fire Chiefs Council and the Fire Brigades Union to support local authorities and the NHS.

AF&RS station manager and volunteer lead Iain Campbell said: “Working with SWASFT throughout this difficult time was a fantastic opportunity for our staff and the service, but also meant we could support our blue light colleagues in a new and proactive way.

“We know that SWASFT’s modelling showed they would need extra resources during COVID but our staff put themselves forward in unprecedented ways to help, support and ensure there were adequate resources to deal with demand.

“We are incredibly proud of the ways in which we responded.

“The good feeling from the public during this time has been amazing and it’s been great for us to be able to offer this support to a fellow Service at this time.

“This situation has shown how flexible and committed our staff can be when striving to protect our communities during exceptional times and how we can collaborate and strengthen each other.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with both organisations learning a lot about the other, how we both work and ways in which we can continue to strengthen.

“I would also like to thank the staff that supported this from a logistics point of view – Lee Comley and Victoria Williams-Locke – who worked tirelessly to ensure it was a success.”

SWASFT was the only trust in England which approved fire service support to drive on blue lights and already some on-call firefighters have secured roles with the organisation as Emergency Care Assistants (ECAs).


Support statistics:

  • Staff from AF&RS responded to a total of 787 incidents

  • Staff from AF&RS provided 238 shifts

  • Firefighters picked up additional safeguarding work such as fitting a deaf patient with pillow devices

  • From the first support request on in mid-March, trucks were on the road within just 15 days

  • Not one staff member developed symptoms of COVID

  • 12 members of staff will remain trained in case of a second spike


Yatton on-call firefighter Michelle Crossman said: “This has been an incredible time and I am so happy that I was able to support.

“As on-call firefighters, we are often at the heart of the community and this was just another way in which we could support and assist.

“I learnt a lot from my time with SWASFT and hope partner with the organisation more in the future.

“We worked very well together and it is easy to see the benefits this brought to both organisations."

In March, SWASFT formally requested the five South West fire and rescue services to provide ambulance drivers as part of its Covid-19 response.

SWASFT invested in a fleet of 15 additional ambulances, which were driven by 45 volunteer firefighters across the South West 24/7.

From mid-April, they attended lower priority calls with ECAs, but from the end of June, they worked alongside paramedics to respond to all categories of emergency.

The firefighters, wearing their usual uniform, responded to more than 4,500 incidents during the first three months of the scheme.

SWAFST interoperable capabilities resilience officer Derek McCullough was responsible for setting up the scheme.

He said: “We are extremely grateful for the invaluable support we’ve received from all the region’s fire services since April, which has truly benefitted our service to patients.

“This partnership has been a really positive experience for both emergency services.

"AF&RS has helped to make a significant contribution to our patient care and our ability to respond to increasing demands on our service.

"Their support and teamwork has helped to make this project extremely effective.”

Tacks on Nailsea roads wreck tyres

​The malicious vandals who scattered screws, nails and tacks on Nailsea roads appear to be back - for the third time after a space of several months.
In January this year motorists in Orchard Road, Southfield Road and on Trendlewood reported punctures due to metal tacks being scattered along their roads.
In April 2019 at least seven cars suffered flat tyres after nails and tacks were strewed along nearby residential roads.
Neighbours in Chapel Barton, Cherry Road and Orchard Road recovered handfuls of the nails of various lengths which damaged their vehicles.
On Sunday, September 6, it appears the nail sprinkler was back in action.
Hundreds of nails were collected from Union Street, Chapel Barton and Orchard Road.
More than 8,000 were reached on the Nailsea People Facebook page with many saying their vehicles had suffered flat tyres.And more than 55 left comments - here is a selection.
Kris Miller said: "I was in Nailsea last night, got up this morning to a flat front tyre, it has a large nail in it, could just be a coincidence of course!"
Matthew Day said: "This type of stupidity can prove fatal for motorcyclists."
Natalie Thorogood said: "My mum had a nail in her tyre today. Looked like one of these too."
Chris Perry said: "I'm not a builder but these look like nails used for roofing felt ... any roofers missing some nails?"
Paula Heasman-Walsh said: "Hmm, interesting, we live on Orchard Road and my husband had a flat tyre last week. My car was one of those affected last April."

Leanne Bessell said: "I was affected back in April. I didn't realise more people were hit."
The matter is being investigated by police and Neighbourhood Watch has distributed warning letters in the affected areas.

UPDATE: Police are following up on CCTV showing a suspect seemingly caught in the act of showering nails on the road

NAILSEA NAILS: Photo of nails collected from Orchard Road, on Monday, September 7

National Rail

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Baker Dolphin

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Blue Iris Coaches

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Nailsea and District Community Transport

Nailsea and District Community Transport provides a door-to-door transport service for all shopping, health and leisure trips.
Its minibuses are fully accessible for wheelchair users and it has a friendly team of drivers are there to help people get on board.
Services include weekly shopping trips, dial-a-ride, group hire and a full calendar of day trips and outings.
Serving residents of Nailsea, Clevedon, Portishead, Backwell, Long Ashton, Failand and the surrounding areas.
It received grants from Nailsea Town Council to keep it on the road
To contact call 01275 855552, email office@ndct.co.uk or go to its website HERE.
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