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​I lived in Nailsea in the 1960s when my parents owned Mayfair toy and gift shop on Station Road opposite the Queens Head.

I have many happy memorys of Nailsea at that time.

I am trying to contact old friends and school mates I went to Pound Lane school and later to Grove Junior School.

I would love to come back and see Nailsea again.

I have lived in Cyprus for many years now and miss Nailsea very much.

It cheers me up no end reading the Nailsea People website, you do a wonderful job.

All the very best,

Martin Stewart Smith


Ed: Dear Martin, thank you for your lovely email sent via our contact form. We hope some of your old friends reply. It was funny we were talking the other day about the number of people who leave Nailsea only to return. Is your parents shop in this photo? To connect with old Nailsea friends try the Nailsea Then & Now FB page

Please may I use some space in your pages to express a view on the proposal to sell green fields on the west side of Engine Lane in Nailsea for house building.

From the outset I must declare an interest.

I have lived on the Lane for nearly 35 years, and really value the open rural aspect I have enjoyed for so long.

But though, of course, I will deeply regret the loss of this, my main concern is more about the difficulties that building there will create for those new residents and for the town in the future.

On the one hand, we are exhorted to protect our open and green spaces, especially those close to already established conurbations (like Nailsea), for agricultural, recreational and environmental reasons, and for the fresh air we breathe.

Similarly we are warned not to build anywhere that there is a possible danger of current or future flooding, or where such building will add further to water run-off in areas that are already wet.

The fields identified for this proposal are low lying, are set beyond the natural geological edge of Nailsea, and already flood.

The rhynes that take water off the moor from here through south Clevedon are already working to capacity.

We are also advised that the records for torrential stormy weather are likely to continue to be broken, as demonstrated in Cumbria very recently, and, ‘just down the road’ from here, on the Somerset Levels in 2013-14.

On the other hand we are told to build, build, build more and more houses (preferably on brown-field sites, which this is not), more or less, wherever we can, by those in ‘high’ places, who have no local knowledge and certainly, and literally, do not know the lie of the land.

One of the expressed reasons for the Engine Lane proposal is to provide affordable housing “biased towards families and young people” and to try to re-balance the ageing population of Nailsea.

Of course I want young people the chance to have somewhere decent to live and to get on to the housing ladder if that is also their ambition, just as I struggled to do the same when young, despite being refused mortgages, gazumped and then paying mortgage interest well into double figures for years.

But, quite apart from my concerns expressed above, putting young families, who may not yet be very well off financially, on the very edge of the town a long way from most of the town’s amenities, access to which would have to be expensively by car or bus/on foot, is unlikely to be an effective way to integrate young people into the life of the town, or to ‘re-balance the population’.

The significant number of long derelict sites and buildings in or near the centre of Nailsea is well known. Surely some of these be could used and successfully re-developed?

My response to this proposal is not thinly disguised ‘nimbyism’, but a genuine concern for the well being of all who want to live in our town.

The proposal may well be full of good intentions, although driven by government housing targets, but I would hate to think that, maybe long after I have gone, the town realised that it had created a potentially isolated, distant, floodable, and therefore undesirable, place to live in what was once, and could have continued to be, beautiful and useful countryside.

Antony Evans

30 Engine Lane

Nailsea BS48 4RH

Help wanted urgently in the Nailsea area

In the words of my mother 'if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again'.

I put a note out a couple of weeks ago looking for storage for the charity I run - Christian Surfers - which runs lots of events, including the Nailsea community skate Festival.

Our very friendly landlord unfortunately, is selling his premises, so our storage unit - iideally around 4 m x 4 m, or garage size - will no longer be available, and time is moving on to find a solution.

Does anyone know of some space available ideally for a peppercorn rent, but if the right location, then we will be prepared to discuss costs.

A little bit nervous as the moving date is getting closer and as yet we have still not found a solution.

Space just needs to be dry, accessible on ground floor, and we probably only visit it once every two or three weeks.

Height is not an issue providing it's a minimum of 2.5m high.

Huge thanks for any ideas you may have or space to help us.

Thanks so much for any sharing you can do to try and find a solution.

Phil Williams

national director

Christian Surfers UK

Mobile 0777 413 8143

Skype - philsurfboywilliams

As you are reading this letter I will be having a few days’ holiday/recuperation after a long hard election campaign. Throughout the campaign period I was extremely heartened by the positive response to me personally and my election information and commitments.

Over and over again the message was that the electorate intended to vote for a candidate based on their previous commitment and track record in Golden Valley. 

Nailsea residents want similar facilities that other towns like Portishead and Weston-super-Mare have had provided. 

Nailsea is still waiting for facilities like Leisure Centre upgrades, new Library, new youth club etc, etc.

The Golden Valley result was quite staggering resulting in my majority rising from 400 to more than 1,000.

My personal vote was the highest of any councillor in the whole of North Somerset (councillors who had a higher number of votes were in two multi member wards, so their vote has to be divided by two).

In addition I think the turnout for the local elections was higher in Golden Valley than in any other ward in North Somerset (but this has yet to be officially confirmed).

Finally I would like to sincerely thank everyone who voted for me on May 7th and a REALLY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the 120 local residents who helped my campaign tremendously by delivering leaflets, displaying a poster and carrying out polling duties at St Francis Church.


Also well done to James Tonkin (Nailsea West End ward) who will be another strong Independent district councillor for Nailsea.

Andy Cole

North Somerset Independent councillor

Nailsea Golden Valley Ward

I should like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the residents of Youngwood Ward, Nailsea, for electing me as their representative on North Somerset Council, for the next four years.

It is most encouraging to get the backing, yet again, of the people who live in the old Nailsea East ward and also to have so much support from the areas which used to be part of Nailsea North and West.

I shall do my utmost to serve you all to the best of my ability.

Jan Barber,

North Somerset Conservative councillor

Nailsea Youngwood Ward

I would like to take this opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks to all the residents of Yeo Ward who voted for me and kindly supported me in the recent district elections campaign.

I feel very proud that I secured nearly 1000 votes in a ward of 1,600 households, but unfortunately on this occasion I fell short by 5 votes.

I was born in Nailsea and lived here all of my life.  I care about the town, its future and its residents, so I do hope I can count on your support again in the future.

Once again, sincere thanks and warm regards,

Julie Day

Yeo Ward candidate

North Somerset Council elections

Just a short note to all the kind people out there in Yeo Ward who took the time to come out and vote personally for me, I thank you. Assuring you of my on-going commitment to the people and the town of Nailsea.

Cllr Jane Holt

Nailsea Town Council

Now that the election is over, and I'm no longer a candidate I will be unpublishing my Facebook page shortly.

However, our struggle goes on and I will of course remain active with North Somerset Green Party.

Thank you to everybody that has followed me on FB and who supported the campaign, especially my colleagues in the local party including Richard Lawson, an inspiring mentor; election agent Bob Bater, brilliant press officer Adam Davies and of course my long-suffering family!

Most importantly I would like to thank the 3,806 people of North Somerset who entrusted me and the Green Party with your votes.

Your support will not be forgotten as we continue to spread our message and develop the local party for the future.

Signing off for now! 

David Derbyshire

Green Party North Somerset