Peppa Pig's Big Splash - October 2014

Peppa Pig’s Big Splash played to excitable pre-school children and their parents and grandparents at the Bristol Hippodrome this week.

This marvellous little water-themed musical is especially for minors and promotes fun outdoors and healthy eating.

The under fives at Wednesday’s matinee clapped, cheered, waved their hands in the air and jumped up and down with gusto almost matching the energy of the performers.

This all-singing, all-dancing adventure which is full of songs, games, muddy puddles really encouraged audience participation by the little people.

And the hand-held puppetry with no hidden faces was particularly age-appropriate.

The repetitive script works perfectly making it really memorable for the many under fives making a first visit to the big theatre.

It had them spellbound from the opening game of hide-and-seek.

Like an enthusiastic children's TV presenter Daisy bounced from the beginning and introduced all the well-known cartoon characters from the small screen.

The storyline told of a leaking nursery school roof followed by a fundraising fair to ‘fix it’ and ended with a champion puddle jumping competition.

Peppa of course is the hero and everyone helps in the search when his little brother George loses his toy dinosaur including Mummy and Daddy Pig, Danny Dog, Pedro Pony and Suzy Sheep.

With suspect workmanship and bid to steal the splashing competition title only Mr Bull is a bit of a villain.

Celebrity guest Mr Potato and his sidekick Mrs Carrot were accompanied by a calypso beat when spelling out the merits of eating lots of fruit and veg.

And the children were loving-it while learning numbers and colours.

This is the third production in a series of shows which began with Peppa Pig’s Party and Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt.

The sing-a-long songs are from BAFTA award-winning composer Mani Svavarsson and director Richard Lewis adapted the show for stage.

I took along a three-year-old granddaughter who at one point said: "I don't like it and want to go home now."

What was she complaining about was the interval and she quickly cheered up when I explained this was only the first half.

My only complaint was the cost of the big Peppa Pig riding a bike balloon bought in the foyer on the way out.

It cost a whacking £6 when the street hawker outside was selling the same item for £3.

However it was my choice to buy merchandise and if it supports live theatre I shouldn't moan.

All in all it was a joy to watch her Esmae's face and she joined in all the actions.

The bus driver's face was even more of a delight when we caught the X8 home to Nailsea and I am surprised he didn't try and charge for the huge balloon.

Carol Deacon