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I am a retail reviewer ‘reject’

So here for your amusement is the offending review, enjoy.


I like shopping online – the items arrive clean and crisp and not pre-loved with the exception of some eBay purchases but then they were ‘cheap and cheerful’.

And I don’t like dealing with a shop assistant having a bad day.

Where do I usually shop – John Lewis, M&S, Sahara, Next and Miss Selfridge.

Oh and I also watched the television series Mr Selfridge if you are interested?

The granddaughters ‘do’ New Look and so do the daughters especially for shoes.

But our number one love at the moment is Next.

One grandson bought his prom suit from Top Man which was fabulous while two other mums went for the 20 per cent off offer at M&S plus the turndown on trousers.

Must say the M&S chap at Cribbs Causeway knew his stuff (stopped the boy buying brown brogue with his black suit) and was so helpful – the store isn’t always the best for consumer kindness.

We had a fit problem with black jeans at Christmas and eventually after lots of 'returns' chose Top Man and Next - ours boys are skinny.

Where do I window shop?

Well I don’t do 'stupid expenisve' but do like YSL, Jaguar, Whistlers and recently bought a Joules mac but usually skip designer names but love Zara and Mango.

I never do HMS, British Home Stores or Primark - the smell of the chemicals in the materials (and that somebody may see me in the shop) stops me.

Sometimes when I feel devilish I dream Prada or that I am Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman walking down Rodeo Drive.

So why not Top Shop – well, a small flurry of purchases for oldest granddaughter’s sixth form wardrobe were mostly returned due to bad quality – no replacement here for the sturdy weekly uniform wash.

The items – skirt and legging – were refunded no problems but it sort of puts you off.

Also as a size 16 unlike the skinny bints the world isn’t my oyster when on a clothes rail reconnoitre.

But I needed a black T-shirt for holiday and after lots of looks on Googled a Top Shop top was on offer.

It had glowing reviews and was made from a ‘soft jersey’ so I took a chance.

Bingo! It was good, so good I wore for three days in Barcelona and on my return bought another in grey on learning ‘stocks low’.

Not surprised, it is cool fit and washes beautifully.

Website easy to use, filter works and delivery is efficient – thanks Top Shop, I will be back.


Wrote the last sentence obviously before the reject slip (email) told me to read its guidelines for submitting a review.

I can do better than that - I am sharing it with you dear readers.


Tips for writing a good review for Top Shop:

  • Try on the product before you submit a review – GOOD IDEA

  • Focus on the details, fit, quality and value – AFTER YOUR HAVE TRIED IT ON!

  • Avoid commenting on promotions and price as these can change – OH DEAR

We cannot publish comments that include:

  • Inappropriate language – WRITtTEN ENGLISH PERHAPS?

  • Information about other companies – WHOOPS THAT’S WHERE IT WENT WRONG

  • Comments unrelated to this product – I THOUGHT THEY WANTED MY RETAIL WISDOM

  • Personal details - we want to protect your privacy! – SIZE, THOUGHTS?

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service or read our guidelines. WELL I HAVE DONE THAT NOW, COULD HAVE TOLD ME FIRST