Science of good food

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On first visiting Sow and Arrow, you will find it’s a small cafe with wooden rustic signage, it sits between the Veg Shop and The Barber Shop on Old Street, central Clevedon
As you step in you are drawn to the amazing display of cakes and savouries at the counter, but whats different about this place is this delicious array of goodies are actually good for you!.

There is no sign of refined sugar here, a dieters dream, it’s also an amazing find for the coeliacs out there as nothing at all is made with gluten.
You may be thinking with all this goodness, has the taste been sacrificed, well the answer is no!
I ordered the chicken curry that came highly recommended from the lady on the counter, and a salted caramel smoothie.

After a small wait my lunch arrived, it came on a large plate, with turmeric infused cauliflower rice, salad and a side of coconut tortilla chips.

The chicken was smooth and melt in mouth, the curry was full of spice, the cauli rice didn’t taste like cauliflower, in a good way, it was lighter than rice, and really worked as combination.

What’s really impressive though, is not at one point did I feel like I was eating a a healthy plate of food or feel like I had to compromise in anyway.

The caramel smoothie was made up with house-made cashew and almond milk, cashew butter, banana and Himalayan rock salt, very tasty and quite addictive and comparable to other smoothies you can by In the supermarket but without the bad stuff.
For pudding I ordered a mince pie crumble slice, it was enriched with a dollop of Co Yo yoghurt on the top, wow, it’s so nice to think you can be healthy and still have food like this,
Sow and Arrow is run by Pauline Cox who has two science degree plus a master in nutrition and public health.

Pauline believes in the power of food to heal and restore.

She also runs hugely popular health courses at the cafe.
The Ultimate Health Programme covers the knowledge needed to improve energy, lose weight, improve sleep, improve brain function, memory and more.

You can find out more at where there is also an online shop for those unable to visit.
All in all a lovely experience, friendly helpful staff who are happy to explain the health benefits of different meals and drinks, and very tasty food, well worth a visit.

The name is a play on words.

Bow & Arrow a nod to its principles based in the paleo food (caveman diet) and Sow is an emphasis on plant based nutrients.

That is Sow- plan based nutrients Arrow- wild organic meats.

Review and photos by Wendy Derrick