The Link at Nailsea School

The Link at Nailsea School is much more than kicking a ball on the field or learning a foreign language in a classroom.

It runs lots of varied activities and hires arts, crafts and sports facilities to the wider community.

It you want to learn how to belly dance, sew a dress, sing in tune or need a space to run your class or event contact The Link.

The advertisements below give a taste of what is on offer.

When Nailsea School was rebuilt in 2009 part of its plan was to offer ‘community use provision’.

This embraces after school clubs, holiday classes and courses for all the family including leisure, family and adult learning with a variety of culture possibilities.

With its modern building and state-of-the-art sports facilities what The Link has to offer is a far cry from the old evening classes offered in the 1950-70s when boring old university dons gave lectures to workers trying to improve school grades.

Annual bookings include Nailsea & District Model Railway annual show, Nailsea & District Horticultural Society spring and summer shows and Footlights Performance Academy although now it has its own dance studio rehearsals have moved to Blackfriars Road.

The Link is also home to the annual Nailsea Eisteddfod music festival, Alchemy Trampoline & DMT, dog training courses, Nailsea Karate, Selkirk Utd, Tae Kwon Do, Nailsea and Backwell Touch Rugby and Nailsea Basketball to name a few.

For more information about The Link call 01275 866787, email, find its Facebook page or go online by clicking HERE.

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People Working in Open Office
Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson