October 2019

Mums and babies bootcamp

Baby Henry has been going to the gym since he was a few weeks old
Obviously not without his mum Laura
Laura and Henry have their own personal trainer Becky Marshall
Becky runs the bootcamp at Blackfriars Road, Nailsea

Beefy, sweaty men lifting weights the size of several elephants is my idea of a modern-day gym but a visit to a class specifically for new mums in Nailsea soon updates that image.

Called the Mum & Baby Bootcamp it's an @theGym initiative run by personal trainer Becky Marshall, aged 28, and runs on Friday mornings, specifically to help postpartum women get back into shape.

Instead of heaving head height dumpy dumbbells, the little tots get a break from lying on a play mat and are incorporated into the class designed for mums to regain their pre-birth figure and fitness levels, while keeping their newborns close by.

Walking into the exercise room, one of the first things you notice – after the smiles and friendly banter as this class is full of camaraderie - is the parked prams and pushchairs weighed down with bags full of portable baby paraphernalia (bottles, nappies, changing mat, burping cloths).

Visions on social media of celebs posing in figure-hugging jeans seemingly hours after giving birth are a myth and this course allows like-minded mums after an initial recuperation period to rebuild their bodies during a progressive six-week course.

Sweaty Betty

And if the word ‘gym’ conjures up thoughts of a Sweaty Betty workout in a drill room, well, it does get quite strenuous and calls for some exertion – no pain, no gain came to mind.

Even the babies join in with little legs kicking in the air in time to the music doing their own floor exercises.

Becky said: “The mums interact with the babies throughout the session

“This is the third six-week bootcamps we have run.

“The first attracted eight mums, then 12, and now we are full, with 16 mums and their babies.

“It puts mums minds at ease not to be separated from their babies.”

Becky also does kettlebell classes; indoor cycling, legs, bums and tums, fit clubs and PLAY & Teens sessions for youngsters, alongside the many other classes on offer by the strong industrious local Team @theGym in Nailsea.

Laura Tyler, 29, is first time mum to Henry aged five and a half months.

She founded Follow My Lead doggie day care centre and is often seen out walking the dogs.

Laura said: “This boot camp is perfect for me, a bit of recreation and keep fit.

“I recommend this class to all my friends as it isn’t too strenuous as Becky gives people options like when doing press-ups at different levels.

“I was dog walking up until the day I gave birth and within a day afterwards as I am quite an active person, but I advise listening to your body and knowing when it is right for you to start exercising.”

The exercise room is off the main gym to allow some privacy and for breast-feeding mums to feel comfortable, added Becky.

@thegym was officially opened in a converted warehouse on Blackfriars Industrial Estate in the summer of 2017 by the World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall.

Its timetable of training sessions is impressive from spin to boxing, weightlifting to bodybuilding and much more plus its commitment to the community was again demonstrated during the activities organised at the Millennium Park Ngage during the long school holidays; here, we saw fun tug o’war challenges and strongman demos for the young people.

The next mums and babies boot camp starts on Friday, November 8, and it costs £45 for the six weekly workouts lasting 45 minutes with the instructions to bring your own baby!

Carol Deacon