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What's new pussycats in Nailsea and nearby? This is mostly crime, court, human interest received too late for front page, weather and traffic updates - planning issues including new development(s), homes for sale all moved to Property Peeps pages. More immediate updates are on the Nailsea People Facebook page. Breaking news pages pre 2020 are in the archives...


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Outdoor fitness Millennium Park

Nailsea residents who enjoy open air exercise are invited to try out new fitness equipment at Millennium Park thanks to the town council.

We visited on Sunday morning but unfortunately it was raining hard so the apparatus wasn’t in use – the only activity was on the football field where the junior players flanked by a steadfast line of family and friends ignored the downpour and played on.

The free-to-use parallel bars, pull-down shoulder press, air walker, leg press and double pull up bars are for public use thanks to a suggestion by resident Sharon Colley and councillor Joanne Hopkinson who headed the working party.

The five pieces of equipment were ordered by Nailsea Town Council after a resident’s survey to find  out what people wanted.

Town clerk, Jo Duffy, said: “The survey resulted in more than 68 per cent of respondents giving a big thumbs up for the equipment to be installed and the neighbourhood open space of Millennium Park seemed to be the ideal location.

“The land is owned by North Somerset Council so the town council had to obtain landlord’s permission before we could move forward, but once that was received contractors were given the go ahead and installation was completed during the first week of January this year.“I have seen residents using the equipment already and have talked to several users who were enjoying using it.”

Council chairman Mike Bird, said: “We now want as many people as possible to benefit from this 'free gym'.”

Gym equipment.JPG

PARK FITNESS: Pictured top Nailsea Town Council chairman Mike Bird, councillor Jo Hopkinson, resident Sharon Colley and son Peter, vice chairman Emily Miller. Below is the junior footballers and their supporters plus a close-up of the outdoor park aparatus unused in the rain

The cost of the project was £21,393, which includes the safety surfacing and installation.

  • Still under consideration for 2023 is a circular running track at an estimated cost of £23,500 and multi-use games area (MUGA) at £80,000

  • Nailsea Town Council has called an extraordinary meeting for Wednesday, February 1, 7pm at Tithe Barn, Church Lane, to approve buying two electric buses to be leased to Nailsea & District Community Transport based at Southfield Road. The cost of each bus is £80,000 however the council will be able to recover the VAT. This is followed by a community engagement committee at 7.30pm which has included in its agenda a report from the Citizens Advice Bureau. It gave advice on 106 benefits and tax credits queries in Nailsea during 2022 and two homelessness cases. CAB currently has an annual grant from the town council of nearly £20,000 while the N&DCT group gets £13,000. You can find the 36-page agenda papers HERE.


Big bang bother

Nailsea and nearby experience a bit of bother at the weekend.

Someone taking a shortcut across Nailsea Park on Friday, January 27, decided to uproot the Trendlewood road sign and add some graffiti – happily public-spirited residents soon righted the damage.

Then later that night fireworks ‘which sounded like gunfire’ were let off frightening the elderly and animals from Backwell to Tickenham.

Some thought the noise came from Backwell recreation ground.

The big bands left pets ‘trembling’ and could even be heard in Chelvey Batch prompting many residents to sign the petition for ‘quiet’ displays here

More seriously in the early hours of Saturday there was the attempt to steal a wall flue from a home at Cleeve Place.

Thieves thought to be using a black Range Rover sports getaway vehicle attempted a dislodge the twin metal wall flue and neighbours are asked to check any CCTV.

Wet and windy January 2023

North Somerset weather took a turn for the worse in January 2023 with the Met Office issuing yellow warnings for 'persistent heavy rain' nationwide.

The Met Office has said some disruption is expected including flooding of homes and businesses, spray on the roads, increased journey times on public transport, and possible power cuts.
In Nailsea we experienced waterlogged sports pitches and overspill at Backwell lake with residents wondering with hundreds of more houses planned would the situation get even worse in the coming years?

The pothole situation grew worse with the rain and road safety barriers fell down in the wind.

There are more photos of Backwell lake in the gallery HERE.

A big thank you to all who contributed to the photo slideshow.

According to North Somerset Recycling & Waste nets are available to buy at local libraries to stop rubbish blowing away. 


SAD DAY: Thursday, January 5 and full updated report and photos from crash outside Co-op supermarkets on Wednesday evening, January 4 here we understand the shop will reopen on Friday, January 6


New year crash man serious


Dear All, I am sure this evening, Wednesday, January 4, many of you will have heard about the car incident at the Co-op in Hannah More Road.

Whilst this is an active police investigation so there is a limit to what I can at this time say, I like to make sure I update you all as soon as I can to firstly give you what information I can and secondly ensure I can open these communication channels in case you have any further questions.

The incident this evening has involved a car leaving the road, colliding with the wall outside the Co-op, travelling through the wall and into the entrance of the Co-op on its roof.

The driver is currently in hospital with serious injuries and our primary objective this evening is the safety and welfare of everyone involved and the location.

Officers and medics at scene had to manage the male, extracting him from the vehicle and stabilising him prior to going to hospital with serious injuries.

Officers closed the road and an investigation immediately commenced.

Property has been damaged and other individuals in the shop and immediate area received minor injuries.

My team were on earlies today so were not on scene however I have discussed with the sergeant on duty at Weston as soon as I heard of this incident.

Specialist traffic units were deployed in addition to patrol units and they remain dedicated to investigating this as I write.

I am acutely aware of the passionate advocates for road safety in Nailsea and recognise, like every town and area across the country, we have an issue with cars travelling in excess of the speed limit.

On talking to the on duty supervisors this evening the matters in this case is not a case of simple speeding causing this accident, so I would advise against pushing out part-information in social media channels.

As I am able to disclose any further details, I will.

I am sure such incidents, as many things of this nature in Nailsea, will cause a passionate debate on our town’s various social media channels.

Healthy debate is often a positive thing, however my plea is to be mindful of the fact we have someone seriously injured with family and friends obviously in a state of concern.

Where possible please do all you can to support your fellow community members and be cautious in the conclusions drawn and shared about the situation and individuals involved without having all the facts.

Even those residents and employees at scene who may have their views will not have all the information available to them.

If you need facts and I have them, I will give them to you.Having read the latest comments just before sending this I see a comment around this being a fatality.

crash generic pic.jpg

At the time of writing (an hour after that comment) this is not the case and

causes me concern these sorts of comments may reach family when they are not correct, such that I felt the need to correct this.

The individuals injuries are stable at this time though still life threatening, which means such comments on social media really could have a significant impact on those who will be concerned.

We are here to support you as a local community team. I am not in tomorrow however my team is from the afternoon.

Please feel free to contact either A/PS Paul Lewis on or PCSO Chea Scandrett on should you need us to talk to any groups or people tomorrow (Thursday).

I will be asking my team to be present in the area tomorrow afternoon onwards to handle any concerns.

I am back in on Friday (technically from 2pm however I am in from around 9.30am) where I can manage anything beyond tomorrow.

The team will be out in the community on lates and will be available to discuss.

We are absolutely committed to supporting you and helping wherever we can.

I’ll provide further updates whenever I can. I am aware that some will wish to discuss road safety in Nailsea and I am always willing to hold those discussions, but they will be for another day in the very near future. For now we wish all affected by this incident our best wishes and thoughts.


Lee Kerslake (2781)

Neighbourhood Sergeant

Pothole peeps.JPEG

POTHOLE PEEPS: Nailsea resident Emma Longstaff reported to North Somerset Council the massive pothole on Southfield Road, near to the bungalows at the end of the road. She said: “Be careful driving along this road.” Richard Billows said: “I have reported the two along Silver Street. If someone on a push or motor bike hits them there could be a fatality. I believe three people have blown their tyres on these two monsters, the one opposite Whitesfield Road I reported two years ago and it was obviously repaired badly.” North Somerset Council say on its website ‘For us to repair a pothole must be more than 4cm deep and 30cm across in the road, or deeper than 2cm and more than 15cm across on a pavement. A dangerous pothole is one in the road that exceeds these dimensions and is in a location likely to cause a vehicle to lose control’. More information here The huge hole picture by Rachel is part of our Winter Walks slideshow on the Gallery 2023 page HERE. We believe it is on the public right of way farmland track at The Drove?


Improving our green access spaces costs

Improvements have been carried out to a shared bridleway in Nailsea to make is a safer for its users.

Work has been carried out to the Golden Valley Bridleway, which leads from Nailsea Park to Trendlewood Way.

The work, funded and organised by Nailsea Town Council, cost £1,485.60 and includes the filling in of pot holes and other surface repairs.

Five new posts have also been installed and new ‘shared bridleway’ signage has been put in place. It is hoped the new signage reminding users that the pathway is used by pedestrians, horse riders, runners and dog walkers, will help to make it a more pleasant space for all.

The path leads to Golden Valley Vets and it used by parents and children on route to Golden Valley Primary School.

Nailsea Town Council has also allotted £1,500 for the regeneration of Spilsbury Wood which had overgrowth problems.  The council owns an acre of the Tickenham Ridge land.

The woodland is home to lots of local wildlife, and although no established setts there is evidence of visiting badgers.

Sadly, the effects of ash dieback has claimed many of the trees within the wood.

However, this has provided us with an opportunity to replant the area with mixed native species to complement the existing young hazel, yew, beech, sycamore, and spindle that are doing well there.

Any trees that are felled will be left as deadwood habitats.

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