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Peaky Blinder barber

...get a local 'razor' cut

Short, back and sides


The extreme haircut made popular by the Peaky Blinders television series has been updated by a trainee Nailsea barber and is fast catching on with North Somerset fashionistas.

Weston College trainee Russell Hall, of Meadow Close, has updated the distinctive short back and sides ‘gangsta’ style by adding some quirks of his own and it is currently trending with fellow students.

One of the first clients for qualified nail technician Russell, aged 29, was music student and friend Steven-Lee Foan, 20, who is also from Nailsea.

Russ said: “Steve wanted a whole new look and I wanted to experiment with using my new cutting tool - a hair engraving shaving pen.

“The texturing on the top of the hair was created using different razor techniques rather than traditional scissoring techniques.

“The hard parting makes the style stand out and looks fresh.

“After this first cut other clients saw what I did to Steve and wanted either the same or similar style cuts. 

“What is interesting is that this cut appeals to both males and females and takes about an hour to do.”

Russ has ambitions to run his own salon when he has completed his course at the Hair and Beauty Centre at Knightstone campus.

It is a career change of direction for the Russ who used to be a doorman before being diagnosed with a genetic blood disorder which caused him to have a several heart attacks and a series of mini strokes.

Russ said: “The condition I have is called hyperhomocysteinemia which is a medical condition characterised by an abnormally high level of homocysteine in my blood.

"It is a proteinogenic amino acids found naturally in most high protein foods including red peppers.

“This has caused me to have four strokes and three heart attacks.

“I also run a risk of my bones turning brittle and weak, in addition to memory loss and my internal organs deteriorating.

“This has not stopped me from achieving my life goals - if anything this has pushed me to want to succeed and to prove that no matter what people can still accomplish their dreams.”

Doctors advised Russ to give up working but he said his drive and determination to be the best at what he does led him to ignore health warnings and take up hair dressing.

Now in season four Peaky Blinders follows the life and loves of a gang of working class anti-heroes who emit sartorial excellence from sharp dressing to iconic top knots.

However, Cillian Murphy who plays Thomas Shelby is reportedly not a fan of the texturised crop.

He told Shortlist Magazine: "…people like the undercut thing; people go to the barber and ask for a 'peaky cut'.

"It's crazy that people like it, it's not grown on me in four years now.

“I normally keep my hair long."

For some it is the ideal style when growing out a Mohican with its short on the back and sides of the head with a slightly longer length on top.

JW Barbers based at Broad Street, Nailsea, is also having requests for the 1920s crop.

Former Nailsea School pupil Rhys Winstone, 18, is working at Waitrose Nailsea prior to going travelling during a gap year went to the High Street salon.

Rhys had previously sported shoulder-length hair with floppy ‘bangs’ and Snoopy braids.

Rhys who used to play with Nailsea United u16s had his cut at the High Street barbers.

He said: “I love the style and think it suits me.

“I have never watched Peaky Blinders although all my mates say I should but lots of customers coming to the supermarket have remarked by haircut looks like a Peaky Blinder.”

Rhys paid £12 for his cut.

The barber’s shop at Weston College is open Monday to Wednesday and all cuts done by students are £1.

The hours are Monday 4.30-7pm; Tuesday 10am-1pm and Wednesday 12.30-3.30pm

Russ added: “The students on the barbering course are highly dedicated to train to work professionally in the industry and you don’t have to book a Peaky Blinder style!”

If you just want your nails done Russ has a home nail bar and you can book him by calling 0792 986 4856.

Carol Deacon

February 2018

PHOTOS: From top left clockwise an original 1920s Peaky Blinder from Birmingham (1), tv star Cillian Murphy (1) and Steven-Lee Foan (2) at the Weston College salon. Below ​Ethan Mason (3), CeeJay Kirk (1) and Marshal Seth (2) and Rhys Winston (2) at Waitrose Nailsea

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