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We are all guilty of leaving our vehicles in inappropriate places at times but these drivers seem to ignore polite warnings. If you have inadvertingly been caught on camera when reacting to an emergency please email and you will be removed. We will be including reports of speeding and inconsiderate driving on this page too.


Cars Formation

WHITE VAN MAN: Making a delivery to Nailsea town centre he parks in the High Street on double yellow lines and half on pavement. Crown Glass shopping centre has two designated delivery bays but this driver appears unaware 



RESERVED BAY: Final photo of 2022 - perhaps parking will improve in 2023?


PARKED PROBLEMS:  Pavement blocked for mobility scooters and people with pushchairs. Ended in confrontation between car coming round the bend and disabled driver at Hazelbury Road on steep slope. And the vehicle above was left on Nailsea Park for a fortnight. Broken down, stolen and abandonned, airport rogue parking? No-one could work out but cause lots of conversation on the Nailsea People Facebook page in December 2022. UPDATE: We are told it is a courtesy car which broke down and is waiting for gararge collection - still there Monday, January 1 

Valley Gardens.PNG

COMFORT BREAK: Told this crazy corner parking at Valley Way, Nailsea, was because the driver was desperate to use the lavatory - not sure if that is true?


PAVEMENT PARKING: Resident John Seeley took the photographs of this 'inconsiderate and illegal parking' in Dorchester Close, Nailsea which blocked the footpath for people with pushchairs or those using mobility scooters


FLOODING FEARS: New houses planned for Backwell and block drains in Nailsea roads became rivers in November 2022

bad parking.PNG

DOUBLE TROUBLE: This image from social media was posted by Emma Thomas for Halloween. She asks: "Anyone know whose Toyota is double parked on Holford Close off Coombe Road?" She said it needs to be moved pronto as it is causing loads of problems for Nailsea residents and she hopes while it is parked there no one needs an ambulance or fire engine as access is blocked


Make sure your car has valid road tax


A contractors from the DVLA were in Wraxall during the first weekend of September clamping untaxed cars.

Two vehicles, one in Lodge Lane and another on The Elms were clamped.

A resident said: "The vehicles concerned were fitted with bright yellow clamps.

"One subsequently paid up.

"I think it's £100 release fee plus back tax.

"No sympathy as they were both being regularly used and well over six months overdue as was one MoT."

Every vehicle registered in the United Kingdom (UK) must be taxed if used or kept on a public road.

If the vehicle is kept off-road it must either be taxed or have a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) in force.

If not it could be wheel clamped or removed (impounded).

NSL Services Ltd are the National Wheelclamping Contractor on behalf of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to enforce against non-compliant vehicles.

Motorbike, buses and HGV and also subject to these rules.

burned out car.jpg
burned out car.jpg

FIRE BOMBED: At 1am on Thursday, April 7, this car which was parked legally was set on light in Backwell. If anyone on Amberlands Close or Waverley Road has CCTV footage or other information which may help contact the police or Shelley Marie Clark via Facebook. The vehicle belongs to her son


DO NOT PARK HERE: A planned treat to a restaurant in Nailsea had to be abandonned as the disabled parking space nearest had be taken over for hours by this vehicle which was not displaying a badge?

Tina Davey.jpg

LORRY LOADED: Lorry drivers using satellite navigation systems get lost in the narrow roads around Nailsea. This is despite weight limit signs. This HGV was caught driving along Silver Street which has 7.5 tonnes limit .Nailsea Town Council has applied to North Somerset Council for a 7.5-tonne weight limit for the High Street .A consultation on the change took place in February. Nailsea Town Council clerk Jo Duffy said: “The issue with HGV’s using the High Street has been a problem for a number of years The heavy vehicles are damaging the surface of the road."

PHOTO: Tina Davey

Abandonned on forecourt no MoT or road tax posted by Megan Threader, dog groomer at Star S

OWNER SOUGHT: This car is a bit more than parking on the pavement it appears to have been abandonned on a High Street, Nailsea, forecourt with no MoT or road tax. Megan Threader, dog groomer at Star Struck Canines, posted the photo on Facebook asking for help tracing the owner and was advised to ask Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch people for help


SPACED OUT: Lots of fallout from the construction sites to the west of Nailsea about parking which ended up with temporary road closures notices. See January front page HERE. This vehicle pictured in the High Street was taking up two spaces. We think probably a new car and driver was unsure of its length. It wasn't there long. An angryy Backwell parent with toddler in tow and baby in pram was forced to step into busy road to get round this parked vehicle



Poor parking 1 (2).PNG

MOVE OVER BEETHOVEN: One image from the corner of Engine Lane and St Mary's Grove, Nailsea, which we are told are contractors vehicles from the new Taylor Wimpey development at Netherton Grange and the other is a car overlapping the pavement outside the car park at Rodney Road, Backwell shops

Poor parking 1.PNG
'Parked' blocking entrance to hairdressers but some say its broken down.PNG

BMW BREAKDOWN: Nor strictly bad parking on pavement more a broken down BMW on the frontage to the shops near Holy Trinity church. The problem here is it made getting in and out of Mimi's hairdressers very difficult and was left there all day. Not sure if this is Old Church Road or Back Lane or Becketts Lane?

Blocking drive at Backwell.PNG

MY SPACE: This driver was on the school run at Backwell and parked across a private drive. We are told even a polite request to move by the resident who has mobility issues was ignored

Bad parking

Long Ashton Parish Council and North Somerset Council cannot enforce obstruction pavement parking by removing vehicles.

The councils advise the public to report obstruction pavement parking to the police if vehicles are causing a danger or obstruction to other road users or pedestrians.

Avon & Somerset Police's website states that you should report a vehicle to them if it is causing an obstruction or hazard by:

  • parking in a dangerous position such as on zig zag lines or other pedestrian crossings

  • parking opposite or within ten metres of a junction

  • parking over a dropped kerb

  • blocking a road or pavement which causes pedestrians to enter the road

  • preventing you from being able to park or get your vehicle off your driveway (try to find the owner and ask them to move the vehicle, before reporting)

  • preventing emergency vehicles from accessing an area

Options on how to report HERE.

riding into precinct.JPEG

SOMERSET SQUARE: This pavement parking is allowed but witnessed this biker riding his motorbike into the rack by Waitrose store startling people shopping


CAN'T SQUEEZE PAST: No room to get the double buggy past on Thursday, August 18, in Hazlebury Road, Nailsea. We are told the car was parked on pavement for a considerable time

Late for school?

Police are investigating reports of dangerous driving in Nailsea.

A motorist was witnessed by several concerned parents driving this Audi at speed.

One father said: "On Tuesday morning while driving my two children to a football day camp I encountered what I believe was some very dangerous driving. 

"The car in the image tried a number of times to overtake both myself and a mother and her two primary school children riding bicycles in front of me on blind corners and at high speed with no regard for other road users. 

"This was only a couple of roads away from Nailsea School and shortly after driving into the Mizzymead drive the driver came out of the car with two young children of her own. 

"This was an appalling example to set to your own children and I told her to have some patience and consideration for young children but was dismissed by her."
The incident has been reported online to Avon & Somerset police.


The mobility mean streets of Nailsea


Nailsea People has long highlighted the problems faced by people with disabilities negotiating our highways and byways.

See our pavement parking page HERE.

Drivers parking on pavements and overgrown foliage can cause a nightmare for people in wheelchairs or on mobility scooters and parents pushing prams.

Crumbling paving stones and uneven surfaces can trip even the most able-bodies pedestrian.

And access to our railway station has become a decades long campaign.

Now a Nailsea councillor is asking for help to document what it is like for those encountering issues when trying to get around the town.

Dee Holbrook said: “Having been confined to a mobility scooter for six weeks, I have noticed that the streets of Nailsea are not very accessible, in some places downright dangerous for people in wheelchairs, prams, mobility scooters, or those with vision impairment, unsteady on their feet, and I’m sure for many others

“I am putting together a report, with pictures and statements from residents, on the areas that cause problems such as unsafe crossing points, pavements dangerously uneven, badly overgrown lanes, so if anyone wants to add to this a place or experience please let me know

“I will be presenting the report to the town council to be agreed that it will be sent to North Somerset Council for consideration as urgent repairs for our town.”

Please email your experiences to Mrs Houlbrook at

And with some irony a blind Nailsea resident suffered a catastrophic fall this week due to cars parked on pavements and a collapsed paving slab.

Mark Regan was walking in Watery Lane with his five-year-old granddaughter when a concrete slab gave way, causing him and his guide dog, Merlin, to fall into an 18-inch gap in the road.

Merlin the guide dog was already walking out of his usual position, due to the number of cars parked along the pavement.

Mr Regan said: "I can only assume that people parking along there had


weakened the pavement.

“My initial reaction was to call out as loud as I could to draw someone's attention.

"A man saw me fall and rushed to my aid, a nearby nurse practitioner also came to help."

During the incident, Mark suffered a four-inch wound on his calf while his dog Merlin escaped unscathed.

He added: "The nurse which came to help me wrapped my leg as it was bleeding heavily.

“If these people did not help, then I would have probably dusted myself off and carried on with my journey - possibly collapsing down the road.

"Another scary thought is that I usually carry my granddaughters on my shoulders or in my backpack along this route. Thankfully, I did not that day."

Mark was then later taken to Clevedon Minor Injury Unit, where he praised his doctor's service after receiving 10 stitches to his leg.


PAVEMENT PARKING: Caught on camera mid-May 2021 on a Backwell housing estate close to railway station


THOUGHTLESS THURSDAY: May 6 parked on corner of Nailsea High Street on double yellow lines - driver no where to be seen...

Poor parking.PNG
Darren Link High Street.jpg

LOCKDOWN 2021: Not going out, not driving, flat battery which Nailsea Auto Electrical fixed in a jiffy but, and it is good news, no examples of poor parking in Nailsea this year so far this year. Here for your amusement some images 'borrowed' from Instragram. However, days after lockdown 3 ended Darren Ling captured on camera this at an angle pavement paving in Nailsea High Street. The van we are told was quickly moved



Parking Hannah More Road.PNG
Poor parking 1.PNG

BACK TO BASICS: Vlad Bodovschi posted this photograph of a Co-op Nailsea customer parking their silver car across three disabled bays late at night on social media. But Ashley Gray said: “To be fair, neither car would have any difficulty whatsoever getting out - I'm not sure where the perceived harm is?” And Angela Lewis said: “What is Nailsea coming to, they obviously weren’t going to be long the headlights are still on. What happened to being kind?”

Poor parking 2.PNG

SHOCKING STOP: November 2020 starts with this example of poor parking at Tesco Nailsea supermarket. We don't know what this driver ran out of but blocking a family bay is not on


NO PARKING HERE: Mid-October and still examples of poor parking being sent to Nailsea People - concern for access for wheelchair users and in the middle example above how will an emergency vehicle or dustcart get down the road?


WHOOPS PARKING: Spotted in Waitrose car park on Friday afternoon, October 2, we asked poor parking or abandoned navy Peugeot estate? Supermarket staff say most likely explanation is handbrake not on firmly. It nearly rolled into oncoming vehicles

Bad parking.PNG

BOXED IN: There have been fewer cars on the road since lockdown when only essential journeys were allowed so it became easier to park. So it can be infuriating when the car parked in the next bay straddles the lines and forces you to park at an angle. It is even worse still when you return and find the other vehicle has gone leaving you looking like the poor driver. These photographs were taken by Nailsea vicar Steve Tilley and posted on Twitter. The Australian 'no parking' sign is perhaps a step too far but does make you smile.

August 2020 


PARKING PLACES: Vehicles belonging to residents at The Grove, Wraxall straddling two car parking spaces much to the annoyance of fellow houseowners. One said: "You know you get back from work at 3am after another long 20 hour shift and find a car parked over two bays again. We have heard of social distancing but this is an extreme example!" June 2020

PAVEMENT PARKING: Not only on the pavement in Nailsea High Street outside the hairdressers  next to the disabled bay but straddled across yellow lines. Caught on cameras on Tuesday, February 11, and there for many minutes! Not sure if car in disabled bay had taken their space

Only small no-one will notice me parked here

This photograph was taken in a 20mph zone by Teresa Salisbury and posted the Facebook page of ‎Backwell Road Safety Campaign.

The mini driver is the first offender of 2020 but unfortunately we think it won't be the last.

Teresa said: "Classic horrendous, lazy and very dangerous parking on The Crescent / Station Road junction, across the road from Backwell School and literally in front of the bus stop.

"Clearly their child is far more important than the safety of every other child at this current time,

"Seriously makes my blood boil."

Teresa has obliterated the registration number.

If you are caught by Nailsea People we will publish reg nos.

To view the 50 plus vans, lorries and cars we spotted in 2019 scroll down to view slideshow.

car on pavement.jpg


MPs debate nationwide ban on pavement parking

MPs have called for a blanket ban on drivers parking on pavements.

Pavement parking is already banned in London but permitted elsewhere.

The transport committee has criticised government inaction on the issue in a new report.

The panel heard evidence from witnesses who told the politicians that the worst of pavement parking effectively trapped the disabled, elderly and vulnerable, making them “afraid to leave their homes”.

“Pavement parking puts pedestrians in danger when they are forced to move into the road to get around a vehicle or where there are trip hazards due to damage to the pavement,” the report says.

“People with mobility or visual impairments, as well as those who care for others, are disproportionately affected.

“It exacerbates, and is a cause of, social isolation and loneliness for people who feel unable to safely leave their homes or are physically prevented from doing so by pavement parking.”

Transport committee chair Lilian Greenwood said: “This is a thorny problem that may be difficult to resolve to the satisfaction of all, but the government’s inaction has left communities blighted by unsightly and obstructive pavement parking and individuals afraid or unable to leave their homes or safely navigate the streets.

“In the long-term we believe the government should ban pavement parking across England - as is already the case in London.

“Local authorities could create exemptions if they choose to do so, but drivers would know that unless it was expressly permitted it was illegal to park their car on the pavement.”

The MPs recommend that local councils be given extra powers to combat 'anti-social parking behaviour'.

Legislation banning pavement parking is already being considered by the Scottish Parliament.

The practice has been outlawed in London since the 1970s.

The transport committee said it recognised a national ban would take time to implement and recommended the government launch an awareness campaign on the issue.

Conservative councillor David Renard, transport spokesman for the Local Government Association, said councils would welcome new powers to crack down on drivers.

He said: “Pavement parking and damaged pavements is one of the biggest complaints from pedestrians – and not just in London.

“Similarly, repairing kerbs and pavements damaged by pavement parking is expensive and this funding could be better used to repair potholes and provide more suitable parking.”

In 2015, the government promised to look into the issue of pavement parking in England, but MPs said the consultations and reviews carried out failed to improve roadside conditions.

The Department of Transport said ministers were considering their options on pavement parking.

A spokesperson said: “We are committed to ensuring that our roads work for everyone, but we are also aware that pavement parking can cause real problems for a variety of road users.

“The department recently concluded a review to better understand the case for changing the law, and ministers will be considering our next steps over the coming months.”


Silver Street, Nailsea where cars have no kerb appeal


Marooned on main road

A report of a boat and trailer parked at Allington Gardens, Nailsea, reached 4,000 readers when it was posted on the Nailsea People Facebook page on Sunday, September 9. The post said:


Looking for a dry dock this Land Rover and boat are causing waves in Allington Gardens, Nailsea, as despite being taxed and insured it appears to have been left marooned on the main road?

People pondered whether the parking was legal, whether the Land Rover and/or boat were stolen or had it simply been forgotten.

Here is a sample of what some of the 60 plus comments said:

  • Alex Pritchard: ‘Stolen!’

  • Beth Connock: ‘ It was always parked outside a house on Engine Lane. The people moved out about a month ago when it was moved to Allington Gardens.’

  • James Bale Kyle: ‘That’s a cul-de-sac.’

  •  Jason Ridge: ‘People in Nailsea really do need to get a life, nothing illegal in what they are doing and just because the people who live there can’t drive they want it moved. Allington Gardens isn’t exactly the busiest road in Nailsea and is a decent size.’

  • Rich West: ‘That's easy to say when it's not parked outside YOUR house. It might not be illegal but it is a tad inconsiderate, don't you think?’

  • Julia Macintosh: ‘The person who owns the boat used to live in Engine Lane but has now moved away!’

  • Anne Williams: ‘I don’t see what the issue is...they are not on a corner or yellow lines or blocking a drive. The pavement outside your house is not yours...there are more important things in the world to worry about.’

  • Sezzi Davies: “Oh this is brilliant. They’ve even written a poem.’

  • Steven Burley: ‘I pass it several times a day. Can’t see the problem.’

  • Amy Evans: ‘How is this causing any drama at all? It’s not in anyone’s way or blocking anything.’

  • Sammy Fothergill: ‘Taxed and insured get over it. It was parked for years on Engine Lane, bet they didn’t have any complaints there.’

  • John White: ‘It is usually parked in Engine Lane in such a way you cannot see traffic coming up and down the road. It should be parked off road in owners drive.’

  • Mike Irwin: ‘Clearly been parked in that area for a while as it’s on Google Earth.’

  • James Denmead: ‘You will be pleased it’s close to you if there is any winter flooding in the area.’

  • Nailsea People “When you park up, you must not leave a detached trailer on a public road. If it is hitched up it must always be parked with lights on at night on any public road.”

  • Poppy Jenkins: ‘News just in, boat has now been moved to Clevedon, was a very interesting turnaround manoeuvre.’

Litter lout drive-thru lunch break

It isn't only parking on pavements that drives people up the wall.

The pillock in this van made Nailsea resident Josie Smith mad.

She said: "I have just witnessed something in the Waitrose car park that has infuriated me - any chance they can be outed on your page?

"A man in the white van parked poorly while running to the shop to get something to eat.

"He then proceeded to eat whatever it was in the van, get out, look around him and chuck the rubbish in the hedge. 
"What is wrong with people?

"Makes me so sad that this is how people still behave, when we know the impact that the plastic pollution and rubbish that we are creating is having on the world.

"At least have the decency to put rubbish in the bin."

Oh and while talking about Waitrose, the supermarket is also installing registration number recognition in its car park - you have been warned.

I wondered it that means the car parking chap will lose his job?

unnamed (1).jpg
13th March 2019 Pensioner.jpg

Pavement parking a nationwide problem

Elizabeth James wrote this week on Backwell Connect: “This is my first post and it is just a quick request.

“I had friends visiting this weekend and the lady is in a wheelchair, we decided to take a walk down to the lake, and decided to take the back roads as the pavements in Station Road are very narrow.

“The trip was like an assault coarse because of the cars parked with two or more wheels on the pavement some of them leaving no space at all to walk.

“We were forced to walk in the road many times, so my request is, please leave more space than just enough for a person to walk through sideways, as even though I am an experienced wheelchair pusher as a trained geriatric nurse, I found it impossible to navigate safely."

These photographs demonstrate that parking on pavements affects wheelchair users both young and old.

One shows schoolboy Josh Carter, aged nine, who cannot get past cars if they are on the pavement (Picture: Solent).

The other is of  87 year-old Downpatrick man Raymond Stubbington trying to get past the obstacles on his mobility scooter.

Mr Stubbington told the Down Recorder: “It’s absolutely disgraceful and it’s about time something was done about it. The cars are parked everywhere and too close to the our access. Sometimes they even block part of it. I have to pull out onto the middle of the road before I can get a clear view of oncoming cars.”


Won't pay parking at station

Backwell resident Clare Wring has launched a petition to get parking improved at Nailsea & Backwell railway station.

Good luck with that as moves to improve disabled access for more than a decade have come to nothing after GWR managing director Mark Hopwood and Network Rail Western interim managing director Mike Gallop signed a joint letter to Nailsea Town Council pricing the project in access of £10 million and therefore not viable. 

The email concludes 'this is not the outcome we wanted but we will be unable to fund such a significant extra cost without substantial financial support'.

The email which is a public document can be read in full on town council site under its latest minutes.

However, Clare remains optomistic and said: "During recent years, parking in the surrounding areas of the Nailsea and Backwell train station has become somewhat of a problem...

"After a much needed and requested upgrade to the train station car park, it would seem commuters are reluctant to make use of the car park due to the new costs.

"The individuals which do not want to make the small payment required to park there have decided to make use of the residential streets in the surrounding area which has obviously affected these streets in a negative way.
"Roads such as Moor Lane, Moorfield Road and Waverley Road have now become a free for all in the mornings with 50+ vehicles parking there throughout the day and often overnight and even for the weekends, just to avoid making a payment! 
"This carefree parking has left these streets in havoc during the day with delivery/building lorries, council collection lorries and emergency vehicles struggling to pass through, putting residents at risk.

"Often queues are formed on busy junctions where these roads have to become a one way street and with the local schools the streets can become very busy with children crossing and school drop offs. "Sometimes the only way to let a vehicle pass is by mounting the pavement!
"Not only this but some residents have found it difficult to park outside their own homes leaving them searching for somewhere to park in a street which was once a quiet and easy place to live."The thoughtless parking blocks crossings within the streets as people are parking in front of dropped pavements making crossing harder for those with wheelchairs and pushchairs.


"On numerous occasions, children walking to and from the local schools have found themselves in dangerous situations when trying to cross a street in which they cannot check left and right as the vehicles are blocking the view for them, causing blind spots. 

"With the proposed housing expansion, the village will only become worse and an even more chaotic place to live.

"Having moved to Backwell almost 20 years ago as a family we never imagined that parking would be such an issue and it is rapidly become a massive inconvenience and problem during everyday life. "This isn’t the sort of unnecessary stress village life should bring. 
"There have been times when residents have politely asked these individuals to park elsewhere or to use the car park provided and in response they have had rude comments and/or gestures made to them.

"Simple notes have also been made and given to these individuals explaining the risks and impacts of their parking but this is simply not enough and it’s about time something was done to change things...
"Please help make a much needed improvement to the safety of the community by signing this petition as everyone is important in making this change happen!

"By doing so, we can raise awareness to those who have the power to address the situation."

To support Clare and sign the petition click HERE.

After 10,000 signatures, petitions get a response from the government. After 100,000 signatures, petitions are considered for debate in Parliament.

Do not park here

Fee-dodging motorists are not just a Backwell problem.

Rich West lives in Cheddar Close, Nailsea and says his road is slowly turning into a car park too.

Rich said: "Every day we get the same selfish people parking outside our houses and wandering off down to the station, making our lives awkward just to save themselves a couple of quid.

"Some charmer dumped his car right outside our house for over a week while he presumably went on holiday – I wish I’d been around when he came to collect it.

"The temptation to let his tyres down was almost irresistible.

"We even had a couple of cars who had taken to parking in the reversing circle opposite our house, making access and egress to/from our drive extremely difficult.

"Eventually I took to writing out a note which I left on their windscreens – it did the trick, possibly because I took a friendly approach rather than the annoyed 'f*** off out of our road' that I would like to have done! "
The text of Rich's note minus the 'dear' and with offending registration number added is published here.


Dear Driver,

For your info: please note that this is a turning area, not a parking space. 

By obstructing it, you are not only contravening both Section 103 of the Road Vehicles (Construction And Use) Regulations 1986 and Highway Code Rule 242 (both of which state that a driver must not leave their vehicle in a position which causes any unnecessary obstruction), but more importantly you are also putting your car at considerable risk of collision from reversing vehicles like bin, recycling lorries and courier vans,

There have been a couple of near-misses already. 

So please, don’t park here. Thanks.


Fire engine on call stuck in drive

A Nailsea fire crew on a call couldn't get out of its drive on Tuesday afternoon, July 2, because of badly parked cars in Pound Lane.

The firefighters were trying to attend a large bonfire blaze further along the road.

But they were left stuck for approximately 20 minutes before one of the vehicle owners was located and asked to move.
An Avon Fire and Rescue spokesamn said: "Thankfully, this was not an emergency situation but we would like to remind drivers to park considerately.
"Drivers don’t always appreciate the size of a fire truck and park with only enough space for cars to pass.

"When we manoeuvre through tight streets, we can rarely travel at speed, if at all.
"We would like drivers to just think a little bit more about the space they are leaving, allowing enough space for us to pass.

"This really can be life or death so minutes of delay can make a big difference."
Earlier Nailsea Fire Station tweeted a picture of the fire engine stuck in the lane, and said: "Please give some thought to emergency service vehicles when parking, we were unable to exit from this lane due to vehicles parked on both sides."
Following this afternoon's incident, Avon Fire and Rescue have reissued the following tips for responsible parking:

  • Pull in your wing mirrors (don’t forget to flip them out before driving off)

  • Don’t park too close to corners, fire engines are larger than cars and need more room to turn

  • If you’re parking opposite someone, remember that a fire engine needs 3m, or two car widths, to pass safely

  • Make sure your wheels are straight and not sticking out

  • Park as close to the kerb as you can

  • Always follow the Highway Code and obey the road markings such as yellow lines and box junctions

  • In narrow streets, only park on one side of the road where possible

  • Make sure you leave enough space for pedestrians on the pavement

  • Don’t block driveways

Nailsea People has been running a feature with 40+ photos in the slideshow (on this page scroll down) about poor parking espeically on pavements.

This prompted a reader sent this message via our Nailsea People Facebook page about poor parking at schools.

They said: ‘This is worse than parking on the pavement. They may be late or in a rush, but it is not safe or acceptable to risk the lives of youngsters by stopping or parking on the zigzags outside Golden Valley Primary School, Nailsea Park, you may only be there a minute, but it only takes a second for a child to get hurt, and God forbid if that child was yours.”

Nicki Baber commented: "Parking around Pound Lane is appalling.
"I must also say as you come down towards the fire station and turn left past it the cars that park close to the entrance is also to close , that will cause an accident one day."

Sammy Fothergill said: "There aren’t many yellow lines on Pound Lane.

"Parents at all schools need some where to park.

"There is no thought process to the people that park outside the fire station, they block the entrance to on coming traffic.

"There should defo be yellow lines there."

Anne Williams said: "Apparently if in an emergency and fire engines cannot get through they are within their rights to plough through the cars."

Gill Followell said: "Parking and driving of parents in general around Golden Valley Primary School is atrocious.

"Letting children out on the road side of the car, doing U-turns in the road or around the junction of Ash Hayes, really poor parking and no road sense or consideration of other road users."

Maggie Pearson said: "I was driving along Pound Lane last Friday, just as the children were coming out.

"Cars were parked waiting, on both sides, an ice-cream van also was parked, just outside the school gate, surrounded by excited children running into the road." 
Jessica Williams said: "The parking at Golden Valley is dangerous when trying to cross, especially with a buggy and not being able to see but there is such a lack of parking around there so really it can’t be helped.

"With the huge field there is you would have thought some sort or permission could have been granted for an extra car park."

Pavements are for people


Nailsea resident Marcin Dzieniarz says his recycling hasn’t been collected from Wincanton Close for three weeks.

The reason is the North Somerset Council recycling lorry can’t get down his cul-de-sac because the entrance from Vynes Way is blocked by badly parked vehicles.

Last year we ran a successful 'name and shame' campaign for poor parking in Nailsea and nearby.

It has certainly made me more careful when in the supermarket car park that I had positioned my vehicle squarely within the white lines.

The number one complaint is parking outside schools followed closely by commuters clogging the residential roads near the railway station to avoid paying at the official car park and inconsiderate parking at our supermarkets.

Here in the slideshow are just some of the bad examples from April 2019 from Nailsea and Backwell you sent to Nailsea People.

The post on Nailsea People Facebook page reached nearly 4,000 and attracted 59 comments.

To add other examples to this feature email your images to - watch this space.

Chris Perry said of a driver hogging two spaces at the supermarket: “This car must have been parked by an airline pilot as they have landed their car almost right down the middle of the car park runway.”

And Elaine Edwards sent us a photo of her damaged vehicle.

She said: “I like to name and shame the person who hit my car in Tesco supermarket car park and didn’t leave a note.”

Erin Townsend said: “Parking on Valley Gardens is madness.

“People have parked there to go to work.

“One set of cars on one occasion completely obstructed the road.

“No cars could get through.

"Common sense seems to be disappearing.”

Mum Lauren Higgins said: “There was a car parked on the pavement the other day forcing me to push my pram on the road and what makes it worse they had a car seat in their car so they know how dangerous it is.”

People told of mobility scooters and parents with pushchairs being forced into the road to go around an obstruction and a debate on the legality of parking on the pavement ensued.

The top of Church Lane alongside Holy Trinity has been nicknamed Knob Corner because of the poor parking, said Mike Wadsworth.

But from Sussex to Cornwall the problem isn’t just in North Somerset.

Natalie Nye said: “Where I come from in Brighton, we used to get it bad, people blocking the pavements so prams can’t get through.

“We used to phone the non-emergency police and they came around the same day and ticket the offending cars with fines.”

Former Nailsea Town Council chairman John Clegg said: “It’s the same everywhere I’m afraid.

“We have some awful examples in Falmouth where I am exiled."

“We even have our own Facebook page called Pavements R4 People - Falmouth.”

Since 1974, Highway Code rule 244 has stated that drivers ‘must not park partially or wholly on the pavement in London and should not do so elsewhere unless signs permit it’ but this doesn’t apply to Nailsea or Backwell.