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July 2018

Our town is a very nice town

Our town is a very nice town


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Two Nailsea town centre restaurants are up for sale. Go to our property peeps page to find out more by clicking HERE.

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Fairs, films and flower shows - July is carnival and festivals for Backwell and Nailsea. Click HERE to read more

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Blue for a dear little boy


On Friday and Saturday, July 13-14, family and friends from Nailsea will be wearing Blue For Bailee to raise money and awareness for the palliative care and bereavement team at Bristol children's hospital.

Bailee Cook, aged four, died suddenly in April this year.

The much-loved and popular little boy was in reception at Golden Valley Primary School at Nailsea Park.

Fellow pupils will be joining in the fundraiser as a tribute to their classmate.

Headteacher Kevin Lynch said: "This coming Saturday would have been Bailee’s fifth birthday and with his parents we have been talking about holding a special day in Bailee’s memory.

"I have agreed in exchange for a donation towards the family’s chosen charity that the children can wear blue clothing on Friday as this was Bailee’s favourite colour.2

"Golden Valley's young musicians will also be wearing blue during the Friday afternoon concert."

The school is hoping to install a special bench in Bailee’s memory at a later date.

For parents Jemma and Lee this is their way of saying ‘thank you’ to the hospital ‘who have been a fantastic support through such a hard time’.

Jemma’s sister Stephanie is helping her coordinate the Blue For Bailee event for the youngster who would have celebrated his fifth birthday on Saturday.

She said: “We would like to raise as much money as possible to those that supported and took fantastic care of our brave little man.”

Big sister Gracie-Leigh, aged seven, said: "Bailee was so funny and annoying and never left me alone he was really fun to play with and really silly with his friends, I miss him sitting on me when I try and have peace and quiet he is the best brother ever."

This week the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal is showcasing some of the fantastic work the palliative care and bereavement team do on their social media.

Established in 1995 it has raised £50 million to support sick babies and children and their families at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

This is in partnership with Aardman Animations who generously allow the charity to use the multi-Academy Award winning characters Wallace and Gromit to spearhead its fundraising.

To join in the memorial tribute wear blue this week, share this story and click HERE to donate.

UPDATE: The £500 target has been surpassed and on Monday, July 16, the total stood at £1,961 but please keep on giving.For a photo of Golden Valley Primary School reception class dressed in blue go to our charity peeps page by clicking HERE.

CHARITY DAY: Top is a collage made by Bailee's parents for the Just Giving page and below images from three years ago when the caring sisters Jemma and Stephanie ran a successful pre-Christmas shopping mart at the Ring O’Bells to raise monies for several children’s charities.


Nailsea woodland freehold for sale

Developers appear to have given up getting planning permission to build on woodland off Trendlewood at Nailsea and have put the half acre plot up for auction with a guide price less than it sold for 10 years ago.

Hollis Morgan hope to sell the land as Lot Number 25 with a guide price of £10,000+ on Wednesday, July 18, at an auction at All Saints Church, Pembroke Road, Clifton.

The sale will begin promptly at 7pm.

The blurb says ‘a truly unique opportunity to acquire a parcel of land approximately 0.5 acres with road frontage and mature copse to the rear’ which it understands the has been designated as Local Green Space.

It adds ‘a unique opportunity to purchase a miniature woodland in this sought after residential location’ and warns previous planning applications on the green space have failed.

Property developer Vince Nguyen paid £36,500 for the small copse on behalf of his Rooksbridge based company Land Promotions (Group) Ltd in July 2011.

But his controversial plan to build two upmarket homes at Nowhere Lane provoked a huge outcry from neighbours, environmentalists and Nailsea town councillors.

Nailsea People is led to believe the land was offered once in the intervening time but withdrawn before the public were given the opportunity to bid as ‘sold prior to auction’.

The seller in the current auction pack is listed as Steven John Dukes, of Marsh House, Marsh Street, Bristol, who on the land registry paid £30,000 in September 2013.

The site forms part of a bridle path to East End House and the woodland is home to a variety of wildlife including badgers, owls and pipistrelle bats and features around 60 trees, including oak and ash, which are protected by preservation orders.

North Somerset Council refused permission saying the site plays an important role in the character and amenity of the area and the land retains an attractive landscaped appearance and includes a number of protected trees.

In its letter of refusal it said: “In terms of urban design it is fundamental in providing a visual break between the surrounding housing developments. This in turn contributes positively to the visual character and amenity of the area, which is particularly important given the prominence of the site adjacent to the main distributor road at Trendlewood Way and well used bridlepath at Nowhere Lane. The development of this valuable area of open space would have a detrimental effect on the visual character of the area, on adjoining trees subject to TPOs through pressure to reduce canopy spread to increase daylight to the proposed dwellings, and would have an adverse impact on land which is of local importance as a habitat for wildlife.”

Nowhere Woods is now a 5.4-hectare community park and managed by a team of conservationists.

The name Trendlewood appears to mean ‘round wood’ and the name Nowhere Wood is derived from a small hamlet linked to the village by a footpath, Nowhere Lane that still runs through the wood.

Until about a 100 years ago the wood contained several Pennant Sandstone quarries and it would have been a very noisy and active scene.

Since being abandoned, the trees and shrubs have grown to cover the spoil heaps, and vegetation overhangs the rock face. 

The wood is full of birdsong and the drumming of woodpeckers in the spring.

Squirrels have built their drays in the trees and at dusk the bats come out to forage.

Generations of local people have used the wood as a route to school and work.

Others use it as a place to walk the dog or to enjoy a peaceful stroll.

The quarry face is the best local example of the Pennant Sandstone rock which sandwiches the coal measures, that was mined in the 19th century in many pits around Nailsea.

The stone was used widely for building even as far away as Bristol.

When the Trendlewood development was built in the 1970s, the land was put aside as green space for residents.

The council at the time was due to officially adopt the land as public open space, protecting it for the future, but failed to do so.

As a result, the land, which has since passed into private ownership, has been subject to a number of planning applications over the years – all of which have been refused.
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​Trading at the familiar location in Nailsea, The Tek Hut will continue to offer the same cost effective, new laptops and PCs, upgrades, onsite support for homes and businesses through to a wide range of workshop services and accessories.

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