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January 2018

Our town is a very nice town

Circling The Lake

Sunday afternoon


Our lovely area of North Somerset is threatened with a further 4,000 houses.

It isn't we don't want people to have homes to live in but a mass influx of newcomers without the jobs, schools, roads and health facilities has all the potential for social unrest.

And the proposal to put a four-lane motorway through Backwell lake would be both laughable and ludicrous if the planners weren't serious.

The best things about our area is its location, community spiriit, low crime rates and our beautiful green countryside

We know the people of Nailsea have been protesting since 1960s and villagers from that era may have no fight left but those who remember the unrest by young people in the 1980s know social cohesion is difficult with rapid growth.

On Sunday afternoon, January 7, more than 600 people - double the number expected - joined hands around Backwell lake to protest at the proposal to build a four-lane motorway with metro bus links on the beautiful rural space between Nailsea and Backwell.

It was organised by Backwell Resistance and Nailsea people were invited to join in.

Beforehand Backwell resident Rachael Dawson said: "Sunday is go, go, go - we are able to use the lake ground to spread the word about the potential impact on our community and environment by the Joint Spatial Plan and to see if we can meet the challenge to Circle The Lake by holding hands.

"It’s a family afternoon celebrating our wonderful community, so anything that you think would be of interest to bring along or showcase please let us know via our Facebook page.

"We estimate that we need 300-400 people to circle the lake so please spread the work and come on down."

Public comment on the JSP for the West of England region will close on Wednesday, January 10.

The JSP will help to guide planning for housing and business growth across the Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire council areas for the next 20 years.

Full details of the draft Plan and how to take part in the process are available online by clicking HERE.

All submissions made will be considered alongside the JSP, when they are passed to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate in early 2018.

PHOTO: Circling the Lake - more photos in Gallery 2018

Words (and chat) from Nailsea mum

A former Nailsea School student has landed a second series of her own irreverent television chat show.

Maybe not quite on par with Graham Norton or Vanessa Feltz...yet...but our own Zeena Moolla is making a name for herself in front of the camera on the Made TV Network which is attracting four million viewers every month.

With celeb guests, parenting chat and, most importantly, plenty of wine, the new series of Word to the Mothers is a must-watch for any mum in need of a laugh and some honest conversation..

Starting Tuesday, January 9, at 8pm across the network, the new nine-part series, inspired by the same-titled mum blog, will see North Somerset host and journalist, Zeena joined by special guests, including Good Morning Britain’s Richard Arnold; CBeebies’ Ferne Corrigan; and Lorraine Kelly’s resident chef Dean Edwards.

Zeena, aged 44, who lives with partner Pete and their two pre school children in Long Ashton said: "The aim of the show is to debunk the parenting myths, with some candid chat and a much-needed sense of humour.

"Some people really liked my cursey, testy sense of humour – The Mirror, Good Housekeeping, The Sun, Bristol Life, Netmums, shotdeadinthehead and KidRated, among them - some people were less keen.

"A few trolls said I was a shit mum and the NCT, having initially asked me to write something for them, declared that on reflection, perhaps my blog was ‘not on-message’ for the NCT." 

"On the tv show we discuss everything from surviving soft play, to the merits of mums as UN ambassadors which would, we decided, basically entail putting a few world leaders on a time out, and dishing out Freddo Frogs for good behaviour…

“In short, Word to the Mothers should feel a mum mate – the type who would never judge if you brought a shop-bought cake for the school bake sale, or if your ‘handmade’ World Book Day costume was courtesy of Amazon Next Day delivery.

"Instead, Word to the Mothers is more the type of mum mate to pour you a glass of wine, and share a story about the time she rocked up at the school gates on an inset day, just to make you feel better about your own parenting…”  

Zeena grew up in Hillcrest Road, Nailsea during the 1980s and says she spent most of her youth peering self-consciously out of a big, lacquered fringe, dreaming of a life beyond the vicinity serviced by the 354 Badgerline bus service.  

She said: "Like a lot of kids growing up in a small town, I had a love/ hate relationship with Nailsea.

"Getting served in The Royal Oak felt like the teenage holy grail, and in the meantime, there was a lot of time killed buying sweets in Somerfield and affecting adulthood with a nasty cup of coffee in the Golden Spur. 

"After fleeing to the more exotic climes of university life in Sunderland, followed by 13 years living in north London, Nailsea is, of course, wrapped in nostalgia now.

"My Saturday job in Chantelle, the clothes shop where the new, fancy M&Co currently stands, provided me with the cash and freedom to spend happy Friday nights at Wraxall Youth Club, sporting new bat-winged tops.

"I believe there should be a plaque where Boots Opticians is now, in honour of the apple doughnuts its predecessor Mountstevens Bakery used to do.

"And my first sip of a (legitimate) pint of cider in the Oak is probably the sweetest sup to date.

"I moved to Long Ashton in 2014, and every time I go to Nailsea to see my dad or do a bit of shopping up the precinct, its familiarity and warmth genuinely fills with me with happy memories.

"But I can’t pass the Oak without feeling like I should be wearing more make up, and hastily calculating a fake date of birth in my head…

“I was really touched by the response to series one! I received so many messages and comments from people saying how much they’d enjoyed it, which is amazing to hear and I am hoping series two has the same response."

Tune in on Tuesdays at 8pm to Made in Bristol on Sky Guide 117, Freeview 7 and Virgin 159. You can watch live or catch up online at

 Nailsea School alumni 


Past students of Nailsea School have gone on to study at many prestigious universities including Cambridge and Oxford and its alumni boast an impressive range of careers and vocations.

From filming in Hollywood to treading the West End boards the school has also produced notable politicians, sports stars and academics.

Here is a (not inclusive) list for 2018:

  • David Smith – Washington bureau chief of The Guardian

  • Steve Brand – film star The Rock, NCIS

  • Kate Cook - film producer

  • Professor Nigel Thrift PhD DSc FBA, vice-chancellor of University of Warwick

  • Claire Perry Conservative MP for Devizes 

  • Kimberly Partridge actress

  • Ben Langley entertainer

  • Jo Parson West End star

  • Zeena Moolla TV presenter

  • Jasper White photographer

  • Louise Howells Emmerdale actor

Although screenwriter Ashley Pharaoh is another famous son from Nailsea he went to QEH in Bristol and Adge Cutler went to school in what is now the Tithe Barn. Email with any glaring omissions.

STORM ELEANOR: A few fences went over in the high winds and the seafront at Clevedon got a battering but mostly it was rain, rain, rain. The fields surrounding Nailsea flooded but hopefully sporting fixtures at the weeked will not be affected. High tide at Weston-super-Mare flooded the seaside cafe and back in May 2017 the Weston Mercury reported North Somerset Council as one of the worst authorities for permitting new housing developments in areas at a high risk of flooding. The authority is fifth on the list of councils in England ranked by how many new houses have been approved for flood-prone land. In 2015 and 2016, 58 per cent of all new houses in North Somerset were built in areas at a high risk of flooding – despite this type of land accounting for just 30 per cent of the entire district. The Met Office says Storm Eleanor is now over the North Sea and although winds are not expected to be as strong as during Tuesday and Wednesday, it has left a swathe of strong winds in its wake. Some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport are expected. Delays for high-sided vehicles on exposed routes and bridges are also possible, and there is also the potential for some short term loss of power supplies. However, sunshine is predicted for Sunday, January 7. Thanks Phil Williams, Kate Bushby, Deb Bear, Diane Snape and Ian Jenkins for the photographs.




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