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December 2019


Two new detached Nailsea homes for sale in December by Property Peeps page sponsors Hunters Estate Agents and Letting Agents in the High Street. Plus news that developers will have to contribute a million £s to build nearly 500 new homes on the west side of Nailsea. Read more HERE

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Under the What's On dropdown menu is a festive Christmas page with craft fairs, pantos, places to feast and the countdown add your entry email Click HERE to do directly to the page

Christmas Tree Ornament

SAVE THE PLANET: Flooding, pollution, loss of wildlife - end of the world? Have your say at a public meeting hosted by Nailsea Town Council climate emergency working party. This is on Wednesday, December 4, 6-7pm, at the Tithe Barn, Church Lane. Nailsea Town Council declared a climate emergency in September 2019. This working party was formed and has since met twice to formulate and discuss ideas on how Nailsea Town Council as an individual council can reduce its carbon footprint along with exploring how, as a community, we can all work together to become more environmentally friendly. Everyone is invited to this open meeting to discuss ideas on how people can reduce Nailsea’s environmental impact. The working party will then investigate and shortlist ideas with a view to implementing positive change in 2020. If you are unable to attend you make email your questions/suggestions to

New slideshows added include Remembrance Day and Tapathon plus dates of Backwell Camera Club meetings on the gallery pages.

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MEET THE CANDIDATES: Details of the North Somerset candidates for the fourth General Election this decade on Thursday, December 12, go to the political peeps page by clicking HEREGeneral Election Husting for the North Somerset Constituency is on Tuesday, December 3, at Nailsea Methodist Church, Silver Street. Doors open 6.30pm, husting starts 7pm prompt. Questions in advance by email to


It was good to talk

The iconic red telephone box at Nailsea High Street is threatened with disconnection as no-one is using it to make calls.

Red telephone boxes have been a feature of our streetscapes since 1926 and there has been one in the High Street for at least 60 years although not always outside the supermarket nearest the village green.

British Telecom have informed the council that its future is under consideration, but no decision has been made yet.

Nailsea Town Council chairman Jan Barber doesn’t know whether anyone feels strongly enough to fight to save it.

She said: “There was discussion about the telephone box and a suggestion we should fill it with flowers as they have done all over Bath. 

“This can look very effective but maybe it would be subject to vandalism and high maintenance. 

“One councillor thought we could install a defibrillator but there already is one on the High Street.

"I think they meant the one outside the Tithe Barn which the town council have certainly offered to take over - this happened some time ago, but as no progress has been made it is still active as a phone box.”

Nationwide old BT phone boxes are being sold off and converted into miniature libraries, museums, ice-cream parlours and even coffee stalls.

In the 1980s there were more than 70,000 but in the past decade this has dropped to 5,023.

There are less than 1,000 red telephone boxes left in the south west.

The death knell to the red telephone box coincided with the widespread use of personal mobile phones. 

Under the £1 BT Adopt A Kiosk scheme, communities can retain a red kiosk providing certain criteria is meet.

The scheme has been successful in transforming unused payphone kiosks and preserves the heritage of the red kiosk, particularly in rural locations.

In Devon the world’s smallest mini disco was created from an old red phone box while in Cheltenham 10 old phone boxes were transformed into mini art galleries.

In Cheshire an old phone box was transformed into a Book Swap scheme allowing local residents the chance to take and deposit books.

There are several ‘types’ from the K1 Grade II concrete design to the K6 introduced in 1935 mostly painted in ‘currant red’.

Then came the K7 which went no further than the prototype stage. 

K8 was introduced in 1968 which came in a slightly darker pillar box red.

UPDATE: Nailsea Town Council is going to try to buy the High Street red telephone box and once the transaction has been completed will decided what to do with it.

Mrs Barber added this week: "Judging by the one outside the Tithe Barn this could take some considerable time."

Payphone High Street.PNG
red box 1960s.png

RUBBISH REASON: The 13 recyling bins including the charity skip at the Clevedon Road car park were due to be removed on Friday, November 29, and people redirected to the Backwell tip.The reason given is persistent fly tipping. Overuse and not emptied often enough seem to be the real reason. Please note Backwell recycling centre is closed on bank holidays.

UPDATE: North Somerset waste manager Colin Russell has told Nailsea Town Council the bins will be retained until February 2020. The delay is due to the impending Christmas/New Year holiday catch-up. We are told council officials having listened to the outcry and also want to see if there is another more suitable location in partnership with a local business

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TAKE THAT: Where's Gary Nailsea School calendar is on sale now at School Togs. The travels of staff and students wearing this 'out of our heads' cut-out mask is still trending on Twitter and is part of the 60@Sixty anniversary school fundraising. Meantime nice Mr Barlow has been sadly unresponsive!! More on School Peeps page or join fun at #nailseaschool.

Cheese and Biscuits plus beers to taste.

Cheese, biscuits and tasting tots with beer for sale too

All delivered free (orders over £125) this December
Dreaming of a 'white' Christmas?
As well as a host of household fittings, fixtures and furniture the store offers competitively priced leading makes of fridges, freezers and cookers and much, much more

Read more on the Nailsea People shopping page here 

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is powered by
The TEK Hut


The TEK Hut was started by Ben Parker in the summer of 2018.

For 12 years Ben had been one of the team at The ICT Workshop which provided a wide variety of computer services to Nailsea, Clevedon, Yatton, Backwell and even Weston-Super-Mare. 

Ben felt it right to continue the same great service customers had previously experienced but under new branding for a new business and The Tek Hut was born.

​Trading at the familiar location in Nailsea, The Tek Hut will continue to offer the same cost effective, new laptops and PCs, upgrades, onsite support for homes and businesses through to a wide range of workshop services and accessories.

Del's Window Cleaning Service

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  • Activitywear: Uniforms and accessories for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

  • Nailsea School 2020 calendar

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School Togs

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Nailsea bed and breakfast
A home from home at Highdale the family-owned bed and breakfast at Nailsea. The B&B at 82 Silver Street is run by Tony and Tina Davey. Call 01275 858004, email, or go online by clicking HERE for more details 
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