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What's new pussycats in Nailsea and nearby? This is mostly crime, court, human interest received too late for front page, weather and traffic updates - planning issues including new development(s), homes for sale all moved to Property Peeps pages. More immediate updates are on the Nailsea People Facebook page. Breaking news pages pre 2020 are in the archives...

The lights at Nailsea skatepark are back on Wednesday, November 15.

And the young people are really happy.

Still not totally sure the times they are supposed to be on but at dusk Nailsea Skatepark Project had light.

Nailsea Town Council clerk Jo Duffy said: “Due to vandalism the timer had been damaged beyond repair and had to be replaced.

“The planning permission for the lights only allows us to have them on until 8pm.

“We are looking into whether we can get the planning permission extended, but this will take at least two months to sort out (due to consultation times).

“Our electricians are investigating whether the lights can flash five minutes before they turn off to give people the opportunity not to be mid manoeuvre when the lights go out for the night.”

A delegate of young people consulted about issues at the last community engagement committee chaired by James R Turner and a resolution was promised.

Nailsea Junior FC chairman Ben Watts said: “Let’s extend the lights at Nailsea School astroturf which is also 8pm.

“Should be at least 9pm maybe 10pm in line with all other local all-weather pitches.

“This would allow the local community clubs extra slots through the week instead of having to travel to Clevedon and Failand with additional costs.”

And we have light

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West Leigh Infants School at Backwell is one of six North Somerset schools to get funding for improvement of school gate safety. The improvements, funded by the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund, are to encourage safer travel on foot or by wheel. The changes to create 'school streets' involve the introduction of temporary restrictions on motorised traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times. The restrictions apply to school traffic and through traffic. Access is maintained for residents and for other requirements, such as dropping off children who have mobility difficulties and cannot walk far. Read more here


North Somerset Council has given permission for four trees subject to a blanket TPO (tree preservation order) to be felled. It has been deemed the giant cherry and three beech trees are responsible to causing subsidence to a neighbouring property at Bibury Close, Nailsea. The trees were planted on the parkland as a hedgerow many years ago, but their height was not monitored. Nailsea Town Council tried to protect the open space when it was discovered to be owned by developers by applying for the area which adjoins Trendlewood Park a Town Green. This has been thwarted by several changes in land ownership after plots were offered at auction. In April 2023 London Auction House sold the quarter of an acre with plans not passed for four 3-bed houses with off street parking for £78,000 but this sale fell through and since then there have been several changes of landowners. Read more here


North Somerset Council has installed devices to count the number of people using its public rights of way across the area. Throughout North Somerset there are more than 500 miles of public rights of way. The new counters will provide a simple and effective way of monitoring usage and are a great investment for gathering information which will be used to tailor the council’s maintenance programme, prioritising the routes that are used the most. 15 counters have been strategically placed on footpaths, bridleways and cycle paths. The project, which cost £16,500, was jointly funded by North Somerset Council, the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and National Grid. More information here


Former Nailsea School student Sam Bell made his England debut for the Elite League squad against Italy at the Eco-Power Stadium, Doncaster on Thursday, November 16. The 21-year-old who currently plays for Bristol City and has established himself in the first team, played 62 minutes in a wide right position in front of a vocal crowd of 4,714. England, who lost 3-0 in a scoreline which flattered the visitors, have their next outing on Monday, November 20, against Germany at Jahnstadion Regensburg.

Saying thank you for poppies

Nailsea in Bloom gardeners raised £1,500 for the Royal British Legion from the sponsored remembrance poppies planted in the flower beds.

Nailsea in Bloom chairman Wendy Mobbs said: "We would like to thank everyone for their support.

"The remembrance poppies in flower beds and the stalls at the farmers' market and Eat:Festival raised and amazing  £1,500 for the RBL."

For a minimum £5 donation people put the names of up to four people on the wooden crosses.

The flower beds are by the fire station at Pound Lane, the flower bed opposite Iceland supermarket on Station Road, in the bed at the Garden of Remembrance off Stockway North, pictured, and opposite Tesco supermarket on the corner of High Street where the Tommy silhouette (now with a painted white background) stands to attention.

Nailsea in Bloom volunteers take great pride preparing new seasonal planters and winter garden beds around the town. 

This friendly sociable group of people enjoy making Nailsea look lovely all year around. 

The group would welcome new volunteers.

Wendy added: “When we are not making up the flower beds and planters we often meet for coffee and to socialise.

"It’s a great opportunity to make new friends.”

For more information call Wendy on 0785 503 7555 or email


CHRISTMAS KNITS: Nailsea Knitters are selling their Christmas decorations to raise funds for St Peter's Hospice at the community Christmas fair on Friday, December 1, 4 -8pm. Nailsea Knitters are always looking for new volunteers. So if you can knit one, purl one then come and join this friendly sociable group. For more details contact manager Trudy at No 65 High Street.


A Backwell mum has lost all her belongings in a house fire just weeks before Christmas and is now sleeping on a friend's sofa.
Homeowner Alison Tull escaped the blaze without serious injury but the house is severely damaged, a family pet is missing and she has lost everything. 

The cause of the fire isn't known at this stage.
It was on Tuesday, November 21, the home at Westfield Drive, caught ablaze with fire engines, police and an ambulance rushing to the scene.

Smoke could be seen at Nailsea & Backwell railway station.
Friend Clare Cribb has set up a 'crowd funding page' to try and help.
Clare said:  "Alison has been a resident of Backwell for 26 years and has contributed hugely to the village. 
"She was on the parish council, started Speedwatch, ran a youth club at St Andrews and was a voluntary teaching assistant at Backwell Junior School. 
"I can't image how devastating it must be to lose your home and possessions in this way. 
"I'm sure that anything you are able to contribute would be much appreciated.
"I thought it would be a nice gesture to set up a crowdfunding page so the people of Backwell, friends and wellwishers could contribute. 
"I have the approval of her son George Tull."
Son George said: "Apart from singed hair mum is thankfully okay and managed to get out of the house and is currently with a friend staying on her sofa as her support worker, care team, care co-ordinator and social worker can find her somewhere more permanent. 
"I've bought mum clothes and bought her a phone so if any of her friends on here would like her new phone number then please send me a private message via Facebook.
"Sadly from what I've managed to see of the house everything has gone. 

"Mum hasn't really processed what has happened yet and couldn't understand why she can't go home.

"Sadly one of my cats, Eddie is missing - black and white with short stumpy legs - if people the area could keep an eye out for him as I pray he got out safely.

"I work away from home the majority of the year taking Eddie's brother Jim with me so thankfully he is safe. 

"Like my mum I'm not really able to process what has happened at the moment as apart from the suitcases I have - every part of our life was in that house as we as a family moved to Backwell in 1997.

Backwell mum loses all in devastating house fire


"I thank everyone for their kind words via social media and will pass them on to Mum this morning."

To help go to

  • .Eddie the cat is still missing on Sunday, November 26

  • Good news Eddie was reunited with George on Friday, December 1


Next door neighbours are also homeless after the Backwell blaze.
The Derrickson's arrived in the village from the US just a month ago and rented the property.
Mum Veryan and dad Will have two young children aged four and town.
They escaped harm when the fire broke out next door but their newly purchased furniture and treasured personal belongings have largely been destroyed. 
The community has already rallied around to help them to find suitable alternative accommodation but they can't move in immediately, so they are relying on a combination of hotels and staying with family three hours away until they can move into a new home.
Friend Bianca Soucek set up this crowd funding appeal at
She is hoping people with donate to both appeals as ' both properties were devastated by this tragic house fire and they both need our help'.

Neighbours homeless too
Eddie reunited with George.PNG

NIGHT RIDER: Lewis Skinner on evening shift at the skatepark now that the lights have been fixed thanks to Nailsea Town Council

Nailsea Masons making a donation to Nailsea Community Group. They gave a considerable amou

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD: Nailsea Masons making a donation to Nailsea Community Group. They gave a considerable amount of food plus £250 from one of the lodges

Nailsea Knitters donated the £353.65 they made from the sale of knitted Christmas decorations to the Nailsea Community Group.

The festive knitting decorated the High Street bollards during the community fair.

The photos shows a trio from the group from left Janet Gibson, Carol Dean and Kathleen Jordan.

Nailsea Community Group is based at 26 Somerset Square and is open Monday-Saturday 10am-12.30pm. From this base they run a Community Larder which exists to reduce food waste and is open to everyone.

They also run an independent Food Bank to help those people in need in Nailsea and a Food Club to help those people in receipt of benefits.

Every school holiday they deliver a bag of groceries to every primary school child who is eligible for Free School Meals to help end Holiday Hunger.

If you need to contact Nailsea Community Group email or phone 01275 562601.


Charitable donation by Nailsea Knitters

The family of Andre Greening sent Nailsea People an update on her progress since the Bucklands Batch accident and a plea for new safety measures on the pedestrian/cycle path on the slope leading to the railway station.

The road toward Backwell at Nailsea on Wednesday, October 25, was closed from midday following the major collision between Andrea, a pedestrian. and an unnamed cyclist.

They said: 

1. Andrea has partially recovered since the accident but has a long uncertain journey ahead. Her injuries were colossal: she had damage to the frontal lobe and hypothalamus, required two separate surgeries to reduce swelling and bleeding, and was in a coma at Southmead ICU for a month. Most people do not survive these injuries and there were several periods after the accident where we feared we would have to say goodbye. Incredibly, though, she is now out of a coma and is improving week-by-week after having recently moved to a rehabilitation ward at BRI. However, she is currently extensively disabled in terms of both brain and body function. Nobody knows at this stage what the final prognosis is, but she is receiving all the care she needs. Andrea is strong though and during the next few months or years, she will be determined to navigate the long road back to a better state of health.

2. We are thankful to the many heroes who helped save her life. We know that she wouldn't still be with us were it not for the first responders and so many amazing medical professionals. We have also deeply appreciated the huge kindness from the wider Nailsea and North Somerset community during these harrowing six weeks, and thank the many hundreds of people who have wished her well. Andrea is also very thankful for all the help, support, and messages.

3. But equally, the accident would never have happened were it not for terrible infrastructure. The shared pedestrian and bike path on Bucklands Batch is a death trap waiting to happen for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Other than Andrea's accident, there have been many other near misses there and minor accidents where cyclists have been hurt. Prior to its construction, our neighbours on Bucklands Lane made submissions to the council that this shared path would put people at risk, which were overlooked. The design of the shared path did nothing to protect people from potential collisions, especially at the blind, downhill Bucklands Batch / Lane intersection where the accident happened. The signage is not just hard to see, but also contradictory, such that most cyclists would be unaware it should only be used as an uphill path. The poor maintenance of the path, including faded signage and extensive foliage, further decreases awareness and visibility. In short, the shared path is flawed in concept, design, signage, and maintenance, directly leading to this accident. To prevent further accidents, the North Somerset Council must act immediately to rectify these issues.

Attached are two photos showing the infrastructure:

1) One shows the problematic signage. There is a small moss-covered blue sign, but it isn't clear whether this sign is suggesting all cycling downhill is prohibited or just on the right-hand path. Either way, it is contradicted by a faded but readable sign on the pavement indicating cyclist can go downhill; and

2) The other photo shows the blind bend. It is covered in foliage making it effectively a one-lane path. Moreover, there is no signage showing an intersection is immediately around the turn.


  • The statement was sent by husband Mark and the couple's sons, Chris, and Dave Greening who supplied the photographs. See January front page for updated photographs of newly painted signage

Andrea's long road to recovery



ISLAND LIVING: On Friday, November 10, widescale flooding of North Somerset roads made the crossroads at Backwell and the Tickenham to Clevedon M5 motorway bridge impassable. The lane across Backwell Common was blocked by a car stranded in flood water near The George. Buses and trains timetables went array. And the drains on several Nailsea roads turned into great big puddles. Locals blamed building on flood plains, climate change and/or failure by North Somerset Council to clear the gullies. Avon Fire and Rescue Service was called out to four incidents involving stranded cars on Friday morning including the Backwell incident. The dramatic image is shared by the BBC. The Environment Agency said there was 'a significant amount of rain overnight in the Bristol and North Somerset area, with up to 40mm in places'. According to the Met office, 40mm is almost half of the average rainfall for all of November for Bristol, which is 90mm.