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community editor Carol Deacon

For people who work, rest or play in Nailsea

This old glassworks ‘cauldron’ was made a feature for the Nailsea in Bloom gold award-winning entry in 2009. Before and after pictures top and below. 

The cauldron was discovered abandoned on farmland in Tickenham and presented to Nailsea & District Horticultural Society whose gardeners spearheaded the floral beautification of the town

In the late 18th century Nailsea was a small industrial village based on coal mining and glass manufacturing.

It also had a thriving farming community hence the smock-wearing, straw-chewing image of a rural argicultural worker.

Nailsea is situated  on the edge of the North Somerset Levels which is rich in flora and fauna and boasts the remains of a Roman villa although imost of its glassworks relics are buried under the teletubbies mound opposite Tesco.

Nowadays Nailsea it is more of a commuter new town with a population of approximately 23,000 if you include next door Backwell.

It boasts a railway station with direct links to London and nearby is Bristol Airport which offers hundreds of international destinations. 

Nailsea is 11 miles from Bristol city centre and a few miles from the Someset coastal towns of Clevedon and Weston-super-Mare with the M5 and M4 on its doorstep.

With a fantastic community spirit and fabulous schools Nailsea is a lovely place to live and work but you may have to go out-of-town for somewhere really exciting to play.

Nailsea's most famous sons are the 19th century evangelist Hannah More who ran a bible class at the Tithe Barn to teach the children of the poor to read but not write; musician and song writer Adge Cutter, of The Wurzels, who grew up in the town and recorded Drink Up Thy Zyder the national anthem of the West Country life at the Royal Oak pub; and Redvers Coates who founded Coates Cider Company  - that's one pious teetotaler and two who knew what their right arm was for - you can see their silhouette statues at the Millennium Park. 

The brass figure of a glassblower is opposite the High Street entrance of Tesco supermarket positioned against a backdrop of traffic signs

Where once the residents of Nailsea were farmers, coal miners or glass workers in 2014 our biggest employers are the Dutch-owned Brabantia and world leaders GE Oil and Gas.

The first makes modern home items like waste bins, laundry racks and food storage containers and the other specialises in advanced energy drilling and production energy technology.

Local authority North Somerset Council and nearby Bristol Airport also employs many Nailsea residents. 

"Stunning! Thank you. The whole column it looks amazing!"

Samira E Polman, of Weston Sand Sculpture Festival, talking in June 2017 about its What's On entry

“...it makes Nailsea look quite the throbbing metropolis..."

Comment from Dick Scott on a website I did earlier​ - read what other people say inside

“We have disagreed often Carol but you are always even-handed and factual"

So said town and district councillor Jeremy Blatchford - not anymore Jeremy this site is going to have more BITE so watch out everyone

The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off

This remark is credited to American basketball player Abe Lemons - I haven't a clue who he is but it sounded about right