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Granddaughter gives couples present of old wedding photos

The granddaughter of Nailsea photographer Keith Flower has bequeathed his extensive archives to the brides and bridegrooms of yesteryear.

After the funeral on Friday, July 23, Lianne Smith posted on her Facebook page: "It was emotional day saying goodbye to such a huge part of my life, my wonderful granddad.

"Alzheimer was such a battle for him the past few years and I am glad he is now at peace.”

Keith used to have a shop where Kebab Kitchen is at Crown Glass Shopping Centre and for his final journey the cortege went along Nailsea High Street.

Lianne shared this on Facebook: "As a lot of you know my granddad was a well-known photographer in Nailsea and took thousands of weddings over the years.

"We have loads of photo negatives and if he took your wedding and you would be interested in having them - if we can locate them - you are welcome to them.

"We would need the date and your name as most seem to be stored in order.

"Feel free to share this as some of these may be quite meaningful to people."

Dating back to the 1950s and covering nearly every church in North Somerset and beyond there are also shots from Weston-super-Mare registry office.

Keith has left an attic full of black and white and coloured negatives which Lianne says will take months to sort.

One of the first brides to respond on the Nailsea People Facebook page was Debra Britton.

She posted: "Sorry to hear this.

"He took my wedding photos Ist of July 1978 at St Edyths church, Sea Mills.

"I had a house fire about 20 years ago and my copies were burned.

"If you have the negatives that would be great."

Within 12 hours the page reached more than 4,000 people many sharing kind words about Keith while asking about long-lost negatives.

Kim Lazenby said: "He was an absolute gentleman.

"He took our wedding photos on the June 30, 1979, the negatives may be filed under my maiden name Kim Roberts."

⁠Marlene Hawkings said: “So sorry to hear about the funeral.

“Keith took our wedding photos on December 4, 1976.”

Then Sue Ashman added her wedding was at St Andrew’s Backwell on July 31, 1993 and Jenny Staley said her wedding was on the February 28, 1976 at Winford Church.

Cherry Grimsted said: “Oh I’m so very sorry for the loss of your granddad he was a lovely man.

“He took our wedding photos on March 20, 1976 at All Saints Church Long Ashton.”

Ben Daniels praised Keith’s smile and jokes adding he helped get him through his GCSE and A-level art.

Lorna Lock lost her wedding photos from Clevedon Baptist church on March 29, 1975, in a house move and asked for help locating the originals.

Peter Cooke and Susan Batt were married on May 5,1973 at Yatton Church.

HAPPY MEMORIES: Wedding photos from as far back as the 1950s bequeathed to couples by Lianne Smith

Helen Ellison said: “He took our wedding photos at Holy Trinity Nailsea on September 4, 1993.

“He had a large photo of us framed and put in the window of the shop, it was a hell of a shock when we came back from our honeymoon!”

Rita Washer and Stephen Higgins would like the negatives from June 6, 1987 at St Aldhelms Church, Bedminster.

Jane Kington said: “Granddad and granddaughter is such a special relationship.

“Sorry to hear your sad news.

“I was only looking through our wedding photos last year.

“How lovely that you are offering to let us have the negatives.

“That is so very much appreciated.

“Our wedding day was August 9, 1986 at St Bartholomew's church, Failand.”

Caroline Newbury, a nurse, said: “So sad to hear this, he was a lovely man who did my wedding photos October 23, 1999, and my parents wedding October 24, 1964.

She told Lianne: “I had the privilege of caring for your granddad in hospital and we loved chatting and showing him photos about ‘old Nailsea’.

The two generations are Caroline Hendry to Chris Newbury and Robin Hendry to Pamela Mumford.

Lianne said nearly 100 couples have come forward so far.

UPDATE: On Friday, July 30, Lianne announced she had found thousands of negatives. She said: "I’ve managed to locate about 15 today out of over 130 requests. Long way to go, seems the older photos are much harder to find! I will be contacting you if I can locate yours. I will also be setting up a GoFundMe page for anyone who wishes to donate to the Alzheimer's Society as I have had a few people ask me which charity to donate too! If you have only given me the year you were married please message me the exact date as I cannot search just on the year! Many thanks

Nailsea's garden of unrest


With churchyards full and only a handful of spaces left in the garden of rest finding a final resting place for loved ones in Nailsea has become critical.

The graveyards at Holy Trinity and Christ Church have been full for decades and finding a new burial ground in the town has proved impossible.

Nailsea Town Council has been searching for a site for a new cemetery site in the town for nearly 30 years but has been unable to find anywhere suitable.

Unless people have already purchased a plot, they cannot be buried anywhere in the town.

And with the Garden of Rest at Stockway North fast reaching capacity this summer Nailsea Town Council has urgently been looking for a solution.

The town council is responsible for the upkeep of the gardens which is managed by the Crematorium and Memorial Group, part of Dignity Plc, under its contract with North Somerset Council.

CMG corporate communications manager Stuart Cox said: “There are five plots left in the current Garden of Rest.

“We have started the planning process on Thursday, July 22, but are waiting to hear from North Somerset Council if it requires a fee for it to proceed or if this can be forwarded during the process.”

And CMG director Steve Gant confirmed.

He said: “A small number of plots remain at the existing Gardens of Rest and these can be provided without impacting the current layout.

“Additional land has already been earmarked as an extension to the Garden of Rest.

“After consulting North Somerset Council planning department and our advisors, we are required to submit a planning application and this process has now begun.”

Plots of various sizes with starting prices from £1,499 in the extension to the Garden of Rest will be sold in perpetuity rather than being leased, added Mr Cox.

A letter from recently widowed Valerie Smith is due to be discussed at a full town council meeting on Wednesday evening, July 28, at the Tithe Barn.

You many download a copy of the agenda HERE.

In the letter Mrs Smith outlines the issues she had securing a plot at a cost of £2,500 in the Garden of Rest and she was concerned with all the new houses being built in the town others may encounter similar problems.

Mrs Smith said: “Personally I would rather the Garden of Rest was managed by Nailsea Town Council…and not some unknown face from Weston-super-Mare crematorium who handle the enquires.”

Nicola Davey, of Arthur E Davey & Sons, confirmed that Nailsea funeral directors can no longer process Garden of Rest plots for the Weston-based company.

She said: “It is ridiculous and we were told one bereaved person being charged £3,500 for a plot.”

Collette Ramada said when her mum Christine Lyons died, in June last year, she bought one of the remaining larger plots at a cost of £3,500 plus a compulsory £400 in addition for a small plaque.

She said: “The service I got from the staff at Weston crematorium was so bad I posted a damming review for them on Trustpilot.

“They never answered the phone, failed to turn up for appointments and all-in-all it was very stressful.”

She gave them one star and wrote online: “Losing a loved one is hard enough without having to deal with this very uncompassionate, slow, over-priced and inadequate service to bury the ashes.

“If you are considering using this service be prepared for a minimal amount of information and…extra charges which were not previously discussed.”

Several months on and her father, who did not wish to be named, is still upset.

He posted: “Throughout the entire process their only interest has been in gleaning as much money as they can with no regard whatever to serving a bereaved family.”

 It was decided by North Somerset Council that from April 1, 2010, crematoriums and cemeteries in the district would be run by for the next 30 years by Dignity Funeral Services Ltd.

Dignity was to maintain 21 closed churchyards as part of the contract.

Thisenabled the council to release nearly £1m which it had set aside for repairs to bring crematoriums up to environmental standards.

The company took over the responsibility for the maintenance of 21 closed churchyards and the running of the cremation and cemetery service in Ebdon Road, Weston-super-Mare, and management of cemeteries in Portishead, Clevedon and a garden of rest in Nailsea.​

GARDEN VIEW: Photos top are the beautifully tended gardens which Nailsea Town Council looks after on behalf of Dignity with the family plot costing nearly £4,000 and below the neighbouring overgrown land which appears to be a former orchard and is to become an extension of the Garden of Rest once planning permission is obtained from North Somerset Council

  • According to the Financial Times the UK funeral director Dignity sank to a loss last year even though the coronavirus pandemic caused a sharp rise in the death toll in the country. The company fell to a loss before tax of £19.6m in the 12 months to December 25, compared with a profit of £44.1m in 2019, despite the pandemic causing a 14 per cent rise year on year in the number of UK deaths. While revenue increased 4 per cent to £314.1m, higher personal protective equipment costs and government limits on how many people can attend funerals had contributed to weaker performance, Dignity said. Dignity has not paid a dividend since 2019 and does not expect to do so until it has returned to a ‘sustainable and stable financial footing’.

Direct cremations

Forget those tv ads for direct funerals costing thousands of pounds.

Hampshire based Pure Cremations sent out a mailshot in Nailsea this month offering a bargain basement rate of £1,595.

But this is matched by local companies.

For a little over £1K Arthur E Davey & Sons can organise an unattended cremation.

This is for those who want a minimum of fuss without any formal celebration of life service at that time.

Most important if you want your nearest and dearest to spend the money on a marvellous wake instead.

Contact the Silver Street office for more details 01275 852307.

Conventional funerals can of course be organised with pre-paid plans available too.

New support group for bereaved

A new Community Peer Support Group for people who have experienced loss is looking for volunteers to join their team.

The STAR (Share Talk and Remember) Community Peer Support Group is in the process of being set up and hopes to support people from Nailsea, Backwell and surrounding villages.

Gill and Pam who are passionate about supporting people through grief are looking for a caring, empathetic person who has a few hours to spare once or twice a month.

Many people go through some incredibly difficult times following loss.  

This loss may be any traumatic event in their life including death of a loved one.  Being unable to express feelings and to talk about this difficult subject for whatever reason, can result in some people feeling isolated and lonely especially if they do not have contact with close friends and family.

The support group will play a huge part in supporting people in our community.

Do you think this is something you could spare some time for?

Gill and Pam are hoping to attract volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, so if this resonates with you and you enjoy being part of a team, then please contact:

Phil Williams.PNG

Phil on a wave for birthday

Nailsea character Phil Williams the inspiration behind the skatepark at Millennium Park celebrated his 60th party with a week of celebrations including a night at The Wave, a surfing centre in Bristol.

The Christian Surfers director who seography at Plymouth Polytechnic was60 on Thursday, July 22.

Phil said: “A huge thank you message to anyone that has played a part in making my 60th birthday so far absolutely perfect — very special shout outs obviously to my family, Annie Williams amazing, Joseph Williams Abi Williams, you two are so, so special , Bryn Dixon & Daisy Byrne an absolute pleasure and a joy to have you both in our lifes.

“To God for being there for me in a good and the more challenging times for protection and a message of hope love and faith for the future.

“And of course Nick Hounsfield and the amazing The Wave team who I have grown to be part of my extended family.

“Last night … oh my word, 30 years of history all coming together every one of you that made it thank you and I know for those that couldn’t for a whole host of reasons just hearing from you was amazing.”

Ratty 2.png

RATTIE RESURRECTED:Two years ago, in November 2019, Nailsea People reported on its BMD page (scroll down to find) a mine-sweeping rat had been named after local hero Chris Howes who was murdered by the Khmer Rouge back in 1996. Other media including the BBC also carried the story. The lifespan of a giant African pouch rat can be up to nine years but for a small rodent on active duty clearing mines we would guess it is considerable shorter? So, is the Howes featured on the front page of the North Somerset Times free newspaper this week a relative of our rat – other details seem the same?


North Somerset Council chairman David Shopland is the Independent councillor for Clevedon East.

He said: "On behalf of North Somerset Council I would like to express our profound sadness on hearing the news of the passing of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

"As a mark of respect, the Union flag will be flown at half-mast at both the Town Hall in Weston-super-Mare and our Castlewood offices in Clevedon throughout the period of national mourning.

"Residents who wish to pay their respects should use the online book of condolence organised by Buckingham Palace which will be available on the Royal Family website."

HM the Queen and Prince Philip toured North Somerset in August 2007.

Mr Shopland hosted a formal lunch for the royal couple with invited guests at Weston.

Nailsea People editor Carol Deacon said: "We all remember fondly that as the royal couple left the Winter Gardens, Weston, Prince Philip double-backed on the stairs and with a mischievous smile gave us a big wave."

Many churches will be tolling the tenor bell half muffled at noon to mark the death of HRH Prince Philip.

St Andrew’s at Backwell will be doing this.

A church spokesman said: "It is a great sadness to hear of the death of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.

"The Churches of St Andrew’s and St Bridget’s join many others from across the UK and the Commonwealth in giving thanks for his life of exemplary service to HM The Queen and our country.

"St Andrew’s Church will be kept open for prayer and reflection.

"A book of condolences will be available for visitors to sign. Any messages recorded will be sent to the Palace after the Duke’s funeral.

"If anyone is unable or uncomfortable coming into church, there is an online book of condolences available"

Christ Church Nailsea pries-in-charge Jules Harris said: "Following the death of HRH Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip on Friday, April 9, people are more than welcome to lay flowers at the West Door to pay their respects."

The church also tolled its bell 99 times at midday.

  • The ceremonial royal funeral will be held at St George's Chapel, in the grounds of Windsor Castle, at 3pm on Saturday, April 17. The event will be televised.


Message of Condolence

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
On behalf of the councillors and staff of Nailsea Town Council, as well as the people of Nailsea, we wish to share the sentiments of loss and sorrow felt across the Nation in mourning the death of His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh.

Our thoughts are with Her Majesty the Queen and her family at this sad time.
The town is now in a period of mourning which will conclude on Saturday, April 17.
The Union flag is flying at half-mast until the day after His Royal Highness’ funeral.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions the town council will not be opening a Book of Condolence or inviting the public to lay flowers and memorial items at the Tithe Barn.

If you would like to sign the Royal Book of Condolence this can be done via the Royal website

Issued by Nailsea Town Council chairman Jan Barber

and  town clerk Jo Duffy


Nailsea people who live in The Maples form a close-knit community even after someone moves elsewhere in the town.

Marilyn Ford lived for 39 years at the end of the cul-de-sac in her home looking out on the green but still maintained friendships with her Maples ‘ex-pats’.

The front garden of her home was filled with flowers the day of her funeral.

Marilyn was born in June 1954 in Fulham, London, to parents Joyce and Arthur and had a brother called Phillip.

Her afterschool life in SW10 involved church, ice skating and dancing.

Marilyn was a loving mother to her three children Vikki, Justin and Gemma.

For the past 20 years she worked at Tesco Nailsea where she made many good friends both customers and staff and called her workmates her ‘second family’.

Marilyn was clever, generous, and fun and her children added ‘loving, caring, kind and good natured’.

She adored her grandson Liam and great grandsons Reggie and Jaxon. 

The funeral service at Weston Crematorium was conducted by celebrant Paul Maltby and Liam said a few heartfelt words about his nanny.

Justin read the poem A Golden Heart Stops Beating and added his own tribute to his mother.

The funeral cortege drove past the High Street supermarket and staff many in tears lined the road outside.

Vikki said: “Mum had an amazing send off, her final route took her up past Tesco where all the staff and loads of other people were stood outside, literally from the roundabout right up to the end of the pavement and they all clapped as mum went past!

“We then went down past her field so she could see her horse Millie one final time.”

Sadly Marilyn lost her brave long battle against breast cancer and donations in her memory are going to St Peter's Hospice.

Marilyn 1 Sept 2019.JPG

REMEMBERING CHRIS: Sadly lots for remembering for Nailsea People. Twenty five years ago on Friday, March 26, former Nailsea School pupil Chris Howes was kidnapped in Cambodia by the Kymer Rouge. He was killed days afterwards, but his Backwell family knew nothing of his fate for more than two years afterwards. Chris was clearing mines for local people and his story is selfless and heroic. He is remembered today by all and especially by his sister Pat and father Roy. Poignantly, this sad anniversary is only a few days away from International Mine Awareness Day on Easter Sunday, April 4. RIP Chris, from schoolfriend Mark Appleby.

  • MAG (Mines Advisory Group) on its twitterfeed @MAGsaveslives also remember Chris, aged 36, and teenaged Houen Hourth, who were together when kidnapped and murdered while saving lives in Cambodia HERE and the BBC story posted in 2008 is HERE which has all the background.


REMEMBERING CHARLOTTE: And going purple for global epilepsy awareness day mum Cathy Bradley remembers lovingly nine-year-old Charlotte Fletcher, pictured together top, taken in her sleep after one seizure too many. A young princess never forgotten. Charlotte was a mischievous, awkward, entertaining, funny, loveable girl, even when she had just had a seizure and hurt herself she would be the first to help anyone else that was hurt or upset, said Cathy. Nailsea People posted this on its Facebook page and it reached more than 3,500 which is what it is all about. Awareness of this condition and raising money for research. 

REMEMBERING CHRIS SMITH: Kathy Maroney Turlick said I'd like to remember my Chris in a very special way. Chris passed away one year ago on Saturday, March 27, from the Covid-19 virus. At the time of his death family and friends weren't able to gather to honor this wonderful man. There is a small town at the Jersey shore that started a temporary memorial that family and friends can visit and honour their love ones who lost their life to this terrible virus. The town of Belmar has set up this memorial on 3rd Ave beach, see pictures. Each stone represents a love one, it's a very special tribute to all the beautiful souls that's been taken from us. As you see for Chris's stone, I added the UK colors, a beautiful picture, one of his favorite cigars and yes a shot glass of bourbon. My Chris really enjoyed life to the fullest, what beautiful memories I will always cherish of him, RIP Chris Smith, sending you all my love up there in the heavens. Scroll down to read the original post for Chris who was a well-known, much-loved Nailsea character


REMEMBERING BAILEE: Nailsea schoolboy Bailee Cook died aged four in April 2018. Since then his loving family and friends have raised thousands of pounds in his name for medical research. Three years on the latest fundraising is for The Lily Foundation, which funds research into Mitochondrial Disease and other metabolic disorders. The full story is on our Breaking News page HERE and the Facebook page is called Bailee’s Charity Fundraiser 2021 - Lily Foundation (due to FB rules it has to be private group so wait to be invited in). To donate go to:

BAILEE REMEMBERED: More than  £1,000 was raised by this Facebook event. Mum Jemma Capern said: "I would just like to say a massive thank you from myself, Lee, siblings Gracie-Leigh and Darcie to all the truly wonderful people who have either donated their time, money or prizes to raise funds for an amazing charity that is very close to our hearts The Lily Foundation, The money raised in Bailee's memory will help fund research and support other families in their fight against Mitochondrial Disease. Bailee would be so proud of how everyone pulls together in his memory whether it's in raising money or simply the annual wearing blue for him so we would like to thank each and everyone of you but the list is endless. So thank you all for everything you have done or are doing to make sure his memory lives on and helps others. A massive thanks too to fundraising champions Charlie Amos and Andie Hancock for the planning and hard work they put in."

A-team send-off for Simon Taylor

Nearly 300 people lined the access road to Grove Sports Centre & Social Club on Tuesday morning, March 23, to pay their last respects to Simon Taylor.

The much-loved family man and all-round sportsman who was engaged to partner Michele Sargent died suddenly aged 44 on February 22.

Nailsea United FC posted online ‘We’d like to pay tribute to the incredibly sad and sudden passing of one of our own Si Taylor. Si gave amazing service to the club…life can be unbelievably cruel and our heartfelt thoughts and condolences go out to Si’s family and friends’.

Due to lockdown restrictions the number of mourners attending the midday funeral service at Weston Crematorium was severely limited.

Simon who also played for Nailsea Cricket Club was a Bristol Rovers fan.

This summer it is intended to hold a celebration of his life at the Grove ‘one of the places he loved most and spent his time growing into a fine young man. Another one of our heroes taken far too soon. RIP Si'.

This sporting life match card for Simon while playing for Nailsea United records:

  • played 23 seasons 1992-2015

  • 615 appearances sixth in the all-time list

  • 191 goals

  • first team 155 games 12 goals

  • reserves 229 games 69 goals

  • A team 151 games 88 goals

  • B team 76 goals 21 goals

  • Colts 4 games 1 goal


After the funeral service Michele shared with Nailsea People her thoughts. She said: "​Today has been a very tough day but I would like to thank everyone who took time to see Si take his final journey from the Grove Sports Centre.

"We were overwhelmed by the many who turned up.

"I would also like to thank those who were able to join us for Si's final farewell and a big thank you to Arthur E Davey & Sons the funeral directors for all their help, support, professionalism and comfort during the past four weeks.

"I hope we have done you proud today Si and how proud I am for Chloe for standing up and reading the beautiful poem.

"We will all miss you so much.

"I have never loved someone like I loved you.

"Always in my thoughts, forever in my heart."

Michele has set up a memorial fund for the British Heart Foundation via her Facebook page.


Tributes to Arron

Nailsea said goodbye to Arron King with tears and noisy cheers as the cortège travelled at walking pace down Mizzymead Road.

Former classmates and staff stood on the pavement opposite Nailsea School to clap and cry while older mates were nearer the mini roundabout expressing their grief in loud applause and whistling as the hearse went past.

Greatwood Jenkins vans followed in procession and there were several gulps as the Nike coffin past.

Mum Annettee Jones shared the video of the cortège turning from Mizzymead Road into Stockway South where even more people were waiting to pay their respects.

Utterly heartbreaking.

The cortège left Arron’s home in Portland Close at noon going along Queens Road into Mizzymead Road past Nailsea School and onto Stockway South.

Paying your last respects to the much-loved 19-year-old who died within weeks of being diagnosed with a rare cancer was described as ‘utterly heartbreaking’.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions numbers at the crematorium were strictly limited.

Esther Warbutton posted on Nailsea People Facebook page: “I didn't know Arron but what I saw at midday on Thursday, March 18, was that he was hugely loved and will be so unbelievably missed.

“It was so emotional to see all of his loved ones and friends on Queens Road, I had to stop my car and sit and clap with you all.

“You should all be so proud of yourselves of how brave you were. I couldn't fight back the tears.

“I really pray for you all to find some sort of peace.”

Monies are being raised for Teenage Cancer Trust and a memorial bench hopefully on Morgans Hill.

A 'wake' at the Grove Sports & Social Club will be organised when conditions allow and it is hoped to install a memorial bench on the edge of Morgan's Hill for all to reflect on a young life lost.

The crowdfunding Just Giving page set up by friends with a target of £2,000 has raised more tha £14,000 todate.

To give go to

Goodbye Captain Tom

Church bells across North Somerset will ring out in honour of Captain Sir Tom Moore on Saturday, February 27, to mark his funeral. 

Many churches will ring their bells 100 times to mark the life of the 100-year-old who inspired the nation at noon. 

And Backwell, Nailsea, Tickenham and Wraxall the bells will be ringing.

The parish church of St Andrew at Backwell, St Quiricus and St Julietta at Tickenham, All Saints parish church at Wraxall and Holy Trinity at Nailsea are all joining in.

A solo bell ringer will be pealing 100 times at the churches.

Paul Balmer on behalf of Nailsea Ringers is pealing at Holy Trinity but said he will have to start slightly after noon as the clock on the belfry tower will be chiming.

And Tickenham it will be retired village stalwart John Banks who organised the annual flower shows who will be ringing the tribute to Captain Sir Tom.

In the village of Marston Moretaine where Captain Tom lived, St Mary’s Church will be joining the commemoration.

His family asked people to follow coronavirus restrictions and stay at home. 

Captain Sir Tom captured the hearts of the nation with his fundraising efforts during the first lockdown when he walked 100 laps of his Bedfordshire garden before his 100th birthday, raising more than £32 million for the NHS.

bell ringing.jpg

He died at Bedford Hospital on Tuesday, February 2, after testing positive for Covid-19.

In line with current Covid restrictions his funeral will be attended by eight members of Captain Sir Tom’s immediate family including his daughters and four grandchildren.

See Church Peeps for an update on this story

Arron King fundraising cycle
Arron King fundraising cycle

Arron King fundraising cycle
Arron King fundraising cycle

Arron King fundraising cycle
Arron King fundraising cycle

Arron King fundraising cycle
Arron King fundraising cycle


100 miles memorial bike ride for Arron King

Some serious training is going to be needed before a group of Nailsea friends tackle a 100-mile sponsored bike ride in memory of their pal Arron King who died aged 19 of a rare cancer.

All nearly didn’t bode well on Sunday morning when Jude Balshaw arrived last for the first training session huffing and puffing and saying: “I nearly didn’t make it up The Perrings.”

But it was all good humoured as they pumped tyres in readiness while reminiscing about Arron.

Tinged with sadness but purposeful the 11-strong band set out from the entrance of The Grove towards Yatton and the Strawberry Line for a 35-mile ‘get fit’ practice run buoyed by the fact the memorial fund for Arron was now touching £13k, thousands more than first hoped.

The cyclists joked that leader Sam Crocker was the only one among the former Nailsea School classmates who was in peak condition.

For the actual ride the youngsters will be wearing T-shirts supplied by Greatwood Jenkins the kitchen and bathroom fitters where Arron worked.

The funeral has been organised for Thursday, March 18, and the cortege will leave the family home in Portland Close to travel along Queens Road into Mizzymead Road and onto Stockway South to give people the opportunity of paying their last respects to this much-loved young man.