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November 2022
Property Peeps

Gleeson project planners gave a presentation to Nailsea Town Council about another 400 homes south of the town with new roundabout and road link. Read more on our Property Peeps page sponsored by HENSONS the High Street estate agents HERE. Photo James Steel

What's On 2022

This is the page for the food markets, fairs, fetes and fests, basically all the fun things in life. Dance, theatre and concerts also feature as well as Christmas activities. The diary dates go into 2023 and for November it's fireworks, Remembrance poppies, Bon Jovi tribute band and Backwell Beer Ritz read more HERE

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Gallery 2022

We have hundreds of images in our galleries (under dropdown menu top) and for 2022 it goes from the wassail to wildlife, jubilee to carnival, skatefest to beerfest and more. The latest slideshows are from Kaiser Keller Beatles night, eat:Nailsea October fest and market day. Email pics to

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WE WILL REMEMBER: Nailsea Christ Church will be remembering at its evening service on Sunday, November 6, at 6.30pm. If you would like a name read out call the church office on 01275 859210. Nailsea in Bloom have been putting sponsored poppies in its town centre flower beds and on the lampposts all along the High Street. Holy Trinity will be marking Remembrance Sunday, November 13, with a military parade starting outside Church Hall at approximately 10.25am making its way up to the Memorial Cross for Roll Call. The Remembrance Service will start with the minutes silence at 11am. Everyone is welcome

Warm welcome

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Please come in from the cold

In response to rising energy costs North Somerset Council launched a Public Living Rooms initiative which Nailsea People featured on its Breaking News page.

This is where people can come together to stay warm, perhaps enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit.

Its goal was to create a directory of all the places available to residents - here are the ones we have found in our area.

And we have added places not on ‘official’ list.


  • 10am- 3pm until end of March 2023 at Wraxall Village Club back room is a ‘warm space’ thanks to Nailsea Shedders. It is open to people from Wraxall, Failand, Long Ashton, Nailsea, Backwell, Tickenham and beyond. Nailsea Shedders has received some support from North Somerset Council Public Living Rooms scheme. While Nailsea Shedders will pay WVC for the heating. Nailsea Shedders will provide light refreshments, tea, coffees, biscuits, free WiFi and laptop TV programmes. Sorry no transport but Nailsea Community District Transport on 01275 855552, or Nailsea Availables via doctors’ surgery may be able to help.

  • 10.30am-4.30pm Backwell Parish Hall at the crossroad has refreshments, activities and WiFi.

  • 11.30am-3.30pm warm welcome at Argentum Lodge for friendly chat and warm brew


  • 11am-1pm Nailsea library warm space and free hot drink


  • 12.30-2.30pm Christ Church in the centre of Nailsea is open for warmth and company.


  • 10am-4pm Nailsea Social Club at Chapel Barton is open to visitors wishing to come in from the cold. A club spokesman said: ” We want to help the Nailsea community throughout this winter, somewhere warm and friendly to come and watch a film, play a game or sit quietly with a puzzle? We will be supplying hot drinks, biscuits and a clothes bank.”

  • 1.30am-3.30pm warm welcome at Argentum Lodge for friendly chat and warm brew

  • 11.30am-2.30pm The Well is a Christian community café, where you can drop in for a tea, coffee savouries and cakes. It is open at the same time as Nailsea Foodbank at 85 Southfield Road. The café runs on donations. This means it is free if things are a bit tight.

In addition to this Coates House is welcoming people to come in an sit, no questions asked. No26 Somerset Square has some donated vouchers for those who would like a enjoy a warm cup of cheer.

And Nailsea library at Somerset Square, is open Tuesdays 9.30am (10am on third Tuesday of month)-6pm, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30am-5pm. Saturday 9.30am-1pm with free Wifi and warm space.

More than 40 official Public Living Rooms are now open across North Somerset as free and welcoming spaces for anyone who needs extra support to keep warm this winter.

North Somerset Council has worked with numerous organisations and community groups to help set up free Public Living Rooms across the region in direct response to the cost-of-living crisis with libraries, community centres, faith groups and many more stepping forward and opening their doors as dedicated warm spaces.

To help find your nearest Public Living Room, a new interactive map is available at Public Living Rooms (

Click on a map pin for more detail including address, opening times and facilities available.

North Somerset Council has allocated over £25,000 in grants to help support organisations wishing to set up a Public Living Room with over £13,500 allocated so far – with more to come as additional warm spaces across the region come on board.

In addition to the £25,000 funding provided by North Somerset Council so far, match funding of £2,500 have each been given by Alliance Homes, Bristol Water and Wessex Water to support North Somerset’s Public Living Rooms initiatives.

For more information about help available including support with bills, childcare costs, housing support, and energy and heating advice, check out

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The second meeting in the Ask Nailsea series on how to spend its multi-million pound land sale and developers windfall is on Wednesday, November 9, at 7pm at the Tithe Barn, Church Lane.

It is called an 'extra-ordinary' meeting as it wasn't previously scheduled on the council calendar.

The previous meeting in April has dictated the format.

Vice-chairman Emily Miller will conduct proceedings which is set to close at approximately 9.40pm.

The format of the meeting for each working party will be:

• Provide a verbal report with recommendations (10 mins)

• Receive questions from the public (5 mins)

• Receive questions from councillors (5 mins)

• Meeting to vote on recommendations brought forward by the working party (5 mins)

This will guide the town council on what it should explore further or dismiss.

The order for the working parties are:

• Green Schemes (7.05pm)

• Community Hub (7.30pm)

• Arts and Culture (7.55pm)

• Community Transport (8.20pm)

• Green Spaces (8.45pm)

• Sports and Leisure (9.10pm)

There were 814 responses to the Ask Nailsea consultation which ran into 82 page document once the 227 suggestions in 22 categories were analysed.


Nailsea Community Recycling Hub at 26 Somerset Square has broadened items it can take. Currently it has bins for:

  • glasses (not cases)

  • contact lenses and packaging

  • pens

  • felt tips

  • highlighters

  • correcting fluid

  • BRITA water filters

  • plastic toothbrushes

  • toothpaste tubes

  • empty medicine blister packs

  • Pringle tubes

  • British and foreign stamps

  • foreign coins (and notes) including obsolete currency

  • old and broken jewellery.

The community shop hours are 10.30am-12.30pm Monday to Saturday.​



Another year, another delay and Nailsea Town Council is having another rethink as the estimate for repairing its £1 red telephone box came in at approximately £3,000. Plans to display photos of Nailsea glass inside the Tardis-like structure were suggested by councillor Joanne Hopkinson. The £40,000 for the Tithe Barn sound system was approved but all this is peanuts compared with the £1million it cost to set up No65 High Street the social and health hub with a weekly budget of £1,000 to stay open according to a Nailsea council tax payer

Celerbrity red box.JPEG


Match reports and future fixtures are all on our sports pages HERE

Included is the away win against Hengrove Athletic FC by Nailsea & Tickenham FC sporting a great purple strip. On Tuesday, November 8, at 6pm North Somerset Council will be discussing future housing and employment development on land it owns. Included for Nailsea are playing fields at Fryth Way, home to Nailsea & Tickenham FC, which has been considered for redevelopment for a decade or more. Read more here

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This is a new group with a social media Facebook page that hopes to make Nailsea Town Council more accountable and to stand independent candidates at local elections.

The current council is like the town ageing and already four senior councillors have indicated they won't seek reelection in May 2023.

Hopefully we will have some new faces without undue influence from political parties or pressure groups.

The abridged aims of Change Nailsea are:

  • Commitment to producing a Neighbourhood Plan to spell out clearly what does where residentially, commercially and socially in our town.

  • To enhance communications with Nailsea Town Council to include live streaming meetings.

  • It will be calling for more Eat:Nailsea festivals, new Christmas lights, more markets and local fairs.

  • It intends to ensure Nailsea’s voice is heard loud and clear by North Somerset Council.

  • It wants to support and improve youth and leisure facilities so that young people have more activities to choose from.

  • A commitment to stand against the Grove playiing fields or any other town council owned land being sold for development like the Engine Lane site.

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NAILSEA CRIMEWATCH: Criminals on motorcycles are active in the Nailsea area. An E-Bike was stolen from a locked garage, a masked gang believe to be using motorbikes as CCTV captured trousers tucked into socks raided The Old Farmhouse and took cash and a Land Rover 110 was taken from Nailsea Patio Supplies. The vehicle, pictured, has now been recovered minus a large quantity of tools including spirit levels cordless drills and building-related equipment. Rewards have been offered for information leading to arrests.


The Old Farmhouse statement:

'We are asking for help from the public. Around 11.25pm on Saturday night the pub was broken into, a considerable amount of cash was taken and they were looking for something in particular. We now know the culprits were around the pub at 11.10pm and in the neighboring roads. They wore very distinctive clothing, reflective trainers, branded jackets and motocross gloves. Any information received will be treated in the strictest confidence and a cash reward for the correct names. We work incredibly hard as a family/team to offer the best local pub possible. Its hard enough covering costs as it is without people taking what is not theirs. Please share this information and  thank you for all the lovely comments and messages, were pleased to say none of the staff on site were injured.'


Plea to fill festive bags for foodbank

Nailsea Foodbank is part of the Clevedon & District group along with Portishead and Yatton.

Volunteers open the Nailsea outlet at 85 Southfield Road midday on Fridays.

In an emergencyyou can call 0792 747 2649 or email

Festive food is being collected at Southfield Road 12.30-2.30pm on Fridays as done in previous years.

The four foodbank branches will be working together to provide Christmas hampers for people as requested by our referring agencies.

A foodbank spokesman said: "It will come as no surprise that given the cost of living crisis, we expect demand to be even higher than in the Covid years.
"We are starting to gather together the items to fill these hampers, and there are a number of items that we would really appreciate.

"These are listed below.

"We obviously need these items before we pack the hampers, so would like to ask for them by the end of November.
"If you are able to help, we'd like to thank you for your generosity towards people living locally who will find this Christmas a real struggle."


Shopping list:

  • Medium tins of salmon (about 100g)

  • Large tins of ham

  • Cranberry sauce

  • Packs of stuffing (340g or 170g or thereabouts)

  • Supermarket £5 and £10 gift cards

  • Christmas puddings (either large or medium but not diddy ones)

  • Family sized Christmas cake

  • Iced slab fruit cake

  • Small prewrapped Christmas cake slices

  • Tubes of crisps

  • Savoury biscuit treats

  • Nice packs of biscuits

  • Tins of biscuits

  • Tins/boxes chocolate

  • 1 litre cartons fruit juice

  • Hot chocolate

  • Packs of 80 teabags

  • Shampoo

  • Shower gel

  • Re-useable bags - the strong plastic coated ones to pack Christmas hampers

Sam Bird ad.jpg
computer techies for the online community


The TEK Hut was started by Ben Parker in the summer of 2018.

For 12 years Ben had been one of the team at The ICT Workshop which provided a wide variety of computer services to Nailsea, Clevedon, Yatton, Backwell and even Weston-Super-Mare. 

Ben felt it right to continue the same great service customers had previously experienced but under new branding for a new business and The Tek Hut was born.

​Trading at the familiar location in Nailsea, The Tek Hut will continue to offer the same cost effective, new laptops and PCs, upgrades, onsite support for homes and businesses through to a wide range of workshop services and accessories.


Window Cleaning

  • Get spruced up for 2021 with this Nailsea-based company boasting best prices
  • Quotes for fascia, gutters and drainpipe cleaning no obligation
Call 0759 532 3274




  • Starting School: Everything you need for that first special day 

  • Schoolwear: Uniforms, Accessories and Name Tapes

  • Sportswear: PE Kits, Gumshields, Shin Pads and Velcro Daps

  • Dancewear: RAD Approved for Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz

  • Activitywear: Uniforms for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides

School Togs

Clevedon Walk, Nailsea, BS48 1RS

01275 857491

Nailsea bed and breakfast
A home from home at Highdale the family-owned bed and breakfast at Nailsea. The B&B at 82 Silver Street is run by Tony and Tina Davey. Call 01275 858004, email, or go online by clicking HERE for more details 
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