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GREEN GROCERS: S&R Burchills closed is town centre shop and after 30 years deciding to trade online only. To book a delivery go to Alternatively Tout's at Wraxall garage is stocking fresh Burchills products. Just weeks after they closed a 3-4 Colliers Walk the double unit reopened as Nailsea Fruit And Veg run by Muhammed Atag and advertised for staff. See our jobs page.  As well as greengrocery being on sale at Tesco and Waitrose supermarkets, Ashley Olsen in Silver Street is open most mornings. The greengrocers submitted aw change-of-use application in February this year for its shop at 70 Silver Street. It wanted to merge the  existing ground floor greengrocer unit (Use Class E - formerly A1) with the existing house returning it to a single dwelling house. Plans with the application showed internal reconfiguration and replacement windows to front. North Somerset Council granted permission in May this year. For details of planning application 22/P/0461/FUL are here

Want a change from coffee?

Coffee Corner the Turkish-run cafe at Colliers Walk is now serving bubble tea – a first for Nailsea.

Although it feels like a relatively recent drink trend, bubble tea has been a popular drink in Asian countries since the 80s.

Somewhere between a fancy beverage and a snack, this crazy concoction seems to have grabbed the attention of the average young teenager thanks to its variety of colours, flavours and textures.

This often techni-coloured drink is based on a Taiwanese recipe of blending a hot or cold tea base with the choice of milk, fruit and fruit juices, then adding the signature 'bubbles' – soft and chewy tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom.

Tapioca is a starch extracted from the cassava root that is gluten-free and quite bland in flavour, but great in texture.

Bubble tea is served in transparent cups with a fat straw so that you can draw up the tapioca balls - also known as 'pearls' or 'boba' and chew them as you swallow the tea.

The “bubble” in the name refers to both the tapioca balls and the many bubbles created by the vigorous shaking involved in the blending process.

It most commonly consists of tea accompanied by chewy tapioca balls, but it can be made with other toppings as well, such as grass jelly, aloe vera, or red bean

Coffee Corner is serving strawberry, apple, passion fruit and mango flavours to drink in or takeaway.

It costs £3.50 per large cup.

Let us know what you think.

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On trend with bubble tea


RE-ROOTING: Flower Bee the florist in Nailsea High Street has moved to St Mary's Grove. The notice on empty shop is posted by owner Jenn Pera. Flower workshops start on Thursday, September 22, 6.30-9pm. Must be prebooked...


PHONE PROBLEMS: The newly opened betting shop Winning Post in Colliers Walk is still without a telephone line for customers at the beginning of September a fortnight after it first opened. Manager Sam Huff said: "We would like to say thanks to everyone for bearing with us in the process of opening the shop, as most of you know we are now open and aim to welcome anyone and everyone into our shop. We are a very happy bunch and enjoy having a laugh with everyone that comes in. We do tea and coffee, on a few Saturdays a month put on some food for our wonderful customers. I am supported by trusted colleague Rachel Llewellin-Lewis which most of the customers that come would know from Betfred."


CLOSED FOR GOOD: Florist Lisa Gregory has shut her Nailsea Chic Blooms shop after five years of trading. Lisa began her business in Colliers Walk in 2018 before moving to larger premises at Crown Glass Place. She said that sadly the shop become unsustainable as the town centre footfall dwindles as more and more retail units near her closed. She opened Chic Blooms in 2018 in the small unit at 12a now home to the Sweetz shop and expanded to 15b Crown Glass Place a year or so later. But then came Covid and all the lockdowns. Lisa is well-known for designing and selling amazing silk flowers for many special occasions and was a firm favourite with brides-to-be.

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WAVING FROM WAITROSE: The flags have gone from Somerset Square. The red, white and blue bunting put up for HM the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations have finally come down three months after the event sometime at the end of August. Staffing issues are responsible for café closing early in afternoons. It is suppose to open Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm with different hours on bank holidays. The photo with the chairs on top of tables was taken at 2pm on weekday. New staff are currently undergoing training, Nailsea People was told

August coffee run
August coffee run

Coffee #1 serves two types of cappuccino strong and sweet

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August coffee run
August coffee run

Its 8am and we are doing early doors

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August coffee run
August coffee run

Unisex loos

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August coffee run
August coffee run

Coffee #1 serves two types of cappuccino strong and sweet

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August coffee run
August coffee run

Coates House

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August coffee run
August coffee run

Iced water and specialty tea, sorry eaten delish bacon bap

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August coffee run
August coffee run

Waitrose cafe

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August coffee run
August coffee run

Coates House

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On Friday, August 26, Nailsea People decided to go on a coffee crawl around the town centre as the newest coffee shop was opening.

There were lots of places to choose from but mindful that we didn’t want to get a caffeine overdose we only went to half a dozen.

Nailsea is earning the title coffee capital of the southwest with more outlets per capita than most however that fact hasn’t been verified and we have no confirmation either that Impero Lounge is going in library?

Coates House decided to hit back at the competition with a free coffee order and posted a cheeky note on social media that it was nothing to do with Coffee #1 opening.

At 8am we were at Coffee #1 (the hashtag symbolises the number one, we are told) where we met its first customer Bud Bryant who works as a cleaner at Waitrose.

Staff at Waitrose café were peering across watching but not specifically at Bud who is very friendly.

Somerset Live had written it would be serving giant teacakes ‘the size of hubcaps’ and the chain spent the past six weeks fitting out the former fashion store and transforming it into a ‘light, spacious coffee shop in arguably the best location in Nailsea’.

At Coffee #1 I had a mango smoothie and my husband a latte (£3.20). Both of us had downloaded the app but neither of us could work out how to get a credit for the drink. Daughter joined us and got it in one (or #).

The café serves cake and toasties, is child and dog-friendly with interesting décor and unisex toilet cubicles. Its décor and windows on the High Street are among its best bits.

We then stepped across the road to a very friendly welcome at Coates House. We ordered a bacon buttie and a ginger specialty tea – delish. Lattes cost £3 small and £3.20 large and there was a promotion to buy one get one free.

Nailsea People will add at this point all the town centre cafes were busy and all the staff we met on route were extra friendly.

Café 119 is a favourite as it serves the best unfussy food and as we passed a posse of cyclist pulled up so we didn’t stop for a drink – coffee here comes with a cake after 3.30pm at the bargain price of £4.75.

Parsons bakery had lots of lush bread and pasties on sale with lattes at £2.65 – a firm favourite with Royal Mail staff we are told.

Wetherspoons was full of people eating and drinking and it serves the cheapest cup of coffee in town at £1.25 with free refills. A popular place for people of all ages.

Greggs latte was £1.85 and has outside seating in Colliers Walk.

Further along the Turkish café called Coffee Corner hardly had any seats left indoors or out it was so busy – many go for the homemade Dina Baklawa cake and other delicacies.

Tony Targett was sat in his normal place outside the very popular Costa which wasn’t quite as busy as usual. Its had special offers but couldn’t see the prices.  

Nailsea places currently serving coffee:

  • Café 119

  • Coates House

  • Coffee Corner

  • Coffee #1

  • Costa at Tesco supermarket

  • Costa at Somerset Square

  • Greggs bakery

  • Ivy Kitchen

  • Parsons bakery café

  • Paradiso Italian restaurant

  • Scotch Horn café

  • Royal Oak pub

  • The Glass Maker, Wetherspoons

  • The Sawyers Arms

  • Waitrose café

  • sometimes The Coffee Caravan outside Post Office

  • not sure if our takeaways or Golden Horse serve coffee but all the clubs and other pubs in the town. Mustn’t forget the cafes at Nailsea Baptist Church and Holy Trinity churches plus Christ Church has a Saturday coffee morning - in fact you can even get a cup of coffee in the hairdressers and beauty salons.

Coates House free coffee.JPEG
HT cafe coffee open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-1pm.PNG

COMING SOON: The new look at the former clothes shop is nearly complete and Coffee #1 which plans to open seven days a week at Somerset Square is recruiting more staff. Meanwhile at the bottom of Colliers Walk a poster has gone up saying 'new retailers coming soon'. The rumour mill said it was going to be an Egyptian-owned greengrocers going into what was briefly Nailsea International Stores but then we were told that was going into the old Burchills shop. Oh and Ashley Olsen's fruit and veg trade has increased greatly in Silver Street since Burchills went to online trading only that there are queues most mornings