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Scouts May fair cancellation 2022

Dear Nailsea People readers, there are various suggestions circulating on social media speculating on the reasons May fair has been cancelled this year. 

This statement is to clarify the specific reasons for the cancellation.

2nd Nailsea Scouts did not cancel may fair without very good reason. 

We realise how important this event is to our local community, none more so than this year after two years of lockdown.

The whole community needed a lift and we were looking forward to getting back to running the event. 

The local charities and community organisations that we offer free space to will also regretfully lose out.

However, every year the administrative burden of running the event gets bigger, taking up many hours of precious volunteer time.

This year the new application procedure and licencing restrictions placed upon the organisers by North Somerset Council officials requiring all sellers to hold a street trading licence at £63 each, made the car boot sale financially unviable and the new application process proved insurmountable given the short time available before the application deadline. 

We are as disappointed as the rest of our community that we cannot run the event as usual. 

Hopefully we might be able to negotiate workable arrangements with NSC for next year.

As these negotiations are on-going, meanwhile rumours and speculation are not helpful in securing the future of Nailsea May Fair.

The fairground will be running as usual, please go along and enjoy that, we are very grateful to the Rogers Funfair for the generous support they have given 2nd Nailsea Scouts over the many years we have run this joint event.

2nd Nailsea Scouts will be running a scaled back event at its HQ in Hannah More Road on the bank holiday Monday, with most of the usual attractions but unfortunately without a car boot sale. 

Please come along and support that, we did our utmost to run the event again this year for the benefit of our community but were presented with impossible obstacles to overcome.  The decision to cancel our normal event was taken with the deepest regret.

Rich Simmons


2nd Nailsea Scout Group

Hannah More Road HQ


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