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Nailsea Community Christmas Fair
December 2016 more photos on own page click HERE

Coates House is open, November 2016

SLIDE SHOW: Finally after months of anticipation Coates House opens. After missing the preview night on Tuesday for family and friends we strolled down on Wednesday and guess what in the bar were all the usual suspects. The beer, wine and tapas were superb and the company fantastic. The ambience is lovely although we have to admit we enjoyed many a great night at the Queens Head! Planned are jazz evenings and quiz nights. Call 0792 926 2560 for more details of email We will review the food at a later stage unless you would like to do one? Email to - thanks Carol Deacon

Remembrance for Nailsea, November 2016

photos © Carol Deacon and Stephen Parker

From Queens Head to Coates House in pictures

more than 100 photos tracking redevelopement at site

read history of pub on this site by clicking HERE

Nailsea pumpkins at Halloween 2016

Crown Glass shopping centre, High Street and one from Tyntesfield

Adge Cutler 50th tribute plays Royal Oak, Nailsea

October 2016

To mark the 50th anniversary of the first live recording of Adge Cutler and the Wurzels at the Royal Oak pub a statue of Nailsea’s most famous son went on display.

Nephew John Cutler who lives in Barnstaple organised the Royal Oak tribute to his Uncle Adge with Farmer John showing his memorabilia.

Did you know Adge used to live in the property which is now Nailsea Music Shop - how appropriate is that!

The Twice Dailies provided the Somerset songs from the LP recorded 'live' 50 years ago at the High Street pub.

The statue made by Roy Cleeve is a photo by Steve Barnes and former town councillor Ian Summerell is making a YouTube video of the whole event - more later...when we have the link we will post it here.

The unveiling was at 3pm on Saturday, October 29.

The four-foot sculpture of the well-known West Country musician was made several years ago by Roy Cleeve, a retired Nailsea builder who was a friend of the Wurzels singer and went to school with him.

Mr Cleeve said when he made the model: "I wanted to make a sculpture of Adge, because he was someone I knew.

"We went to the same school and then later on we used to go out and have a pint."

Adge, who grew up in Nailsea and attended Old Church School, wrote most of the Wurzels early songs, including the hit Drink up Thee Zider which was recorded live at the Royal Oak, in November 1966.

He was well known in the town, working at Coates Cider Works in Nailsea and at Portishead Power Station.

Adge died aged just 43 in May 1974 when he crashed his MGB sports car on a roundabout in Chepstow following a Wurzels concert.

He is buried in the graveyard of Christ Church in his home town and a plaque already hangs in the Royal Oak pub in his memory.

Mr Cleeve who lives at West End had his original statue covered a bronze coating.

The artist, a former Royal Engineer, had it on display at the opening of Nailsea Tithe Barn in 2011 and it has also been on show at a Nailsea barber’s shop.

John said: "I am very proud to be part of this project and a lot of thanks to Roy Cleeve.

"When Roy and myself put up the statue just to see what it looks like a young boy came up with his friends and asked who this person was, his mate said probably just a farmer.

"This is why I am part of this project, so the people do not forget who my uncle Adge was and I hope this statue of Adge will remind the people of the West Country who he was."

Footlights Studios official opening celebrations

October 2016

Celebrations at new performing arts studio for Blackfriars Road, Nailsea 


One of Britain's top comic Andy Ford performed the official opening ceremony at Footlights new studio on Sunday.

Andy is best known for his appearances at the Bristol Hippodrome in panto and after cutting the ribbon at the performing arts academy at Blackfriars Road, Nailsea he gave a cabaret performance of new material in an early evening show at the same venue.

The afternoon was a celebration for the parents, grandparents and friends which was accompanied by the children singing and dancing, a game of pass the parcel, an American supper and a rendition of happy birthday to Emily, daughter of academy director Tina Kelly.

The four-tier celebration cake made by Heaven cakes/ Heaven on the Hill was a superb work of sugar art with theatre curtains, piano keys, Disney castle and topped with a silhouette of a dancer. 

Tina has been running the 250-strong troupe for 14 years and it has classes at Backwell, Nailsea, Portishead and Bristol.

The new studio which is shared with her husband and son who run their company Allegro Logistrics from the building will now be the base for local classes.

Tina has had a busy and successful professional dance career, touring theatres all over the country including London's West End. Tina now passes on her passion for performance through Footlights Performance Academy. She has also danced for the BBC and has choreographed for the Channel 4 programme Skins and stage shows like Sister Act

Big Apple Day, Tithe Barn, Nailsea

October 2016

PREVIEW: ii's autumn and its nearly time for the annual apple pressing organised by Transition Town Nailsea.

This will be at the Tithe Barn on Saturday, October 15, 1-5.30pm.

So come and turn your surplus apples into healthy juice with the help of the chaps from Nailsea Cider.

Apple cakes and other refreshments will be served all afternoon.
Last year a bumper crop of fruit was gathered at the Big Apple Day.

This is the seventh year the environmental group has teamed up with the industrious cider people to host the event in the medieval restored barn.

It will be outside in the former school playground where the apples will be ‘scratted’ or chopped and then pressed to make litres of delicious juice which can be drunk or turned into wine or cider.

Transition Town Nailsea, in common with many other towns and villages in Britain is reviving long lost traditions associated with apple growing and the apple harvest.

The group hopes that more and more people will want to use and celebrate local fruit, and is keen to make links back to Nailsea’s history as a major cider-producing town.

This is all part of the Transition ideals for communities to grow and use more local food, as part of a long- term strategy to reduce air miles and use of fossil fuel in the production of our food.

Nailsea’s history is steeped in coal, glassmaking and cider-making.

The famous Coate’s Cider was made in Nailsea, and before this nearly all the local farms made cider because they could pay their staff a proportion of their wages with the stuff.

Nailsea Cider is a small scale production outfit with an orchard near the West End of the town.

They also use apples from trees in gardens around Nailsea especially from windfalls.

For find out more go to its website by clicking HERE.

If you have any spare apples to donate for the October afternoon call  0774 026 3398 or checkout its Facebook page.

  • Interesting piece on the merits of apple cider vinegar and health in the BBC online magazine which you can read HERE. It explores a traditional folk remedy that has been around for many centuries. Apple cider vinegar is made by mixing chopped-up apples with water and sugar, then allowing the mixture to ferment, turning some of it into acetic acid

Pink Ladies at Nailsea & Backwell Rugby Club

October 2016

The 7th Nailsea International Bike Show

September 2016

On yer bike Nailsea


The 7th Nailsea International Bike Show rocked the Royal Oak pub on Saturday and Sunday, September 17-18.

This free annual event is run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers in aid of the Children’s Hospice South West.

The 2016 weekend was sponsored by Wiltshire company IMP (Insit Moulded Packaging) a world leader in its field.

The show this year  featured hundreds of  modern and vintage motorcycles along with great trade stands, live music and many other fun activities for everyone.

Rolls Royce engineer John Colley was one of the organisers.

He said: "This family event has a great atmosphere and every year gets bigger and better."

In 2015 they raised more than £1,300 for the CHSW despite poor weather on the Sunday.

But for 2016 the 300 beefburgers on the barbecue had sold out by early afternoon on the first day and with brilliant sunshine the crowds continue to arrive at the High Street venue at weekend.

And the verdict according to John 'it was the best ever'.

Nailsea Bikers have trialed several pitstops from the Royal Oak, The Old Barn at Wraxall to a wet and windy year at Nailsea and Backwell Rugby Club.

But the Royal Oak felt like home and everyone was happy.

The highlights among the bikes were a 1923 Douglas, 1940 Indian Scout, an old moped with a 'pop pop' engine the same as those used on lawnmovers and 1955 BSA Gold Star.

This was matched by good food and drink, fantastic live bands and fabulously friendly crowd.

For a flavour of the weekend click the slide show top.

We will let you know later which bike was voted star baker!

Hang-on we know now.

The last three photos on the slideshow are of the bike built by 10-year-old Mikey Gregory.

His mum Andrea said: "I thought you might like this picture of the people's choice winner, his name is Mikey Gregory and he is 10-years-old.

"This is his first ever bike build which has gone from a pretty rough and rusty bike into what you see in the pictures in two weeks.

"We live in South Wales but his dad Paul (nickname Gregs) grew up and went to school in Nailsea and we have attended the show the past six years."

All we can say is WOW! and thank for sharing the photos.

If you would like a digital copy of any of the photos email - no charge.

Summerset Festival Ring O'Bells, July 2016

Tough as Nails 2016

When the tough get going they bounce, splash, climb and endure an Army-style assault course to raise monies for a new youth shelter at Millennium Park, Nailsea.

This was Nailsea’s finest running, panting and puffing to complete an endurance test dreamed up by a police sergeant Mark Raby and supported by his neighbourhood beat colleagues.

There were two routes depending on age with the youngest runners still at infant school and the oldest – well we won’t tell if you don’t?

In brilliant sunshine they raced across the green fields at Nailsea and Backwell rugby club, at West End, to tackle some heinous obstacles on route.

Mark said: “This has always been about supporting the young people of Nailsea and we're holding the run in memory of Alex Gould following his tragic death in February aged just 18 and we are grateful for the support of Alex's mother Caroline who has agreed to start the race."

This was the second Tough as Nails following the 2015 success.

Last summer more than 100 people ran the course and raised £1,000.

A £900 donation was given to the new Nailsea skate park with the remainder put towards organizing 2016.

Alex’s mum Caroline said: "It's such a lovely, wonderful thing to do and it's quite an honour that it's being done in memory of Alex.

“It will be great for the young people of Nailsea to have somewhere to go.

“We're grateful that Alex is being remembered through something which will be so good for the community and which will give us all a way of remembering those we have lost."

Once again local officers teamed up with outdoor fitness company Carpe Diem who devised the warm-up exercises.

Nailsea & Backwell beer and cider festival 2016

Nailsea and Backwell beer and cider festival


PREVIEW: The annual three day long weekend of music and merriment at Nailsea and Backwell Rugby Club runs from Friday to Sunday, July 15-17 and for 2016 doesn’t clash with the bit of a 'do' going on at Backwell!

The beer and cider festival has chosen Children’s Hospice South West as its charity for this year.

The festival peeps have their own Facebook page so for up-to-date information check in here otherwise email for the latest on sponsorship deals and band line-up.

Sponsorship details are on the Business Peeps page.

Nailsea Beer and Cider Festival 2016 – Band Running Order

Saturday 16 July

12:00 - 12:45 TBC
13:15 - 14:00 Scott Davey
14:30 - 15:15 The Sizza Blistas
15:45 - 16:30 The Twice Dailies
17:00 - 17:45 Jilted Joe (who took photos from stage top)

18:15 - 19:00 Stone Cold Fiction
19:30 - 20:30 Corvus
21:00 - 22:00 The Above Average Weight Band

Sunday 17 July

12:00 - 12:45 Rob The Rich
13:15 - 14:00 Chicken Teddies
14:30 - 15:15 Serenade Big Band
15:45 - 16:30 Start
17:00 - 18:00 Troy Ellis and his Hail Jamaica Band

This event was covered in 2015 and you will find photos in the gallery by clicking HERE

busy Saturday morning, July 16, at Nailsea

Saturday, July 9 official opening of NSP

Millennium Park at the skatepark

Saturday, July 9 annual Nailsea showcase 
Millennium Park on the field

A skate in park

The sun shone at Nailsea Community Skatepark Festival and showcase on Saturday, July 9, for the 14th annual competition and the official opening of the new state-of-the-art facility.

Organisers agreed it was a fantastic day marking the culmination of 20 months work by a small but dedicated team who ‘dreamed the dream’.

North Somerset Council chairman Peter Bryant, Nailsea Town Council chairman David Packham, NSP stalwarts Josh Howard and Phil Williams made up the official opening team.

A large ‘thank-you’ sign created by Protechnic was unveiled and a specially commissioned skatepark cake made by That Cake Lady was cut and shared.

Core team mementos in the shape of wooden skateboards were handed out before a huge group photoshoot in the skatepark bowl.

Additional donations received on the day included £375 from Golden Valley Primary School non-uniform day and nearly £100 from Tesco Nailsea showcase fruit stall.

Phil said: “This means that the team are within £1,500 of reaching their overall target of approximately £118,000 to fully pay for the project.

“Donations to complete the final amount would be really appreciated in the next week or so either by dropping Nailsea Town Council or go to the Golden Giving page by clicking HERE.

Action on the skatepark got underway at 2pm with a record number of entries.

Phil added: “I don't think the skate park has ever been so busy with hundreds of supporters surrounding every available space to watch the fantastic action from all the youngsters.”

Competitors ranged in age from three years and competitions took place for skateboarders, scooter riders, BMX riders and a rollerblader.

As the age of the competitors got older more and more of the time was spent with all sorts of aerial manoeuvres wowing the crowd.

Great news was that despite all the riders pushing themselves the support of first aid providers, Bristol ambulance was rarely needed.


Skateboarding 16+ Sonny Kitchen, of Nailsea

Skateboarding 12-15 Ethan Jones

Skatebaording u11 Liam Minter, aged 10

Scooters 13+ Ryan Linham, of Backwell

Scooters 10-12 Harvey Coates, of Nailsea

Scooters 9 and under:  Bodhi Archer, of Wraxall

BMX winner Nathan Lyddon with a special mention to Lexie Mae, five, and Lilly Walker, three

A special girls award went to Maisy Hole, eight, who did so well despite tough competition.

NSP is looking to launch some new initiatives this summer particularly around ‘skate school’ in August and the possibility of some first aid training. If interested e-mail Neil Wylie at

Phil added: “The team have been blown away by the whole day, the community coming together to celebrate what we have all achieved.

“When I look back and see pictures of last year's skate event with the old beaten up ramps and compare it to this brand new top class concrete facility built by Wheelscape, it brings a tear to my eyes.

“So many people contributed and we are so fortunate to live in the area of Nailsea and the surrounding towns and villages and I am very much looking forward to 2017s event.”

Police boss visits

Listening to residents was the focus of Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens latest community day in North Somerset.

After a tour of Weston-super-Mare her next stop was Nailsea Skatepark to see first-hand the new park being used by children and young people and to meet the people behind the project.

Nailsea Skatepark was awarded £1,000 from the Commissioner’s Community Action Fund.

NSP spokesman Phil Williams said: “I’m delighted Sue could see the skatepark in use and the range of children and young people who are here every day. "A small team of people have been campaigning and fundraising really hard for nearly two-years and it’s wonderful to now see everyone enjoying the park.

"We are really proud of how popular it is.”

Pictured at skate park by sign picture from left are Phil Williams, NSP stalwart Josh Howard, Sue and Nailsea Town Council clerk Ian Morrell

Saturday, July 2 Nailsea carnival day

Nailsea School prom night

  • Don't they scrub up well. It was first night at a prom for many of the GCSE students at Nailsea School who were off  Cadbury House at Congresbury for the annual end-of-school ball. Head teacher Chris Wade donned some dark glasses for the occasion and was accompanied by his deputy Stephen Richards also wearing black tie for the big night out for the class of 2016. Many of the pupils will be coming back for A-levels while others will be joining the world of work or taking up apprenticeships. Family and friends gathered at the Mizzymead Road campus to smile and (some) shed a secret tear that their young ones were now all grown up waited for their carriages. And the funniest part of the early evening was hearing the siblings deciding what they would wear to the ball when it was their turn... 

Tea party for Queen

While the Queen was enjoying a rainy day picnic on The Mall nearer home at Nailsea the Baptist church entertained with a lovely afternoon tea party to celebrate the ‘official’ royal 90th birthday.

Nailsea Baptists and their friends celebrated the Queen's official birthday with a special weekend of events at 'the centre' at Silver Street.

Although Nailsea couldn’t match 10,000 guests in London it was full to capacity at Silver Street.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates two birthdays each year: her actual birthday on April 21 which was marked with a beacon lit at Holy Trinity church at St Mary's Grove.

Then her official birthday was on a Saturday, June 11, chosen in the hope of better weather.

Associate pastor the Rev Paul Carter said: "Nailsea Baptist celebrated its 37th church anniversary with a vintage tea at 'the centre' in Silver Street. 

“As it was Her Majesty's birthday celebration as well there was plenty of cake and tea as the community came together.

"Every table was full and there was a real sense of community of all ages being together for a celebration. 

“Music from the 1940s was played and a royal quiz in a decorated hall."

The church regularly holds community events – for further details click HERE or call the church office on 01275 859339.

Friday, May 13 - new skatepark first night

The thrills and spills of Nailsea's new skatepark captured in photographs on Friday, May 13, its first night of opening.

With the sun streaming across the newly finished concrete described by the youngsters who had contributed to the design as 'perfect' the screech of the wheels on the smooth surface and the shouts of delight from the lads was audible across Millennium Park.

It may not be the biggest skate park in the south west but it is the best said the young people who demonstrated amazing skills on their scooters and skateboards as they literally flew through the air.

It was a joy to watch the camaraderie between the youths as the older ones helped the smaller boys up the steep slopes before somersaulting like pros at amazing speeds.

Nailsea Town Council clerk Ian Morrell and many councillors including chairman David Packham, Nailsea School head teacher Chris Wade, Tesco community champion Debs Bear and some of the NSP team Neil Wylie and Josh Howard were on hand to witness the momentous occasion.

Unfortunately NSP Phil Williams.a driving force behind the project, was away on business in Australia but it didn't stop him sending texts from his stopover at Singapore including a 'good luck' video expressing how 'gutted' he was to miss the first night.

After being turned down for a Sports Council grant the community got behind NSP and fundraising and contributions from local churches, councils, businesses and LOL (little old ladies, ask Phil to explain) raised more than £110,00 in 18 months.

Specialist company Wheelscape were behind the construction which they finished on schedule with the minimum of fuss.

Sadly the spills saw Neil injuring his arm on a demo run and another lad dislocating a shoulder necessitating a visit from the paramedics and a trip to hospital.

The official opening is at the skatepark festival and Nailsea showcase on Saturday, July 9.

2nd Nailsea Scouts May fair 2016

All the fun of May day Millennium Park fair


Grey skies turned to blue and the bank holiday Monday May fair at Nailsea was a huge success.

There were fairground rides, inflatables, side-shows, static engine display, Nailsea Bikers with their mean machine, archery, barbecued burgers and hot dogs, large car boot sale with approximately 100 vendors and an excellent refreshment marquee. 

2nd Nailsea Scout Group chairman Richard Simmons said: "The amazing two-wheeled Segway rides proved very poular and kept riders and onlookers enthralled throughout the course of the event."

Music was provided by the Twice Dailies who played a selelection of Adge Cutler songs leaving the crowd asking for more; Nailsea Musicals singing songs from the shows and the Barley Rye Choir singing a selection of traditional songs with beautiful harmonic arrangements.  

The afternoon’s entertainment was completed with a set from singer/guitarist Robin Schaefer who had feet tapping until the show closed,

The May fair is organised by 2nd Nailsea Scouts and as well as being the first major community event in the year is the main fundraising effort for the scout group.

Mr Simmons added: "We have raised somewhere in the region of £4,200 which will be used to help maintain the Hannah More Road HQ and replace some worn out equipment.

"The afterenoon also provided fundraising opportunities for other local charities who take part including Nailsea Skatepark Project which ran a stall.

"We would like to thank everyone who helped, supported or just turned up on the day.

"This incudes North Somerset Council, Scotch Horn Leisure Centre, Nailsea Town Council and James Rogers Funfair without whose generosity we could not run the event."

Tesco community champion Debs Bear man the supermarket stall.

She said: "Our outdoor events are so dependent on good weather.

"The weather was so bad to start with our gazebo blew over and stallholders were all beginning to pack up to go home early.

"But then suddenly in the last hour the sun came out and new people started arriving.

"Everyone unpacked and brisk business was done in the closing moments."

Re-building Nailsea skatepark in pictures

Nailsea dancers at Eisteddfod by Suzi Bird

Nailsea dancers pose for the camera at the Bristol Dance Eisteddfod 2016 at Backwell School.

Suzi Bird of Sunlight Photography took the shots.

A former Nailsea School student Suzi, aged 22, set up her own photography business after graduating from the University of South Wales in photography for fashion and advertising.

Suzi is also a dancer who started baby classes aged three and now takes adult ballet classes with the Adele Stitch School of Dance at Nailsea.

But her day job is as a professional dance photographer.

Her work involves photo shoots for dancers and actors to use in their portfolios.

She also does portrait and wedding photography.

To see more of Suzi’s work click HERE.

To view photos from the 2015 Eisteddfod go to its gallery by clicking HERE.

The photo below of two character dancers was taken by a parent.

Nailsea at night by Julie Redman 

Making cider apples grow


It was five years ago Transition Nailsea resurrected the ancient Somerset tradition of the wassailing to ensure a good harvest from the community orchard.
And for 2016 despite being a freezing Saturday evening people from all over the area turned out for a Twelfth Night ceremony which involved singing and drinking the health of an old apple tree at Trendlewood Park.
Everyone was intent on making as much noise as possible to ward away evil spirits to ensure a bumper fruit crop this autumn.
A lantern lit procession made its way from the pub to the park where, after lots of banging and shouting including children throwing toast at the tree, mulled cider was served to the grown-ups and apple juice to the young people.
The ceremony which dates back to Anglo-Saxon times was conducted by Ron Febrey as The Butler.
He was constantly interrupted by a cider-swigging Green Man, played by Steve Cayzer, who was tasked with pouring a flagon of good cheer under the illuminated tree.
Ron’s wife Beanie wore flowers in her hair and carried a basket of windfalls.
The Barley Rye folk choir led the singing and performed a mummers puppet play back at The Old Farmhouse pub.
This involved a quack doctor using magic, a dual between Saint George and a valiant soldier named Slasher, Old Father Christmas, Beelzebub with the audience singing along.
The Wassail was organised by volunteers from the Transition Nailsea a group promoting local, sustainable food production and an awareness of environmental issues..
Click on the photo top to see the slideshow.

For more information about Transition Nailsea click HERE.

Melanie Carey Photography


Create beautiful memories in a cozy and unique setting
Family portraits starting at £50 including photos
The studio is located in the heart of old Nailsea at Hillcote
Creative shoots also available as well as commercial and product shoots

  • I had a fabulous time recently with Mel at my photo shoot, Mel is a very talented photographer, she understands her subject well and has a great sensitivity

  • She works to bring out the very best in you when taking your picture. I had an absolute ball and she made me feel like a film star. It was a much needed boost

  • Mel was simultaneously professional and friendly - a difficult balance to achieve but she did. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mel

  • Thank you so much for our beautiful photos of our gorgeous baby boy!

  • I highly recommend Mel with her warm and friendly approach to her shoots, full of creativity and enthusiasm

  • Can't wait to book in again xx

See website for more details by clicking HERE or go to Melanie Carey Photography on Facebook

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