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July/August 2017

Our town is a very nice town


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Films, fairs, summer flower show and festivals on this  page including cinema listings and pub parties. Nailsea is listed first then scroll down for events at nearby towns, Bristol and thruoghout Somerset


Photographs taken by Nailsea People plus submitted images from Greta Howard, Josh Ham, Phil Williams and others of Nailsea carnival, beerfest, skatefest and more. Click HERE to see

Jacklands Bridge corner, is it an accident waiting to happen?

A dramatic rescue by paramedics took place in the early hours of Sunday morning on a sharp bend on the B3133 on the outskirts of Nailsea.

The lone woman driver who ended up in the ditch had 'a very lucky escape' said Caroline Eastwood, of Jacklands Fishing Lakes.

The accident happened on Sunday morning, July 16.

Paramedics pulled the victim out of the Land Yeo, the small river which flows through North Somerset.

The woman, who hasn't been named, was rescued after her vehicle flipped and rolled into the water following a road traffic collision.

Miraculously, the woman suffered only minor injuries.

A fire service spokesman said: “At 2.52am, crews from Nailsea, Clevedon and Bedminster fire station attended Jacklands Bridge in Nailsea.

“We had a report of a car in the water near to Jacklands Bridge.

“Police and ambulance were also on scene.

"Indeed, a car had entered the river following a road traffic incident.

“One female was rescued before the arrival of the fire service by ambulance crews who were on scene.”

Jacklands Fishing Lakes is next to the accident site.

Caroline said although the Environment Agency was informed as a formality as there was no petrol or oil spillage it wasn't unnecessay for them to attend.

She said: "It has nothing to do with the lakes as it isn't connected to the river."

However she believes the road has become more dangerous due to the volume of traffic through Tickenham and added; "God knows what it will be like when they build another 3,000 homes at Nailsea.

"The driver was a very lucky girl." 

And Nailsea resident Sue Smith agrees.

She said: "When will something be done about this corner?

"I have been asking for 18 months for changes to the speed and road markings and I'm told that until someone dies that North Somerset Council won't do anything!

"The estimated costs are in the region of £5k for a local councils contribution.

"How much did this single rescue/recovery cost?"

The waterway rises on Dundry Hill and supplies Barrow Gurney Reservoirs before flowing through various villages to Clevedon where it drains into the Bristol Channel.

During the past 1,000 years it has powered at least 10 watermills, however only one is still functional.

There is a sluice gate outside Wraxall House.

PHOTOS: Nighttime paramedic Paul Clarke and daytime Martin Bodman

Rain stopped skatefest play


For the first time in its history Nailsea skatefest was halted sooner than the organisers would have liked due to rain.

Organiser Phil Williams said: "But not until a great day was had by hundreds of visitors.

"A small but dedicated team had been working on the 15th anniversary event for the best part of the year and in the week leading up to the event there had been no sign of rain in till the Friday night.

"However, all looked to be good that despite some wet stuff in the morning the afternoon should have remained dry and with that forecast in mind, it was full steam ahead.

"The site was being built from early on Saturday morning and despite some drizzle coming off the coast during the morning heaps of young people where at the park practising.

"By 12.30pm it was still a bit wet but registration was taking place with a record number of more than 40 entries."

This was the second time the event was staged on the new skate park which opened in July last year.

Phil added: "As well as the action on the skate park, the tented showcase village with around 20 stalls was being built and despite the rain with DJ Rob banging out the tunes, and some great musical entertainment by the Cider House Rounders folk band.

"We were still hoping to be able to complete two runs for each of the riders.

"As the afternoon continued with wet and dry periods clearly safety was paramount and therefore between showers we had to wait a number of times for the surface to dry out."

"Youngest competitor was two-year-old Lucas Filer who was supported by a huge cheer from the crowd.

"Unfortunately, the rain that was scheduled to move away throughout the afternoon never really did so therefore the competition was judged on the first of two runs in all the categories apart from the older skateboarders which we will be coming back to do a further event in the next few weeks.

"Despite all the riders pushing themselves the support of first aid providers, Bristol ambulance was never needed.

"As with any competition there has to be winners and in the Skate 12-15 Category Nailsea’s Rob Waghorn took the trophy and prizes ahead of Elliot Savage, of Weston-super-Mare.

"Big mention to Liam Minter visiting from Stockholm who took the skate 11 and under category.

In the hardfought scooter categories the under 12 category was won by Bodhy Archer, of Winford.

Lukas Filer, aged two, pictured below, was the youngest competitor.

For more photos and full results go to Gallery 2017 by clicking HERE.

TELEVISION ROLE: A star pooch took time off from his role as office pet at a Backwell estate agents to appear in a ITV show. Reggie, who is owned and trained by Debbie Fortune, was on location filming televison series Doc Martin alongside actor Martin Clunes at Port Isaac, Cornwall. For his part the black and tan Jack Russell had to bark, chase a ball and be nice to children! Debbie who already has award-winning branches at Chew Magna and Wrington opened the Backwell office last month to cover local sales and lettings throughout the area including Flax Bourton, Long Ashton and Nailsea. Reggie works with Backwell manager Joseph Downs

North Somerset roadworks 


Several North Somerset roads will have its markings repainted.

Markings on the busy, main routes will take priority and get repainted first.

There will be road closures for works carried out by hand so the crews can work safely.

The lining schedule start now when centre and edge lines will be replaced at the following sites overnight, without any road closures:

  • A369 Abbots Leigh Road

  • B3124 Clevedon Road between, Clevedon and Portishead

  • B3133 Frost Hill/Smallway, Yatton

  • B3133 Kenn Road, Clevedon

Then the following closures and scheduled for:

  • Sunday, July 23 road closure 8am-4pm on B3124 Clevedon Road

  • Monday, July 24 July closure 9.30am-3.30pm at Sandmead Road and Churchill Green

  • Tuesday, July 25 road closure 9.30am-3.30pm on B3133 Kenn Road

  • Wednesday, July 26 road closure 9.30m to 3.30pm  on B3133 Smallway/Frost Hill

  • Sunday, July 30 road closure 8am-4pm on A369 Abbots Leigh Road

  • Sunday, August 13 road closure 8am-4pm on Yanley Lane, Long Ashton

Monday, August 14 lining works under local traffic management at:

  • North Road, Abbots Leigh

  • Oxhouse Lane, Failand

  • Highridge Road and Upton Lane Dundry

  • Kingston Lane, Winford

  • The Rhodyate, Christon Road and Whitley Road, Banwell

  • Sevier Road, Loxton

  • Barton Road, Winscombe

  • Hillend, Hutton

  • Sand Road, Kewstoke

One Nailsea road is due to be resurfaced during the school summer holidays.

The authority’s micro asphalt programme is due to start on Tuesday, August 29 and take three weeks to complete.

The treatment involves applying two layers of liquid bitumen emulsion and stone over the existing road surface.

Once the treatment is laid it provides a new top surface which extends the life of the road and improves skid resistance.

As well as Christchurch Close cul de sac at Nailsea the others roads which will be treated are:

  • CLEVEDON: Fosseway including Jubilee Place, Blackthorn Square, Closemead, Cherry Hay, Ruddymead, Windsor Close, Newport Close, Bradford Close, Hayward Close, Wickfield, Stickland, Camplins and Blackmoor, Westbourne Crescent, Westbourne Avenue, Willow Close, Queen’s Road, Copse Road, Esmond Grove including Castlewood Close, Edward Road and Edward Road West

  • LOCKING: Manor Gardens and The Orchard including Beechwood Avenue, Bramley Close, The Orchard Close, Homefield and Homefield Close

  • PORTISHEAD: Bruton Avenue including Holy Ridge and Denny Close

  • WINSCOMBE: Woodborough Crescent

  • WESTON-SUPER-MARE: Wansbrough Road, Weston-super-Mare

  • UPHILL: Uphill Way

Prior to the micro asphalt works taking place, crews will also visit each location to carry out preparatory works and will visit the sites after the treatment has been carried out to reinstate road markings.

The works are weather dependent so the schedule is subject to change – you can check the latest dates for micro asphalt works by visiting

It is a quick treatment and the new road surface is safe to drive on after about half an hour, once staff on site have removed the cones.

Drivers are asked to drive slowly and observe the temporary speed limit signs.

Crews will return to sweep up any loose material, replace road markings and raise any irons weeks a few weeks after the new road surface has been laid.

The works are being carried out by Skanska on behalf of North Somerset Council at a cost of £475,000.

You can view information about current and future roadworks, including road closures and diversion routes by clicking HERE

New lamps for old at Backwell

Backwell is getting new street lights this month.

As part of its continuing street-lighting replacement programme, North Somerset Council is set to replace hundreds of old-type street light columns in four communities.

As well as Backwell the villages of Claverham and Yatton and parts of Clevedon with have new lamps.

The existing five-metre concrete columns, which are reaching the end of their lives, will be replaced with galvanised steel units.

As part of the works, the existing 58 watt sodium lights will be replaced with LED lanterns running at only 25 watt.

The new technology means they will be dimmed at 50 per cent at 11pm and then back to 100 per cent at 6am.

North Somerset Council deputy leader and executive member for highways Elfan Ap Rees said: “The improvements we’re making on our street lighting will allow us to keep the lights lit at night at less cost than turning them off, as well as reduced energy use, lower maintenance costs, control of obtrusive light and lower carbon emissions.”

The areas which will see the work are:

•             BACKWELL – Moorfield Road, Robinson Way, Uncombe Close, Court Close, Karen Drive, St Andrews Road;

•             CLAVERHAM – Hollowmead Close;

•             CLEVEDON – Kenn Road, Hither Green, Ashton Close, Westerleigh Road, Macleod Close, Tennyson Avenue, Yeo Way, Pill Way, Old Church Road, St Andrews Drive, Church Close, West Croft; and

•             YATTON – Jones Close, Marsh Road, Rock Road, Shiners Elms, Stowey Road, The Batch, Grace Close, The Eagles, Well Lane, Wemberham Crescent, West Road, Rectory Drive, Rectory Way, Mendip Road.

Cllr Ap Rees added: “There’s expected to be a small amount of disruption with the works, but our contractors will maintain access to properties and businesses at all times. Information signs will go up on existing lamp posts notifying residents and business owners in advance of the works.

“Residential properties or businesses which have lighting columns directly outside will receive a letter from the contractors informing them of the date that the unit is to be replaced, and their co-operation in arranging to keep the space clear will help minimise disruption.

“Residents will be informed of intended dates for the works.

“Programme dates can sometimes change due to unforeseen issues on site but our contractor will also write to residents in advance of the works to ensure they are given adequate notice of when the work will be carried out.”

The £200,000 scheme is being carried out by contractor Scottish and Southern Energy (contracting) on behalf of the district council.

Work is due to start during the school summer holidays and is expected to last until April 2018.

However, not everyone is happy about new lights for old.

The traditional yellow sodium street lights which are being replaced by white LED lamps say the new lights which use less energy, dramatically cutting carbon emissions and saving money are brighter and can disturbed sleep.

According to a BBC report about 10 per cent of US street lights have already been converted.

Its energy department has estimated that if the whole country switched to LEDs over the next two decades it would save $120bn over that 20-year period.

Cities across Europe and the Asia Pacific region are going down the LED route and, in China, the central planning agency is in the middle of a conversion programme it expects will cut annual carbon emissions by 48 million tonnes.

Against these sort of statistics, those campaigning against LEDs can sound like Luddites, railing against scientific progress, but they insist they have a strong case.

They point to a recent report by the American Medical Association (AMA), which warns that the blue light emitted by first generation high-intensity LEDs, used in many cities around the world including New York, can adversely affect circadian sleep rhythms, leading to reduced duration and quality of sleep, ‘impaired daytime functioning’ and obesity.

The AMA report calls on cities to use the lowest-intensity LEDs possible and shade them better to reduce glare, which it warns can also harm wildlife.




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  • Sportswear: PE kits and more

  • Footwear: football boots, Wellington boots, trainers, shoes, velcro daps

  • Dancewear: RAD approved ballet, tap, modern, jazz

  • Uniforms and accessories: Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs, Brownies, Guides and Scouts

Colliers Walk, Nailsea

Tel: 01275 857491 

Twitter: #schooltogsnailsea

Nailsea bed and breakfast
A home from home at Highdale the family-owned bed and breakfast at Nailsea. The B&B at 82 Silver Street is run by Tony and Tina Davey. Call 01275 858004, email, or go online by clicking HERE for more details 
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