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Gallery 2024

April to June

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DUCKIES: The top image is of a pair of tufted ducks taken at Backwell Lake by Cynthia Miller. The other is of a domestic Cayuga duck which has taken up residence at the lake and caused concern about visitors. The RSPCA has come out several times initially to try and catch the bird but he has avoided capture as he is a great swimmer and diver! Lorraine Hopkinson-Parker said: "I had found a home for him but the RSPCA said he appears to have integrated and is pretty wild now, they said it would be more stressful for him to go back to being domesticated as he's doing well at the lake. They are monitoring him."  And another feared: "If the duck is collected, it is likely to be destroyed (due to avian flu). If it's happy, it should just be left, unless owners are local and become aware. He seems quite happy chilling at Backwell Lake. Often come and follows myself and my dog when we walk round."

Swanning around at Backwell Lake 

PHOTO BOOTH: Two items from Tyntesfield have been featured in the new book 100 Photographs from the Collections of the National Trust; a memorial necklace for Albinia Anne Gibbs, and a photograph of the cricket team following a match in 1895. To celebrate, the National Trust property has set up a Victorian-style photo booth in Tyntesfield House, so visitors can have a go at capturing their own historical snaps. Choose from Gibbs-style garments, set up your phone camera on a time lapse setting, pop it into the Victorian camera stand - made by the Somerset Bodgers - and strike your best pose. Here in black and white are couple of snaps taken by the house team. The booth will be available until Sunday, April 14. In the meantime look and learn at the fabulous 2024 photos taken by Cynthia Miller at the Wraxall gothic house and shared by Nailsea People...

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