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BEJEWELLED COBWEBS: A cold and frosty Nailsea morning by Greta Howard, see VIP feature on this website

Impassable county lanes even for a fire engine, Backwell lake bursting its banks and Chapel Hill, the shortcut twixt Backwell and Nailsea, again proving a hazard for unsuspecting motorists.

This time it was a Waitrose delivery van that got stuck in the route under the railway bridge.

Andrew Tobin and Debra Britton took the photos at the lake.

Ann Fox said: “This is a selection of number plates and car parts left behind by vehicles speeding through the flood water near the entrance to Bristol Waterworks on Chelvey Road.

“Just drive slowly, it’s perfectly passable.

“Yesterday a car had to be towed away!”

At Crown Glass Shopping Centre in Nailsea Coffee #1 was forced to close as its roof leaked and some say the buckets were out next door at Superdrug.

These problems date make to New Look days as many former employees will attest.

However, one of the biggest problems is summed up by flat resident Sally who said: “Residents must pay for these repairs, we have paid thousands over the past 16 years to my knowledge, and every time the precinct changes hands the guarantees seem to vanish.

“Currently every home above the shops is being charged approximately £4-5k the get it fixed, yet again.

“We have been living on a building site for months.

“The contractor told them not to start work in winter but the property management company Praxis insisted.

“I have no words other than the stress and distress being suffered by private residents who have no control other than to be forced to pay, and the businesses who also suffer.

“Having lived here for decades, in truth , nothing has changed.”

While the workmen were out with the strong-smelling bitumen, at Scotch Horn Leisure Centre is was more buckets catching the rainwater.In the 1980s this was the situation at Nailsea School before it got a multi-million-pound new build in 2009 and end of problem.

The Land Yeo flooded the valley although water levels weren’t as high as the record set in November, 2016.

Thanks to James Parsons for the drone footage.

And at Farleigh Fields the excess rain spilled onto the A370 making villagers even more concerned about potential development.

Contractors Glanville were called to pump out the excess – see pic.

Rail services were cancelled as the track at Flax Bourton was fully submerged.

The forecast for the end of the month is more rain for Nailsea but in-between times we have a slight lull in wet weather.

The torrential rain and showers which have been a feature of the new year’s weather but this will ease with many regions becoming fine and dry over the weekend.

Met Office chief forecaster Jason Kelly said: “The transition to lower temperatures will be noticeable over the weekend.

“It will become rather cold next week with lower-than-average temperatures across much of the UK, accentuated by brisk easterly winds in the south. 

“As the prevailing weather conditions will be characterised by high pressure, a good deal of settled weather is likely.

“Clearer skies and a marked reduction in precipitation are expected, although any showers that do occur are likely to be wintry in nature.

“With a combination of overnight freezing temperatures, saturated ground and calm winds mean increasing risks of frost, fog and icy conditions.”

Oh no, don't let the rain come down

January 2024
Image by Andrea Cipriani

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