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There is a new abridged What's On 2020 HERE postponed events have been archived

September 2020

January homes for sale by Property Peeps page sponsors Hunters Estate Agents and Letting Agents in the High Street HERE.  Plus news that district council has decided to go it alone with a Local Plan is also on this page

Breaking News

Sadly the Battleaxes at Wraxall has gone into administration. South African owner Matt Lowe has finally admitted defeat after months of misery. A nil rating from the food hygiene inspector, extensive roadworks with diversions and noise followed by Covid-19 led to the inevitable failure of the business. Read more HERE

Battleaxes, Wraxall, bar.jpg
Food and drink

In August we enjoyed many visits to local pubs and restaurants to take advantage of the Eat Out To Help Out scheme. Cadbury House has a set fine dining special early week menu for the autumn and the exciting news from Cafe 119 is that it is expanding next door into the former PS Travel shop. More HERE

© Café 119 Nailsea.jpg
Gallery 2020

Nailsea - the year so far in slideshows. This Galley includes the ongoing Project 366 by geography graduate Eloise Massett. In the cache of sunset and sunrise photos is this striking photo by Iain Miles - thank you for sharing with Nailsea people. Click HERE to view more 

Iain Miles.PNG

RELOCATION: Blue Iris Coaches which has been based in Nailsea since 1947 has moved to an industrial estate at Felton. Contact details are the same so for enquiries and books email, call mobile 0776 607 8916 or landline 01275 851121.There is speculation on the future of the Clevedon Road site - could this a location for a new Lidl supermarket? 

Nailsea farmers' market cancelled for September

eat logo.jpg
Somerset farmers market logo.png

Nailsea's farmers' market will be back in October and not Saturday, September 19 as hoped.

A delay in getting a road closure notice agreed with North Somerset Council has led to what would have been the first market since March being thwarted.

It was agreed at the July meeting of Nailsea Town Council planning committee that the monthly farmers' market should be moved into the High Street.

But added to the cost of a one-day road closure order which runs into thousands of pounds and the required 12 weeks’ notice further health safety measures are now needed due to the coronavirus crisis.

Despite the best attempts of those involved the mountain of paperwork seemed insurmountable, said Nailsea Town Council clerk Jo Duffy.

Council chairman Jan Barber said: “There is no farmers’ market on the 19th as the road closure application was not completed in time.

“Country Markets which used to be at Christ Church vestry hall on Friday mornings is hoping to have a stall outside Waitrose but is still waiting to get official permission for Saturday, September 19.

“However, the successful Let’s Eat Festival is booked for Saturday, October 10, and the next farmer’s market is pencilled in for a week later on Saturday, October 17, in the High Street.

All with strict social distancing rules in place. 

This is the same issue faced by Nailsea Community Christmas Fair whose committee suggested North Somerset Council needed to change the by-laws for local one day/seasonal events.

A waiver is already in place for Weston seafront stalls.

It has been agreed that Somerset Farmers Market (SFM), a not-for-profit organisation, which runs several markets across the county will run the Nailsea market.

SFM charge £27 per food and craft stalls which can be booked via its website by clicking HERE, email Louise Hall at or call 01373 813812.

Road closure orders cost £1,250 per date (more if full 12-weeks notice isn't given).

On top of this is a street trading consent which is £1,200 for 12-months and then there is £600 for the physical opening and closing every time.

It costs Nailsea Town Council more than £5,000 annually to subsidise the market.

Previous market manager Jo Liddiatt resigned in March.

PHOTOS: From top the December farmers' market which stretched into the High Street and the first Eat:Nailsea festival in October 2019 which was phenomenally successful

Cook's week on refugee rations

A Nailsea chef is going to be eating meagre rations for one week to raise money for refugees and one of her biggest challenges is giving up chocolate!

Charli Knight, aged 30, who is a kitchen shift leader at The Glassmaker – the Wetherspoon pub at Crown Glass Shopping Centre – hopes her seven day diet will highlight the plight of people fleeing prosecution and living in unhospitable tented camps worldwide.

Charlie’s store cupboard from Sunday, September 6, will consist of:

  • 420g rice

  • 170g lentils

  • 85g dried chickpeas

  • 1 tin sardines

  • 1 tin kidney beans

  • 330ml vegetable oil

She said: “I think I will be losing a fair amount of weight.

“From the moment I wake up on D-day morning until I go to bed on Saturday, September 12, I can drink only water and eat the rations from my pack.

“I plan to vlog most of my ups and downs so people can see how I am doing.

“I’m a chef, I love food, I’ll eat almost anything but I’m going to miss fruit and nut chocolate bars the most so I suspect that to be a wall I’ll have to climb.”

Did you know £314 is enough to feed two refugees for an entire year which equates to little more than £3 per person per week? she asked.

Charli added: “I’m looking for sponsors to help me raise as much money as I can.

“Obviously, I know that Covid-19 has financially affected us all, so if there’s anything you can afford to donate, no matter how small would be greatly appreciated by myself so many others.”

Charli said she is a firm believer in helping others who have been dealt a harder hand in life and feels lucky she usually has enough to eat, has shelter and owns her own car.

She says she is doing this for ‘people fleeing from war torn counties, attempting to give themselves a chance at surviving, having a safe place where they don’t have to sleep with one eye open, where they can breathe again’.

You can read more about the challenge organised by Concern Worldwide, a humanitarian charity which aims to end extreme poverty and to ensure that no-one should have to live in fear, that they won't have a home to sleep in or enough food to feed their children, by clicking HERE.


Added to the broken glass smashed on footpaths and in the sandpit at Millennium Park there is now smeared dog poo on a Nailsea pavement.

Dad Damien Hill found the glass in the sandpit and told Nailsea People.

The poo covered the public footpath pictured which runs from Mizzymead Road to Coombe Road, a residential area used regularly by families with young children.

A concerned Nailsea parent said: “I feel so angry about this I felt I had to contact Nailsea People with the hope it will reach a wider audience.

“We should not have to put up with sights and smells like this, it is just disgusting.”

The concern reached more than 5,000 when posted on Nailsea People Facebook page.

Sarah North said the path by Hannah More Infant School was just as bad and Sophie Jones complained of dog mess on the grass areas of Coombe Road.

Vanessa Webb said more piles of poo were left outside the HSBC bank at Crown Glass Shopping Centre despite numerous bins.

Rhiannon Hill said: "We've had 'presents' left in front of our drive and on the grass in our front garden. Totally disgusting."​​

Megan Lawlor said: "Unfortunately it’s everywhere...even places like the field next to Golden Valley Primary School where there are multiple dog poop and normal bins. If you have a dog, clean up after it - simple." 

​​Patricia Adams said: "There are far fewer bins around than there used to be. On my walk to work, along Mizzymead Road and Station Road, I used to pass three bins - all now gone."

Andrew Tarr said: "Twice recently I have had dog owners allow their dogs to foul my lawn, this is totally unacceptable,and on being challenged they do not seem to understand their behaviour is not on."

Lesley Bowman said: "We get bags chucked over the fence.

"We have six grandchildren who could be playing in the garden, but these lazy people don’t care."

Rubbish bin.JPEG
Pieces of Chocolate


Rob Crosby: It’s in North Somerset actually

Baboushka Fitches: Adge Cutler of the Wurzels lived there


Sarah Lugg: I’m in on the conspiracy. Nailsea is real. Or I imagined a large chunk of my life. Who knows really?? Reality 2020.


Wilz Wilson: Fake towns are put on maps to catch out people who copy mapmakers work instead of doing it themselves. They call them 'paper towns'


Dalby James: Backwell lake is actually in Nailsea.


Susan Maund: My sister-in-law lived in Nailsea for years.


George Carpenter: Explains the old petrol station waste ground that no one does anything with: it's a hidden base for Johnson's new space force!


John Miller: ALSO - Neil Armstrong...Neil-A. Backwards it spells ALIEN. Obviously every conspiracy theory is truth...


Nell Jones: And some of us went to Nailsea Grammar School!


Michael Flynn: I used to live in Nailsea and worked and Tesco. Miss it, so many mates and family still there.


Sarah Goulty: We are all in on the conspiracy... but it's not in Somerset... you only think that because we want you to...


Hilary Harris: OMG where do I live then .. or do I not exist or am I in on the conspiracy?


John Bacon: Always sounds to me like one of those towns in the Beano


Cathryn Prideaux: I live in Nailsea and I quite like it xx


Greg Sweet: It's a real place. The Walking Dead was based on it


Amber Kibby: Used to live in the lie known as Nailsea. Nothing exciting has ever happened there, hence why I left.



NASA LIE: Diane Morgan, aged 44, is an English actress, comedian and writer, known primarily for her comedy persona of Philomena Cunk. She played on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe. Ms Cunk has a Facebook page where she has a swipe at Nailsea and other places she found on a map. Funny as it is some of the comments made by Nailsea people are even funnier - enjoy.

Michele Sargent: Where have I been living for the past 30 years if Nailsea doesn’t exist!!


Dan Goldstone: All of these people saying they live in Nailsea are government spy accounts co funded by Russia to hide the Area Bs48 Roswell


Pete Jordan: I used to live in Long Ashton, which is a real place, not a non sequitur; we still host the Nailsea Folk Club web site (sadly bereft of events in these trying times)

Pete Badger: That's my home town you're talking about! It's very real. And very NOT Somerset too (Nailsea is in North Somerset, which counterintuitively isn't actually in Somerset).


Saara Neath: They made the glass works and mines into underground tunnels and built a Tesco and skate park on top to hide it. The entrance is in the fenced off wasteland near Wetherspoon's where there used to be a petrol station. It's where they clone doubles for elite cabal members.


Emma-Louise Brown: Well, nothing ever happens here. Reason why I left as a young adult and reason why I returned as an actual adult


Cameron Jack...and for all these years I just thought I'd taken a wrong turn and missed it.


Norbert Umpty: It's all SO corrupt - even place names are conspiring now - I'm writing to my MP

Ian Ridge: Shhhhh NASA have been paying 10,000 of us for years to pretend it's there and we live there. I need that money so don't blow our cover!


Pete Layton: Nailsea has the weirdest civic centre. They've got the library in a concrete pit and chained it down, as if they're expecting it to escape.


Tim Willcox: Fortunately, I do not live in Nailsea but I do live quite close. I’m pretty sure the Morrissey song ‘Everyday is like Sunday’ was written about Nailsea... I might be wrong!


Peter Dixon: Nailsea exists and it has a Tesco containing fairly nice people.


Andy Johnson: Don't over commit Peter. Some of them are quite nice too


Peter Dixon: Actually, the staff are really helpful, but don't tell anyone...


Vicki Hyde: The staff were really good over lockdown very helpful the lie known as Nailsea. Nothing exciting has ever happened there, hence why I left.


Cathryn Prideaux: Peter Dixon and a quite nice Waitrose.


Fran Terry: Isn't Nailsea where they filmed the moon landings?


Juliette Newton: I must tell that to the 16,000 people who live there in case they don't know that.


Jean Allen: I used to live there - wish it had been made up tbh ...


Natasha Sayers: I was born and grew up there...or did I??


Rizwana Nadeem: Nailsea and Backwell train station takes you to Harry Potter World.


Meg Lane: Totally real. Been to a Wetherspoons there.


A concerned Nailsea woman is warning others of unscrupulous traders operating in the area who are targeting elderly and vulnerable people.

She said: "My mum has been conned out of quite a bit of money from a man.

"He power-washed her drive and has since returned asking for more money saying he was doing other work, demanding he goes to the bank with her and even asking for a spare key.

"My mum aged 73, is confused and at risk."

When Nailsea People shared this on its Facebook page several readers came forward with similar experiences.

The police are aware.

This is one of many scams from fake work on homes and gardens to telephone and computer nuisances being reported. 


Trailers can now access the recyling centres for the last hour of opening each day and people can also now make more than one visit per month.

Normal restrtrictions on trailers apply including no access on Sundays.

Summer opening hours at Backwell until Wednesday, September 30:

  • 10am-4pm Monday, Tuesday and Friday

  • 9am- 4.30pm Saturday

  • 9am-4pm Sunday

  • closed Wednesday and Thursday

  • closed bank holidays

Backwell Recycling Centre is at Coles Quarry, Church Town, Backwell.

Some restrictions to manage queues and social distancing apply. 

Click HERE for more Information on recycling centres during the coronavirus pandemic


Secondary school students will have to arrive for lessons in their sports kits on the day they have PE – in a bid to reduce the transmission of Covid-19.

Pupils due to have a PE lessons at Backwell School and Nailsea School have been told to wear their kit all day in a bid to reduce them getting too close when changing before and after class.

A school spokesman said: “Currently the plans are for students to attend school in their PE kit on days in which they have PE.

"This is to reduce time in close proximity to others when changing before and after the lesson.”


Number 65 High Street, Nailsea, has reopened after a major refit.

It now boasts a lift to the first floor and no rats or asbestos!

Owned by Nailsea Town Council the building acts as a health and well-being hub for the community but without the updating wasn’t accessible to all.

It is currently a base for the 6t5 Youth Club, Boomsatsuma post-16 creative courses, the monthly Cancer Café and more.

Nailsea Disability Initiative is due to take up residency after vacating its Crown Glass Shopping Centre retail unit.

During the coronavirus crisis it was home to the Covid-19 Help Group who moved to 26 Somerset Square as Nailsea Community Group while the refit was happening.

Nailsea Town Council has spent more than half a million pounds buying the building and bringing its accommodation up-to-date and fit for purpose.

The former butcher’s shop was called Youth House for years and during local government reorganisation its ownership fell to North Somerset Council who sold it to Nailsea Town Council three years ago.  

Development manager Ian Morrell confirmed that 65 High Street will be open from September  five days a week Monday to Thursday 9am-4.30pm and Friday 9am-1pm.

Mighty oak to be felled

tree down 1.jpg
CHOP CHOP: 123 year old village green oak tree to go © Grete Howard

The large oak tree on the village green in Nailsea planted in the reign of Queen Victoria is to be chopped down in the next few days.

A North Somerset Council tree surgeon has inspected the oak and declared it ‘definitely dead, it needs to come down’.

But there will be no cry of ‘timber’ said Nailsea Town Council clerk Jo Duffy as its branches will be chopped off one by one for safety reasons.

Mrs Duffy said the town council has accepted a four hundred pound quote for the work to be completed.

It is hoped enough healthy wood can be salvaged and carved into a commemorative piece like a sculpture.

Mrs Duffy added: “If it is rotten it will just be completely removed.

“We are going to look at the options when the oak is taken out.

“A risk assessment has been done and it is not a danger at this moment.”

Planted more than 100 years ago in 1897 to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria it is one of the oldest oak trees in the town.

The oak tree outside the Royal Oak is thought to have been planted seven years earlier and another on Nailsea Park is believed to be at least 200 years old.

The village green oak according to Terry Smith’s book about Nailsea trees is 95ft tall and has a girth of 595cm.

But it has been dying for nearly a decade, said Martyn Davis, of Nailsea & District Horticultural Society.

Although oak trees are prone to fungus and bacterial disease raising the level of the village green depriving the roots of oxygen and lobbing off branches to restrict its height hasn’t been good for its health, agreed Mr Davis and Mr Smith.

The town council leisure and environment committee hope the smaller oak on the green will survive.

Nailsea’s ’new’ village green is that small raised triangle between New Look and Coates House designated ‘common land’ at the turn of the century.
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The TEK Hut


The TEK Hut was started by Ben Parker in the summer of 2018.

For 12 years Ben had been one of the team at The ICT Workshop which provided a wide variety of computer services to Nailsea, Clevedon, Yatton, Backwell and even Weston-Super-Mare. 

Ben felt it right to continue the same great service customers had previously experienced but under new branding for a new business and The Tek Hut was born.

​Trading at the familiar location in Nailsea, The Tek Hut will continue to offer the same cost effective, new laptops and PCs, upgrades, onsite support for homes and businesses through to a wide range of workshop services and accessories.


Window Cleaning

  • Get spruced up for 2020 with this Nailsea-based company boasting best prices
  • Quotes for fascia, gutters and drainpipe cleaning no obligation
Call 0759 532 3274




  • Starting School: Everything you need for that first special day 

  • Schoolwear: Uniforms, Accessories and Name Tapes

  • Sportswear: PE Kits, Gumshields, Shin Pads and Velcro Daps

  • Dancewear: RAD Approved for Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz

  • Activitywear: Uniforms for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides

School Togs

Clevedon Walk, Nailsea, BS48 1RS

01275 857491

Nailsea bed and breakfast
A home from home at Highdale the family-owned bed and breakfast at Nailsea. The B&B at 82 Silver Street is run by Tony and Tina Davey. Call 01275 858004, email, or go online by clicking HERE for more details 
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