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Fears of fuel spillage as HGV goes into water

Nailsea needs new skatepark

WANTED MEN: Daniel Shankly and Daniel Wynne 

Police hunt prisoners on run
Schoolboy bitten by dog at park
Stealing Boots Nailsea perfume 
Bike stolen at knifepoint at beauty spot

Fuel from a lorry which crashed on a bend close to Backwell lake on Monday afternoon, Wednesday, October 29,  has not caused pollution, the fire service have confirmed today.

Witnesses say the HGV hit a wall at Bucklands Batch, Nailsea, at approximately 2pm.

It is believed the cause of the crash was a burst tyre.

Police were called to Station Road at 2.10pm to reports of a lorry going over a wall and crashing into a field.

The road was partially closed to allow firefighters to recover the lorry.

The driver of the vehicle, who is believed to live locally, suffered only minor cuts and bruises but was said to be shaken by the incident and is understood to have been taken to hospital.

Environmentalist Gill Brown said: “I am glad the driver is okay.

“My first reaction to hearing this was unprintable, the lake is so important to wildlife.”

The Environment Agency was called to the scene by firefighters over fears the lorry was leaking diesel into a nearby stream.

People heard sirens blazing and saw numerous police cars, fire engines and an ambulance head for the scene.

Police said: “A lorry had collided with a roadside wall and gone down a ditch and on its side.

“The driver only suffered minor injuries – cuts but was taken to hospital as a precaution.”

Avon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service spokesman James Bladon said: “Three crews - two from Nailsea and one from Temple fire station Bristol – were called to the scene.

“Initial concerns were about a leak of engine oil but we are satisfied it hasn’t entered Backwell Lake although there were residue traces in rhyne.”

police tape.jpg

While London has awarded its archaic concrete skatepark listed building status Nailsea wants to build a new one.

The ball park figure of building new is between £100-150,000.

The Rom, built in Hornchurch, east London, in 1978, was designed by Adrian Rolt and G-Force.

It is the best example of a small number of skateparks that survive from the 1970s, according to English Heritage.

However, Nailsea councillors are being told this week that the skateboard and scooter ramps built with Tesco money at Millennium Park approximately 11 years ago are past their ‘sell-by-date’.

Nailsea Town Council finance and general purposes committee discussed the project at its meeting this month.

Cllr David Packham said that the current skatepark is reaching the end of its useful life and there is a church-led project to raise the funds to replace it with a purpose-built concrete facility.

Mr Packham told the meeting that to attract major grants it could be necessary for the town council to either buy or lease the land currently owned by North Somerset Council.

Skate Fest

Town clerk Ian Morrell attended a fundraising launch at Scotch Horn Centre on Wednesday evening and told the committee he volunteered his support to the project group in submitting grant applications.

Cllr Rod Lees said while he was in favour of a new youth facilities he had concerns that the town council could be committing to the long term maintenance of the skatepark.

The skatepark is the scene of the successful annual Skate Fest competition and Monday sessions called Skate & Devour both run by youth workers and supporters from Holy Trinity church.

Cllr John Wilson also attended the launch project.

He said: “The present skatepark might last another two years even with refurbishing.

“Once it becomes dangerous we can’t allow anyone to use it and it would have to be demolished.

“The life span of a concrete park is 20-30 years.”

The team leading the project includes deanery youth worker Neil Wylie; Josh Howard, Holy Trinity church youth work; Christian Surfers UK director Phil Williams who organises Nailsea Skate Park Festival; and PCSO Justin Robbie, of Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

Speaking for Nailsea Skate Park Project Josh said: “The facilities available to the young people are in dire need of repair or replacement and some pieces of equipment have the potential to cause harm.

“We are now fundraising for a skate facility that will leave a lasting legacy and meet the needs of the young people in Nailsea.

“We want to replace the current skate park with a longer lasting, more durable concrete facility that will cost in the region of £100,000-£150,000.”

The skate park is used by around 300 young boys and girls each week on skateboards, rollerblades, scooters and bikes.

Even when first build there were people arguing that skateparks were passé.

They say modern teenagers spend more time gaming online or hanging around fast food restaurants than playing football or visiting a gym.

What do Nailsea people think? Send your views to

PHOTOS: People of all ages at launch meeting

and below current skatepark at Millennium Park

Can you help identify this man and woman who may have information about a shop theft at Boots in Somerset Square, Nailsea?

On Saturday, September 20, a man and a woman working together were involved in a bulk theft of £240 of perfume.

The CCTV image shows a man and woman who police believe might have information.

The young man is white, 5ft 6in tall, of slim build and wearing a hooped red white and blue Polo shirt, white baseball cap and dark coloured shorts.

The young woman is  white, 5ft 4in tall,of slim build with long blonde or fair coloured hair.

She is pictrured wearing a grey skirt, black leggings, black top and black jacket with gold coloured jewellery around her neck carrying a large black leather looking bag.

Police are hunting two men with a history of violence who absconded from Leyhill open prison at the weekend.

The two white men Daniel Shankly and Daniel Wynne went sometime on Saturday afternoon.

They were last seen at about 12.50pm and failed to appear for the 4.45pm roll call.

It is believed they absconded together but it is possible they may have split up after they left HMP Leyhill.

Caged 30 is approximately 6ft 3in tall of slim build. He has short brown spikey hair,  clean shaven and has a tattoo on his right upper arm with the words ‘Rip Nan’. He is serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder in 2001.

Daniel Wynne, 29, is 5ft 7in tall and of stocky build. He has a shaved head and speaks with a Welsh accent. He has a tattoo on his left arm with the name ‘Danny’. He was given a two-year sentence for assault with an indeterminate release date.

Daniel Shankly is known to have links with Weston-super-Mare, while Daniel Wynne has links to the Caerphilly area of South Wales. It is not known if they have split up or remained together.

In 2001, lifer Shankley, then only 17, battered disabled Timothy Young and set fire to his bed, in Weston-super-Mare.

Police warn anyone spotting the men not to approach them but to dial 999.

Police are appealing for the help after a high value bike was stolen at knife point in Abbots Leigh.

At approximately 10.45am on Wednesday, October 29, the victim was cycling along the cycle track at Leigh Woods when he was stopped by two men - one was walking and the other on a bike.

The walker demanded the victim hand over his bike and was seen to hold a knife in his hand.

He then took the bike from the victim and both suspects then cycled off in the direction of the towpath.

From here they would have either turned left towards Pill or right towards the Cumberland Basin area.

The suspect holding the knife is described as white, in his mid-20s, of a medium build and between 5ft 10in and 6ft tall.

He had short cropped black hair and was clean shaven.

He was wearing black shell suit jogging bottoms and a grey hooded top.

The second suspect was a white male of a similar age, build and height to the first offender.

The stolen bike is a silver/grey Ghost Northshore model which has GHOST written on the frame in black and blue, black and pink stickers - see photo.

The saddle is black and blue and the handles are black with black and grey grips.

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC David Cousins on 101 or Crimestoppers.

A schoolboy was bitten by a dog at the Millennium Park, Nailsea, this week.

The 13-year-old was on his scooter about to return home from the skateboard park when the dog ran up and sank his teeth into the youngster’s lower leg leaving deep marks.

See photo below of the puncture wound.

Other parents have also told of incidents involving what is believed to be the same black and white Border Collie type seen being taken by his elderly owner on walks across the field near Scotch Horn Centre.

One mother who didn’t want to be named said she had stopped her son delivering newspapers to a house in the Mizzymead Road area where a large dog ran out and nearly knocked her into the path of oncoming traffic.

She said: “The dog barks loudly and acts in anaggressive manner when you go near the house – I am sure it is the same animal.”

The police have been informed.

The mother of the injured boy said: “Parents should advise their children to stay away from dogs of that description until the police manage to find who the owner is and ask him to muzzle and keep his dog under control.”

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