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Autumnal Nailsea 2016

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A walk in the park captured by readers Matt Sims and Gwen Gardner at Millennium Park at the end of October 2016.

Matt said; "Just moved here and found there is a lot more to Nailsea than I realised, love it, cheers."

And Gwen viewing the top two photographs added her image.

She said: I took a similar picture.

"Lovely tranquil day walking home throught the park."

But Cathryn Butler said: "Forgive me, clearly a failing on my part, but that's the first time in 40 plus years that I've looked at anything in Nailsea and seen beauty.

"Though I did rather like the look of the swimming pool roof at Nailsea School when I was a pupil there back in pre-history.

"Thank you so much for sharing."

Nailsea author Terry Smith wrote the book Trees In And Around Nailsea printed with financial assistance from the town council.

It describes some of the important trees in our neighbourhood, with historic and contemporary photographs, most in full colour.

This 52 page book also has national grid references to guide those interested in locating these trees.

The book priced at £5 is still available and you can catch Terry most days drinking coffee at Waitrose cafe.

The author, who established the nature reserve at Stockway North in 1996 and at Moorend Spout in 2008, has also written a book entitled The Natural History Of Nailsea.

Contemporary Nailsea 

Around our town

Out and about with Cynthia Miller

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