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June 2018

Our town is a very nice town

Our town is a very nice town


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Fairs, films and flower shows - June is a main month for Nailsea with skate festival and more. Click HERE to read more

Nailsea and nearby recorded visually month by month including fundraisers by two football clubs. Click HERE to view more


Charity comedy night at Grove

Nailsea dog walker Marianne Elwin is determined to raise lots of money for Springboard Opportunity Group before she stretches her legs on a sponsored self-funding trek in south east Asia later this year.

Together with a small group of friends who exercise at Millennium Park with the Carpe Diem boot camp they are determined to raise awareness of the pre-school.

Marianne said: "I am doing this to help raise awareness of a charity that help change the lives of pre-school children with additional needs and disabilities."

Marianne and her Carpe Diem team raised a grand £467.60 at their fundraising disco and the next event is the charity comedy evening.

Contact Marianne for tickets £10 or click HERE to go to her Just Giving page.

Marianne set her goal at £1,000 and so far she has raised £687.60.

Parking and speeding problems for Nailsea


Nailsea police have been out in force clamping down on poor driving and it was so successful they are going to do it again - soon.

A one day speed watch exercise caught nearly 70 drivers going too fast and several motorists not wearing a seatbelt.

Nailsea neighbourhood officers teamed up with Community Speed Watch (CSW) volunteers and special constables to run a road safety operation in the town on the last Saturday of May.
Acting sergeant Phil Rudden arranged the operation in response to complaints from residents about speeding and parking offences.
A number of drivers were stopped and given words of advice by officers about appropriate speed for the road and conditions, while almost 40 face prosecution after being caught breaking the limit by the speed enforcement team. 
Five people were also reported for not wearing a seatbelt.
Another 28 drivers were clocked travelling over the limit by the CSW volunteers, and will receive a warning letter explaining the dangers of speeding for themselves as well as other road users.
A/PS Rudden said: “Speeding is a regular complaint and by working with the community and our Special Constables I hope we’re sending a clear message that we take road safety seriously.
“The majority of the community supported and appreciated our efforts and we’ll be looking to repeat this activity in the coming months.”
The story on Nailsea People Facebook page atracted lots of comments and roads the officers need to focus on next time.

Resident Damian Pope said: "Wholeheartedly support this, Trendlewood has its share of F1 wannabes."

And James Marchant said: "I live near Nailsea School and I have been hearing cars speeding/racing around 11pm of late."

Martyn Jones said: "I agree Damian Pope, Trendlewood is horrendous at times.

"Can we have the same operation there please?"
Laura Harris said: "There are now two agreed speedwatch points on Trendlewood Way and sessions will happen ASAP.

"More volunteers needed though!"
Martyn and Damian both volunteered.

Laura added: "The existing spot is about halfway along just before Shetland Way and the new spot is at The Elms end just after the roundabout before Spindleberry Grove."

Giles Barry said: "Great, come and do the same round Brockley Coombe and the airport back roads.

"Its a race course at night with motor bikes and boy racer cars."
Sarah Filby said: "Pound Lane past the school is crazy at times, I was overtook nearing the bend by a Jenson Button wannabe."
Phil Underhill said; "Why dont they come down Westway everyday of the week and see how all the Wessex Water staff park their cars because the Clevedon Road car park is full up.....the pavement is for walking on not for parking cars half on the road and pavement."

Nailsea People has been running a name and shame (with photos) of people parking badly and in some cases dangerously - see Breaking News page for more.

And many complained about people parking in the drop-off bays at Tesco supermarket - see photos above.

Those taking shelter when the heavens opened at the weekend can be forgiven or dealing with a family emergency.

And finally Sally Read said: "Well done to this team.

"There is NO excuse for speeding.

"Speeding over the limit by even 3mph can mean death in an accident rather than just injury.

"This team have done a great job for Nailsea."

And while talking about traffic control how about this dilemma for the police?

PCSO Caroline Harris and PCSO Cheryl Burns received an early morning call for about a cow wandering up the road in Nailsea.

They were unable to trace the missing moo so the presumption was she is safety back with the herd.

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