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January 2022

January homes for sale by Property Peeps page sponsors Hunters Estate Agents and Letting Agents in the High Street HERE.  Plus news that district council has decided to go it alone with a Local Plan is also on this page

Property Peeps

Our Property Peeps page sponsors HENSONS estate agents sold two featured homes within days of Nailsea People posting details online. With more than 80 networked offices in the south west and London the Nailsea office is at Ivy Court, 61 High Street. Read more HERE about planning applications approved and in the pipeline as Nailsea moves towards welcoming hundreds of new home owners at Engine Lane, Netherton Grange + possibly The Uplands. Work has started at Youngwood Lane  by Taylor Wimpey


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Our slideshows for 2021 ended with the tractor trundle. We have hundreds of images on this pages but for 2022 the page is blank, so far. Email your images to for inclusioni - this image is actually on the sports page and is a caption competition on Nailsea People Facebook page 


Nailsea road closure chaos

Workmen at two major housing developments in Nailsea came in for flak on Tuesday, January 4, when they closed roads leading to their building sites.

Diversion signs were put up later in the day at Queen’s Road and Station Road but not The Perrings or Whiteoak Way causing much traffic confusion.

St Mary’s Grove and Engine Lane will be closed for weeks if not months, Nailsea People learned.

Cars have been streaming up all day and then forced to turn around.

Nailsea Action Group – for the protection of rural Nailsea - has asked for further details from North Somerset Council with its biggest complaint that neighbours were not informed.

Contractors say they had a meeting with Nailsea Town Council to explain what was happening and then applied for the Section 14 notice which says:

'Schedule (in phases) - St Marys Grove–at the junction with Engine Lane to Russett Grove, Engine Lane - from junction with St Marys Grove to Worcester Gardens & Netherton Wood Lane from Engine Lane to Youngwood Lane.'

A worried Allington Gardens resident was reassured on Tuesday afternoon that a van making a delivery to her home later in the week would be given access.

Taylor Wimpy and Barratts asked for the road closures to allow them to install water and gas pipes under new footpaths and to complete a new section of Netherton Lane.

The closures are currently expected to end on Tuesday, February 22, although the order lasts for up to 18 months.

Contractors said the work will stop any disruption in the future and will ensure that new homeowners won’t have to contend with muddy estate roads.

Within hours of the showhouse at Netherton Grange opening a 3-bed property was sold to a first-time buyer from Nailsea.

And we are told despite widespread shock at the cost more since have been sold/reserved.

The Taylor Wimpy development has already attracted record enquires mostly from people already living in the town, say on-site sales executives.

Escaping to the country, good rail links and great schools are the main plus points attracting people to view.

Prices on the development on the West End side of Nailsea range from £325,000 to £620,000 but those wanting shared ownership and/or rental will need to go directly to Alliance Homes who are handling these negotiations separately, we are told.

No prices have been released on the Barratt homes yet.

Nailsea Town Council posted on its Facebook page: “We have been advised that from Tuesday, January 4, St Marys Grove, Engine Lane, Netherton Wood Lane will temporarily be closed to vehicles.

“Exemptions are included for emergency services, works access, works


construction vehicles and as works permit for premises which may only be accessed via the closed section of roads.

“This order was required because of the likelihood of danger to the public consequent upon development works by Taylor Wimpey and Barrett Homes.

“Works are anticipated to be ongoing for six weeks and will be completed in two phases.

  • Phase One - St Marys Grove–at the junction with Engine Lane to Russett Grove, Engine Lane - from junction with St Marys Grove to Worcester Gardens and Netherton Wood Lane from Engine Lane to Youngwood Lane.

  • Phase Two Engine Lane - from junction of Allington Gardens to The Brambles, Netherton Wood Lane - at junction of Engine Lane southerly to Youngwood Lane. Access maintained.


The One Network map: has now been updated with the information.

Original story on our Property Peeps page sponsored by Hensons HERE.


WINDON WATCHING: Neighbour Tracey Thomas said: "So despite confirmation from North Somerset Council that these works on Engine Lane should not be undertaken outside of normal construction hours, that is 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and 8am-1pm on a Saturday this is the scene that greeted us at just after 8am on Sunday, January 9.  Everything seems to be sub-contracted to the extreme and none of the companies involved will take any responsibility for this." This is exactly what Nailsea People was told when querying letters to residents about the closure and lack of diversion sign!

Taylor Wimpey say sorry

Extra signage is to be installed surrounding a 'surprise' road closure in Nailsea - after claims by residents it left them ‘cut off.’

The closure of St Mary’s Grove from its junction with Engine Lane and Netherton Wood Lane came into force on Tuesday (January 4) as many people went back to work after the festive break.

But many residents said the closure came as a surprise and has cut off routes they use across Nailsea moors.

The moors are often used as a cut through by Nailsea residents to Clevedon - to avoid the village of Tickenham - and to the A370.

The road closure is expected to last six weeks and is needed as part of the Netherton Grange development by Taylor Wimpey.

Work on the development, on land off Netherton Wood Lane, started in April.

The first phase of the scheme will see 130 new homes built from one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom family homes.

A planning application for 450 homes to the north of Youngwood Lane and east of Netherton Wood Lane was first submitted in July 2016.

North Somerset Council failed to make a decision in time, so the developer lodged an appeal.

The plan was approved by a Government planning inspector in November 2019.

The road closure is needed for utilities to be put in for the development.

Residents say the closure has left them cut off and forced to find alternative routes, while businesses on the moors say it is effecting deliveries to premises.

Many claim they were not informed of the impending road closure although North Somerset Council said a leaflet informing of the closures was sent to affected properties.

Tracey Thomas posted on the community website Nailsea People: “Those living in the roads affected have been given no information about the closures, what access we will have to our properties and what works are actually being done.

“The companies undertaking/contracting these works have not seen fit to even inform, let alone consult with affected residents.”

The road closure comes at the same time as another closure is planned on Clevedon Road through Tickenham this month.

The work to replace a 1km stretch of gas pipes along Clevedon Road is due to start this month and take up to three months to complete.

Traffic lights will be put in place to manage traffic during the work which will take place between the junctions of Elm Tree Avenue and Washing Pound Lane.

Local resident Lester Rawlings said: “Madness.

"Bad planning to let both happen at the same time.”

North Somerset Council ward councillor James Tonkin said he had been ‘inundated’ with complaints since the road closure came into place earlier this week.

Mr Tonkin said: “Essentially this closure has cut off Engine Lane and Netherton Wood Lane.

“Many people returned after the Christmas holidays to find this closure in place.

“ A road closure was issued before Christmas, but due to the festive holidays a lot of people didn’t know about it and it’s causing chaos.“I have been inundated with complaints from residents about the disruption it is causing.”


Mr Tonkin said he and Nailsea Town Council had called for additional signage to be installed to warn people of the road closure.

“We have asked for additional signage to be installed highlighting the road closure,” added Mr Tonkin.

“We are also asking for the work to be completed as quickly as possible to limit the disruption being caused.”

The development has already proved controversial, with Nailsea Town Council raising concerns against the area being developed, claiming it was in the ‘wrong location’ and would set a precedent for further ‘piecemeal development’ in the town.

Councillors also said that the development would put ‘unacceptable pressure’ on existing infrastructure and would put additional stress on the already congested road network.

The first homes on the development are expected to be available to buy this winter.

Nailsea is expected to see thousands of new homes built over the coming decade.

Government housing targets say that 25.000 new homes need to be provided across North Somerset by 2036, around 3,000 of which could be in Nailsea.

A Taylor Wimpey spokesman said: "We understand the frustrations of local residents concerning the road closure at St Mary’s Grove. Engine Lane has been closed temporarily to allow for works across St Mary’s Grove and into Engine Lane.

“These works, including the road closure, were approved by North Somerset Council in 2021.

"This closure is due to be in place for six weeks, and we have installed additional signage to inform people of alternative routes.

"We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.”

Report by Bristol Live reporter Heather Pickstock

- online link to this story 'faulty'

A platform for artwork


Nailsea Town Council is working with Sevenside Community Rail Partnership looking to brighten up the railway station with some artwork.

They are looking to commission local individuals or groups to create something to be printed onto A1 landscape poster boards at Nailsea & Backwell railway station.

Ideas are welcomed from artists, designers, history groups, writers, poets, station users, school groups, community groups of any age and experience.

Community art co-ordinator Faye Joines said: "We have space for approximately four boards and would look at giving each applicant a board each.

"Previous projects have involved photography, murals, oral histories, audio soundtracks, rail safety campaigns, planters and flowers.

"You can see many of these by popping across to Severnside Community Rail Partnership website here

Email your ideas and thoughts to by Tuesday, January 25.


Dribbble Railway Station by Kristijan Hranisavljevic

Student lockdown art on show at Northampton railway station

York railway station by Herbert William-Garratt

Monday movitational 'thought of the day' on Oval Sation which is part of  London Underground

On sale at Simply Green
Sam Bird ad.jpg
computer techies for the online community


The TEK Hut was started by Ben Parker in the summer of 2018.

For 12 years Ben had been one of the team at The ICT Workshop which provided a wide variety of computer services to Nailsea, Clevedon, Yatton, Backwell and even Weston-Super-Mare. 

Ben felt it right to continue the same great service customers had previously experienced but under new branding for a new business and The Tek Hut was born.

​Trading at the familiar location in Nailsea, The Tek Hut will continue to offer the same cost effective, new laptops and PCs, upgrades, onsite support for homes and businesses through to a wide range of workshop services and accessories.


Window Cleaning

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School Togs

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Nailsea bed and breakfast
A home from home at Highdale the family-owned bed and breakfast at Nailsea. The B&B at 82 Silver Street is run by Tony and Tina Davey. Call 01275 858004, email, or go online by clicking HERE for more details 
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