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Gallery 2023

September to December

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Nailsea International Bike Show

Sunday, September 3

Emergency Services Open Day

Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON: Sky gazers around the world have been treated to a blue super moon, which made a spectacular appearance for the first time since 2009. Looking heavenly painter decorator Hayley Gould, of Nailsea, captured these images. A blue moon occurs when the pattern of days in a year means there are 13 full Moons instead of the usual 12. This blue Moon is also a super moon - when the Earth's only natural satellite appears brighter than usual because it is at its closest point in its orbit around our planet. But despite its name, the lunar phenomenon has nothing to do with colour - it gets its name because it does not fall in the usual scheme of named moons. The lunar spectacle is visible either on Wednesday or Thursday, August 30-31 in different parts of the world. The next blue moon is on Monday, August 19, 2024, at 2.26pm