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Nailsea Community Christmas Fair

NCCF 2017 by Sue B, of Backwell Camera Club

19_Sue B
20 _ Sue B
21_ Sue B
22_ Sue B
23_ Sue B
24_ Blur Sue B

NCCF 2017 by Sarah Robbins, of Backwell Camera Club

25_ Clowning Around_Sarah Robbins
26. Donkey Ride_Sarah Robbins
27. Engine Tour_sarah robbins
28. Entertained_Sarah Robbins
29. Fire Engine_Sarah Robbins
30. Look Over There_Sarah Robbins
31. Refreshment Break_Sarah Robbins
32. Skating Practice_Sarah Robbins

NCCF 2017 by Richard Bedwell, of Backwell Camera Club

51 ooops_Richard Bedwell
52 On Parade_Richard Bedwell
53 Publicity Shot_Richard Bedwell
54 Captions Please_Richard Bedwell
55 Publicity_Ken Hunt

NCCF 2017 by Nick Cambourn, of Backwell Camera Club

33_Nick Cambourne
34_Nick Cambourne
35_Nick Cambourne
36_Santa in a rush_Nick Cambourne

NCCF 2017 by Ken Hunt, of Backwell Camera Club

56_Ken Hunt
57 This way Publicity_Ken Hunt
58 Publicity_Ken Hunt
59_Ken Hunt
60_Ken Hunt

NCCF 2017 by Hilary Britland, of Backwell Camera Club

01_Hilary Britland
02_Hilary Britland
03_Hilary Britland
04_Hilary Britland
05_Hilary Britland
06_Hilary Britland
07_Hilary Britland
08_Hilary Britland
09_Hilary Britland
10_Hilary Britland
11_Hilary Britland
12_Hilary Britland
13_Hilary Britland
14 Intentional Movement_Hilary Britland

NCCF 2017 by David Callister, of Backwell Camera Club

02_David Callister
01_David Callister
03_David Callister
04_David Callister
05_David Callister

NCCF 2017 by Daphne Smith, of Backwell Camera Club

15_Daphne Smith
16_Daphne Smith
17_Daphne Smith
18Blur_Daphne Smith
19_Daphne Smith

NCCF 2017 by Bob Cross, of Backwell Camera Club

61_Bob Cross
62_Bob Cross
63_Bob Cross
64_Bob Cross
65_Bob Cross
66_Bob Cross
67_Bob Cross
68_Bob Cross
69_Bob Cross
70_Bob Cross

NCCF 2017 by Bob Cheshire, of Backwell Camera Club

37 Bob Cheshire
38 Bob Cheshire
39 Bob Cheshire
40 Bob Cheshire
41 Boib Cheshire
42 Bob Cheshire
43 Bob Cheshire

NCCF 2017 by Ann Belcher, of Backwell Camera Club

45 The flautists_Ann Belcher
44 Skating rink_Ann Belcher
44 Christmas shop_Ann Belcher
46 Craft fair_Ann Belcher
47 Adding up the bill_Ann Belcher
48 Oops a daisy_Ann Belcher
49 Old mates_Ann Belcher
50 A posh customer_Ann Belcher

NCCF 2017 by Suzi Bird,

of Sunlight Photography images taken in pop-up photobooth at 65 High Street

NCCF 2017 by Mike West, of Backwell Camera Club

Xmas fair 7_Mike West
Xmas fair 8_Mike West
Xmas fair 9_Mike West
Xmas fair 10_Mike West
Xmas fair 11_Mike West
Xmas fair 12_Mike West
Xmas fair 13_Mike West
14_Mike West
15_Mike West
16_Mike West
17_Mike West
18_Mike West
19_Mike West
20_Mike West
21_Mike West
22_Mike West
35_Mike West
36_Mike West
37_Mike West
38_Mike West
39_Mike West
40_Mike West
41_Mike West
42_Mike West
43_Mike West
44_Mike West
45_Mike West
46_Mike West
47_Mike West
48_Mike West
49_Mike West
50_Mike West
51_Mike West
52_Mike West
53_Mike West
54_Mike West
55_Mike West
56_Mike West
57_Mike West
58_Mike West
59_Mike West
60_Mike West
61_Mike West
62_Mike West
63_Mike West
64_Mike West
65_Mike West
66_Mike West
67_Mike West
68_Mike West
69_Mike West
70_Mike West
71_Mike West
72_Mike West
73_Mike West
74_Mike West
75_Mike West

NCCF 2017 Crown Glass Shopping Centre

Crown Glass Shopping Centre
Crown Glass Shopping Centre
Crown Glass Shopping Centre
Crown Glass Shopping Centre
Crown Glass Shopping Centre
Crown Glass Shopping Centre
Crown Glass Shopping Centre

NCCF 2017 at 6t5 High Street

Youngsters at 6t5 the newly opened youth centre upstairs at 65 High Street enjoyed an exciting evening on the night of Nailsea Community Christmas Fair.
Youth leader Karen Pike said: “It was a big success for us as we had more than 40 new faces into club.”
During the fair 6t5 served free hot chocolate and a prize-winning draw with three of the girls winning a half hour session at the skate rink.
Karen added: “Our girls enjoyed the skating. 
“It was a wonderful evening and we heard many comments of best it’s been in ages and honestly never seen Nailsea so busy so well done to the organisers.”
Phoebe Vines won the Bristol Hippodrome Aladdin panto tickets, George Wood the teddy donated by The Factory Shop and Harry Petford the big bar of chocolate.
Opening times for 6t5 are on the Young Peeps page…

NCCF 2017 we're in town centre business

Bristol Homless Shop

NCCF 2017 on stage from beginning

Rock choir Stephen Morten
Rock choir Stephen Morten

NCCF 2017 at skate rink


NCCF 2017 We Love Nailsea choir

NCCF 2017 photo gallery by David Britton


NCCF 2017 photo gallery by Grete Howard


Friday, December 1, 2017

Dear Santa,

thank you for coming to Nailsea Community Christmas Fair – the biggest and best outdoor festive street party.

We hope you liked the grotto we made for you outside School Togs, Nailsea Cycles and The Gadget Lounge at Clevedon Walk.

Everyone worked so hard on Friday, December 1, to ensure it was a wonderful community occasion.

Nailsea Community Christmas Fair committee which really is very small to tackle such a mammoth event laboured tirelessly behind the scenes all year to make sure there was something for everyone.

Our amazingly talented entertainers spent hours rehearsing and the stallholders (many of whom sold out before the end of the evening) bought a variety of wares to sell and giveaway from beautifully intricate handmade jewellery to free buckets full of mulled wine and Nailsea Cider.

Did you know The Dogs For Kids sold out of all its wooden reindeer but unfortunately despite moving its pitch twice Dinky Donut generator blew and they had to go home.

Bristol Hippodrome vied with Nailsea Musicals promoting the seasonal pantomimes and althought the weather was very cold thankfully it was dry and S&R Burchill warmed customers with roasted chestnuts.

We had very smart fire and police officers galore during the evening with some fantastic uniformed cadets also on duty.

The skate rink and donkeys dressed as reindeer were a great success as was number 6t5 served hot chocolate and more with Weston College and the candy floss machine outside making it a real youth zone at that end of the High Street

The Help Hub was manned mostly by Nailsea & Backwell Rotary Club and other kindly volunteers who sold lucky programmes and Win Christmas!!! raffle tickets.

The town centre from the Link Road to Crown Glass Shopping Centre was full of Christmas cheer with local businesses doing a brisk trade too.

Nailsea School musicians, the amazing sponsors especially Hunter Leahy who treated the children of Ravenswood School to an hour at the skate rink, Il Paradiso who supported us with a marvellous donation thank you, thank you, thank you.

For 2018 Santa please fix the red tape with North Somerset Council for street trading permits and another big thank you to the town councillors and town clerk who guided us through some of the bureaucracy.

Thank you  action councillor James Tonkin for coming to the rescue when the faulty fairy lights belonging to Nailsea Baptist Church plunged number 65 High Street into darkness twice, I am told.

Suzi Bird photographs from the pop-up photo booth will be on display soon.

Good humour and kind deeds abounded all night so I  would like you to bring Nailsea people lots of lovely presents but for those who feel they already have too much their gifts may be donated to the Christians Together good cause for the Food Bank or less fortunate children.

The performers on the stage including the We Love Nailsea choir and all the dancers did us proud – another big thank you, we know Nailsea has great talent.

Congratulations go to retired archeologist Rosie Clarke, of Meadway Avenue, who was so excited to Win Christmas!!! Other prize winners will be notified shortly.

And finally, Santa can you ask all to email to add their photographs to the Christmas fair galleries.

I would like to say this has been in haste and there are so many more people we would like to thank so please make their Christmas really joyous.

Love from the Elf on top of the Christmas tree at Crown Glass Shopping Centre


Backwell-based crew from JH Hire Scaffolding were on site all day Thursday, November 30, building the fanatastic stage while the electrician re-wires the junction box to make sure the Christmas lights don't blow - thanks lads good job

Xmas fair 6_Mike West
Xmas fair 5_Mike West
Xmas fair 2_Mike West

Nailsea and Backwell Camera Club stalwart Mike West and Nailsea People editor Carol Deacon both members of the NCCF committee takes these shots of Nailsea Social Shedders who made the signposts telling children the way to Santa's Grotto - then Hayley Watson, of Tesco, and NCCF chairman Lynda Dicks spent hour putting them up in the town centre together with special glittery footprints leading the way to Clevedon Walk


Christmas is coming and for details of Nailsea Community Christmas Fair including where to buy online skate tickets click HERE. Other events are on the What's On page or a special festive page HERE.

NCCF poster jpeg
NCCF poster back jpeg
Win Christmas as jpeg
skate poster as jpeg

Nailsea Community Christmas Fair

Lots of children have been enjoying lessons making lanterns out of recycled plastic bottles and festive stickers ready for Nailsea Community Christmas Fair.
The children will be singing Christmas carols and parading under the arches at Somerset Square on Friday, December 1, at 5.30pm.
They should assemble behind the library 15 minutes earlier to collect their free LED tea lights.
The fun starts from 5pm and entertainment on a big stage at Somerset Square includes Nailsea School musicians, We Love Nailsea choir, singers, dancers, actors and panto performers.
Crown Glass Shopping Centre mascot Honeysuckle is booked to switch on the Christmas tree lights at 6pm.
To comply with North Somerset Council regulations people going to the fair both in Nailsea and nearby towns will have to pay an admission charge otherwise all the 40 plus stallholders would have to pay £61 for a street trading permit.

At Nailsea it is 10p per person or by a £1 lucky programme.


Road closed

The High Street is being closed to traffic from 3-9pm so the charity, arts and crafts stalls can set up safely but there will be unrestricted access to all town centre car parks during the fair.
Colliers Walk is going to be a food and drink zone selling everything from dinky donuts to spicy meat burgers with beer, champagne and cider stalls also ready for business.
And if the children follow the sparkly footprints and signposts made by Nailsea Shedders they will find Santa’s Grotto at Clevedon Walk along with the mobile police unit with its free bike-marking service.
A pop-up photo shop will be at 65 High Street with the 6t5 youth club serving free hot chocolate from its new upstairs base and the Air Training Corp flight simulator parked outside.
Other attractions on the night include the big skate rink at Crown Glass Place, walkabout clowns and balloon seller, donkeys dressed as reindeer and nearly 30 shops and businesses staying open late.
Other dates for NCCF future planning meetings and other ‘happenings’ are:

  • Monday, November 27, 5.30pm NCCF meeting at Trinity Centre coffee lounge

  • Friday, November 24 all afternoon Tesco selling programmes/raffle tickets

  • Saturday, November 25 all day Tesco selling programmes/raffle tickets

  • Friday, December 1, 5-8pm Nailsea Community Christmas Fair

PHOTOS: Lantern workshop at Saturday market.​ More photos from the Saturday market are HERE.

Choir and craft practice make perfect


The first We Love Nailsea choir and craft workshops at the Trinity Centre during half term were a tremendous success.

The children sang and danced; cut up coloured tissue to make lanterns and coloured cardboard figures - all with great gusto.

Somehow they even had time to play pass the parcel with the most presents ever seen in this party game!

Big thanks go to Sarah Davies, Karen Zold and Joanne Hopkinson for their fantastic input and Fairfield School for the loan of the disco.

The next choir/craft date is Saturday, November 18.

From 9.30am-11.30am there will be a drop-in lantern workshop at Nailsea market in one of the empty units at Crown Glass Shopping Centre.

And from 2-4pm the We Love Nailsea choir workshop is at Trinity Centre garden room - times include biscuit break.

To pre-register for the choir and get a songsheet email Sarah Davies Vocal Academy at

All schools and youth groups which have requested additional lantern workshops should now have a date - any concerns email

And letters and posters are going out shortly to our performers detailing programme and meeting place from Friday, December 1.

The next NCCF planning committee meetings are on Mondays, November 6 and 27, at 5.30pm.

The 6th is at Tesco supermarket - go to customers services for directions - and 27th at Trinity Centre.

Our street trading rules + regulations

Technically stall bookings are closed but we still have a few stragglers to fit in - nearly 40 community and commercial groups have booked a slot.

All the food & drink stalls are going in Colliers Walk and polite reminder to those selling (if you are giving away samples it doesn't need licence) alcohol - you need a TENs licence which cost £21; those selling food - you need a food hygiene certificate.

All those selling wares for a profit are deemed a business and will have to go in a controlled High Street area which will charge a nominal fee for entrance but not if a charity stall however, these have to have a free street collection certificate - we are told.

And everyone needs public liability insurance.

We didn't make up the rules - and despite North Somerset Council officers being really helpful the legislation is a bit of a minefield.

Note to self and councillors - get it simplified, please.

Follow links to get the forms you need.

Stall booking forms are HERE.

NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF 2017 launch
NCCF VIP launch invite

We Love Nailsea sung at 2017 launch

Nailsea Community Christmas Fair pre Christmas launch began with a VIP evening for sponsors and supporters.

Guests included Nailsea Town Council chairman David Packham and his wife Jean and representatives from Nailsea Chamber of Trade & Commerce, Tesco Nailsea and Waitrose Nailsea.

More than 35 people popped in to its pop-up shop at 20 Colliers Walk kindly loaned by Crown Glass Shopping Centre for the occasion to enjoy nibbles prepared by Sapore italiano the deli and bakery next door; to view the photographic display from 2016; and hear for the first time the We Love Nailsea song performed by a young trio from the Sarah Davies Vocal Academy.

Sarah conducted the performance by Nailsea School student Annabel Gardner, aged 14, and six-year-old friends Lottie Gardner and  Esme Davies, who attend Fairfield PNEU School at Backwell.

Sarah said: "What a wonderful evening we had at the VIP launch of the Nailsea Community Christmas Fair.

"Thank you to Lottie, Bel and Esme for lending me your voices for our preview of the We Love Nailsea song and to Fairfield PNEU School, for lending us your portable speaker.

"There are still a few spaces available if your child would like to join us at our workshops and the big performance at the fair on Friday, December 1."

Many in the audience said the youngsters brought tears to their eyes as their rendition was so moving. 

Most of the photographs for the exhibition were taken by Hilary Britland, Richard Bedwell​, Mike West​, Denzil Ellis, Sue Boniface, Daphne Smith​ and Ann Belcher, all members of Backwell Camera Club with others added including those by Grete Howard, Phil Williams and Carol Deacon all printed for the wall display by Adroit Print.

Sadly, since these photographs were taken the very talented Denzil Ellis has died - his wife Ethne gave permission for his images to be displayed.

The display was put up single-handedly by the marvellous Eleanor Bear and the global map on the back wall of the former Baker Dolphin travel agency was painted over Hayley Gould - sincere thanks go to both. 

The shop closes at 4pm on Saturday so if you are the face in the crowd ringed with a red circle and have won please hurry along to collect your prize.

To book a place on the We Love Nailsea workship click HERE.

  • The song has been adapted, with permission from We Love Marlow by Sheila Wilson © 2015 Redhead Music, by Sarah Davies, of Sarah Davies Vocal Academy for a performance by Nailsea children at the Nailsea Community Christmas Fair

We Love Nailsea song debut at photographic exhibition launch



Nailsea mum Sarah Davies has adapted a special song called We Love Nailsea*  all about cider, coal and the Wurzels for local schoolchildren to sing at the community Christmas fair on Friday, December 1.

But before then sponsors and supporters will get to hear a sneak preview of We Love Nailsea at an iconic photographic exhibition later this month.

And then it is down to the mum-of-one who runs Sarah Davies Vocal Academy ‘to teach the children to sing in perfect harmony’ at two workshops where they will learn the lyrics and an accompanying hand jive.

The VIP launch of Nailsea Community Christmas Fair 2016 photographic exhibition sponsored by Wards solicitors will have lots of festive images especially those from Backwell Camera Club and is on Thursday, September 28, from 6-8pm.

Invites to the Champagne (fizzy wine really), cider and canapes evening with its cocktail frocks and dinner jacket dress code (not strictly enforced but would be fun) will be going out soon.

The photographic exhibition will also be open on Friday and Saturday, September 29-30 at the former Baker’s Dolphin/Ewe 21/shoe shop at Colliers Walk.

Here Nailsea people will be able to get last minute stall booking forms, entertainment details, Win Christmas!!! raffle tickets, book a skate rink session and sign-up for the lantern parade and/or choir workshops.

The We Love Nailsea workshops are free and open to all young singers for more information email or use the booking form link by clicking HERE.

NCCF chairman Lynda Dicks said: “We will have lots of other super singers, musicians and dancers performing on the night – the more the merrier as it isn’t too late to get involved.

“Nailsea & Backwell Rotarians are helping out as volunteer stewards/marshalls but extra helping hands are always very welcome too.”

Lynda added that NCCF is very grateful to all its sponsors and supporters including Wards solicitors, Adroit Print, Tesco and Waitrose supermarkets, shops, schools, churches and Nailsea Town Council.

And the other September news is that NCCF is one of the beneficiaries in the Community Matters green token scheme for Waitrose shoppers as the event is a self-funding venture and many of the attractions like the skate rink and donkey rides are subsidised.

A full ‘thank you’ list will appear in the 2017 programme being compiled by Publishing Today.

Dates for NCCF future planning meetings and other ‘happenings’ are:

  • Monday, October 9, 5.30pm NCCF meeting at Trinity Centre coffee lounge

  • Monday, October 23, 2-4.30pm We Love Nailsea choir workshop at Trinity Centre garden room (including biscuit break)

  • Monday, November 6, 5.30pm NCCF meeting at Tesco Nailsea

  • Saturday, November 18, 9.30am-11.30am drop-in lantern workshop at Nailsea market and 2-4.30pm and We Love Nailsea choir workshop at Trinity Centre garden room (including biscuit break)

  • Monday, November 20, 5.30pm NCCF meeting at Trinity Centre coffee lounge

  • Monday, November 27, 5.30pm NCCF meeting at Trinity Centre coffee lounge

  • Friday, December 1, 5-8pm Nailsea Community Christmas Fair


* We Love Nailsea is adapted with permission from We Love Marlow by Sheila Wilson © 2015 Redhead Music