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We don’t want to be alarmist but fears dognappers are active in Nailsea have been raised by a worried pet owner.
A person was walking their dogs in the West End area on Tuesday, February 24, when a suspicious vehicle tailed them.
The red mini slowed down, the occupants looked at them then turned around and sped off.
But within moments the car with foreign registration plates returned this time from a different direction and followed the dog walker and their animals towards Watery Lane.
The incident has been reported to police. 

Dognapper Nailsea warning


Dos and don'ts of duck feeding

Two people were seen taking a sign down from a post at Backwell lake which read ‘Don’t feed the birds with bread’.

They put the sign in a rubbish bin and proceeded to feed the birds with half a bag of bread, according to an alarmed bystander.

Opinion was divided and a malstrom followed when this post was put on Nailsea People Facebook page.

Experts say: ‘Although ducks and swans can digest all types of bread, too much can leave them feeling full without giving them all of the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need’.

But other 'experts' disagreed and cited starving swans and dying ducks.

Aaron Pets in Station Road, Nailsea, sell food for wildfowl.

More than 5,000 people click onto the debate on FB.

Here is a selection of comments posted:

  • Sammie MacDonald: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said it was fine to feed small amounts of bread to ducks but people should also feed them sweetcorn, porridge oats, peas and bird seed...adding 'although bread isn't harmful, our advice is to only feed small amounts to birds'.

  • James Wright: I think you’ll find it’s similar to when The Hedgehog Society advised that it was good to give hedgehogs mealworms, it’s not it causes a calcium deficiency.

  • Aarons Pets Ltd: Thankyou for mentioning us. We do indeed sell food for ducks, swans and all birds at the lake.

  • Katie Ridley: The sign I saw the other week isn’t even a proper sign, it will be someone who doesn’t like animals.

  • Jodi Irwin: I took oats peas and broken biscuits and dog biscuits sweetcorn and bread with butter on...there was so many many swans and cygnets and geese asking for food we couldnt keep up.

  • Emily-Jane Tranter: Get a grip! People have been feeding birds bread for years, its fine.

  • Kim Ridley: It was me that took the sign down. It was just a sign some one made. I took it down because I fought if people seen it they wouldn’t feed the ducks and they would get hungry. There saying it’s okay to feed the ducks bread now I’ve been feeding them for nearly three years now and they’ve had babies every year there fine.

  • Dawn Bond:  Bread does not contain the necessary protein and fat birds need from their diet, and so it can act as an empty filler. Although bread isn't harmful to birds, try not to offer it in large quantities, since its nutritional value is relatively low.

  • Anna Reynolds: People were told a while ago that it had been a mistake to tell them not to feed them bread as ducks and swans were starving because people stopped feeding them!

  • Nicky Cooksey: And many wild birds are starving to death because people have stopped feeding them bread!

  • Jo Thyer: I tried feeding them oats once as recommended and they left it and they went straight for the bread!

  • James Wright: Similar to what a child would do if offered vegetables or sweets, obviously the veg is the healthier choice. They throughly enjoyed sweetcorn and peas today, as well as the floating swan and duck food when I gave it to them and enjoyed it every other time.

  • Kayla Caddoo-Frost: We went on Friday and were shocked at how many were feeding bread. We took oats/corn/ rice but there are lots of swans there with babies so be aware as they aren’t always happy.

  • Cara Paterson: When i went to the lake the other day to feed the ducks with a couple of slices of left over bread one of the non official signs was at the bottom of the lake - I doubt that disintegrating plastic is doing them much good either.

  • Anne Williams: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds have now weighed in, saying bread isn’t harmful to ducks, but that birds should consume it in moderation, and it should form part of a balanced diet.

  • Kate Haim Downie: The ducks have been fed bread for years I will continue to feed them it if there is no we're near to buy the feed.

  • Sarah Spencer: Official Statement On Bread from the Queen's Swan Marker - The Swan Sanctuary HERE.

Dog bins at Greenfield Crescent this wee
Missing cat..jpg
POO PATCH: Dog bins at Greenfield Crescent this week. Photo Pam Blower
CAT MISSING: Poppy is newly arrived in Nailsea. One potential sighting - see Nailsea People Facebook page



NEW TO TOWN: Nailsea's ninth charity shop opens on Friday, November 22 in the shop once run by BHF at Nailsea High Street


Found - two lost dogs

Pippa the poodle dog got out through a garden gate and went walkabouts on Backwell Common.

Pictured top wearing a blue and white collar he was found and taken to Golden Valley vets.

Pam White said: "What a sweet dog.

"Hope you find its owner soon; they must be so worried."

​Thankfully Pippa was recognised by a Nailsea People Facebook page reader and soon reunited.

The other photo is her back home chewing her chew.

Ivan the Alsatian also went missing in Brockley Combe woods on the same day.

Owner Becky Durbin said: "He has been found!

"Thank you so much for everyone for all your help and hard work, you are all amazing."


Pets in park for fun day

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary annual fun day at Ashton Court Estate on Sunday, September 8, was a great success.

Nailsea volunteer Jacqui Nelson was manning one of the stalls and organised the photos for us in the slideshow.

She said there is certainly no shortage of attractions.

From the fun dog show to the ultimate Ninja Warrior dog activity zone it was a pet lovers paradise.

There was also a photo entry cat show, children’s activities, doggie games, refreshments and agility demonstrations from South West Dog Skills to a market place, brimming with everything from fine foods to beautiful artwork and homeware.

The top raffle prizes included £100 cash, Indi Mountain Bike, afternoon tea for two at your choice from more than 400 venues and portable TV.

The profits from the fun day together with support from the Nailsea charity shop will be going to towards building improvements at Barrow Gurney.

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuaryrescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs.

It replies on its supporters to keep the kennel and cattery doors open which costs approximately £650,000 every year to run – that’s more than £1,780 each and every single day.

TOP DOGS: A six week course on Wednesdays, from September 25-October 30 at Golden Valley Vets by Nick's Pet Services. This course will go through all of the basics covering sits and downs, helping your puppy to settle in their bed, loose lead walking and recall. Also helpful advice on how to toilet train your puppy with minimal stress for you and how to help your puppy during the biting phase, along with the best ways to socialise your puppy with the world around them. For more details click HERE or email

BEAK TO BEAK: Hot Fuzz police officer captures poorly bird doing walkabouts in Moorfield Road. The swan wasn’t well enough to return to Backwell Lake and is being cared for at Secret World animal sanctuary. Nailsea People Facebook page collected donations for its care...

bark in park.jpg

Dog owners alert

A wicked person is trying to poison pets walking in a Nailsea park.

The linear park which runs behind Kingshill Church School at Pound has been in the news already this week with the overnight stay of a group of travellers.

This incident however is not connected.

A resident walking in the area on Sunday night found eight pieces of raw meat coated in chilli, together with a raw chicken breast that was covered in a white powder and some cooked chicken.

The meat which had been sprinkled in dog treats was left at the bottom of a hedge at the back of the school.

The person who found the items said: "I have removed all I can see but there may be some further in the bushes that I have missed.

"Please keep an eye on your dogs when using the park."

She believes similar incidents have been reported in other areas.Ian Jenkins said he found lots of pieces of unchewed chewing gum- xylitol - which is used in sugar free gums and is poisonous for dogs on the footpaths through the fields off Watery Lane/Causeway.

Ian said: "This lot was collected and disposed of but it could be done again."

The police and local vets have been alerted and a warning posted on Nailsea People Facebook page.

PUPPY LOVE: Nick's Pet Services is running training classes for puppies (and their owners) from Wednesdays, July 3-August 8. 7.45-8.45pm. At Golden Valley Veterinary Hospital, Nailsea. The course costs £72 in total. No classes on Wednesdays July 17 and August 7. Click image to go to website.
coin donation pets.PNG

WALKIES: This dog was spotted wandering on the fields at The Causeway, Nailsea on Saturday, May 25 - no news whether it has been reunited with owner but thought to live in Nightingale Gardens. It has a collar but no lead. Further updates on Nailsea People Facebook page.

Missing dog.PNG
Found cat.png

DOG GONE CAT FOUND: The dog has been seen running past Noah's Ark Zoo Farm at Wraxall - and owners of many lookalike cats have ruled out this puss belonging to them. Further updates on Nailsea People Facebook page, posted Wednesday, May 22

Lost and found

Siamese cat from Nightgale Gardens

Within 20 minutes of this appeal going on the Nailsea People Facebook page Poppy the Siamese cat was found.

Here is what we said: ‘This is Poppy a friendly Siamese cat who has gone missing from her Nightingale Gardens, Nailsea, home.

She was last seen by her owner Lanna Vincent on Thursday, May 9, at approximately 7pm.

Lanna said: "She is very friendly and will come if called but will run away if chased.

"She also likes dogs and she likes to just walk into people's houses and sheds so please check these."

Poppy is chipped and neutered but isn't wearing a collar.

Lanna added: "We are getting increasingly worried about her."

Any sightings either leave a message in a comment box below or call 0758 499 1379.’

Oh the power of social media and thanks to everyone who helped.


BIG BIRD: Top Linford, the rhea, who was living on an Evesham golf course has a new home at Noah's Ark near Nailsea. Nicknamed Linford because of his speed on capture it was discovered 'he' is actually a 'she' and now goes by the moniker Lynn. Photo © Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. Read more about Lynn and the up and coming June birthday party looking for visitors photos from the past 20 years on the Noah's Ark page by clicking HERE

MOUNTED BEAT: On highway patrol in Nailsea this week were police horses Jubilee, Brunel and Rolo – did you see them? Shame the scaffolding on the Crown Glass Shopping Centre offices slightly spoiled the photograph but hopefully the refurbishments will be finished soon in time for the summer activities...

Poo debate

​When we added this poster to Nailsea People Facebook page and said discuss more than 36 people discussed. The post reached nearly  9,000 and 104 reacted with an emoji. Here is a selection of the opinions expressed.
Hayley Gould said: "It would help if Nailsea (Town Council)  didn't remove all its poo bins."
She stood corrected when councillor Rod Lees said it was North Somerset Council to blame.
Gwen Wolley asked: "Without bins, how difficult is it to take the poo bags home?"
To which Hayley replied: "It isn't and I do! 
"But moving the bins is asking for lazy people to chuck the bags everywhere."
Rebecca Pomery worried: "I have a young child who loves to walk in the side undergrowth rather than the path."
And Rachel Ferguson said: "Oooooh, very controversial!"
Andrew Kelly said: "Rather flick than see poo bags hanging in the trees and shrubs."
Semira Kiss lamented: "Nice walk in the woodland stinking of poo."
Marian Alexandra said: "Pick it up, use a biodegradable bag and take it away - simple."
But then Merrion Popbet threw this quandery into the mix: "We don't bag up badger and fox poo. 
"Fox poo stinks ! 
"I'm all for pushing it under leaves at the side. 
"Raw feed your dog then their poo won't smell and will be like chalk in days."
Muredach Diamond added: "If you are too lazy to bag it and keep woods safe for kids dont get a dog, simple."
There were lots more comments but we will endwith Steve Lewis who said: " The way forward I believe, will be promoting the use of flushable dog poo bags - when their price becomes more affordable."

Pooh sticks.jpg
Found ferret.jpg

LOST: Laura Thayer‎ said: "My cat is new to Nailsea and has only been going out for the past week or so. She hasn’t been seen since last night - Sunday. I know it’s not long but now getting concerned. She is around The Perrings area. She is microchipped and is called Mila. She is very friendly and will come if called. Anyone in the area please can you check garages/sheds.' Hopefully she is just exploring."
FOUND: Female ferret found in Backwell area over the weekend, very friendly. Any information please contact Backwell Vets on 01275 462691.

Nailsea puppy training classes 

A six week puppy class is running from Wednesday, April 10 at Golden Valley Veterninary Hospital, Nailsea.

Nick's Pet Services is hosting the training sessions which will cover the basics of sits and downs along with teaching loose lead walking, recall and the importance of play.

Nick said: "We will go through solutions to help with biting, chewing and how to help your puppy settle down and learn to relax around the home.

"We will play some fun self-control games to help with everyday life, but also to teach your puppy to listen to you when it gets really exciting whilst out on a walk.

F"amily members are welcome to come along as I believe that training a new puppy should be fun for everyone in the household.

"Only flat collars and my preference is to use a well fitted harness.

"Absolutely no choke chains or prong collars please and no extendable leads as they are difficult to hold while training.

"Please bring plenty of tasty treats with you, I find that cocktail sausages and chicken are a favourite with my dogs!
For more information on how to book click HERE.

pet thing.jpg
Rotary walks.jpg

DOG GONE: This little dog went walkabout on Sunday afternoon, March 17, in the Perrings area of Nailsea. A missing post on the Nailsea People Facebook page reached more that 10,000 people. Happily the white chihuahua which was chipped and belonging to Michelle Hodgson was found safe and sound.  Michelle said: "She has been found. She is now asleep on my bed, safe back where she belongs, with her collar on. The only reason why she didn't have it on when she went missing was she rolled in fox poop the day before so was drying on the radiator after being washed." And while we are on the subject of walkie why not sign-up for the annual Rotary Nailsea & Backwell charity event and raise money for your favourite cause? To register click HERE.


TOP CAT: Alive and well and scavenging in Nailsea. Apparently this moggie has made its home on the Blackfriars Trading Estate, Nailsea, and is obviously being feed by people who work there. After we posted this photo taken by Lou Dann in February 2019 on our Nailsea People Facebook page she has been contacted by two cat charities offering to help. And many people have come forward to report stray cats in the town and equally lots of owners are still missing their pets. Nailsea People with your help is attempting to reuntied or rehome strays. Email for further details.

FINDING TED: When Nailsea People posted on its Facebook page about a missing dog the post reached nearly 24,000. It was shared by an amazing 310 people and attracted 45 comments and 127 reactions. The original post said: 'Gorgeous Ted was spooked while out walking in Station Road, Nailsea at approximately 10.30am this morning. His owners are besides themselves - any sightings? Ted is still attached to his retractable lead.' Thankfully the story has a happy ending as within just a few hours later this post said: 'Update: Ted was found cowering behind the bins at Golden Valley Primary School and his ‘family’ send a big thank you to everyone who searched for him and shared Nailsea People FB post, xx.' If you were one of those who shared or went looking for Ted thank so much.

Knit piggy a pullover

To help post-operative pets to recover people are knitting jumpers for small animals and donating them to Golden Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Here is Gingernut the Guinea Pig modelling one of the hand-knitted jumpers donated by the mother of a veterinary nurse.

The jumpers do invaluable good keeping furry friends warm while recovering from their anaesthetics.

If you're a keen knitter and fancy knitting jumpers to fit a bunny rabbit, gerbil or guinea pig the vets at Nailsea Park would be happy to hear from you.

Aaron Pets stocking presents for pooches

A dog is not just for presents at Christmas...

Aarons Pets which has three branches in North Somerset has presents for pooches in stock now.

The Nailsea shop is at 121 Station Road.

Aarons Pets opened its first store in Clevedon in 1993. It then went on to open its second in Nailsea in 2000. And the third shop opened at Portishead in July 2015. The shop was named after Aaron the dog belonging to owner Martin Young.

In its stores they stock a huge range of top brand named products for dogs, cats, small animals, wild and domestic birds, poultry, fish and reptiles.

And they offer a local delivery service.

The pet shop can also offer micro chipping by appointment at in-store or by home visit.

Dogs are welcome to the stores to be fitted with a harness, dog coat, choosing their own toy or just to be made a fuss of and there are dog scales inside the shops.

Dog training

Nick's Pet Services is running a six week puppy training course on Wednesdays at Golden Valley Veterinary Hospital at Nailsea Park.

The training begins on Wednesday, October 24.

Sessions starts at 6.30-7.30pm and costs £72.

Click HERE for more information.

Nick runs a local pet service offering dog walking and pet visits covering Nailsea, Backwell, Wraxall, Tickenham, Clevedon, Yatton, Claverham, Congresbury and Cleeve.


Missing Nailsea pets

Email with any sightings or leave a message on the Nailsea People Facebook page - thanks.


UPDATE ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 26: Alan has been found. Owner Ben Caddoo-Frost  said: "Thank you all for you kind help we have found him and he’s having treatment for a abyss from a bite and dehydration!" A pet lover in Engine Lane spotted the cat in her garden and took him indoors while Ben was located.

UPDATE ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 25: Newcomer to Nailsea Ben Caddoo-Frost who lives in the Hazelboury Road area said: "Our beloved black and white eight year old cat Alan has been missing for several days. He is chipped and chopped and we are besides ourself with worry. He managed to de-collared himself the day before he went missing without his new collar. This is completely out of character he doesn’t normally wander far. Alan has a very thick coat but is actually not very large underneath. He friendly to children and adults but Terrified of dogs and high pitched noises and is not very fond of the rain."

UPDATE ON MONDAY, AUGUST 20: Laura McNeill is asking Nailsea People to look for Ted who has gone missing from his home at Riverway Nailsea. Ted has a green collar and name tag with black flea collar. Laura said: "Please check sheds and garages and share."

UPDATE ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 18: Whoa, Mila is back after nine days missing. He returned 'very, very hungry' but otherwise in fine fettle.

UPDATE ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 17: As you can see from photos some pets have been found and another added.

Emma Louise, of the Ridgeway, said her ginger and white cat called Jessie hasn’t come home since Christmas.

She said: I’ve done door to door around my area and even contacted vets with no luck so if anyone has seen one similar or taken one in please get in touch.

Emma Silkstone said: “Brodie the black and white cat is back home safely...fingers crossed for the other owners.“

Lindsay Hutchinson said: I am pleased to report my Bengal cat has been found.

He was found locked. In a house of some people who had gone on holiday!

Kerry Williams said: “My dog Daisy the Jack Russell is still missing.

“So sadly missed by of us. We have offered a large reward for her safe return but still haven’t had any sightings.“


FIRST REPORT: Can you help reunite these Nailsea pets with their owners?
At last count we have one missing dog and three missing cats?
The Jack Russell bitch has gone missing from Tower House Lane. Any sightings call 0746 722 3910. 
A much loved black and white cat of a nervous disposition called Brodie has gone walkabouts in the Brunel Road area of Nailsea.
From the Trendlewood area a Bengal cat named Alfie has uncharacteristically spent two or three nights on the tiles.

Alfie is microchipped.

Milo has been missing since Wednesday, August 8.

He is a mix of tabby and white.

His owners live near the Sawyers pub in Nailsea and are offering a reward of £100 for any information that leads to him being found.

Email with any sightings.

All ask if people could check their sheds and garages, just in case.

Emma Louise - Jessie.jpg














For sale Doggy Popcorn

People love their pets and for a special treat Aaron Pets is now selling popcorn for pooches!

Doggy Popcorn is being stocked at the Station Road, Nailsea, store along with other pet food, treats and accessories. 

According to The Statistics Portal 45 per cent of UK households have a pet.

The most popular pet is a dog with 26 per cent of people owning one.

The least owned common pet type is mice, with just 0.03 per cent of the population owning one.

Cats (18 per cent) are rated second in the popularity list followed by rabbits (two per cent), guinea pigs and hamsters both at one per cent.

Tortoises, turtles, lizards, snakes, chickens, horses, rats, ferrets, gerbils, spiders, pigeons, frogs and toads appeal to less than one per cent of the pet loving populace.

You can buy everything for your dog from specialised food, clothing, leads, beds and carriers, training aids to treats.

But be warned there is a long list of things you should never give your dog to eat or drink including alcohol, avocado, chocolate, coffee and caffeine, citrus fruits, coconut, grapes, raisins and certain nuts, milk and dairy products, onions, garlic, chives, raw/undercooked meat, eggs and bones, salt and salty snack foods and Xylitol a sweetener used in many products, including gum, candy, baked goods and toothpaste, yeast dough

Dog show.PNG

Nailsea Patio Supplies is looking for someone to work a few hours daily with its rescued animals and poultry.

It has ponies, donkeys, goats and alpacas on its field at Station Approach between Nailsea and Backwell.

Duties would including mucking out, feeding, grooming and exercising the ponies.

Text Sandra Marshall on 0783 118 7240 for more details.

JUDGES ANNOUNCMENT: Holly Hedge general manager Sarah Schranz and Bristol City former goal keeper and coach David Coles. David will kindly be bringing along some signed football goods the fantastic raffle. Tickets £1 each available on the day and beforehand at Long Ashton Post Office and the community centre

Save the date

Dog dies from deadly infection at Clevedon


Pet owners have been put on alert after a dog from Clevedon died from a deadly bacterial infection.

In a statement, Vets4Pets, which is based at the Pets at Home store in Hither Green, said: “We’re very sad to report that we have had a confirmed fatality due to Leptospirosis.

“Leptospirosis is caused by bacteria that are spread in the urine and faeces of infected animals or infected water.

“It is zoonotic which means it can spread to humans by contact and ingestion of infected urine and faeces.”

Humans can catch leptospirosis if soil or freshwater containing infected pee gets in to the mouth, eyes or a cut or if contact is made with an infected animal’s blood or flesh.

Symptoms in humans include headaches, feeling sick, aching muscles and joints, red eyes or a loss of appetite.

If left untreated, leptospirosis can cause swollen ankles, feet or hands, chest pain and a shortness of breath.

"This is a condition that can be vaccinated against with an annual booster vaccination, which greatly reduces the risk of your dog contracting the condition or recovering if they do contract it."

Lost but found


Wisp is a newcomer to Nailsea and in her first few days living at Trendlewood Way she sent walkabouts. We are happy to report she have been found and is back home with her owners. Amy Evans raised the alarm on Nailsea People Facebook page on behalf of her brother who owns the cat. Happy ending.

STOP PRESS: Distressed Bengal-type cat spotted at Backwell lake on Wednesday morning , November 22, with green collar - contact Golden Valley vets if it is your pet. Original Facebook posting below with request to share, photograph for illustrative purposes only


Merlin is still missing from the Woodland Road area, Nailsea and owner Cassie Brake is offering a reward for his safe return.

Cassie said: “He was last seen on Tuesday, October 24.

“Can everyone please look in garages and outbuildings. 

“The silver and black spotted male has been chipped so if anyone sees him please take him to the vets or contact us ASAP. 

“He has a habit of getting into people’s cars so I worry he could be anywhere.

“Merlin is a much loved pet, we really need him found.“

Please share, thank you and thank you everyone so far for all the help.”

UPDATE; Merlin has potentially been sighted on Silver Street and near Grove Junior School - Cassie said: "Please keep your eye out!! And if you think it’s him grab him, keep him safe and call us." 


Amber Walters has been looking for her cat since Friday morning, November 3.

She said: "We believe he may be hiding somewhere from the fireworks or trapped somewhere.

"He cannot meow due to health conditions and is on regular medication which we haven't been able to give him.

"He is a very loving and friendly cat and loves people making a fuss of him, he also loves his food.

"People please take your time to look in your garages, sheds and houses as he is a regular visitor at some of our neighbours houses.

Jake is chipped and was last seen on Friday night at the Royal Oak pub which is quite far from his Rock Avenue home near Nailsea Social Club.

Amber added: "We are really worried about him now.

"He is in and out the house all the time so this is very out of character for him."


Neil Hedger was out trick or treating with his family in the Brendon Gardens/Earlsfield area of Nailsea when he first came across this little kitten.

Despite their scary Halloween garb the small ginger cat followed the family home.

And then he ran into their house where he has been ever since.

Luckly after a bit of door knocking kitten and owner have been reunited.


Squidge is home after being missing since August.

Owner Sharon Rutter siad: "I just want to say thank you for everyone who helped me in the search for my girl squidge after 12 long weeks she finally came home looking very healthy and chubby and clean."

Squidge was our longest missing cat.

The much loved pet went missing despite being chipped and spayed and was last seen with no collar as it keeps being removed.

The brown tabby with white paws and chest was much missed.


Sophia Jones' missing cat Pippin finally came home after being missing for nearly three weeks.
The three year old male cat is chipped but wasn't wearing a collar went he went walkabouts from Chancel Close, Nailsea. 
Sophie said: “Thanks everyone who looked out for our cat Pippin.

"He came home very hungry but otherwise fine.

"I really wish he could tell us where he's been."

Animal friendly Sunday Funday

North Somerset branch of the RSPCA is hosting  a fun day with lots of things going on at Brent Knoll on Sunday, September 17 noon-4pm.

They have lots of stalls, games, bouncy castle, refreshments and crazy golf.
There will be animals too - from our own resident cats and dogs that you can see on the way round but to visiting animals from Avon Owls and some llamas!
There will also be agility displays with our own staff and resident rescue dogs!
Admission is adults £2, children 50p and under 5s free.

Dog star auditions for Legally Blonde musical

Is your dog a budding stage star?

The Bristol Hippodrome are looking for local pooches to play the role of Rufus when the National Tour of Legally Blonde comes to Bristol in October.

The smash hit musical based on the best loved movie follows beautiful and popular sorority sister Elle Woods who loves to be pampered and is passionate about pink.

When she is dumped by her boyfriend Warner Huntingdon III for a more serious girlfriend she puts down the credit cards and picks up the books. Packing up her trusty pooch, Bruiser, she bags herself a place at the prestigious Harvard Law School to try and win him back.

Along the way Elle meets Paulette and together they fight to get Paulette’s 'precious baby Rufus' back from her ex-boyfriend.

Could your pawsome dog raise the ruff of The Bristol Hippodrome?

Do they meet the following dogteria?

  • A British Bulldog: We are looking for a British Bulldog. We are open to other breeds, but they need to have that look about them. Fairly bullish and robust.

  • Temperament: Relaxed, laid back, good with people and enjoys a good fuss.

  • Responsive to commands: By this I mean if your dog responds to ‘come here’, ‘sit’ and doesn’t just wander off doing its own thing.

  • Tricks: If your lovable brute has any, we would love to see them. If they’re skills are good enough we could end up using them in the show!

  • Experience: Although absolutely not essential, if your dog has some form of stage experience it will be a huge bonus

If you feel your dog matches these criteria, we would love to receive your application by Monday, July 10, for our doggy auditions at Hotel Du Vin on Saturday, July 22.

For more information or to apply email David Barrett on

BARK IN THE PARK: Fun dog show raised £700 on Saturday boosted by a £200 donation from Long Ashton FC. Dog show judge Monty Halls pictured in white shirt was accompanied by wife Tamsyn Smith and their daughters. Afterwards Monty went to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary to officially open the new kennels. The fabulous event was organised by Jenny Green despite still recovering from a major operation just nine weeks beforehand.

PHOTOS: Jacqui Nelson

Fun dog show with famous pet person

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary is a charity which rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs.

It receives no funding from the government or National Lottery and rely on the generosity and goodwill of our supporters to keep its kennel and cattery doors open.

It costs approximately £616,000 every year to run – that's more than £1,687 each and every single day.

It rescues and rehomes 800 animals each year finding loving and responsible new homes for each and every one of them.

No animal is put to sleep unless advised that it is in their best interest to do so by a veterinary surgeon, a decision is never taken lightly.

Patron Monty Halls is a TV broadcaster, explorer and marine biologist who has been invited to Bark In The Park on Saturday, July 1, at Long Ashton.

Tesco Nailsea March 2017
Tesco Nailsea March 2017
Tesco Nailsea March 2017
Tesco Nailsea March 2017
Tesco Nailsea March 2017
Tesco Nailsea March 2017
Tesco Nailsea March 2017
Tesco Nailsea March 2017
Tesco Nailsea March 2017
Tesco Nailsea March 2017

Bow wow for Tesco 


Tesco Nailsea is supporting Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary which rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs.

The charity at Barrrow Gurney receives no funding from the government or National Lottery and relies on the generosity and goodwill of supporters to keep its kennel and cattery doors open.

It costs approximately £475,000 every year to run – that's more than £1,330 each and every single day.

Tesco Nailsea put up a stall at its entrance with information boards and then several staff members went on a fact-finding tour of the facilities at Wild Country Lane.

Tesco community champion Hayley Watson who was part of the six supermarket team who went to Holly Hedge said: "We spent four hours helping out sweeping up and cuddling the animals and on our tour we were accompanied by Rosie, a Jack Russell/pug cross who lives at the rescue centre."

Saturday, March 25, is the last day to donate and when people from Holly Hedge will be in the 'bagging area' rattling collection tins and collecting donated pet stuff.

Its next fund rasiing event is a fashion show at Long Ashton Community Centre at Keedwell Hill, on Friday, April 7, 7.30-10pm.

Holly Hedge also has a charity shop at 87-89 High Street, Kings Court, Nailsea.

High Street move for vets

Watkins & Tasker Veterinary Group has relocated its Nailsea practice into a larger purpose-designed building a few doors down from its previous property.

The new Nailsea practice which opened on Monday, February  27, is nearly half the size again of the old surgery and waiting room and offers:

  • Segregated cat, dog and small furry/exotic waiting areas;

  • Separate cat ward with procedure room designed to Cat Friendly Clinic Scheme gold standard;

  • Four consult rooms including a cat only consult room and quiet room;

  • Quiet space for small furry patients such as rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets;

  • Imaging suite with digital x-ray and ultrasound;

  • Isolation ward;

  • State of the art operating theatre;

  • Improved staff facilities; and

  • Fully accessible client areas including toilet.

Watkins & Tasker vet partner Liz Watkins said: "This is a really exciting expansion for the veterinary group, and one which should have far-reaching benefits for our current clients, plus potential new clients, and their pets.  

"We had outgrown our current building; the services we wanted to offer were restricted purely by space.  

"It has been another large investment for the company but the opportunity arose and we couldn’t turn it down.”

The move at Nailsea follows on from the successful relocation of the Portishead practice, in November 2015, which has recently won the National Veterinary front-of-house award for its reception and waiting areas.

Vet Steve Tasker said: “Having carried out several moves into various buildings during the past 15 years, we knew what worked and the sense of brightness and space that we have at Portishead was something we were keen to recreate at the new Nailsea practice.

"Adding in such things as the ‘Vet Pod’, an area where vets can write up notes in the heart of the practice and looking carefully at processes has meant we have another great building.”

With the recent hiring of an additional full time vet, taking the number of vets employed by the Group to 10, the number of available appointments will also increase.

With two out of the three practices having moved so recently, Liz added “We have plans to make some minor improvements to the Yatton branch in the summer but as our longest established practice we are happy where we are.”

The lease on the old building has been relinquished back to the landlord. 

For further information on Watkins & Tasker Veterinary Group and its practices in Nailsea, Yatton and Portishead click HERE visit or email 

High Street move for vets

Watkins & Tasker Veterinary Group is moving this month into the old Nailsea Bookshop property a few doors down from its current High Street surgery at number 69.

Nailsea  is closed this week while it relocates to othe new building but pet owners can use the Yatton and Portishead surgeries where addittional appointments have been allocated.

Call 01934 833685 or 01275 397449 for more information.

Zoe’s £100k legacy for canine cancer research

Cancer is one of the common causes of death in dogs, with one in four dogs predicted to get cancer at some point in their lifetime.

These dogs may now have a brighter future thanks to an unprecedented £100,000 raised by the Zoe’s Journey UK campaign to help research cancer in dogs.

Never has veterinary and scientific research charity, the Animal Health Trust, been the beneficiary of such an amazing – and committed – online campaign, created by a group of Golden Retriever owners.

In 2013 Zoe, a Golden Retriever, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. 

Her owner, Jayne May, of Nailsea, had managed to spot then 12-year-old Zoe’s swollen glands immediately and Zoe was taken straight to her vet, Steve Tasker, for assessment.

 Zoe was promptly started on chemotherapy treatment which she responded incredibly well to, despite her age, and was very soon in remission.

Less than two years later, at 14 years old, she was given a clean bill of health for a dog of her age - she had beaten cancer.

While Zoe was battling cancer she became somewhat of a Facebook star between Golden Retriever owners.

Her story gave thousands hope that their dogs could too have a chance if they were diagnosed with cancer.

In January 2015 Zoe’s Journey UK was born, a dedicated online fundraising group to raise money to help research cancer in dogs.

The popularity of this group has gone from strength to strength over the years, supported by celebrity, Mark Labbett, ‘The Beast’ from ITV’s The Chase.

The campaign has now reached the incredible £100,000 milestone - split over two Just Giving pages, one about Golden Retrievers and one about Boxers.

The ambitious target set in August 2016, four months after Zoe sadly passed away peacefully in her sleep from natural causes. Zoe was aged 14 and a half and cancer-free.

Jayne, founder of the campaign, said: “Zoe’s Legacy now lives on in Lucie, her daughter.

“Zoe’s Journey UK exists to improve the future for dogs who are diagnosed with cancer as today, not all of them make it.

“In the future, only through breakthroughs in research, will they have a much better chance.

“We need to reduce the odds of one in four dogs getting cancer, before that awful statistic starts getting higher.

“£100,000 will help researchers at the Animal Health Trust do this.

“£100,000 may even lead to a discovery in dogs that could help humans too, to fight cancer.

“Together, we can – and must - make a difference. Dogs give us so much, we have to help protect them, and help them live the healthiest lives possible.”

The AHT’s research takes several different approaches - in the clinic and in the lab - to help dogs fight cancer.

By combining veterinary and scientific expertise, its aim is to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer for dogs all around the world.

AHT molecular oncology research head Dr Mike Starkey said: “This incredible fundraising campaign is a huge boost to my team’s work.

“Cancer research in dogs, compared to cancer research in humans, has been under-funded.

“Now, thanks to Zoe’s Journey UK, we know that we have the funds in place to help support our work at the Animal Health Trust for the next two years at least, which is making a massive difference to our research.

“There are approximately 200 different types of cancer that affect dogs and we’re currently researching five of the most common malignant cancers to gain a better understanding of how they develop, how they spread and how they respond to treatment, in order to help dogs live healthier and happier lives and to help vets better diagnose, manage and control cancer in their patients.”

“We’re really grateful to Jayne and everyone that has supported Zoe’s Journey UK for all of their hard work, kindness and continued support.

”A lot of our research projects are in the early stages, but we’re really excited about where this money can help us get to, for the future health of countless dogs.”

Peter the runaway puss

Meet Peter, the handsome Bengal with a serious case of wanderlust!

This cuddly cat who looks like an exotic jungle tiger loves to roam.

In 2010 after being missing for two years he was found in Leominster, a market town in Herefordshire, which is more than 75 miles from his Nailsea home.
He regularly wanders around North Somerset making friends with farms and families along the way.

His collar tag helps bring him home but as he proved when he was brought into Golden Valley Vets earlier - he’s good at losing that...

Thank goodness he’s microchipped.

Only two per cent of unchipped missing cats make it home, compared to 58 per cent of microchipped cats being reunited with their families. 

Wherever Peter chooses to roam next, we can rest assured his ‘chip’ will get him home again.

Zoe Brings It Home
Zoe Brings It Home
Zoe Brings It Home
Zoe Brings It Home
Zoe Brings It Home
Zoe Brings It Home

Golden pawprint for pets

A bighearted Nailsea fundraiser is set to raise £100,000 for an animal charity with the help of  a television quiz champion from The Chase.

Taxi driver Jayne May has for the past 18 months has been raising funds for the Animal Health Trust (AHT) after her golden retriever called Zoe beat the odds to overcome cancer.

She initially aimed to raised £5,000 but hugely exceeded expectations and has now received more than £60,000 for AHT.

The facts: One in four dogs will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime
Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10


However, she has now teamed up with Mark Labbett – known as The Beast on the popular daytime quiz show – in an effort to reach the £100,000 milestone.

The renamed campaign, Zoe Brings It Home, was launched tjos August 23 with the help of Mark and the veterinary team at Watkins and Tasker which saved Zoe’s life when she was 13 years old.

Jayne said: “Launching the £100k campaign is unbelievable; I never thought we would raise so much.

“I am so grateful and proud of my group who have made this possible and thank every one of them.

“It is so important for the future of dogs as far as cancer is concerned.

"A lot of people don’t even know that dogs get cancer, and it’s a big problem.

“On our Facebook group, it seems as if dogs are dying of cancer every week and it’s devastating.

“Losing a dog is never easy but if it’s a young dog who has lost its life to cancer, that’s just not right and we need to do something about it.

"Some dogs are fortunate enough to beat cancer, but as in humans, there are no guarantees.

“As an owner, you’re trying so hard to do the right thing by your dog and can feel so helpless.

“My Zoe survived cancer, and it’s only through research that we can find out what makes some dogs different and harness this to one day protect more dogs from cancer.

"Also, any advances made in cancer research in dogs can also have benefits for humans, so it’s even more crucial that we work together to help man’s best friend fight this horrible disease.”

Mark Labbett has a young golden retriever called Baloo.

He said: “Dogs give you so much, it’s important that we’re able to offer them the very best treatment when they need it, and in order to do that, as with humans, you depend on advances being made through scientific research.

“This is a really worthwhile cause and it’s just amazing what they’re trying to achieve.”

More than 600 Golden Retriever lovers have united to fight cancer in their beloved pets under Zoe’s Journey UK.   
In just over a year, more than £58,000 has been raised and the committed group show no signs of slowing down.

In the words of the founder, Jayne May, they want to 'kick canine cancer’s butt'.  

Unfortunately, for some breeds, like Golden Retrievers, cancer seems to pose a higher risk.

The Animal Health Trust is the only UK charity with a dedicated canine cancer research team and it is putting the Zoe’s Journey UK funds towards a new research project into lymphoma, the cancer Zoe had, which is the most common canine cancer.

The donation has also supported on-going research at the charity to develop a new prognostic test for vets treating dogs with mast cell tumours, the most common type of skin cancer in dogs.   
The charity also has state-of-the-art facilities for treating dogs with cancer in its purpose-built Cancer Centre and trains vets wanting to specialise in veterinary oncology.  
Sadly, Zoe, Jayne’s inspiration behind the campaign, passed away of old age at the beginning of April.

She was almost 15 years old and free from cancer. Zoe remains the inspiration for many and leaves a lasting legacy behind her - helping to improve the lives of several other dogs in this important fight against cancer.   

MISSING PET APPEAL: There have been reports of this dog being seen at Backwell Lake but we think the person is mistaken and it is a local pet. Email Nailsea People or  use contact form on page 2 or details on poster to get in touch  

New kennels for Holly Hedge

Holly Hedge animal sanctuary down a country lane near Nailsea is fundraising to build new kennels.

The latest event is a VE Day-style party with a fantastic swing band.

For more details and to buy £12 tickets click HERE.
The rescue centre at Wild Country Lane, Barrow Gurney, takes in unwanted and abandoned dogs, cats and some small furries such as rats, rabbits,  guinea pigs and the occasion ferrets!

It re-homes approximately 800 rescues a year. 

It has planning permission to build to replace its current antiquated, crumbling, draughty and inadequate kennelling but needs to raise £650,000.

If you would like to help pop in the Nailsea charity shop at Unit 1, 87/89 High Street, Kings Court or get a fundraising pack by emailing or call us on 01275 474719.

Cool for dogs advice

Summer is coming and Golden Valley vets are warning about heatstroke for dogs.

This little dog called Katie is wearing a 'cool coat'.

Animals do not have efficient cooling systems (like humans who sweat) and get overheated easily.

A dog with moderate heatstroke can recover within an hour if given prompt first aid and veterinary care. Severe heatstroke can damage internal organs, making it deadly and immediate veterinary help is needed.

Dogs can get heatstroke if left in cars, even with windows open, in as little as 10 minutes.

They can also get heatstroke out on a walk!

Lack of shade and water or over exertion can make a warm day unbearable, especially for dogs with long coats or who struggle pant and regulate properly such as pugs and french bulldogs like Katie.
Signs to look for include: rapid panting; bright red tongue, red or pale gums, thick, sticky saliva, depression, weakness and vomiting.

But it's not all bad news!

A few simple steps can help prevent heatstroke.

NEVER leave your dog in a car, even for a few minutes.

Take a bottle of water and collapsible bowl out on walks and if your dog is panting hard or looks tired, find a shady spot to take a break.

Shorter walks or walking early in the morning or late evening can also help. 
A cool coat like Katie is modelling is also a great tip- they are soaked in water and put on your dog before they go out and about.

As the water evaporates it help keeps your dog cool and can be simply re-wetted with a bottle of water.

These coats can be easily found online or at your nearest pet shop.

Amazon sell them at £39.

If you have any questions about heatstroke or are worried your dog may have overheated, call Golden Valley Veterinary Hospital anytime on 01275 852552

SASSY- found
LILY - still missing
MILLY- found
POLLY - found
OLLIE - still missing

Lost and found pussy cats


IIt was a scary weekend at Nailsea with lots of felines getting lost or going walkabouts.

The first reported missing to Nailsea People Facebook page was a precious black cat called Milly.

Nearly 10,000 people read the Facebook plea to look for Milly with 96 people sharing with family and friends.

Luckily after three days Milly was found locked in a shed.

Vicky Furlong told us that Milly was her dad's cat who she has been looking after since he died three years to the day that she went missing.

Vicky said at the time: “Milly went missing from the Strawberry Close area of Nailsea.

“She is black with a bald lump above her right eye so is very obvious even from a distance.

“Please check anything and anywhere a cat could get shut in and ask everyone you know who lives in this area to do the same.

“She is so loved and missed and very special to the family.”

Thankfully this story had a happy ending as after a long and anxious weekend looking Vicky was able to say: “Milly came back after being locked in a shed at the bottom of my road for three days.

“Thank you everyone for your messages, help and sharing.

“It shows how nice people can be to others even if they don't know you.”

But how did the other cats fare?

Well with news that a well-meaning old man living at the bottom of Union Street was feeding what he deemed to be ‘stray cats’ even going as far as re-housing one young cat people everyone got fearful.

But the biggest worry was a repeat of the ‘anti-freeze’ poisoning episode last summer when many pets were found dead.

Thankfully this proved unfounded.

Then Polly a playful six-year-old rescue cat went missing from Goss Lane.

She came home pretty sharpish after owner Bethan Smith appealed for help finding her – 665 people read her plea.

Then there was another report of lost and found story when a timid kitten cat called Sassy went missing on Friday evening from Union Street and black and white puss called Lily was lost from Blandford Close.

After hundreds of hits owner Jamie-Lee Mason posted: “Sassy has just strolled home!

“Thank you all for sharing.”

But a report by Sue Kathleen Ford said; “On the weekend a black and white cat looking like Lily was outside our house in Ploughed Paddock.

“Our neighbour has a black and white cat which is much fatter and a male.“

At first I thought it was our neighbour's cat but realised it wasn't as this cat was much smaller.

“It was timid and would