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DOG WALKING FIELD: Rachel Frappell has opened a two acre secure field at Chelvey for dog walking. She said: "I am super excited to announce the opening of Nailsea & Backwell Secure Dog Field in Chelvey. You can book a time slot for you and your furry friend through our website You can drive into the field and shut the gates behind you before letting your dog out to play! We can't wait to welcome you and your dogs."



BIRDS AND DOGS: Did you know January is Walk Your Dog Awareness Month? Aaron's Pets at Station Road have created a super window theme based on this theme and another highlighting Friday to Sunday, January 26-28 is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch - more details watch vidfeo above or go to

MK Dog Walking_A5 BLUE Flyer.jpg
Bird feeders 2.PNG
Bird feeders.PNG

Apart from the bug infested wooden Lion sculpture on Lion’s Green other local animals have been making the news.

Sushi the Explorer has been seen in Wetherspoons (we learned that as an unaccompanied minor Sushi has a Spoons banning order!).

And while wandering around at Crown Glass Shopping Centre she/he also popped into Quality Collectables to view the super items on sale.

And while the cattle munch winter hay at Noah’s Ark zoo farm children are being invited to take part in an Easter good egg trail but not necessary with chocolate rewards at the end!

But did you know that Nailsea library has a resident reading dog?

Bertie goes to the Colliers Walk library on Wednesday afternoon and people can pre-book a 20-minute session between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.

He is a lovely, gentle dog and is registered as a @petsastherapy_uk canine who can encourage children to read.

For more details pop in the library, email or call 01934 426030.

Sushi at Spoons.JPEG
Animal crackers in Nailsea
from April 2020.JPEG

*Stocked by Aaron's Pets

MOTHERLY LOVE: More news about Hamish the Highland calf and his mum Agnes is on our Noah's Ark Zoo Farm page under the What's On dropdown menu or click HERE

DUCK DISTRESS: This is from our Nailsea People Facebook page from April 2020. We are sorry to say a further 15 ducklings have gone missing in April 2024 and there are fears of a fox or previously reported fat cat could be responsible


NAY NED: This is Ned at Jacklands Fishing Lakes doing a bit of exploring along the waterways. We don't think he caught any fish but he looks as if he was having a great itme!


Elvis the tortoise who lives next door to Backwell fish 'n' chip shop is missing.
Sarah Brown said: “We have sadly lost our tortoise - called Elvis.
“We last saw him last September - he roams in our garden - but managed to be separated from the tracker attached to his shell.
“We assumed he had hibernated himself in our garden but sadly he has not reappeared.
“We live on the main road between the post office and Rodney Road and our back garden backs onto Mulberry Close.
“If anyone in surrounding area has found a tortoise - I would be delighted to hear from you - we are very worried.
“Call 0789 001 0123.”

Tortoises are turtles which can vary in size with some species, such as the Galápagos giant tortoise, growing to more than 1.2 metres in length, whereas others like the speckled cape tortoise have shells that measure only 6.8 centimetres long.

Tortoises to start hibernating from around the first week of September and usually wake up around March. 


Elvis is missing


We'll vote for Dougie

Peeping Dog

The pay is approximately £90,000 pa and the area includes the whole of the Avon & Somerset police region.

The role is to be the voice of the people and hold the police to account.

They are responsible for the totality of policing.

PCCs aim to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service within their police force area.

BELOW: Ziggy and Barney


Posting photos of dogs at polling stations has become a popular trend on social media so Nailsea People is joining in again (we covered with camera the district council elections last year).

Today people vote for an Avon and Somerset police and crime commissioner.

This is Dougie pictured outside Hannah More polling station which is open 7am-10pm.

According to the Electoral Commission, dogs, apart from assistance dogs, are not usually allowed inside as they can disturb voters.

So many poor pooches could have to wait in the rain.

However, some polling stations may be more flexible, we are told.

The candidates in our area are:

ALLEN, Benet Liberal Democrats

GRANT, Katy Green Party

MOODY, Clare Labour and Co-operative Party DULY ELECTED

SHELFORD, Mark Conservative


OPEN DAY: Celebrate 75 Years of Bristol Vet School. Join us on Saturday, July 20, from 10am to 3pm at Langford Campus for a day filled with excitement and family-friendly activities!

  • Street Food Vans & Ice Cream

  • Fun Veterinary Talks & Demos

  • Tours of Langford Vet Practice

  • Children's Activities & Games

  • Discover the wonders behind our Veterinary School!

  • Location: Langford Campus, BS40 5DU

  • Scan the QR code to book your free entry.

Animal Clinic Logo

FROM PEOPLE TO PETS: D.O.G. standing for Dog Obsessed Groomer held a meet and treat open day in the former Mane hairdressers (now moved to the main road) at 6 Dark Lane, on Saturday, May 25. You can make a booking by calling 01275 464156. The new business is being run by Kelly and Milli Spinks with Annakarin (AK) Andersson


PUSS IN PUBS: In the past few weeks Sushi has been spotted in Nailsea MicroPub, Wetherspoons, Nailsea School, in the park, sunbathing outside Aaron's Pets and Golden Valley Primary School. However, he did go missing for several days so people are urged not to feed him or take him in. Someone tell Sushi that Aaron's Pets is closed at end of month for staff holidays!

duckies 2.jpg

DUCKIE NEWS: Nailsea People has a policy trying to protect our wildlife so we don't publish photos which show the habitat of vulnerable animals like the otters living in a nearby lake. However, earlier this year we feared the local ducklings had either been swept down a storm drain or eaten by foxes or the big fat cat sitting nearby. We are pleased to report that at least six were spotted last night swimming happily on the pond which is half covered in algae

Bat Conservation Research Lab.PNG
dog classes.PNG

A  ex-greyhound rescue won the best in show at the second dog show at The Moorend Spout pub.

Pet parent Lisa Campbell said: "We were absolutely thrilled when our dog, Fleur, won best In show.

"Fleur has only been with us for eight weeks and is a rescued Irish ex-racing greyhound and is such an amazing ambassador for the breed.

"If anyone is thinking of getting a rescue dog, then please do think about adopting an ex-racer.

"There are literally thousands needing homes and we can testify they are amazing dogs - Fleur has only known life in racing kennels but now lives in a home with a cat (and pet rats) and is happy to meet all dogs and their humans."


Fleur fast-track winner

found dog.jpg
cat lost.jpg

LOST CAT: Jacqui Dorrington is looking for her cat. She said: "My lovely cat hasn’t been home since Wednesday, July 10, which is very out of character. I live in Station Road, near to Iceland, opposite the dentist. Could everyone check sheds and garages for me please, she doesn’t usually wander far, her name is Harley." Still missing five days later. This lovely cat is wearing a bright green/yellow collar with a little bell, although it’s difficult to see with all her fur

FOUND DOG: This small dog was found wandering around Backwell Hill and taken to Golden Valley Vets in Nailsea. The vet said sadly his chip isn’t registered. If  not claimed soon he is going off to the dog warden. Call  01275 852552 for more details

dog collar 1.PNG
dog collar 2.PNG
3 Dog Collars

Aarons Pets Ltd store is at 121 Station Road, Nailsea. It offers a local delivery service.

Normal opening hours are:

Monday - 9am-5pm

Tuesday - 9am-5pm

Wednesday - 9am-5pm

Thursday - 9am-5pm

Friday - 9am-5pm

Saturday - 9am-5pm

Sunday - CLOSED

Aaron logo.jpg

WATCH THE BIRDIE: Anyone not been to the pub seen a falcon with bells and fairy lights flying around Nailsea on Saturday night, September 2? Debbie Holland said: “It had falconry bells an lights attached and was flying around Rickford Road until dark. Some people reported it flying near Nowhere Woods and Bibury Close but it has now gone.”

UPDATE: Ben Marks found an injured bird in Clevedon. He said: "I’m sure this is the bird described which we found in, taken to the vets to be checked over. He was stuck to the football, hope he’s okay!"

PHOTO: Left for illustrative purposes only and below by Ben Marks

Image by Berkay Gumustekin

PAWFECTION: The dog lovers at The George at Backwell invite pet owners to pop by on a Monday and grab a yummy left over Sunday roast for their animals. It costs £5 per tub and the you can takeaway or your pet can eat in!


HORSES TARGETED: Horse rider Abbie Clarke is asking people to please share this post she put on Facebook. She said: “Someone is cutting our horses manes/forlocks and plaiting their tails! The police can’t do anything at the moment but they have told us to share this information within our area for everyone to stay vigilant as they believe there next step would be for them to take the horses. Please keep an eye out in the West End area of Nailsea for any unusual behaviour please ring me or contact the police asap!” Equisearch offers this advice: "We think it’s important for you to be aware and do what you can to protect your horses. For that reason, we have an article on barn surveillance to help you make decisions. You can consider something as simple as a good driveway alarm that tells you when someone enters the barn or the field. Or you can go full high tech with surveillance cameras that record and allow you to monitor current activity via an Internet connection. Yes, it’s a sad world that we need to consider such things – even in the privacy of our own horse barn."


Fur Babies flyer.png
nov rocky.png
202153831_2406757606127929_2717607806844573508_n (1).jpg
104417856_1996482670488760_8336334255640558594_n (1).jpg

Funding research for canine cancer

Nailsea pet lover Jayne May who launched Zoe's Journey UK to raise awareness of cancer in dogs has raised a quarter of a million pounds for the cause.
It was nearly a decade ago Zoe's golden retriever was diagnosed with stage 3 B cell Lymphoma. 
Jayne said: "It all started back in 2013 when my dog Zoe was diagnosed with Lymphoma. 
"I took her to Steve Tasker, of Watkins & Tasker Vet Group, the same day I noticed her lymph nodes/glands were swollen. 
"The diagnoses was bad with not much hope unless we started chemo immediately."
The vet and Jayne decided to fight to save Zoe and in just eight short days and aged 12 years Zoe went into remission.

While treating Zoe, Steve shared some startling medical facts with Jayne:

  • One in four of ALL dogs will be diagnosed with cancer; and 

  • 50 per cent of ALL dogs over the age of 10 will be diagnosed.

With the support of  the Animal Health Trust and its Canine Cancer Research Unit Jayne started a JustGiving page to help fund research.
Zoe's Journey UK smashed all fundraising targets and continued unstoppable, said Jayne.
An on-line auction site attracted backing from celebrities.

Mark Labbett aka 'the Beast' from ITV'S The Chase came on board as he also owned a golden retriever named Baloo. 

Mark went on to Tipping Point Lucky Stars and won £20.000 for Zoe's Journey.

Uk. Insurance company ManyPets donated £2,500.

Zoe who was 'Interview' in 2016 with Clare Baldwin at Crufts for Channel Four.

Zoe died later that year of old age.

She was nearly 16 years old.

At The Patrons Lunch HRH Prince Harry asked about the dog mascot we were carrying and poised for pictures holding Zoe's mascot. 
The group grew not just to raise money but to help and support animal lovers who have been told their dog has cancer. 

And in July 2022 Zoe's Journey UK announced it had raised a staggering £250.000.00.


At The Patrons Lunch HRH Prince Harry asked about the dog mascot we were carrying and poised for pictures holding Zoe's mascot. 
The group grew not just to raise money but to help and support animal lovers who have been told their dog has cancer. 

And in July 2022 Zoe's Journey UK announced it had raised a staggering £250.000.00.

Jayne added: "Supporters have done almost everything one can think of from jumping out of a plane, running the London Marathon and moving climbing mountains.
"Sadly, we can't save all our much loved pets but these funds go towards helping research help the puppies of tomorrow so they stand a better chance when cancer strikes
Zoe's funding now goes to the University of Edinburgh where there is a dedicated team of scientists researching canine cancer. 

Aaron's Pets

121 Station Road

Nailsea BS48 1TA

Usual opening hours:

  • Sunday closed

  • Monday 9am–5:30pm

  • Tuesday 9am–5:30pm

  • Wednesday 9am–5:30pm

  • Thursday 9am–5:30pm

  • Friday 9am–5:30pm

  • Saturday 9am–5pm

Phone: 01275 852030

Trev is radio show snake

Nailsea man Paul Balshaw has spoken out on radio about how rising energy costs could affect certain domestic animals and pets like his snake called Trev.

Paul, aged 54, said: "There are as many reptiles kept in this country as there are cats and dogs.

"Luckily cats and dogs can regulate their own body heat, unfortunately reptiles cannot do this and require large amounts of heat to ensure they have a comfortable life and for digesting food.

"With the increasing cost of energy, it is paramount


that people really stop and think about getting such a pet.

"Snakes, tortoises, lizards and some amphibians need heat to survive, some snakes and lizards also need UV lighting, so combine a ceramic / light bulb and possibly a heat matt, the energy bills can be huge.

"With big snakes they need big enclosures and the cost to heat these can be huge.

"Anyone wanting to purchase anything that needs a lot of heat, really do your homework and make sure you can afford to keep these beautiful animals.

"The last thing you want to do is purchase the animal and all of the equipment, of which can be hugely expensive, only to return it to the shop or even worse take it to an animal sanctuary, the latter bursting at the seams already."

Currently heating costs can be as expensive as £2 a day in the winter months, said Paul.

He chose the name for Trev who's second birthday is in August simply because ‘I have always loved the name and find it quite endearing’.

Paul’s wife Katrina isn’t so keen on the name or the pet which is why the snake lives in special secure quarters in the family garage.

We don’t know what sons Tobes, 17, and Jude, 20, think of their dad’s love of Trev but bet they are glad not to have got that moniker!

Oddly there is an Australian man called Trev, otherwise known as the Reptile Wrangler, who hates snakes and catches them for a living!

Trev’s diet at present is one jumbo sized dead rat every week but as he grows a couple of rabbits a month will be added, all supplied by Rob Collins of The Ole Hedge Creeper fame.

Trev the snake.jpg

Paul added: “I use Rob because he uses humane methods of pest control

and doesn’t use poison.”

Many Nailsea people were tuned in to hear Paul, whose hobby is wildlife photography, raising energy costs concern on the Jeremy Vine Radio 2 show.

Paul was part of a programme in which Jeremy and guests discussed the government's food strategy, flying asylum seekers to Rwanda and the energy costs of pet reptiles.

If you missed the show you can hear a recording with Paul talking here


We're winging it in Nailsea

Wildlife enthusiast and ace photographer Tracey Thomas took this shot of a buzzard hovering over her Nailsea garden in June 2022.

In a more ominous moment we thought it was a vulture (same family) what with recent reports that the town was dying - see our marketplace page HERE.
We posted it on Nailsea People Facebook page and wow nearly 4,000 readers reached in 24hrs.
Here are some of the comments:
Dave Burrows: "I saw a Red Kite the other day, didn't think they were in the area yet?"
Joe Brake: "Dave Burrows yes mate, saw the first one a few years ago but they are not about often."
Steve Whitwham took the photo of the kestrel at the Ravens ground on Sunday morning.
Joe added: "I’ve noticed a bit of a decrease in numbers in the past 10 years. 
"Loss of hunting habit like meadows and jackdaws and magpies taking eggs.
"We are putting up alot of nest boxes next year to try and help a bit and obviously carrying on with corvid control to help protect the nesting bird species in the area.
"We have a massive amount of birdlife building up at the farm over the past years which is great to see but not as many kestrels."
Cathryn Butler: "They've been regulars over Wraxall for several years. Awesome birds." 

Puppy classes.PNG

FRIDAY, JUNE 3: Dog Show at Nailsea Social Club at Chapel Barton. Along with garden games, skittles, membership stand and band The Twice Dailies more details on What's On page HERE


Bristol Zoo to close in September 2022

Bristol Zoo is closing on Saturday, September 3, this year.

The 12-acre site is to be sold for housing.

Money from the sale will help pay for a new Bristol Zoo being built at the Wild Place Project and opening in 2024.

The new zoo will have conservation, education and sustainability at its heart.

But this is not the end of the story for the famous 186-year-old site at Clifton.

After Bristol Zoo Gardens closes the gardens will be open to the public free of charge for the first time in their history.

There will also be a children’s play area and the theatre building on the main lawn retained for cultural and education talks, workshops and seasonal events.

Much-loved buildings such as the Monkey Temple will also remain.

The zoo is planning a series of special celebration events ahead of its closure.

They will include days when visitors will be able to share their memories of the Zoo and wander around its award-winning grounds.

Bristol Zoological Society chief executive Dr Justin Morris said: “Bristol Zoo Gardens is a special place for so many people and we want to give them a chance to come, to see our animals and the gardens and to talk about their memories.”

The dates for the special events this summer, will be revealed in the coming weeks on the Bristol Zoo Gardens website.

The iconic zoo entrance will become the Clifton Conservation Hub with a public cafe and exhibition space.

It will also become the home of the Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project.

Dr Morris said: “This is our legacy.

"Our way of guaranteeing that people throughout the Bristol area will still be able to enjoy the gardens for generations to come.

“They will remain an important destination for people to visit and enjoy.”

Students will also continue to attend lectures at Bristol Zoo Gardens’ Conservation Education Centre until teaching moves to the new Bristol Zoo.

The new Bristol Zoo will have conservation, education and sustainability at its heart.

Throughout that time Wild Place Project, near junction 17 of the M5 Motorway, will continue to welcome visitors as usual.

Since Bristol Zoo Gardens first opened its gates to the public in 1836 it has welcomed more than 90 million visitors and helped to save around 175 species from extinction through its conservation work in the UK and across the world.

Cherry-crowned mangabey will be at the new Bristol Zoo.jpg
Bristol Zoo Gardens site proposals - Woodland Cresent.jpg

Bird Watch

In 2021, more than one million people took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

Why not join in and be one in a million for 2022?

We’ve lost 38 million birds from UK skies in the past 50 years, so it really is vital we do all we can to look after our birdlife. 

Taking part is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Watch the birds around you for one hour;

2. Count how many of each species of bird lands on your patch; and

3. Go online and tell us what you saw

For more information click HERE.


ANIMAL MATTERS: Aaron Pets, at 21 Station Road, Nailsea, is changing its opening hours from Monday, February 1. The store which operates an in-store, collection and delivery service will now open: Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm and Saturday 9am-5pm. On Christmas Eve 2021 it announced it was closing its branch at High Street, Portishead. For further information call 01275 852030 or go to

dog ad.png

We don’t want to be alarmist but fears dognappers are active in Nailsea have been raised by a worried pet owner.
A person was walking their dogs in the West End area on Tuesday, February 24, when a suspicious vehicle tailed them.
The red mini slowed down, the occupants looked at them then turned around and sped off.
But within moments the car with foreign registration plates returned this time from a different direction and followed the dog walker and their animals towards Watery Lane.
The incident has been reported to police. 

Dognapper Nailsea warning


Dos and don'ts of duck feeding

Two people were seen taking a sign down from a post at Backwell lake which read ‘Don’t feed the birds with bread’.

They put the sign in a rubbish bin and proceeded to feed the birds with half a bag of bread, according to an alarmed bystander.

Opinion was divided and a malstrom followed when this post was put on Nailsea People Facebook page.

Experts say: ‘Although ducks and swans can digest all types of bread, too much can leave them feeling full without giving them all of the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need’.

But other 'experts' disagreed and cited starving swans and dying ducks.

Aaron Pets in Station Road, Nailsea, sell food for wildfowl.

More than 5,000 people click onto the debate on FB.

Here is a selection of comments posted:

  • Sammie MacDonald: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said it was fine to feed small amounts of bread to ducks but people should also feed them sweetcorn, porridge oats, peas and bird seed...adding 'although bread isn't harmful, our advice is to only feed small amounts to birds'.

  • James Wright: I think you’ll find it’s similar to when The Hedgehog Society advised that it was good to give hedgehogs mealworms, it’s not it causes a calcium deficiency.

  • Aarons Pets Ltd: Thankyou for mentioning us. We do indeed sell food for ducks, swans and all birds at the lake.

  • Katie Ridley: The sign I saw the other week isn’t even a proper sign, it will be someone who doesn’t like animals.

  • Jodi Irwin: I took oats peas and broken biscuits and dog biscuits sweetcorn and bread with butter on...there was so many many swans and cygnets and geese asking for food we couldnt keep up.

  • Emily-Jane Tranter: Get a grip! People have been feeding birds bread for years, its fine.

  • Kim Ridley: It was me that took the sign down. It was just a sign some one made. I took it down because I fought if people seen it they wouldn’t feed the ducks and they would get hungry. There saying it’s okay to feed the ducks bread now I’ve been feeding them for nearly three years now and they’ve had babies every year there fine.

  • Dawn Bond:  Bread does not contain the necessary protein and fat birds need from their diet, and so it can act as an empty filler. Although bread isn't harmful to birds, try not to offer it in large quantities, since its nutritional value is relatively low.

  • Anna Reynolds: People were told a while ago that it had been a mistake to tell them not to feed them bread as ducks and swans were starving because people stopped feeding them!

  • Nicky Cooksey: And many wild birds are starving to death because people have stopped feeding them bread!

  • Jo Thyer: I tried feeding them oats once as recommended and they left it and they went straight for the bread!

  • James Wright: Similar to what a child would do if offered vegetables or sweets, obviously the veg is the healthier choice. They throughly enjoyed sweetcorn and peas today, as well as the floating swan and duck food when I gave it to them and enjoyed it every other time.

  • Kayla Caddoo-Frost: We went on Friday and were shocked at how many were feeding bread. We took oats/corn/ rice but there are lots of swans there with babies so be aware as they aren’t always happy.

  • Cara Paterson: When i went to the lake the other day to feed the ducks with a couple of slices of left over bread one of the non official signs was at the bottom of the lake - I doubt that disintegrating plastic is doing them much good either.

  • Anne Williams: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds have now weighed in, saying bread isn’t harmful to ducks, but that birds should consume it in moderation, and it should form part of a balanced diet.

  • Kate Haim Downie: The ducks have been fed bread for years I will continue to feed them it if there is no we're near to buy the feed.

  • Sarah Spencer: Official Statement On Bread from the Queen's Swan Marker - The Swan Sanctuary HERE.

Dog bins at Greenfield Crescent this wee
POO PATCH: Dog bins at Greenfield Crescent this week. Photo Pam Blower
Missing cat..jpg
CAT MISSING: Poppy is newly arrived in Nailsea. One potential sighting - see Nailsea People Facebook page



NEW TO TOWN: Nailsea's ninth charity shop opens on Friday, November 22 in the shop once run by BHF at Nailsea High Street


Found - two lost dogs

Pippa the poodle dog got out through a garden gate and went walkabouts on Backwell Common.

Pictured top wearing a blue and white collar he was found and taken to Golden Valley vets.

Pam White said: "What a sweet dog.

"Hope you find its owner soon; they must be so worried."

​Thankfully Pippa was recognised by a Nailsea People Facebook page reader and soon reunited.

The other photo is her back home chewing her chew.

Ivan the Alsatian also went missing in Brockley Combe woods on the same day.

Owner Becky Durbin said: "He has been found!

"Thank you so much for everyone for all your help and hard work, you are all amazing."