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January 2021

January homes for sale by Property Peeps page sponsors Hunters Estate Agents and Letting Agents in the High Street HERE.  Plus news that district council has decided to go it alone with a Local Plan is also on this page

2020 front pages

The news from 2020 'warts and all' went on the monthly front pages which before we archive them is under the dropdown menu top. HERE is link to January 2020. For day-to-day news as it happens this is all on Breaking News page sponsored by Nailsea Auto Electrical HERE


As soon as our theatres reopen we will continue with our extensive review pages in the meantime we have a few books to read from local authors starting with this one which you will find HERE


With no parties and minimal fireworks 2020 came to an end like Eloise Massett's mammoth mobile phone project to take a daily snapshot of local life. See slideshows HERE and for 2021 we start with weather and wildlife HERE. Many thanks to Prem Chadeesingh for sharing this view of Nailsea on the midnight hour

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Nailsea in National Lockdown

North Somerset Council health bosses are urging residents to stay at home as the new lockdown measures begin and the coronavirus rates in the district hit their highest level since the start of the pandemic. 

The latest reported figures show the seven-day rate per 100,000 of population is 326.9. The previous figure peaked at 305.5 during the November lockdown and 68.4 during the spring. 


Prime minister Boris Johnson announced new restrictions on Monday evening 4 January.

He said: "While there is no doubt our collective efforts had been working in fighting the old variant of the virus, this new variant is confirmed to be between 50-70 per cent more transmissible.

"In just the last week we have seen deaths sadly up by 20 per cent and the number of Covid patients in English hospitals alone increase by nearly a third, to almost 27,000.

"And yesterday the UK’s Chief Medical Officers advised that the country should move to alert level 5, meaning that if action is not taken NHS capacity may be overwhelmed within 21 days.

"With most of the country already under extreme measures, it is clear that we need to do more, together, to bring this new variant under control while our vaccines are rolled out.

"There is of course one huge difference compared to last year. We are now rolling out the biggest vaccination programme in our history.

"So far, we in the UK have vaccinated more people than the rest of Europe combined.

"And with the arrival this week of the UK’s own Oxford University / AstraZeneca vaccine, the pace of vaccination is accelerating.

"Meaning that by the middle of February, if things go well, we expect to have offered the first vaccine dose to everyone in the four top priority groups.

"And of course, if everyone plays their part by following the rules, that will eventually enable us to lift many of the restrictions we have endured for so long.

"The weeks ahead will be the hardest yet, but I really do believe that we are entering the last phase of the struggle.

"Because with every jab that goes into our arms, we are tilting the odds against Covid and in favour of the British people.

"But for now, I am afraid, you must once again."

Everyone in North Somerset is now required to stay at home and only leave for specific reasons including, to go to work - where working from home isn’t possible, for exercise, for shopping for essentials, for medical assistance and to escape domestic abuse. 

All schools are closed for face-to-face learning until at least February half-term, except for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. 

Clinically Extremely Vulnerable people must begin shielding again and will shortly receive a letter from government about this. 

North Somerset Council deputy leader and executive member for health is Mike Bell the Liberat Democrat councillor for Weston-super-Mare Central ward.

He said: “Our rates have risen sharply in the past couple of days to a level we have not yet seen in North Somerset.

“It is therefore essential that everyone respects the new rules in place and works together to bring infection rates down. 

“We know from the previous lockdowns that these measures work and we can turn it around.

“Everyone’s previous efforts have made our rates go down, so if we all work together, we know we can do it again. 

“It’s been said many times, this is a marathon, and you might be feeling like you’re hitting the wall but there’s hope now that we didn’t have in the previous lockdowns as vaccinations are happening.

“People are already getting protected against Covid-19, and many more will get the opportunity during the coming weeks. 

“So, while the prospect of the lockdown might feel daunting, it's more vital than ever that we all play our part so that we can all look forward to enjoying more freedoms again as the year progresses.” 

Director of Public Health Matt Lenny said: “Now's the time to hold our nerve and keep doing what we know works. 

“It’s hard, yes, but it’s the best way to look after each other. By staying at home you are protecting yourself and those you love from this potentially life-threatening disease. 

“A new high in our rates shows us that Covid is more present than ever in our community right now, and we also know the new variant is much more transmissible than the previous version, so please do all you can to protect yourselves, and each other.” 

Anyone with concerns about how the new lockdown might affect their ability to access essential support at home is encouraged to visit or call 01934 427437.

The North Somerset Together support network has been put in place by communities working together across North Somerset to ensure that the area's most vulnerable residents can continue to get the help they need during the pandemic.

Read the government guidance in full HERE.


CUPBOARD LOVE: Not trying to be flippant while many have serious family concerns but sometimes you just have to lighten the mood - see you in the gym (not) when this is all over and don't forget Nailsea MicroPub along with our supermarkets and pharmacies is doing home deliveries of essential supplies


Here are the rules:

People in England will have to stay at home and only go out for essential reasons. Primary and secondary schools will move to online learning for all pupils apart from vulnerable and keyworker children.

Reasons to leave home include:

  • Work or volunteering where it is "unreasonable" to work from home. This includes work in someone else's home, such as that carried out by social workers, nannies, cleaners and tradespeople

  • Education, training, childcare and medical appointments and emergencies

  • Exercise outdoors (limited to once a day). This includes meeting one other person from another household in an open public space to exercise

  • Shopping for essentials such as food and medicine

  • Communal religious worship

  • Meeting your support or childcare bubble. Children can also move between separated parents

  • Activities related to moving to a new house


Those who are clinically extremely vulnerable will be advised to limit the time they spend outside the home. They should only go out for medical appointments, for exercise, or if it is otherwise essential, the government says, and not for work or education purposes.

International travel, or travel around the UK is only permitted for essential reasons.

Hospitality businesses such as pubs and restaurants and non-essential shops must close, as must indoor and outdoor sports facilities including gyms and tennis courts.


Essential businesses and services can stay open to the public.

These include:

  • Supermarkets, food shops, pharmacies and garden centres

  • Places of worship

  • Petrol stations and MOT services

  • Laundrettes

  • Banks and post offices

  • Doctors and dentists' surgeries and vets

  • Car parks, public toilets and playgrounds


Nailsea Community Group

After the government’s latest announcement we are entering another lockdown. We work hard so we are in the best position to provide support and we will make sure that no one goes without any essentials.

Residents who are shielding will still able to contact pharmacies directly to request prescription deliveries and supermarkets have delivery slots available though some may be busier than others.

We already have processes in place that allow us to increase the level of support we provide depending on how things develop.

Our Community Buddies will still give support to residents meaning those that may be most affected by this third lockdown already have a support network in place. 

We know this third lockdown will impact again on many household finances. We understand that some residents will slip through the support offered by the government and that this lockdown will push tight budgets even closer to breaking point.

We can provide support through our emergency Food Bank, membership to our Food Club and our Community Larder will also stay open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays for everyone to use.

So, if you need our support at any time please contact us.


Phone: 01275 855277

Online: or Nailsea Community Group Facebook page

Please follow all the guidance, don’t take risks, wear a mask and help keep everyone safe. Thank you for your continued support and remember this community is amazing - together we are stronger!

Leader Glen Schmidt


Vaccine news

A Nailsea scout group is helping provide shelter for patients getting their Covid-19 vaccine.

Brockway Medical Centre which is part of Tyntesfield Medical Group has limited accommodation inside the surgery for people receiving the Pfizer vaccine who must wait a statutory15 minutes after being vaccinated. .

To maintain social distancing 2nd Nailsea Scouts have provided a marquee set up in the garden for patients to wait.

2nd Nailsea Scout Group chairman Richard Simmons said: “The marquee was bought using funds raised at our annual May fairs and we are incredibly grateful to the community for supporting these events.

“We are very pleased to have this opportunity to help in return the community for that support.”

Tyntesfield Medical Group executive manager Lawrie Lewis said: “The support of the Scouts has been amazing and has really helped us to quickly get this vaccination programme underway with more than 2,000 people vaccinated before the end of 2020.

“Without their support, volunteer marshals and the Nailsea and District Community Transport that wouldn’t have been possible.”

Tyntesfield Medical Group has received two deliveries of vaccine since mid-December 2020.

The first dose went to more than 2,000 people, mainly its patients aged 80 year plus, care home residents and eligible NHS and frontline workers.

Mr Lewis said: “There remain more over 80s and eligible frontline workers to vaccinate before we can move onto the next age cohort of the over 75s. 

“A nationwide policy change agreed by the Government, Public Health England and NHS England in light of the soaring numbers of new Coronavirus infections now significantly impacts upon the plan to administer the second dose of vaccine exactly three weeks after the first.

"We have been directed to cancel the 2nd dose vaccination appointments


scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, January 11, 20 and 21.

“This has been a massive undertaking for the practice but the situation is beyond our control.

“The new directive is that the second dose of vaccine will be delivered closer to 12 weeks after the first dose.

“The scientific advice is that the effectiveness of the vaccine is not adversely affected by the interval being extended from three to 12 weeks.

“We understand this change will cause anxiety and confusion for many but are unable to over-ride the national decision to suddenly change the interval between the first and second dose from three weeks to nearer to 12 weeks.

“We have however, on the basis that insufficient notice of the change was given to us to cancel appointments been able to insist we still deliver the second dose of vaccine to the patients who are already booked to receive it on Saturday, January 9.

“We could not however secure the same concession for appointments made for the 11th, 20th or 21st.”


SKATE PARK CLOSED: Nailsea Town Council in consultation with local police have closed the skate park at Millennium Park on safety grounds due to Covid-19 restrictions. Nailsea police sergeant Mark Raby said: "Can we remind parents please do not to allow their children to take bikes or scooters to the park. We all want it to reopen soon and the best way is all work together on beating this virus." Let's hope it will all be up and running in time for the annual summer skate festival which like many events last year was sadly cancelled
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