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CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN: The group which set off at the beginning of May are back. Leanne Bessell said: “ I have no words for this place and the picture does it no justice; this place is truly magical” Use the QR code to donate. So far they have raised £7,945 of a £10,000 target. More later

A mountain of fundraising

Back last summer we published the story below about a group of paramedics fundraising for their ambulance service.

Donna Bessant is updating the story.

She said: "I want to thank everyone for their amazing support.

"I've said it before - I couldn't be prouder of our local community.
"With just a few days left till the 80s disco I just wanted to remind people why I've organised this."

The 80s Revivival Disco with raffle and auction is on Saturday, April 22, at Nailsea & Backwell Rugby Club.

Tickets for the West End gig cost £5

Donna added: "So, 14 paramedics, including myself are raising money for our South Western Ambulance Charity.
"More than 3,600 people are resuscitated by ambulance staff every year in the South West following cardiac arrest.

"Once in cardiac arrest, for every minute that passes a person loses a further 10 per cent chance of survival.

"The South Western Ambulance Charity is supporting defibrillator placement, maintenance and training across the region.
"Increased public access to defibrillators results in more people receiving a life-saving shock as quickly as possible, giving them the best possible chance of survival.
"This is is just one of the many amazing things the charity does.
"Every disco ticket sold and donation for the raffle made has helped us raise more money for this amazing charity, so thank you!
"In addition to the disco, we are a self-funded group that also intends on completing the Machu Picchu Charity Trek - May 2023
"Again, all donations going to this fantastic cause.

"Feel free to check out our page and follow our adventure.
"Thank you nailsea you're all amazing."
Go to for more information.

MorethanSoul is proud to be supporting the disco.

Scan the QR code to donate if you're not able to make it on the night.

It's gonna be groovy!!

april 22 disco_PNG.webp

Two Nailsea paramedics Leanne Bessell and Donna Jordan, who is a student, are part of a team going on a fundraising charity mountain hike in South America.

The South West Ambulance Service superfit 12 intend to tackle the Machu Picchu Inca Trail in the Andes in May 2023 while raising money for ambulance stations in our area.

Joining Leanne and Donna are Tracy Jarrett, Vicky Turner, Abi West, Helen Field, Charlotte Cousin, Georgia Simpson, Diane Fant, Sharon Swanborough, Rich Clark and Gabriella Salmon.

They have set a target of £10,000.

Leanne said: "I think we can all agree that the past couple of years have been unusual to say the least.

"The pandemic has been horrendous for the whole country but at the forefront of the pandemic has been the ambulance service and everyone that works for the SWAST.

"The whole country on lockdown while our paramedics and emergency care assistants have worked tirelessly and selflessly on the Covid frontline.

"This has been incredibly difficult both physically and mentally for us all and it still continues with hospital waiting times and queuing in the ambulances for hours at a time with patients who are very poorly.

"Our jobs have changed completely over the past 18 months, but as a team, if we're all honest ...there isn't a job we'd rather do."

"Now that lockdown has eased we have decided to raise some money for the ambulance service and everyone working within it.

"All team members are fully self-funding this trip with 100 per cent of the fundraising going to our small local ambulance stations in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucester.

Go to to contribute.

The money will go to South Western Ambulance Charity.

It says 'your donations enable us to go the extra mile to improve the welfare of the exceptional staff and heroic volunteers of the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. Together we are making a life saving difference to communities across the South West'.

We are all going on South American trek

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