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A young Nailsea dancer is on stage at The Hippodrome, Bristol, for the annual pantomime while EastEnders star Dean Gaffney will be treading the boards at The Playhouse, Weston-super-Mare. Click image to read more and see Christmas tv advertisement for Hippodrome...



Photos from the lovely long weekend which began with the first arts and crafts at the supermarket and ended with a visit from Santa and his reindeer. Click image to go to Tesco's own page on



The review is what do the critics think of the gangster show by Nailsea School students. Where they good or bad? Click on image to go to page

It costs a fiver to get your bike marked at Nailsea community festive market on Saturday.

Bicycles are often high up on people’s wish list at Christmas – and we hope that Father Christmas will remember to get them security-marked before he delivers them. 

To help him out the police are offering a bike-marking session in Nailsea on Saturday, December 20.

Between 9am and 1pm neighbourhood officers will be at the Christmas market in the Crown Glass Shopping Centre. 
PC Pete Rooke said: “We’ll be marking people’s bikes and signing them up for a national bike register as well as giving them bike security advice. 
“The marking is done with a special chemical etching kit and a sticker, and at the same time we enter the bike’s details at

"Any thief should be deterred because the bike will be more difficult to sell on, as the marking means we can identify the rightful owner and prove that it’s stolen.” 

Police offer registration with the scheme for £5  to cover the cost of the marking kit.

During the past 18 months the team has marked more than 600 bicycles – worth a total of £500,000. 
They have held special events at Leigh Woods and Ashton Court and have worked with colleagues in British Transport Police to hold similar sessions at train stations including Nailsea & Backwell, Worle, Weston-super-Mare and Yatton. 
If a bike’s details are on and it does get stolen, the owner can print off all the details to hand to the police.

Officers across the country can also check recovered bikes against the system. 
PC Rooke said: “Owners can flag their bike as lost or stolen on the system, and anyone who’s buying a bike second-hand can check against the register and give themselves peace of mind that they’re not buying a stolen cycle.

"The register can also show if you’ve legitimately sold the bike on.” 

Keep your bike safe at home: 

  • Make sure your shed or garage has Sold Secure quality-tested locks, bolts and fittings 

  • Fit a ‘shed alarm’ and motion-sensing lights – available at most DIY stores

  • Secure the bike to a ground anchor using a D lock

  • Use commercially-available kits to mark high-value components individually 

While out: 

  • Always lock your bike even if you’re only leaving it for a moment

  • Use a D lock to secure it to an immovable object 

You can find more advice on deterring bike thieves on the police website by clicking HERE.

To find out more about the Christmas fair click HERE.

TOP COPS: PCSOs Justin Maltby and Simon Tuong  hand over the radios to Andrew Bees and Simon Brumby of Waitrose, Nailsea

Nailsea Shop Watch patrol

Shoplifters beware as North Somerset stores are targeting whose who want to serve themselves without paying.

Customers in Nailsea will be even safer from this Christmas thanks to a partnership between police, stores, licensees and town councils.

A new Shop Watch scheme has been introduced in Clevedon, Nailsea and Portishead, just in time for the festive season.

There were 10 reported incidents of shoplifting at Nailsea in October - the latest month when figures are available.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Mark Raby said: "This new initiative connects our local shops and pubs with each other, the police and councils, meaning we can work together to quickly tackle any problems.

“As well as deterring shoplifting, it will help us pick up on anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related crime and disorder in time to nip it in the bud.

“We hope that by working together we can maintain our safe and busy town centres."

In the past six months Asda at Clevedon and Boots at Nailsea have been targeted by shoplifters.

Under the scheme shopping areas in all three towns will be linked to North Somerset Council CCTV system, which is monitored 24/7 by council staff.

Shop workers, licensees, shopping centre security staff, police and CCTV operators will be linked together by radio.

This radio network means that shop staff can quickly share details of suspected crimes or troublemakers with each other and the authorities.

Crown Glass Shopping Centre manager Charlotte Jarrett said: "Crown Glass Shopping Centre and our tenants are very happy to see the introduction of the Shop Watch scheme.

“It's a great opportunity to open up communication lines, speed up responses to crime and further improve the safe environment Nailsea endeavours to achieve for all our customers.

“Other towns and cities have proved the scheme's success and its effectiveness in combating crime.

“The radios are a welcomed link."

As part of the initiative, police have agreed an information-sharing protocol so that shop staff can be given photographs of persistent offenders to look out for.

PS Raby said: "Tackling shoplifting is an important part of the scheme.

“Shop theft affects everyone, because stores can end up hiking their prices to cover these losses, while some small local businesses can be driven to close down.

"As well as helping shop workers and shoppers to feel safer, the initiative will support our local licensees in meeting their responsibilities so that people can enjoy an evening out while disruption to residents is kept to a minimum."

North Somerset Council community safety manager Howard Pothecary said: "A similar scheme in Weston-Super-Mare has proved successful and we are pleased that other towns in North Somerset will benefit from agencies and businesses working together to fight crime."

Security protect your bike from thieves

The neighbourhood team is grateful for support for this scheme from:

  • Clevedon Town Council

  • Crown Glass Shopping Centre, Nailsea

  • Iceland which has stores in Nailsea and Portishead

  • Nailsea Town Council

  • North Somerset Council

  • Portishead Town Council

  • Waitrose which has stores in Nailsea and Portishead

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