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Photographer: Jasper White

Man Caves the book
Photographer: Jasper White

This is a portrait of the artist who as a young boy went to schools in Nailsea as featured in Dodho Magazine a free independent magazine based in Barcelona which is passionate about photography.
Since its launch in April of 2013, has continued to be the fastest growing photography magazine, and currently has more than 750,000 annual hits.
It says: 'White is an artist, photographer, observer and story teller. Based in London, in the wilds of Hackney, London, UK.
"White started at art school with an interest in fashion, looking at the idea of clothing as statements on intent and standing in society, from this he grow a curiosity for recently inhabited spaces, the energy and humour in the perception of this, intrigued and excited him, the rush of feeling the first to be invited to share an intimate space or to see something unseen to others in the everyday.
"His projects through the years have looked at numerous objects and spaces, some we have more relationship with then overs, but the theme remains the same, always coming back to character and identity, interestingly when looking across this large body of the work you see the connections and the humour, the insights are playful and sometimes arresting.
"His photography looks at the idea of identity and the messages we leave, like bread crumbs, the personal and intimate spaces we inhabit, change and mold around us for comfort and utility, the clues we leave within them and the impression we want to leave others.
"White’s work has bridged the gap between art & commerce and his successfully collaborated with global brands across the world, he’s helped them develop projects and ideas, it’s a challenge he enjoys. White’s images are in the Getty Gallery collection and he’s held numerous exhibitions in UK and USA, and after representations with over galleries, he decided to setup Art Creed gallery based in New York.
Another successful alumni to add for Nailsea School.
For his latest project Jasper has explored the brothels of Frankfurt run mostly run by German biker gangs.
Prositution is legal in Germany.
White’s interest in these particular spaces, come about, in part because of the fact that these rooms where rented individually and the occupants had a certain autonomy over the look and feel of the rooms, this led to interesting forms of self expression, and these expressions where so vivid and enticing, he wanted to document all of them.
So view the full project go to but beware as Nailsea People takes no responsibility for the search history on your computer!
The blurb says 'the spaces contain ideas of sexual fantasy, the rooms take on a stage like appearance, vividly dressed to look like teenage girls room, exotic jungle scenes, Arabian tents, colourful graphic creations, to inform and sell stereotyped ideas of sexual fantasy, almost a teenagers idea of sexuality, in a way naïve, this adds to its charm and intrigue. The rooms say as much about the charters of the prostitutes as they do about the men of visit them, an unspoken truth, in a staged room'.

To promote his new book Man Caves a video has been made by London based photographer Jasper White.
The former Nailsea School student captured a series of images of sheds while visiting his sister Rebecca in Australia.
And now the beautiful images which enjoyed transatlantic recognition with an exhibition at the prestigious nine5 gallery in New York have been made into a coffee table book.
Jasper, aged 41, who studied photography at Kent Institute of Art and Design has already had his book featured in the Daily Mail and the Sydney Morning Herald.
Man Caves is a sociological study of men’s sheds in Western Victoria, Australia.
It was while travelling in the region the award-winning former Golden Valley Primary School pupil whose family once lived in Scotch Horn Close discovered an unusual oasis.
Rather than gathering at a bar, the local men congregate in their own sheds, which act as a welcome respite after a long workday.
It is here, in machismo and memorabilia that men can meet with their friends in comfort and solidarity.
Though, as Jasper quickly discovered, no two sheds are alike.
Through White’s photographs these spaces are revealed to be an allegorical picture of human individuality.
You can view Jasper's work online by clicking
Available in all major bookshops you can also buy the book online by following this link
Jasper said: "This series of photographs opens the tin roof and allows us to look into these men’s havens.
"It started in a small town called Natimuk in Victoria, known for its hospitable residents and 50-degree summers, I was invited to share a cold beer (some of the best ideas start that way) in a shed called the ‘boozy gully.’
"Always in search of a new project I saw the space I was in have as much of a strong character as the person sat in front of me.
"So documenting sheds became my mission and the journey of man caves began."
Promotional video:
Director - Jasper White
Set Design - Hannah Wood
Sound Design - Javier H Gonzalez
Color Grade - Timo Huber
Assistant - Natasha Lees
Editing - Jack Wormell

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