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Review Nailsea Folk Club Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox

Bog on the Tyne?
Review Nailsea Folk Club Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox

When Billy Mitchell leaned forward, raised his bended knee and smiled at the audience I thought we are in the presence of the Mick Jagger of the folk world.
At aged 76 and wearing shorts and sandals he looked pretty fit not unlike the ageing Stone who is still rocking at 78.
The Tyneside pair were so professional, so funny, and the jokes, the banter rolled off the tongues of these Northern laddies who if they could get in a jibe about posh southern accents they did.
I thought as someone who had to watch The Wire and Top Boy with subtitles and can’t cope with opera without surtitles, please, send an interpreter quick!
After the short Geordie elocution lesson there were the smirks about the surroundings - why they asked did the Tithe Barn still have up its Christmas lights? Wasn’t anyone tall enough to take them down, they asked?
The venue did look pretty impressive with its twinkling fairy lights and this duo is pretty impressive too.
Bob Fox who is slightly younger at 69 talked about his family with candour and kindness when introducing his songs.
The set ended with Monday, Monday - and happily this aged rock chick knows all the words to the Mama Cass hit and When The Boat Comes which was the theme song to the 1970-80s tv series.
Sadly without clogs there was no dancing during the Nailsea set but plenty of feet tapping.
The Fog On The Tyne wasn’t in the Sunday night repertoire, luckily CDs were on sale that evening including the newly recorded story of Lindisfarne.
And here I have a confession. I always thought because it contained the words 'we can have a wee wee, we can have a wet on the wall' the title was The Bog On The Tyne!
Thank you Nailsea Folk Club for a fabulous evening.

Carol Deacon

On Sunday evening, May 8, members of Nailsea Folk Club, packed into a sold out Tithe Barn to enjoy three hours of music and banter from Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox, two legends from the north east of England.
The duo, entertained the mainly senior audience with an impressive set list of classic folk songs, penned by fellow north-easterners including Jimmy Nail, Mark Knopfler and Rod Clements.
For the benefit of the mainly southern audience, Billy and Bob translated the Geordie and north-eastern vernacular into an comprehensible form of English, including instructions on how to pronounce the word '’boat ‘.
Billy and Bob explained the background of each song, many of which were autobiographical, drawing on their experiences of growing up in mining communities in the north east, in the post war years.
They provided their own distinctive voices to the lead vocals on their favourite songs, while also combining with impressive harmonies on the choruses.
The audience was treated to exemplary guitar and mandolin playing, honed by many decades of playing on the club circuit including the legendary Marquee in London.
The evening was an enjoyable and uplifting experience for all concerned.
For full story of Billy Mitchell go to
And likewise for Bob Fox go to

​Bob Deacon

Lindisfarne front man and Warhorse song-man come together
Two of the UK’s best known and loved singers – Billy Mitchell (Lindisfarne, Jack the Lad, Pitmen Poets) and Bob Fox (Warhorse Songman, Fox and Luckley, Pitmen Poets) are taking to the road together in spring 2020 to tour their show 5 Star B&B throughout the UK.
And on Sunday, May 8, they arrive in Nailsea to play the Tithe Barn.
Their last tour as a duo was back in 2010 where their sold out performances earned glowing reviews.
Their individual busy schedules have prevented them from reuniting…until now!
And what a treat it is!
The duo’s ability to connect with the audience is immediately evident as they lead you through some of their favourite songs including original Lindisfarne classics and trad folk arrangements: Sally Wheatley, Meet me on the Corner, Dance to your Daddy, Collier Laddie’s Wife, Clear White Light, Big River, Galway Shawl and many more.
Tickets £15 plus booking fee HERE.
Evening down to start at 7.30pm.

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